Inchcock Today – Thursday 20th July 2017: Tenants Social Hour Day

Thursday 20th July 2017

Zulu: ULwesine 20 Julayi 2017

0455hrs: Out of the £300 second-hand recliner, desperately thirsty for some reason, kettle on, made a brew and got the Health Checks done.

To the Porcelain Throne, things went well in this department. The ailments had calmed down, even the rumbling grumbling stomach had eased off since last night. Good!

Took the medications and got on the computer and did a bit of work to finish off some things I was doing on the import, converting and doctoring of graphics to use later, on CorelDraw for the next TFZ series.

Went to make a brew again, and found the wet weather forecast for yesterday, had arrived late. Hehe! The first photograph was taken through the opened window, the second after I’d closed it.

Looking a little glum, but I don’t think it will last long. The clouds on the horizon seemed to be moving east at a fast pace. (We’ll see, Hehe!)

Got the Wednesday diary finished and posted off.

Checked Emails and WordPress reading.

Facebooked. Had to cut this short to get the abalutionisationalistical duties done in time for setting off for the Winwood Tenant’s Social Hour.

Teggies done, shaved, rear-end cleaned up ready for medicating after the shower, Little Inchy the same, and under the shower.  Then I noticed some spatterings of blood on the shower floor – Oh dearie me, I thought. Came out and looked for shaving cuts in the mirror and dabbed the neck with a paper towel to see if any blood was thereabouts, but nothing found.

Checked over Little Inchy nervously, cause if any lesion bleeding this would stop the operation for August – none identified.

Puzzled I investigated various parts of the flabby-body, but could not see any bleeding, but blood was still appearing on the floor?

Checked the rear-end and the condition of Harry Haemorrhoid, no blood?

Then noticed a few splashes on my over-abundant belly? Checked the teggies and gums, no bleeding?

Then, and very oddly, I realised it was coming from my right nostril, but why did I not see this when I first looked in the mirror? Poked some rolled up kitchen towel up and removed it, not much blood now, but I could not see any lesions or bleeding up the inside of the nose? It stopped on its own. Mystified, now.

I’ll keep an eye on it. (I don’t mean I’ll take my eye out and stick it up inside my nose! Hehe!)

The rain that I thought would stop some hours ago had not done so. I made sure the brolly was in the bag with the nibbles and raffle prizes… oh, and the pill-towels.

I could not find the new storm-proof parasol that I thought I had left open and drying in the spare room? Set off to the foyer, got the umbrella open and took a hobble out into the rain.

Set off to the foyer, with the old, delicate in the wind Pound-Shop umbrella and took a hobble out into the rain, along to the New Temporary Windwood Centre Community and Obergruppenfurheresses Porta-Kabin.

Twas wet and windier than ever now. Some moaning heard from one or two on the way to the  Winwood Tenants Social Hour, New Temporary Winwood Tenants (Porta-Kabin) Shed. The gals were not happy with having such a long walk to get to the bus stop now things have changed.

Not many folk in the place this morning, understandably with the weather conditions.

Untergefreiteress Penny was in good form.She explained that where the new temporary bus was for both flats had been relocated was to be abandoned due to an accident when a lady fell getting off of the bus and ended up being hospitalised, poor thing. The bus could get near enough to the kerb and had to leave a gap, where the lady fell. The accident caused a few chinwags. As it is now even further to walk to get to the bus stop that has no seats or shelter. You can imagine with the wind and rain today; they were not happy! Hehe!

BJ came. A gossip or two was enjoyed.

As I left and went to the bus stop to catch the bus into Arnold, I took this photograph on Chestnut Walk from under the brolly. The first one to the left shows how far the walk is now, our flats are out of sight from the bus stop. The second one is of the woods opposite the stop, now mostly site-work and offices.

The bus arrived, and I was whisked off by the sweet lady driver, to Arnold and the Sainsbury Store. They had some vegetarian ready meals on offer. I purchased a cottage pie, lasagne and some minced beef. Some Anya potatoes, wholemeal flatbreads, Marmite flatbreads and lemon yoghourts.

Out into the rain and I pondered a while on whether I should have a walk to Front Street and Asda. But the bus was due, and there are not many of them that take me right back to the flats, also, hobbling in the wet rain didn’t appeal to me. Hehe!

So I crossed over and caught the bus back. It was busy. I assumed this was due to the rotten weather.

As I sat there with one bag on the floor and the other on my knees, the brolly that I’d squashed between the window and my leg, soon wet the trousers badly. Huh! Fool!

When the bus arrived in Sherwood, eight or nine folks got off there, and about the same amount got on.

Roy, from the 14th floor one of them. I’ll get these photographs printed and give them to his pretty-better-half for a laugh later.

We got off at the new temporary bus stop and started the long walk (Well, it seemed it to me) along Chestnut Walk back to the flats.

The rain had eased a bit.

Roy and the other lady shot off at a pace I could not match. Shame, I’d have liked another chinwag. Half-way along they stopped to talk to some builders, and I caught up with them, said ‘Good afternoon’ each… I was ignored, so I carried on. (Assuming they had not heard me). They soon overtook me again as we approached the foyer. When I caught up with them at the lift, they did not hold it for me to get in either. Have I upset them?

Waited a while for the other lift, and got in and to the wet room for a wee-wee, no time to pick up the letter that had been delivered on the floor.

Then I put the fodder away and retrieved the mail.

It was from Nottingham City Homes. This reminded me of the doormat threatening letter I got yesterday.

I popped out into the outside hallway to see if the other tenants had remembered to remove theirs from the communal area, to eliminate 05Thu12the written threat and possibility of losing their £100 Good Tenant Status. Being charged for the Nottingham City Homes, to forcibly remove them and charge them for this. Also, being put on the watch-list by them too.

A caring understanding lot, our landlords, are! Just the people we need to look after old nervous folk with Alzheimer’s and no relatives to care for them. Who’s going to get the carpet cleaned now? They will probably hire us a Hoover carpet cleaner for a reasonable rate and take away out Good Tenant Award if we do not empty the bag before returning it.

Got this updated to this point, then got the meal checked out for readiness.

All done, so I got it dished out. This, took me ages as Arthur Itis, and Craig Cramps both decided to visit my hands and fingers at the same time. Tsk!

Belly pork, tomatoes, beetroots, garden peas, Chinese mushrooms (Last of them, all gone now), an apple and the Anya potatoes.

Notwithstanding the bothersome ailments, I refused to acquiesce to their attempts at preventing me from eating the meal in comfort and no pain.

Took the evening medications with another Codeine tablet and enjoyed the meal despite that fact that it had gone a little cold by then. Although I felt just a tad brusque with things, I must admit.

