Inchcock Today – Saturday 24th June 2017: Off for the hearing aid test that wasn’t?

Saturday 24th June 2017

Malayalam: ശനി 24 ജൂൺ 2017

0425hrs:  Out of the £300 second-hand recliner and off for a wee-wee.

Took the first of several photographs from roughly the same area through the kitchen wall over the next hour or so, showing the change or lack of change in the weather. Rain forecast for today.

Taking the morning medications, I realised I’d missed taking my last night ones. Huh!
Missing the Warfarin after all the trouble and hassle they have had over the past ten days, will please the DVT team, I’m sure.

Back in the wet room to the Porcelain Throne.

All-in-all, a good session. There was no bother from Haemorrhoid Harold at all, the first day in months that there was no bleeding. Good!

Anne Gyne, Reflux Roger and Harry Hernia were no hassles either. Good!

I felt that Duodenal Donald and Arthur Itis were both warming up for an attack. I’m not sure how I know these things, experience perhaps? Or my high EQ? Whichever or whatever, I was confident of the forthcoming annoyance and pain that is assuredly incoming soon, from both of them. I hope I’m wrong!

Reminded me of the need to catch the 1232hrs bus to get to the audio test.

Had a wee-wee.

Made a mug of tea and got the computer going. Did some WordPressing and checked the Emails. One from the surgery with the Warfarin doses after yesterday’s blood test. Telling me my next INR will be on 29 June. Whoever usually send these books out to me with an appointment and asks if it is alright and I reply straight away. Not this time. So I had to make a request for an appointment early. (So I can get to the Tenants Social Hour at 1000hrs – having missed the last three due to medical appointments and getting a little frustrated with it) Of course, being a Saturday, they will not get the Email request until Monday, giving only two days warning, and they will not be able to fit me in, I bet! Frustrated!

Facebooking caught up with.

Although not much heart in it after making a mess of it yesterday, I started a new try at the TFZ graphicalisationing. Made up some cut-out and adjusted photograph bits to use first. Long job, but I think I’ve got them right this time. Saved them to disc, then got on with the scene for the graphic.

Packed up sharpishly and got the ablutioning done.

Off to the new bus stop. Many residents were milling around also waiting for the bus. We now have a bench to sit on, no shelter yet but still, they are doing their best to help us, not that this prevented any of the many moans and quibbles that were being passed around between the tenants present, oh no!

One chap and his wife, who must have been from the Winchester block, was going on about (the Grenfell fire disaster was the current subject at the time). “I’ve never smoked” (He must have said this in his high loud voice about five times) “Smoking should be banned inside the flats and anyone weak enough to want to smoke should go outside for one!” He was probably trying to intimidate the few who were having a puff behind us. Never seen the chap before, but he looked very young compared to me and the others.

I wish I had been brave enough to mention his breath smelling of alcohol (Even tough it didn’t, it was just a thought) and suggested anyone wanting a drink should go outside and drink it! Hehe! Moan after moan about the works taking place. It must be a tremendous job for the Council to undertake. That will take over two years to complete the modernisation of the flats and has many difficulties to face, (other than the nagging of many of the residents). I think we are being pampered by the Council. Since I had to sell the house and move into here, I appreciate having someone to call on for help… fair enough it might take a few days to find someone free to help, but this is far better than having no one at all to help. Does that come out right?

Soon got into town and had a while to kill before the appointment with the SpecSaver audio hearing test, so wandered around taking some photographs of Nottingham centre.

It was soon time for the meeting.

Told the receptionist, a great one this woman would have been. I imagine she would have been of invaluable assistance as a Chef Oberaufseherin, “Chief Senior Overseer” in any of their concentration camps. Her superior snotty (Don’t you dare bother me!) attitude alone would have scared most inmates without threats of violence! Certainly, frit me!

She told me to take a seat in the waiting area. I wasn’t going to argue with her, so meekly I took my place in the waiting area! Got the crossword book out and within a few minutes a lady came out, collected me and led me into a small room.

Phenomenally good looking, short dress on and excellent, no, perfect chunky thought inspiring legs. I found it hard to concentrate as she quizzed me on my hearing history. Sweet natured patient lass she was. After an hour or so of hearing related discussions and few laughs it was decided:

I have far too much wax in both ear-holes to do a test today that would be accurate. Told to continue with, but increase the applications of Olive Oil in both channels to loosen the wax. Then I have to return on Tuesday  4th July at 1130hrs for have the wax removed and a test done. Usually, removing the wax would cost me £50 (Two @ £25) to have done, but if I purchase hearing aids from them, it will be free on this occasion.

I explained the discomfort of the current models I have, also the difficulty when it comes to changing and cutting/refitting new tubes. She showed me some in the ear aids. I liked the idea of them, but she was not sure if they would be powerful enough for me, but might be. They will know after the test. These were the cheapest in the range on offer too! This woman I believed and trusted, but the test will be done by someone else, the bloke who I spoke to on my last visit, who looked like a banker with his red braces and hadn’t started shaving yet I didn’t think? My confidence ebbed.

