Inchcock Today: Tuesday 27th June 2017

Tuesday 27th June 2017

Xhosa: NgoLwesibini 27 Juni 2017

National Sunglasses Day – What next?

Up at 0259hrs: No dreams remembered, but I knew I’d had them. Tsk!

Out of the £300 second-hand recliner and to the Porcelain Throne – all good.

Computer started and reminder notes to use found, and I could even decipher some of them.

Then the shakes started, no dizzies, no Anne Gyna, just the shakes. They stayed for a few minutes while I was taking the Health Checks.

The batteries on the BP thingamabob ran out. That’s the little clock in the kitchen, the radio in the wetroom now this one that the batteries have conked out on me within 24 hours. I must get some more batteries when out again.

0330hrs: Sys: 153 Dia: 79 Pulse 86 Temp 35.8 Weight: 14.87 Nowt to fret over. Going to take the morning medications and realised that once again, I’d missed the evening ones. With it being so early, and now must remember to take the morning ones later.

The shakes departed as I made a mug of tea.

Found a letter in the hallway. More tests to be done. Only an Annual one this time. CHD. I must remember to book this on Thursday at the INR blood test… and to ask for a sample bottle for Little Inchy’s liquid.

Back to the computer, a quick go on Facebook to add the recent photographs to the albums. Recorded the HC readings. Then Dizzy Dennis visited me. A short and sharp session this one, not nice, but far better than a long one.

Went to make another mug of tea and Duodenal Donald started kicking off. Bit annoyed at this as earlier, things seemed to be so quiet and calm on the ailment side of things. Humph!

Made another brew. Drinking a lot this morning?

Feeling a bit depressed now, so I’ve put some New Vaudeville Band music on YouTube to cheer me up.

Started this dairy off up to here, then finished off the Monday one.

Hours spent WordPress reading and checking on the Grammarly’s extensions in Firefox.

Had a wee-wee.

Made another drink to replace the one that went cold.

Gone a bit dark now, still no rain yet though, so I might nip out later on if the threat does away.

Had a wee-wee. (Getting a bit regular?)

I was fascinated watching some dogs who had taken their owners for a walk in the bottom field. Tried to photograph them jumping about in the long grass, but they were very quick (The dogs, not the owners), too fast for me. That is until two more dogs tuned up and the wagging tailed group of them met up and with apparent joy, started to play and enjoy themselves as they went into bushes and grass chasing each other.

I was temporarily transmuted into a happy chappie while I watched them.

Checked the Google Calendar for tasks needing attention.

Wednesday and Thursday there a was a few things to remember. At least I can to the Tenants Social Hour for once. The last three weeks with the Enoxaparin injections, I’ve not been able to attend. Mind you, I won’t have much time, cause the INR blood test is oddly timed for 1122hrs. So it takes me about 50 minutes on a good day to walk to the surgery, so I must leave at… let me work this out, I’ll get my calculator… leave at 1030hrs to get there in time, maybe earlier if Arthur Itis or Anne Gyna are playing me up?

Hello… remembered the morning medication needed taking late. So I did.

Thinking I’d photograph the tablets in my hand, to show off how much better Arthur Itis was treating me and proud to have not missed taking them… and I dropped them when Shaking Steven caught me off guard! Huh!

Got all of them apart from the Bisoprolol Fumarate 3g. I’ll probably find it in a few days when I hoover up. Haha!

Did some Facebooking catch-up. Spent far too much time on it, hours again. Tsk!

Had a wee-wee.

Made a cuppa and podded the peas and put them in the saucepan with some water and demerara sugar to marinate.

Opened CorelDraw and made a start on some graphicationalisationing. This is the first one completed for TFZ’er Luscious Lona.

Took about 2 hours start to finish. Posting it on Facebook now.

Had a wee-wee.

Had some mail through the letterbox.

Blimus, I’ve got some to sort out and remember, again. Tsk!

Can I still smell the bacon in here?

Back to the graphicalisationing. Well, that was the plan. Just had a visit from Dizzy Dennis and Shaking Steven.

Going to sit down and relax for a bit instead.

4 thoughts on “Inchcock Today: Tuesday 27th June 2017

  1. Ah! So you are having withdrawal shakes. That makes sense. Your body wants that tea so you can get in a good wee wee. It seems to take a lot of dogs to take a fellow for a walk. It only takes one good herd dog to keep sheep in line. But four hounds to herd one human — pathetic. Your “Luscious Lona” reminded me that I did group photographs of the office staff today. I was accused of “joyfully torturing the staff!” I had to cut myself into one, cut another staff member into another, and replace the face of another staff member because she had her eyes closed when everyone else looked great. I think I could have used those hound dogs to help me keep the staff rounded up. It was one of those days. The office manager from the architecture firm came down and said their phones weren’t ringing through. I checked the system, nothing seemed wrong, and finally went up and checked their phones. The office manager had set the phones to “Do Not Disturb!” Once I took their phones off DND, lo and behold, they started disturbing them again.

    • “Joyfully torturing the staff! Hehehe! If you get an Old English Sheep Dog to take to work, it might help? Bet that caused you some extra time and effort to get it how they wanted?
      DND button pressing varmint him!
      Glad you got it sorted, were the staff though? Haha!
      Belting down with rain again this morning here, Tim.
      Hope it steadies up when I go to the surgery.

    • T’was indeed, Corin, thanks.
      Out today for a quick call in the Tenants Social Meeting, doctors for the INR tests in the rain. It seems as it doesn’t look like abating yet.
      Susan the foot lady came yesterday (Wednesday) and did my plates with ten minutes! Gum she was quick!
      Have a good day gal! XXX

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