The new hearing aids worked well today, and my thoughts that the rain may intrude into the ear-holes proved a negative perception. All was fine. I like them. But I’ll give it time before I extol the virtues of these expensive things, cause if life and experience have taught me anything at all, it is probably “Something will always go wrong, just when I least expect it! Haha!

The usual performance again tonight, TV on, nod-off, wake, nod-off, have a wee-wee, stub the toe, head down, wake and drop the remote control off of my stomach onto the floor… Tsk!

Inchcock Today – Wednesday 19th July 2017: Indoors again, Tsk!

Wednesday 19th July 2017

Sesotho: Laboraro la 19 July 2017

0400hrs: Much waking up overnight, kept going back to a similar dream from when I had the shop, all doom and gloom with re-lived spectacular failures.

Up for a wee-wee. Made the tea. Health Checks the next priority. (Thought I’d start with some poetry, Hehe!)

Sys 160, Dia 78, Pulse 91, Temp’ 31.8f and Weight 14.82; Not bad at all?

Checked on the web. Looks like rain, to say the least.


0600hrs: It’s all dry outside at the moment, Although looking somewhat threatening all the same. The wind is getting up too.

Started to write this diary up to here, then to finished off yesterdays.

Boy, then did the ailments all kick-off together? After such a good day yesterday, they were back with a vengeance.

Within about 20 minutes, more arrived. Not many of them missed me. It started with the Rumbling Grumbling Innards, suddenly from nowhere attacking. The other infirmities had obviously got jealous. Hehe! Duodenal Donald (The worst of them all this morning), Reflux Roger and Anne Gyna joined them then.

I knew something like this would happen. After such an easy pain-wise day, the EQ told me I would suffer later. Humph!

Checked and responded to the Emails and did some WordPress reading.

CorelDraw opened, and a new TFZer graphic started off.

3Wed040841hrs: Had a wee-wee and nipped out on the balcony to take a photograph.

The new camera has a lens that’s too large to stick through the bird netting square.

It was beginning to look a bit more likely for some rain to come now.

Back to the graphicalisationing. The most 3Wed05difficult part of doing the work can be the preparation. Searching for png file that you like and want to use, downloading it, doctoring and saving it converted into CPT format, then deleting the original png file. Takes ages to do just one, and I am looking for 20 or more. Still, nice when they are done properly and can be used later.

Hours later the towels arrived from Amazon, and I got a double sided letter through the door.

I assume this to be the one in the communal passageway to the three flats. (Bottom)

I hope it is anyway, but the other two tenants still have theirs outside the doors?I could lose my £100 Good Tenants Reward.If

I could lose my £100 Good Tenants Reward.

If I do not remove it in 24hrs, she says she’ll be returning to check, they will remove it and maybe charge me for doing so.

I cannot see anything about doormats on the list of rules on the back of the page. Must be included in another word in there.

Bit worried now.

All to do with Fire Precautions.

All of the flats I’ve seen have one outside their door, and this one was left by Margaret, the previous tenant.

Feeling down, depressed and a little rattled by this. Surely, the woman could have just put a note on the board and told us more clearly face to face, and use threats if we then failed after having it explained to us? Anyway, I’ve moved it indoors now. So in the event of fire; If I do trip over it, this will be inside the door instead of outside the door. Humph!

I have no problem with the actions demanded, just the way they were intoned.

2017-07-19 11.32.29Got the dinner on and opened the packet with the towels in that had arrived.

Of course, one of the packets had split open, and I had the pills of towels all over the place. Tsk!

The 100 pills paid for in the split bag, added up to 94. Unless there are more, I cannot find from when they scattered on opening?

Getting niggly am I now!


Did more prep work for the next TFZer graphic series.

The fodder was ready to be served up, it took so long with the fingers playing-up, that it was cold by the time I’d got it served up. So I popped it back into the oven, luckily I’d had to use the pot dish to contain the extra gravy, and got it warmed through a bit before consuming it.

Beef pie, beef and gravy (canned), garden peas boiled potatoes, made and added some caramelised onion gravy and sliced some beetroot to have with it. Excellent results despite the rewarming being needed.


Did the Health Checks. And guess what?

A Whoopsedangleplop! with the pain-gel. It’s hard to believe, I know, me having an Accifauxpa isn’t it? The tube tip split as I was applying it to the knees, and shot a jet of it straight into one of my slippers. Missed everything else, just in the footwear.

It’s a comfort to know that despite the slipper having to be thrown away, it didn’t die in pain. Hahaha!

I forgot to record the readings of the checks, so did them again after consuming the fodder. Looked alright, but maybe the temperature was a little low at 28.8f – Then again, surely being too high is the thing to fret about?

Trying to watch the TV when I settled down, was even more ridiculous than usual. Why I bothered trying to watch anything confused even me. A minute awake, ten asleep, two awake, five asleep, fifteen asleep, five awake… on and on it went like this, with me stubbornly determined to try and stay awake to watch things I had no interest in seeing?

Humph! TTFN.

By the way, no rain came at all today.

Inchcock Today: Tuesday 18th July 2017 – Busy one again, but the ailments were kind to me

Tuesday 18th July 2017

French: Mardi 18 Juillet 2017

0400hrs: Woke up remembering all the appointments for the day… well, alright then. I saw the note I’d left myself hanging over the TV screen, then I remembered. Hehe!

Off to the Throne for a heavy duty session. A satisfyingly hassle free event.

Did the sample for the CDH tests later with (I hope, Nurse Nichole) at the surgery and carefully closed the cap on the bottle and put it into the bag with the nibbles and Hearing Aid box for the Specsavermeeting and fitting at 1030hrs.

I almost let myself put the kettle on, realised I was to have only water and no fodder until after the tests. A mug of water to take the medications with. Health Checks were done: Sys159, Dia 76, Pulse 92, Temp, 31.3, Weight 14.81 (Whoops!)

Made up the last weeks record to take with me for Nurse Nichol.

I’m missing my cup of tea, and it will be a while until I can get one. Must set out earlier than usual to get to the pharmacist for the prescriptions, then to the Sherrington Surgery for the CDH tests with the nurse for 0930hrs, then to town for the Specsavers hearing aid collection and fitting.

Made a start on this diary to here, then got the Monday one finalised and posted off.

Email and WordPress reading was done.

Brother-in- law Pete had emailed a photograph of some flying ants as they emerged from the lawn in his garden early last night.

The poor old males, just out of their chrysalises in search of sex and their death follow. Tsk! Good photo.

Had a wee-wee.

Facebooked a while.

Tended to the ablutionalisational activities. Listening to the radio while in the shower and they issued a Yellow Weather Warning for tonight and tomorrow… torrential rains and winds it said. Such a beautiful sunny morning today, as well.

2Tue06Set out on my walk into Carrington to the chemist and then the CHD checks at the doctors.

Chinwag in the foyer and another.