Thanked her and departed. It was a while before the last L9 bus of the day was due, so I had a hobble around for a while.

Went to Victoria Centre (Mall) and into the Tesco store.

Got some sliced sourdough bread and fresh garden peas.

Window shopped as I made my way out of the centre.

Noticed these ladies shoes in a shop window as 6Sat26I limped through Trinity Square.O

I liked the look of these a lot.O

Took the photographicalisation of them, so I cold put it on the TFZ site and ask the lassies there for their opinion.

Caught the bus back to the flats, didn’t see any of the other tenants getting on.

Got in the apartment and had a wee-wee.

Got an urge for some chips with the meal.

So made with Meatballs raw pod peas, beetroot, mushrooms and streaky bacon. With a BBQ sauce dip.

Along with a lemon yoghourt, apple and slices of the sourdough bread. Rated this one as 9.1/10.

Took the evening medications and did the health checks.

2000hrs: Attempted to watch some more of the new (To me) ‘Heartbeat’ DVD.

0425hrs: Woke up.

9 thoughts on “Inchcock Today – Saturday 24th June 2017: Off for the hearing aid test that wasn’t?

  1. I like those time lapse photos of the weather from the kitchen window. Can you make animated gifs with Corel Draw? they might be good as animated gifs. It’s probably been 20 years or more since I used Corel Draw, and I don’t remember if there were animated gifs back then. A drinker form Winchester? Of course, I know Winchester as a rifle (Model 94 is a classic) and a song about a cathedral. Is that a British woman with a Siamese pussy in you graphicalization? I hear they are inspecting high rises in London and evicting people because the buildings don’t meet fire code. Most of the buildings world over don’t meet fire code. Should everyone simply be evicted? Where do they expect people to go? I read about someone, forget the name, suggesting the evict the rich in Britain and give their abodes to the poor or something like that. I assume you are not in danger of eviction because of fire code violations? The French fries (chips as you say) look great. The whole meal looks quite scrumptious.

    • Good morning.. or evening, or afternoon Tim.
      I think the option to make animated gifs is in CorelDraw somewhere, but I have not investigated it yet Sir. I started with the original version 3 of CorelDraw, this new one called just CorelDraw 2017 is I think the 14th version. They add so much and take way other things regularly and keeping up with then takes far too long to get into, unless it is something you know you would like to try. Like the free Particle Shop basic package… so confusing. Tried to test it on a jpeg in CorelPaint, said to ‘Convert to 8-bit colour channel’ converted it and the picture had small squares all over it? Good job I didn’t invest in any more costly styles they were trying to sell me. Tsk!
      When they used to shoot prisoners, they should have called it a Winchester Court? Hehehe!
      The only thing I’ve heard about evicting the rich was a suggestion from a Labour Councillor that MP’s who are claiming expenses for a second and or third home, should be forced to take in homeless and immigrant people in their secondary premises.
      The Nottingham City Council have been very communicative and assure us of checks and tests will be made, before the upgrading of our flats.
      The nosh did go down rather well this time, Sir. The chips were called American Style Southern Fried Oven Chips.
      And very tasty too!
      TTFN take care. TTFN

    • ♫ Winchester Cathedral
      You’re bringing me down
      You stood and you watched as
      My baby left town
      You could have done something
      But you didn’t try
      You didn’t do nothing
      You let her walk by
      Now everyone knows just how much I needed that gal
      She wouldn’t have gone far away
      If only you’d started ringing your bell
      Winchester Cathedral
      You’re bringing me down
      You stood and you watched as
      My baby left town ♫
      Oh dearie me Tim, I just cannot get the tune and words of ‘Winchester Cathedral’ out of my mind now.

      • Tim, it’s still in my head this morning (Monday), but I like their style of music so no problem really.
        Finchley Station and I wonder who’s kissing her now, are good too.
        I’ve just put them on YouTube to listen to them through the headphones while on the computer.
        Remembering to keep dolloping the olive oil in the lug-holes.
        If ever I get the time, I’ll look into trying to make a video.
        Take care.

  2. A bit of a bummer you have to wait for the hearing test, hopefully it will be taken care of quickly on Tuesday. Your meals looks particularly appetizing & I notice it scored high 😉 <3

    • I fank you Corin.
      Gives me ten days to keep dolloping the olive oil down the ears, in the hopes of loosening the wax enough for them to remove it. Fingers crossed I remember to keep doing it.
      I’m curious as to where the oil goes? Hehe!
      The feet are bad, foot lady on Wednesday… No! Friday this week.
      Hope your coping alright gal?

  3. Foot Lady Sue phoned last night, he can’t make it for Friday…
    But good news, we’ve rearranged for Wednesday. Even betterer.
    Hope you tootsies are alright pat.

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