Inchcock Today: Saturday 22nd July 2017

Saturday 22nd July 2017

Finnish: Lauantai 22. Heinäkuuta 2017

0400hrs: Stirred into life, found myself all distorted, half in-half out of the £300 second-hand recliner. The meals tray on the seat next to me from last night, the TV remote laying on my oversized belly, the headphones still on and one foot wrapped up tight and neatly around the throw that usually stays on the Ottoman? As I disentangled the throw from the foot, it made me jump a bit, cause the whole foot was blood red in colour. It soon turned to the usual grey/white with protruding blue veins and warped, bruised toes. This is not the limbs natural colouring.

I got on the recliner to get the slippers on and found I’d sat on the mobile phone. It still works though. (Phew).

Had a wee-wee.

0415hrs: Sudden decision to get the washing done. Don’t have a lot of it to do, but thought better do it now, for the EQ informed me of Accifauxpas and or Whoopsiedangleplops were developing for an attack shortly! (It’s never wrong, you know!)

Assembled the washing things and down to the laundry room.

Took the camera with me to take a photograph of outside with the rain glistening.

Noticed the new signs on the board and took a picture of them instead.

The top one, the Door Mats for Sale handwritten one, I laughed out loud when I saw it! Wish I’d thought of doing that. Hehe!

The second one, from Obergefrieter Jenny about the moving of the bus stop even further from our Court, and why, due to the accident.

Finally, one about someone parking across two car spaces. It might be someone using a wheelchair who needs extra space to get in and out of the vehicle? Though I don’t know of anyone that I’ve seen with one.

Or, of course, one of the many alcoholics who struggle to park their car? Haha!

Into the laundry room and realised I had not taken the liquid soap capsules with me, Tsk! Back up to collect them, down again and got the washer going.

Up again to the apartment and took a photo of the morning view from there. Odd cloud formations?

To the Porcelain Throne, no bother. Did the Health Checks and took the medications: Sys 158, Dia 76, Pulse93, Temperature 34.6 & Weight 14.75 – not bad?

0530hrs: Down yet again to the laundry room.

Swapped the clothing from the washing machine into the dryer.

Took a photograph I meant to earlier of the glistening rain covered area outside the flats.

Back to the apartment, had a wee-wee and got the computer going to start finishing off the Friday diary. Refilled the pots ready for the next laundry session. Back to the Porcelain Throne, and oh boy, was Haemorrhoid Harold bleeding! Had to use the antiseptic to stop the flow – Sting? It stung! Hehehe!

0555hrs: Down once more to the laundry room.

Took this picture of outside the foyer doors, getting lighter now, still drizzling with rain.

Got the clothes out of the dryer and folded and put in the bag.

Hit my head on the spinner’s door. Tsk!

Cleaned both machines and filters.

Thought I heard a noise, something like glass breaking for a moment. Had a look around outside and up at the flat windows, but could see nothing untoward.

Back up yet again to the home. Had a wee-wee. Checked out Haemorrhoid Harold, still leaking, but far less now. Cleaned things up again. Got the

Got the airing cupboard filled with the washed clothing.

As I got the last of the Anya potatoes into the Slow-Crock-Pot.

Things were looking brighter outside now. Still the odd cloud formations, though, but a lot brighter.

The Copse looking so beautiful, too.

Got the diary finished and started this one off.

Did some WordPress reading, checked Emails. 2 hours.

Went on Facebooking. 2 hours.

Doing some catch-up prep work on CorelDraw 2017 (1½ hours) when Dizzy Dennis, Shaking Steven and Duodenal Donald all came on at the same time. Impossible to concentrate.

Did the Health Checks, took the medication and got the fodder served up.


Disappointment with the apple. Tsk!

Settled down to watch TV in between nod-offs.

4 thoughts on “Inchcock Today: Saturday 22nd July 2017

  1. Seems you had a lot of downs and ups today with laundry and all. Great signs. Alcoholics parking cars is funny when you put that way, but I guess they have to park if they are out driving. Looked to be another wet one. We had lots of sunshine today with some late afternoon cloudiness. Dinner looked good and well earned.

  2. Morning Tim. (Well, it is here, hehe!)
    The Petrichor is wonderful this morning. Sorry mate, a new-old word I came across, (Petrichor: the smell of rain on dry ground) and fell in love with, so as to put it.
    Not feeling too good at the moment, but then again I don’t like weekends when there are no buses. Tsk!
    Taking the kitchen window photographs this morning, I noticed the lambasted Insignia owner had parked better, between the lines. I feel a bit sorry for the drivers with all this hassle hustle and work going on.
    Glad the sunshine is with you for a bit.
    TTFN Sir.

  3. I understand your feeling of being let down by that apple, always a bummer to open a fruit to discover that it lied about everything <3

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