Down Winchester Street an left up and over the hill and down into Carrington. Only the feet were giving me any bother at this stage.

Called into the newspaper shop and bought a TV magazine for next week. Why I bother bemuses me, I’m only going to fall asleep ain’t I? Hehe!

On to the pharmacy and picked up the prescriptions from grumpy.

Out and back up the hill to the surgery.

I had Oberaufseherin Nurse Ann deal with me today! But I didn’t flinch or show too many signs of fear. Quite proud of myself actually. She soon had me done and gave me a few lectures about my not eating fatty foods, foods high in Vitamin K, white bread, and to stop missing my medications. She added that I must keep up with my walks (Hobbles), and it is essential that I apply the pain gel at least twice a day on my hands and fingers.

She released me. I gave her some nibbles, thanked her and ran out. (Well, I limped quickly-ish. Haha!)

Went tot he bus stop and caught a bus to the City Centre. Only one seat was available, a pull-down side one. Unfortunately, this meant I sat facing an appealingly well built young callipygian lady, and this got things that are now aged beyond getting excited, excited! Not good news for Little Inchy.

2Tue12Luckily we were soon in town. I limped down King Street towards the slab square.

Hobbled through the amusements and eateries over to South Parade and left onto Lister Gate, where the Specsavers are located.

Realised I was still a little early, so went back to the Slab Square where I took some more photographicalisations of the Nottingham beach area.


2017-07-13 10.45.51Back towards the store. Took a walk into the alleyway where I spotted the sign about the Hotel/Motel the other day.

Did not find out if there was anything else, cause a gang of people at the far end gave me stares that were not conducive to any possible socialising activities.

But there is a French restaurant in there as well.

Into the Specsavers, to be greeted by an assistant, and told through gritted teeth to take a green coloured seat… or was it blue? (I think she recognised me as the complainee?)

Shortly a young chap came out and led me into a treatment room. The man briefly mentioned the incident I had complained about, saying it will not happen again.

2Tue16He was patient and polite and set up the audio for each ear.

Explaining things as he went along.

Some stuff I had misconstrued and had misconceptions about came to light. (Fancy that).

First the blue on left one and red on the other earpiece, I always believed indicated red for the left ear (My way of remembering – Red left – Labour) and for the Right Blue (My way of remembering- Tory – Right). Now I know it is the opposite. Tsk!

Also, the little thing sticking out looking something like a little Ariel on the new ones; is not an Ariel but something to grab onto to pull them out of the lug-hole!

He tweaked some things to suit my hearing even better and made another appointment for two weeks on, for Tuesday 1st August at 1030hrs.

Thanked him and gave him some nibbles.

The hearing was good when I left the shop. I had just missed the bus, so went for a hobble around to kill the 55 minutes until the next one arrived.

Walked up Clumber Street, surprisingly few shoplifters out today.

Around and back to the slab square, where the beach had been abandoned for some reason?

2Tue09No idea why.

It was grand to be able to hear others a bit with these new hearing aids in, though.

I got closer and picked up a few words the folks who had been evacuated from the beach had gathered. Police incident and be back on it in a bit. By the time I had gone a few more yards on, they were being shepherded back onto the beach.

I did not see any officers of the law around.

As I left on my way up to the bus stop, I spotted this poor looking pigeon near the fountains.

Then I saw a Police car pulling up near to the Primark Store again. The Nottinghamian shoplifters don’t half like this place.

As I strolled so slowly up Queen street, this rough sleeper in some closed office doorway stretched himself as he woke, and grabbed his cell-phone, dropped it and picked another one up from amidst the bedding and held a conversation that lasted the whole 20 minutes I waited for the bus to arrive. This stirred some comments from those in the queue. I did not join in the mutterings.

I’m liking this getting back clearer hearing, I must say! Hope it lasts.

Caught the bus and back to the flats, no other residents on it this time. Although Bill was getting on it as I got off, he was on his way to get his prescriptions. So glad he looked so well, fitter and happier than of late, bless him.

Got in the flat and first thing was to put the kettle on for a brew – it’s been a long time since I had one, with having to go without for the CHD tests.

No wee-wee required?

Prescriptions left on the counter and the tea, taken with me into the front room while I updated this diary.

Took a long time to get up to where I am now, here.

Got the chips into the oven and the garden peas in the saucepan. Chopped up the belly pork and seasoned it in the Crock-Pot, got them all going now, should be ready in half-an-hour.

Getting late and the eyes are drooping a bit. But not complaining at all.

Arthur Itis and Anne Gyna both in a good mood. Duodenal Donald is lingering just a bit, but nowhere near bad. Reflux Roger fine. Haemorrhoid Harold was only bleeding the tiniest bit and not hurting or burning at all. Hernia Harry kind to me. No activity coming from Shaking Steven. Dizzy Dennis is the only real hassle giver at the moment. So I’m doing well! (May regret saying this later, of course, Tsk!)

2Tue20Checked on the chips and other cooking fodder.

All was ready cooked now, so turned off the computer and dished up the meal.

Crock-Pot cooked belly pork seasoned with dark soya sauce and Lea & Perrins, sliced apple, beetroots, gherkin, tomatoes, fresh garden peas and oven chips. Followed by two mini iced lemon cakes. Rated this one 9.22/10.

Put the TV on (Well, I need something to fall asleep to? Haha!) and the weather forecaster gave grim tidings for the rain tonight and tomorrow. Yellow Warning was repeated.

Later the news told of how Cornwall had suffered the worst of the thunderstorms.


Sleep did not come easy, was filled with unpleasant dreams and I woke up for more time than I slept, I think. Tsk!

Inchcock Today – Sunday 16th July 2017:

Sunday 16th July 2017

Hmong: Sunday 16 Lub Xya hli ntuj 2017

0025hrs: Woke up, and out of the £300 second-hand recliner and off to the Porcelain Throne. Good session, free of both Trotsky Terence and Diahorrea Donald’s interference, although Haemorrhoid Harold was painful, there was no bleeding.  Also, Shaking Steven and Dizzy Dennis kept off, so an excellent start to the day.

Cheered by this, I decided to get down and do the laundry.

I put the CCTV of the foyer on the TV to make sure that no yobboes had returned to attack us, first.

No signs of anyone outside trying to break in, but I saw this fellow sat in the lobby? Who is it? – I’ll find out when I go down.

Looked out of the kitchen window and saw at first, two flashing lights apparently moving in a jerky fashion along the footpath opposite. It soon came clear what it was, a chap out walking three dogs, one older bigger one, and two little tiny ones that were darting about all over the place in excitement I assumed, and they had lights on their collars. What a good idea!

Down to the laundry room and greeted the chap sat in the chair who was reading a weapons magazine. Got the washer going and as I left, the gentleman said; “You are up late to do your washing mate?” I replied: “No, up early to do my washing” and smiled. Never seen him before, must be a new bloke.

