Inchcock Today – Monday 24th July 2017: Bleeding merrily away again, today. Hehe!

Monday 24th July 2017

Azerbaijani: Bazar ertəsi 24 İyul 2017

0005hrs (Approx): Stirred in the £300 second-hand recliner and out and off for a Porcelain Throne session. TV still on, evening medications on the arm of the other chair untaken – so I took them. (Tsk!) Not a good passing, Little Inchy sore and his lesion bleeding, messy evacuation and Haemmorhoid Harold stinging and leaking as well.

But and however, these were overridden in the worry-stakes and the relief of knowing that the befuddled brain seemed to be clearing well, my thoughts were easier to understand, and this cheered me up no end. And, I had a clarity that was not available in the brain yesterday at all. Of course, the bleeding from Little Inchies lesion was a disappointment and annoying timing, and this means I have to contact the doctor and clinic – undoubtedly the mini-op will get cancelled after waiting so long to get it too! But never mind, the activity of the brain was unblocking. Be thankful for small mercies I say.

I was genuinely concerned that I might have been becoming unbalanced, certifiable or psychoneurotic yesterday. ( Psychoneurotic? – Now that’s a word I’ve never used before. Shows that the brain is working better again? I’ll look it up to see if it fits… ) Thesaurus consulted – Spot-on, I’d misspelt it in the first place, but it is the exact word to explain how I felt for the whole of yesterday. Thankfully, as  I say, I woke up feeling so glad to be free of these mentally debilitating symptoms. And a little concerned as to how and why they came on so suddenly in the first place?

Cleaned up, took the belated night-time tablets and climbed back onto the recliner, started to self-ponder about things, and drifted off into the land of nod.

0315hrs: Sprang into life again with a jump, partly thinking something had woken me, like noise, and wanted a Porcelain visit again. Out of the £300 second-hand recliner and off to the Throne, stubbing my toe as I did so. But, this did not bother me. Why? At the time I was getting up, I somehow feared that I’d dreamt about the brain clearing and it had not really done so? Stubbing the toe was almost a pleasure, for it allowed the brain to function and learn things really had cleared-up a lot. Did that make sense?

Put some cream on the oven burns acquired from last night’s removal of the oven dish, thanks to the gloves new holes.

Another bloodied and painful session, especially concerning, was Little Inchies lesion leaking still. Had another sanitationalising and medicationalisationing session, and off to the kitchen to put the kettle on.

Had a look around for any signs of what I thought was a noise waking me, but could see nothing suspicious.

The view from the window was fantastic this morning.

I tried different setting and took six different photographicalisations of the same area, to try and get a good one.

But this is the best I could manage.

Did the Health Checks and took the morning medications.

Sys, Dia, Pulse, Temperature (35.6f) were all looking good to me.

Tried to take a photograph of the results, and get a reflection of my thumbs-up on it. It looked like I have a square head in the outcoming blurry picture.


The weight was of concern, though, up again at 14.85 now. Humph!

Updated and finished the week’s record on Excel.

As I pondered on getting another mug of tea, it dawned on me… the absence of interest from Anne Gyna, Hernia Harry, Shaking Shaun, Roger Reflux and Christopher Cramps? Dizzy Dennis, Haemorrhoid Harold and Duodenal Donald were the only ones of the regular ailment showing any aggression.

Did a graphic (Top picture) about Mike Steeden’s, The Shop That Sells Kisses poetry book. Must remember to send him a graphic of it, he might like to use it.

Made the brew, and set about starting this diary off, up to here. Then updated yesterday’s and got it posted off.

Checked Emails and replied on WordPress reader.

Got around to making a brew, and took these two photographs. One in auto mode the other in through-glass mode, within seconds of each other?

What a difference?

Onto Facebook then.

Off to do the ablutions, medicationalisationing and antisepticalisationing. Back in a while… I hope.

The problem with Inchies lesion is that I now have a new one, in a very tender-area. After the shave and shower, I did my best with the Daktacort cream, but fear this will not be effective.

Feeling refreshed and smelling aromatic now. Took the bin bags to the chute and down to the foyer. Met Doris on the way and we walked to the bus stop together in the drizzle.

Joined the eight or so other tenants in the line. The chosen topic chosen among them, was; ‘Why do we still not have any seating or cover from the rain?’

The bus soon filled up when it arrived, the majority of the residents were going down into Sherwood, where they alighted to do their Doctors Visits and shopping.

This left only a few on the bus, Barry and his better-half sat in front of me. We had a natter about nothing in particular.

When we arrived in Arnold, Barry and his wife got off the bus at the same place as I did, at the Sainsbury’s Store.

By gum, they didn’t half get a move on into the shop, left me standing. Hehe!

I decided because of the rain and high winds, I would not visit the Park to feed the ducks. I’d get the shopping done and get back to the flat and the warmth. So I rushed it a little and got the shopping quickly. The Quorn meals were still on offer, so I got two Cottage Pies and a Beef & Stew with Dumplings. Wholemeal flatbreads, grated cheese and Marmite crispbread nibbles.

At the checkout, I found I was behind Barry and his better-half. Paid up and to the bus stop, where Barry and his other-half were sat waiting for the bus.

In Sherwood, those tenants who dropped off there earlier, all got on the bus. Roy did too, but his photograph didn’t come out correctly.

We were soon arriving back at the flats, limping to the other end of the road in the rain and wind.

Up to the apartment, bag down and into the wet room to tend to what I could sense was going to be Clothes Cleaning Causing, bleeding Little Inch. I was right, what a mess! Took the midday medications. Had a Throne Session, only to find that Haemorrhoid Harold had been suffering and losing blood too. More mess to clean-up. Tsk!
Despite all this, I was still content and pleased that yesterdays confusion and dizzies were not bothering me today.
There’s no doubt, I’ve happily lost the atrabiliousness I had yesterday.

Got the nosh away. Marinated some baked beans in honey, bbq seasoning and tomato sauce, mustard – afraid I can’t find the sultanas to go in. Huh! Having Frikadellens with these. Chicken & Turkey ones for a change.

Had a quick go on Facebook while they cooked.

Checked the fodder in the oven. I might have to take out the Frikadellens and put them both in with the beans to keep warm, cause they will burn if I leave them in with the fries, that doesn’t seem to want to cook today?

A quick look at the TV magazine. Lots of programmes to watch tonight that I fancied.

Nosh sorted and served up.

Seasoned the mixed beans, Frikadellens and oven chips. Wholemeal flatbread and a banana.

It was horrible! Eurgh! 4/10 rating!

Made a complete hash of the seasoning for the beans, having Chicken and Turkey Frikadellens was a bad choice, no flavour at all. The banana was dry and much sweeter than expected. The chips and flatbread were okay, though. Huh!

Did the evening Health Checks, took the medications.

Had to clean and medicate certain areas of the anatomy again. Been losing a fair bit of blood, (From Little Inchy and Haemorrhoid Harold) more than usual today. Going to see the nurse on Wednesday, I’ll tell her and book an appointment with the Doctor to have a look at them both. Embarrassing, but it has to be done.

I stayed awake for nearly a whole hour episode of Law & Order before the usual nodding-off started. Missd the end of course. Phwert!