Up and got the Health Checks done and medications pots sorted for next week.

The readings seemed right this morning too.

The weight was the same at least. The temperature appeared to be a bit small, at 30.1f?

Maybe not though.

7Sun3Finished the pots off, and down again to move the gear into the dryer in the laundry room.

Up and took the medications made a mug of tea.

Started work on yesterday’s diary then started this one off.

Down to collect the laundry and noticed that following the two break-ins and yobbo incidents, they are taking the matter seriously.

They have put up a new sign. Hehe! The security guard who attended the yobboes was attacked by the gang, I can’t see this keeping them away? Tsk!

Got the clothes out of the dryer, folded them and cleaned the machines and the filters out.

I took one of the pill-like tablet-towels with me and used one for the first time to clean around things.

Brilliant they are too. See the size of the sealed tablet on the right and what it turns into in seconds after contact with water.

Shame Amazon ran out of stock of them.

Up to the apartment and put the things away.

Made a mug of tea and realised I’d left the hot water tap running earlier so that Whoopsiedangleplop brings an end to my plans for a first shave. Humph!

Posted the diary for Saturday. Email checks.

0415hrs: Facebooking next.

On CorelDraw and worked on the TFZer ‘Food Series’ Graphicalisations.

Another four hours and I got them done – made a few errors to correct, and no doubt I’ve made many I didn’t notice. Tsk!

Here are a couple of the betterer efforts:

Got a big potato into the oven remove the flesh and mash up later with some cheese, vinegar and butter.

Better get the ablutioning done now I think… oh no, the water is not heated up enough yet. Humph!

7Sun06dWeariness and Dizzy Dennis called and overwhelmed me, and all I could do was finish making the meal and plop myself down.

I still enjoyed the cheesy potatoes, though.

Rated this one as 9.44/10.

The night was pretty awful sleep-wise.

Up for many wee-wees, dreams of an unpleasant nature, waking-up, nodding off… Horrible!

Inchcock Today – Monday 17th July 2017


Monday 17th July 2017

Gujarati: સોમવાર 17 જુલાઇ 2017

Kept waking-up on and off all night long, not a very good rest at all. Many wee-wees.

0415hrs: Gave up and rose out of the £300 second-hand recliner and off to the Porcelain Throne. There was no bleeding this morning from Haemorrhoid Harold’s department. Looks good. (The fool says too early? Hehe!)

To the kitchen and had a peep out of the window and took a picture for no particular reason… Well, there was one at the time, but I had forgotten what it was by the time I got around to doing this diary and putting the photographicalisation into this Inchock Today.

Hehe! Tsk!

Carried out the Health Checks, took the morning medications and had a wee.

Had a wee-wee.

Set about doing the readings chart for last week.  I’ve got the CDH checks in the morning with I hope, Nurse Nichole, of course, it might be Gruppenführeress Nurse Ann who does me. Shudder! Must remember not to eat or drink anything but water from 2200hrs tonight until the checks are done.

While I thought of it writing this, I made up the nibble bags and put them in the carrier ready for the morning.

Started on doing this diary then finalising yesterdays.

Emails, the WordPress reading.

0700hrs: On to Facebooking.

0805hrs: Started the ablutions, because I want to get out and take some of the strange buildings of the University, photographicalisations on my way to the hospital.

Had good scrubbing up 1Mon05session, got the things needed and set off to the bus stop. A Sunny morning and a laugh or two with the other tenants while waiting. Chinwag with the gal from the 11th floor en route.

Dropped off near Victoria Centre (Mall) and poddled around the corner to the 35 bus stop.

As I turned the corner, a naughty Nottingham 1Mon04Pavement Cyclist rode his bike between the gentleman walking towards me and the shop window, Tsk!

I enjoyed the lambasting the rider got from him.

He (The cyclist), was on a Pizza Delivery mission I think.

1Mon06Caught the bus and was soon on the 4th floor of the QMC. I was in done and out within fifteen minutes. All clear.

Nice limp in the beautiful weather to Triumph Road and the first building of interest was the old laundry.

Not used for many years now, but amazingly they are still trying to rent it out?

1Mon08The first University building on my right was the one that burnt down when they were building it last year and had to be done again from scratch. The young arsonists, despite being caught on CCTV were never apprehended.

The fancy and oddly designed pair next was further on the left on a bend in the road.

1Mon09Odd in every way.

I wonder if they cost more to design and build than none-ugly buildings do?

Some of the cladding sections were hanging off.?

It said on a notice sign that the Chinese Government had contributed to the cost of the 1Mon11furthest one?

Opposite these an engineering section building.

A student pavement cyclist nearly had me when I stopped to take this photograph…

And a minute later another one actually caught my arm as he belted by!


This building that crossed over the road looked a little like a modern day Berlin Bunker to me.

Do they set out to just surprise people with their rather childlike designs?

Or do they honestly think they are attractive in some way?

1Mon12The Energy Technologies building didn’t look so bad as the others, I thought.

Of course, I am no expert.

I passed one of the many cafes built for the students and was surprised to see big names (Don’t laugh, I’ll remember them soon) operating there. The Coffee one that is in green lettering was there, and a franchise for the… erm, Subway, that’s the one. It did not look like they any discounts for the kids judging by the price list I saw.

Towards the end of the road, a sad sight indeed. The old Players Cigarettes Factory. It looked from a distance as if they were cleaning it up, but not so.

Demolishing it they were. All those years ago when I went with Dad on his lorry and we would call there to deliver and pick up empties. The smell of the fresh tobacco all around, the hundreds of people employed there, always busy… Ah, well.


1Mon14On the corner of Ilkeston Road, I spotted these flowers and wondered what they were.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen any like this before, ever.

They were huge and grew wild and through the fencing.

The area where they are is still banned from 1Mon15being used for building as it is the site of the old Gas Works.

More memories flooded back to me.

The original gas works had two or three gasometers as I recall, I think anyway.

Although in this old photograph I found, only one is in view.


I think the others were further down the road.

Pulled down in about 1959 I think, or maybe a few years later.

The smell produced at these works was not unpleasant to me, but some folks didn’t like it. The real benefit was the coal used left us with almost smokeless coke to use in our fire grates, and it was cheaper than the coal to buy.

1Mon16I turned right onto Ilkeston Road and up over the railway bridge, which of course, nowadays as no track running underneath it, more sad memories as I walked where the old Railway Station used to be.

Another Nottingham Pavement Cyclist nearly hit me again.


Over the hill and a little further I saw a Lidl Store and decided to have a pop in and a gander at anything they have on offer. The first obstacle was getting down the flipping steps to it. Hehe!


I came out £10 worse-off and struggled with the now heavy bag with the Vegetarian Frikadellens, stone baked rolls, Belly pork and nibbles for the meeting, nurse Nichole and Sister Jane, to the bus stop a few hundred yards up the hill.

On a1Mon18 little further and was soon in the City Centre, the feet aching a bit now, and Duodenal Donald poking at me.

Off the bus and along Clumber Street on my way to Tesco in the City Centre’s Victoria Shopping Mall.

Had a nosey around Smiths stationers but didn’t buy anything. Another wander around the biscuit shop but didn’t buy anything.

Into the Tesco store and got some fresh garden peas, New Zealand Cox’s apples, smoked bacon, English vine tomatoes… and, erm… do you know, a packet of two Fresh Cream Horns Cakes jumped right into my basket all of their own accords… 2Tue001a Sorry!

Limped along with the heavy than ever bag now to the bus stop.

Back at the apartments, chatted to a tenant on the way up, and got to the door and there was Mary’s door bell delivered while I was out (Of course).

Had a wee-wee.

The phone rang. It was a lady from Specsavers. And, I take my hat off to her. She managed with considerable expertise and a cunning choice of words, involving deflection, inflexion and accusation while keeping a level tone, to make me apologise for their mistake. Brilliant! She should consider going into Government. Her timing so perfect it prevented my getting in with any comments, then of course, by the time she steadied up verbally, I’d forgotten what I was going to say anyway.

Too much credit could not be given to the woman’s performance. Her avoidance of expressing any apology, just saying it should not have happened, and wouldn’t have if I had not called in the shop too early, was classic Joseph Goebbels at his best.

It seems that I have an appointment for tomorrow morning anyway, to have them fitted and be shown how things work, for 1030hrs. With the CHH checks at 0930hrs, I think I’ll have time to get there punctually. I hope! Bet she makes me look a right Inisitijitty tomorrow.

Put the fodder away and went to Mary’s flat, all proud of being able to help some out at last. Whoopsiedangleplop! I got the bell fitted, and it worked, then the lady in the next flat came out – each time our bell was pressed it rang… her’s did too! Oh, dearie me!

I disengaged the bell, put it back in the box, and we had a laughed about this – not the lady next door though. She scowled and grumbled non-stop, bless her. I’ll give this one to someone to use and get another, different type for Mary later. Tsk!

1Mon19At least I got a photograph of Mary’s love birds in their cage so I can show it to TFZer Marie from Australia.

Noisy little varmints they are.

Never seen any of these before.

They looked a bit like large Budgerigars, with more substantial squawk too. Haha!

Got some peas in the saucepan and the food in the oven. Having the other Tuscan Sausage & Mash in a delicious tomato and fennel sauce. The first one I tried revealed that the sausages, well, the skins were horribly thick and almost unchewable. So I threw them away and put some vegetarian sausage in place of them. Plan to make some caramelised gravy to it afterwards with the mushrooms and peas so I can soak it up with the stone baked cobs.

Updated this diary to here.

Half an hour or so to go. Checked the Emails and did some WordPress reading in a rush.

1Mon22Got the fodder served up.

Unfortunately, I forgot to put the peas and mushrooms on the dish. Huh! But I enjoyed them later cold from a pot.

Very nice indeed. Made a mess eating it with the crumbs from the stone-baked cobs, though, Humph!

2Tue02Made a note to remind me of things in the morning.

Rang Sister Jane for a chinwag.

Did my best to watch some TV. But it was ridden with my dropping off asleep and waking so often. It seemed like it was every ten minutes or so.

I gave up and got me head down early, apart from getting up once for a wee-wee and treating Haemorrhoid Harold’s bleeding, I slept right through until 0400hrs!

TTFN all.


Inchcock Today – Saturday 15th July 2017; Hoping the lemon wafers will be delivered today


Saturday 15th July 2017

Corsican: Sàbatu 15 Ghjugnu 2017

0350hrs: Woke up with the mind full of bits of memories from the dreams I’d been having; by the time I got out of the £300 second-hand recliner and to the Porcelain Throne – they had all gone again. Tsk!

No signs of Diahorrea, D7Sun02aennis or Trotsky Terence at the Throne. That was a nice change.

Computer turned on and finished off yesterday’s diary.

Did the Health Checks, all good.

Had a wee-wee.

7Sun02bThe hue of the scene from out side prompted me to take this photograph. I thought it was rather colourful and a bit different to what it has been lately.

Took the medications with a cup of tea for a change.

I usually take them with a cold drink so as not to melt the capsules.

7Sun3I was also impressed with how the fingers were far less bent and warped today as well.

Of course, after taking the picture, I dropped the tablets.


Then, back to the Porcelain Throne. Haemorrhoid Harold was stinging and bleeding a bit this time. Why not last time?

Had a go at the crossword while in there, didn’t get a single more clue solved. Huh!

Started this post off up to here.

7Sun04Emails checked.

Good news, the Lemon Wafers were being delivered today.

Which is good, cause then I can get a good ablutionalisation session in. I’ve not been able to have a good one while waiting in and not wanting to miss the delivery, cause I love these wafer. These are for others nibbles these, oh no. These are for your truly only. Hehe!

Had a wee-wee.

Further down the list, another one from Amazon: No Ferrero Rocher Heart Box’s available. Sad that I was planning to hand these to Nurse Nichole, Jenny the Obergruppenfurher and Sister Janet. Humph!


Since being stuck indoors waiting for deliveries, I’ve been working on a new TFZer series of graphicalisations. Loosely all connected to food, of each member. It’s going to take me ages to get them all done, but I’ll get on with now, being as I have the time… oh, no, I’ve not done any Facebooking. I’ll do this first then get onto CorelDraw.

Took a while that did. Onto graphics now.

Been on CorelDraw for over three hours now, eyes tiring and the fingers beginning to play up, so had to knock off for a bit.

Had a wee-wee.

Pressed on with the graphics, managed to get 12 done, but much more to do, but not today, too tired now and the visit from Shaking Steven worried me a bit.

The Lemon6Sat05 Wafers arrived, late, but I’m going to get the ablutions done and have a hobble in my Tree Copse, legs permitting.

I’ve already eaten one pack of these. Naughty me!

Turned every thing off, put the camera in my pocket with the mobile in case I forget later, and off to the Wet Room.

Back in a bit.

I hope! Hehe!

6Sat07Off down the lift and out into the daylight, at last.

Over the road up through the bottom field.

Where I found it hard to believe that the grass and fauna had grown so quickly. Had the struggle to get through it at first to get to the Copse.

Had a bit of a struggle to get through it at first to get to the Copse.

Found a mowed strip of grass someone had kindly cut out and used that route.

The cigarette stubs, empty drink cans and takeaway boxes were strewn around was not nice to see.

I put some that I could reach in a carrier bag to drop off at the bins.

It was still lovely to hobble up and through this Copse.

I did not see any wildlife at all on my journey within.

No squirrels or birds?

Nature still fascinates me – even when I tripped over one of the tree roots… I had to laugh.

But a tree stump near where I landed was so convenient to us e to pull myself back upright and continue my journey.


To the top and out into the top field, which was beautiful with its daisies battling through to get some sunshine.

Walked along the top, many golfers, well, Pitch & Putt players out today, some even playing with a football between holes.

Right and down towards the flats.

As I got to the bottom of the gravel hill path, a young chap with a dog chain was calling out ‘Betsy’ in search of his obviously little dog in the long grass on the bottom field.

Glad to say that he found her after a few minutes.

Dropped the bag of rubbish in a bin and made my way down the hill and back up to the apartment and got the dinner on.

6Sat06It was a tasty one, beef pie, Chinese mushrooms, garden peas, boiled potatoes and beetroots.

Did the Health Checks, took the evening medications and perused the TV magazine to see if there was anything worth watching on the goggle-box.

The wasn’t. So I got a Dr Who DVD into the machine to watch. At least there will be no advertisements to fall asleep watching on this.

But I still fell asleep, and with the hands, fingers and cramps giving me grief as well.

I must have been well tired.

TTFN all.

Inchcock Today – Friday 14th July 2017: Messy day stuck indoors


 Friday 14th July 2017

Greek: Παρασκευή 14 Ιουλίου 2017

0410hrs: Up and out of the £300 second-hand recliner and to the Porcelain Throne. It seems that neither Trotsky Terence or Diahorrea Duncan were affecting me this morning, a nice change this. Duodenal Donald had replaced their attentions it seems.

Assembled the washing and down to the laundry room and got them started. Noticed the wall clock battery had died.

5Fri02aUp and got a battery to replace it with in my pocket.

Had a wee-wee.

Did the Health Checks and took the morning medications.

Had a mug of tea.

5Fri03Down to move the laundry into the dryer machine and changed the battery in the clock.

Cleaned the filter and surfaces of the washer and had a little wander outside, remembering the warning of vandals on Saturday night come morning, I was a bit weary like.

There were no people about, apart from a milkman who called.

5Fri02Up and made another brew of tea and started to update the diaries then start this one off.

Put the TV on with the foyer entrance view on the CCTV channel.

Roy from the 14th floor had nipped out for a fag. Hehe!

Had a wee-wee, and down to collect the 5Fri09washing.

I noticed some new notes on the board again.

All of them were from Obergruppenfurheress Jenny (Franks other-half).

One about a Liaison Officer, Lynne Rowe, with her contact number if anyone needs help or has any queries. She will call us back if required – who decides if this is necessary, is not clarified.

Jenny has been kind enough to offer her services for anyone without a computer in the event of their getting notification of renewal requirements for the bus pass. I see she managed to find the cap lock button for this one.

That was kind of her.

Another notice about Security of the flats.

This does happen a lot, I’ve seen it many times and mentioned it a few to some residents, but these few scoff when you tell them not to.

Anyone in a nurses uniform is often let in because they are in a nurses uniform.

Bearing in mind the notice below these on the wall, I hope this is taken seriously by all the tenants in this block.

05Thu15It seems that all the works being done, have encouraged a criminal element to take an interest in us?

I noticed the other day, a traveller’s or gipsy Ford Transit cruising to the end of the road and back, with stops, I assume for them to access the accessibility and opportunities for stealing the plant, metal or whatever they can get to?

I pray they do not get the idea of raiding the flats?

But I think it highly possible that they will return and break into the porta-cabins and or the New Temporary Tenants Social hut, soon.

5Fri08After getting away from the hassle, threats and attacks in Carrington to come here, this is the last activity I want to see and become involved in again.

A wee-wee.

Down to collect the now dried washing, all folded and into the bag.

5Fri04Popped outside first to take this photograph of the new fencing in the UKIP colours.


They could do with a static Security Guard on nights, perhaps?

Got the clothes folded and back up to the apartment with them and got them into the 5Fri11airing cupboard.

A bit full now innit? Hehe!

But I know just where to find everything, towels, jammies, socks, woolly hats at the front, jumpers t-shirts, undies at the back.


Got the potatoes with vegetable stock, and the mushrooms and garden peas with mint added, both in the saucepans.

Updated this diary, then onto Facebook to catch up. Yesterday was so busy. I’d got well behind on it.

A few later, I got on with EMails and WordPress reading.

Specsavers email: Asking if I would like them to investigate with the local store owners, supply by return email my DOB, address, phone number, the store name! As I am complaining, why would I not want them to investigate? So I did, as below.


5Fri10This was on the page as well.

I looked on the Trustpilot site, and it seems I should have done so before going to Specsavers.

Lots of negative comments found on there about their service.

Delivery should be coming today, maybe two, with the bargain priced nibbles I ordered. They should last a while, buying in bulk seems a real saving.

5Fri12cThey arrived.

Also, some more paperwork and the INR Results came.

Emailed the surgery with a request for an appointment with Nurse Nichole for Wednesday 26th July as per the DVT instructions.

Onto Facebooking again.

6Sat23Getting late now, so I got the meal going.

Onion rings, peas and mushrooms, tomatoes, mini pork and pickle pie and potatoes.

The lemon fool had gone right off, eurgh! Shame that.

Email from the surgery, confirming 0945hrs for the INR test on Wednesday 26th July for the test.

Medications and Health Checks were done.

Settled down, TV on and I was off into sleep-land in minutes.

Inchcock – Thursday 13th July 2017: Tenants Social Hour Today – Spec Savers Farce!

Thursday 13th July 2017

Haitian Creole: Jedi 13 July 2017

0430hrs: Bad night for sleep, constant waking up, which is not like me at all. Again, I know I had dreams and many of them, but no notes on the pad nor memories in the brain, Tsk! Tell-tale signs of unidentified crumbs found when I dismounted the £300 second-hand recliner and off to the Porcelain Throne. Peculiarly, Trotsky Terence had weakened his effects a lot. Well, on this session, anyway.

No enough time to get the laundry duties done and the Morrison delivery should be here twixt 0630 > 0730hrs. So I set about having a good stand-up wash, shave, teeth-cleaning and medicationalisationing of the various body parts in need of. Hehe! This took about an hour.

Then I got the kettle on the boil, took the morning medications and did the Health Checks. Weight the same as yesterday.

Had a wee-wee.

Had a short, sharp visit from Dizzy Dennis, took a step to balance myself on the counter and trod on and broke one of the retractable pencils I bought the other day. For a moment, apanthropinization seemed a good idea. A few seconds later and all was well. I bent down to pick up the pieces of pencil and graphite, and as Arthur Itis complained, I passed the wind and hastened back to the Porcelain Throne. Cleaned up and felt like life and I was incongruent, almost enemies?

While the computer booted, I popped out onto the balcony to take these photograhicalisations, tho show the progress of the updating works at the compound.

Started this diary off, then finished yesterday’s and got it posted.

4Thur06Had a wee-wee.

The Morrison man arrived.

Got the stuff put away, now the freezer and fridge are fully loaded again.

Two Tuscan Sausages & Mash in tomato and fennel sauce with roast red onions ready meals were on this order. I do not remember ordering them, but most likely I did, and forgot or I ordered the wrong things?

Emails and WordPress reading were done.

Had a wee-wee.

I had a strong IQ feeling of something coming that would involve my being embarrassed and/or confused later today.

Got the nibbles and raffle prizes in the bag ready for the Winwood Tenants Social Hour in the New Temporary Residents Shed.

Podded some garden peas ready for later.

Took the rubbish bags to the refuse chute.Had a wee-wee.

Had a wee-wee.

Set off with the bags to the Tenants Social Hour.although with going

The work is coming on outside our flats. Although with going

Further along the road, I took these of the new fencing in the centre front of the buildings.

Although with going into town to collect the new hearing aids from SpecSaver and the Biederbeck tape from HMV, I couldn’t stay too long or I’d miss the 1030hrs bus.

4Thur09Nice chinwag and BJ was there. Put the prizes on the trolley and handed out the nibbles. Didn’t have a drink.Got the raffle tickets and handed them out to the gals.

Bought some raffle tickets and handed them out to the gals.

Farewells to all, and back up to the apartment and got the hearing aids in, and down again and to the bus stop, where a right gang of old folks were congregating waiting for the arrival of the L9 buses.

I joined the clan and had a few good mini-chinwags.

Off on the bus, more chinwagging with Pete en route.

Dropped off and waddled my way through the Victoria Centre (Mall) and to the HMV store and collected the Biederbeck DVD.

4Thur10Limped into the Slab Square, where I found they had made progress with the erection of the amusements and Nottingham Beach.

I think it is due to open on Friday or Saturday this week.

The sun began getting a bit weaker later on, and the threat of rain lingered in the air and sky.


As I neared the Specsavers Circus of Woes, I took this picture of the entrance into Eldon Chambers, another little Nottingham alleyway. Before I could get the camera out, a young lady with three small ones toddling along with her and a pram walked into the Chambers and disappeared. Then I noticed the sign outside; Igloo Hybrid Ho(S)tel. Presumably, a cross between a hostel and a hotel must be in there? Somewhere I have not noticed before, and I planned to have a hobble up to take a look at after the Specsavers visit. (But I forgot when I came out, not surprising after what had occurred).

I went in Specsavers and to the reception desk. Told them I was here to collect my hearing aids and handed her the receipt. “You’ll have to take a seat… we cannot get to your aids yet…” She barked. I wasn’t going to argue with this Obergefreiteress, I can tell you. So, I took a seat.

Minutes later a lovely lady came to me, asked if I wanted a bag for the box with the hearing aids and whatever in it. I said no thanks, I have these bags here. She handed me the box and strolled off.

I was confused now. What about me being shown how to fit the things in the ear, the batteries, controls, do they actually fit my ear holes? Had I nodded off and missed something? What day is it?

05Thu12And like the daft soft Plonker I am, I just walked out with the box in the bag. But will the things actually work and fit?

I’ll find out later, I supposed.

Not really with it at that moment.

Walked through the Slab Square and up Queen Street to the L9 bus stop.

Caught the thing and on the way back, I tried to take a photographicalisation of some Nottingham City Homes ‘Sister Flats’ to the ones I dwell in. The shot came out luckily better than I thought it would, with the light fading and the bus travelling, not too bad. The balcony’s on these flats are the ones many of our tenants wanted here, but the cost was too high, they tell us.


On and up Carlton Road and when the bus turned left into Rose Hill, I took another apartment based photo.


This one is of Burrows Court, Sneinton. A tower block that was once full of life has remained empty for over a decade and has been described as an eyesore for local residents. The abandoned 19 storey building off Windmill Lane was built in 1967 and is soon set for a £12 million makeover. When it was occupied, t’was a haven for gangs, crime, druggies, muggings and subletting.


When I got back home and into the flats, the notice board revealed some disturbing news from Jenny, that I could have done without.

So much for the external and internal CCTV cameras, we pay rent for each week.

Fat lot of good they were?

Got in the lift and it was full of dirt and residue from the workers?

The bloke who got in the lift at the same time with me enjoyed having a good chunter on about it and why are the caretakers not cleaning it up straight away, as we have to pay extra for them… Oh, dear. If they did what he wanted, that would mean additional costs, cause naturally the workmen are doing eight-hour shifts and that would mean paying for the other caretaker, Tsk! Got so upset too he did. Hehe!


Up and into the flat, ignoring the letter that had been delivered, I had a wee-wee first, then investigate the mail. It was this leaflet.

Got the mushroom and peas on the boil to add to the Italian ready meal of; Two Vegetarian Sausages & Mash in tomato and fennel sauce with roast red onions later on.

As I got out the Specsavers box of tricks to investigate, the weather turned a bit glum.


Took the things out of the box, what the H4 Pro’s are I’ve no idea. The leaflet was one of those that cover about five different models at the same time, as far I could tell, my hearing aids had none of the extras mentioned? No volume control, no telephone control… a bit disappointed. Tried to get the plugs into the ear hole but just could not fathom out why they would not fit it? Put them all back in the box and decided to complain about the service or lack of it.


I used the Resolve site.


At least I got a reply, okay a standard reply from them (Specsavers), within a minute.

05Thu19aI noticed that they do not print the word Aids?

05Thu18Calmed down a bit and took this shot of the works below outside.

Really, I am not angry, just disappointed in their treatment of me and my own lamentable and dolorous response to it.

If only they knew the difficulties and hassle I have in getting to the Specsavers store in the first place.


2017-07-13 16.02.50The £900 plus, the box of Specsavers hearing aid equipment is now residing, sadly neglected and looking forlorn, on the top of my stacks of DVDs.


Had a wee-wee.

Into the kitchen, got the meal in the oven and added two vegetarian sausages to it.

05Thu24Did the evening Health Checks and took the medications.

All were looking good. Well, the temperature was a bit low (29.6f?) I think, but not to worry all else is good methinks.

Checked on the oven, all looking good.

Picked out some TV programmes to fall asleep watching. Hehehe!

05Thu25Got the nosh served up – smell different anyway.

I didn’t think it looked too appetising at first after I’d added the tomatoes, the peas, vegetarian sausages and mushrooms I changed my mind.

The two sausages that came with the meal had skins that were so thick, I ended up sucking the meat out of the tube of thick 05Thu26skin, that reminded me of… well, never mind.

However, I ate it all up with great satisfaction.

Had a wee-wee and got settled to watch some selected TV programmes.

I don’t know why I bother really. Every time the adverts came on I nodded-off, woke not knowing what was going on with the storyline and nodded-off again!D

Worra Day!

Inchcock Today – Wednesday 12th July 2017: Whoopsiedangleplop with the Blood Test appointment

Wednesday 12th July 2017

Bosnian: Sreda, 12. Jula 2017

0500hrs: Woke, and sensed and began to assess the old and new aches and pains, feeling so tired and weary, heavy eyelids… an escapage of rear end wind, and out of the £300 second-hand recliner and hobbled to the Porcelain Throne.

Arthur Itis was showing displeasure with the walk there. Trotsky Terence ensured there was no struggling in the evacuation session. Haemorrhoid Harold bled freely, the aroma that filled my lungs and the flat were rank and offensive even to me! I feared it would not be contained in my flat, opened all the windows later and sprayed air-spray all around, I nearly choked myself with that, never mind natures gifted aromas. Hehehe!

A new pain, in the right side of the rib cage, caused me to quantitate the situation for a few minutes. This newbie wasn’t akin to the pains from Anne Gyna. Although they do vary all the time, on their location, type and severity?

Even Reflux Roger kicked off as I limped into the kitchen, what a start to the morning this was!

The rumbling and grumbling from the innards started too, as soon as I had finished the evacuation process.

Made a brew of tea and did the Health Checks. Took the medications.

Before I could drink the tea, I needed the Porcelain Throne again. As I performed the evacuation procedure (At least the odour was less vicious this time, but then again the residue from the first one, still permuted the atmosphere, Hehe), the new stabbing pain on the right started again. Cleaned up the porcelain, myself and wiped the contact points with Dettol lemon sheets. The tummy felt queasy again, and Steven Shakes paid me a visit then. Plonked myself down on the WC seat and it moved so much I thought I was going to slip off of it. But this was a good thing actually – cause it took my mind off of the other pains.

Back to the kitchen and made another mug of tea for the one that had gone cold.

Took an extra Anti-Diahorrea capsule and a 60g Codeine Phosphate for the rib area pain.

The temperature on the wall thermometer showed 59°f.

Opened all of the windows to help remove the Diahorrea Donald donated smells. Haha!

I decided that staying indoors would be a good idea today. Mostly the Porcelain Throne room door? Hehehe!

Took this photographicalisation of the scene below, through the kitchen window.

Then leant out seize this photograph of the brightening morning – Clouted my head on the frame of the window.

This seemed to work a miracle. Diahorrea Donald’s rumbling calmed right down, and Reflux Roger eased off very quickly? Things appeared to be improving a little. I’ve no idea why, just appreciative that they are doing so. Very queer?

Off to the Porcelain Throne.

I started the completion of yesterday’s post, had a wee-wee, had a Dennis Dizzy and then, back to the Porcelain Throne again. No excessive aroma this time, and far less splattering and pebble dashing activity. Good!

Did some WordPress reading and checked the Emails.

Had a wee-wee, then got on with starting this post.

Realised I was to go to the HMV store to see if the Biederbeck Three Series I’d ordered had arrived.

I can’t remember how I lost the original copy I had. Might have disappeared in the moving into the flat?

No doubt about being one of my favourites. Can’t, well, dare not go out today with the threat of Diahorrea Donald lingering over me. Tsk!

Went on Facebooking. After a while, I got a reminder box come up – of the appointment for the INR blood test at the Doctors!

Panic, there was no way I could get there in time, I thought. Everything hurriedly turned off, no wash no shave, got the bag of tricks that was luckily readied beforehand and made my way down to the New Temporary Shed, in search of someone who could ring the surgery to let them know for me, and ring a taxi.

Got down and out to the hut, but no one was about. I decided to leg it down to Mansfield Road as quickly as I could and catch a bus into Carrington. Still found time to take this photo though, as I turned right down Winchester Hill.

Anne Gyna and Arthur Itis both giving me grief as I rushed as much as I could. Got to the bus stop and one arrived as I did so. Lucky!

Dropped off in Carrington almost outside of the Sherrington Park Medical Practice and got in quick. Chest legs, knees and all of a flutter, and flapping a little. I reported with the Obersturmbannführeress Receptionist, humbly apologising for being late, and she pointed out I was in fact, only one minute late?

Seconds later, Nurse Nichol fetched me into her treatment room and had the blood taken. Gave her the nibbles, thanked her and departed; Still wondering how I got there almost in time? Very confused!

To the bus stop and caught one back up into Sherwood.

Called at the Co-op store and got some button mushrooms, fresh pod peas and bananas.

Avoided the Big Issue Seller woman who has two mobile phones and is often seen using both of them, outside the shop.

Then next door to the cake shop and obtained a fresh cream iced scone thingy.

Then called in the Children’s Charity Shop, nothing of interest.

Further up the hill and into the Nottingham Hospice Shop. Bought two red saucepans that didn’t look in bad condition.

As I waited to cross the road, this car pulled around the corner and parked up on the pavement, and the driver just sat there. The thing of interest was what I think are tyre skid marks across the road behind the vehicle.

I also noticed the crack in the bookmaker’s window, where the scores led to? My Sherlock Holmes head was working. Then I realised the crack was the reflection in the glass window of the outline of the grey car. Hehe! I shouldn’t be allowed out on my own!

At the bus stop, several other tenants joined me, and a good chinwag followed.

Roy, took one of the bags for me to carry back on top of his four-wheeled-trolley. Bless him.

The fencing around the place was now having steel boards attached to them, still in the purple colour scheme. I’ll try to get a photo of them soon. Annie, one of the tenants with us, pointed out that when they are up, we will not see any traffic coming and will have to walk on the road to get passed them. I thought not, but decided against not agreeing with Gordie gal Annie, that was not a good idea, disagreeing with her. Hehe!

A laugh in the lift going up, and into the flat and onto the Porcelain Throne. Not so bad this time, methinks the new capsule earlier, was working well.

Put the food away and got the new second-hand saucepans washed and on the cooker.

Podded some peas and chopped a few mushrooms up and got them into the Crock-Pot on low.

Had a wee-wee.

Does anything stick out to you bout this road I pictured earlier? Something singular?

Started to update this diary again.

Went on Facebook to finish what I started earlier before the confusion about the INR blood test.

Started some more graphicalisations off for the TFZer site.

Very tired now, and the new pain on the right side of the chest is getting worse.

Got the meal sorted.

Had a fish one. Smoked mackerel (Not very good), tomatoes (Fine), Fresh garden peas (Very good), Surimi fish (Very good), Sliced roasted potatoes (Overcooked, but I liked them), Mushrooms (Good) and beetroots (Excellent). 8.9 overall rating.

Settled to watch some TV, but again, it was interspersed with nod-offs. Tsk!