Inchcock Today – Thursday 20th July 2017: Tenants Social Hour Day

Thursday 20th July 2017

Zulu: ULwesine 20 Julayi 2017

0455hrs: Out of the £300 second-hand recliner, desperately thirsty for some reason, kettle on, made a brew and got the Health Checks done.

To the Porcelain Throne, things went well in this department. The ailments had calmed down, even the rumbling grumbling stomach had eased off since last night. Good!

Took the medications and got on the computer and did a bit of work to finish off some things I was doing on the import, converting and doctoring of graphics to use later, on CorelDraw for the next TFZ series.

Went to make a brew again, and found the wet weather forecast for yesterday, had arrived late. Hehe! The first photograph was taken through the opened window, the second after I’d closed it.

Looking a little glum, but I don’t think it will last long. The clouds on the horizon seemed to be moving east at a fast pace. (We’ll see, Hehe!)

Got the Wednesday diary finished and posted off.

Checked Emails and WordPress reading.

Facebooked. Had to cut this short to get the abalutionisationalistical duties done in time for setting off for the Winwood Tenant’s Social Hour.

Teggies done, shaved, rear-end cleaned up ready for medicating after the shower, Little Inchy the same, and under the shower.  Then I noticed some spatterings of blood on the shower floor – Oh dearie me, I thought. Came out and looked for shaving cuts in the mirror and dabbed the neck with a paper towel to see if any blood was thereabouts, but nothing found.

Checked over Little Inchy nervously, cause if any lesion bleeding this would stop the operation for August – none identified.

Puzzled I investigated various parts of the flabby-body, but could not see any bleeding, but blood was still appearing on the floor?

Checked the rear-end and the condition of Harry Haemorrhoid, no blood?

Then noticed a few splashes on my over-abundant belly? Checked the teggies and gums, no bleeding?

Then, and very oddly, I realised it was coming from my right nostril, but why did I not see this when I first looked in the mirror? Poked some rolled up kitchen towel up and removed it, not much blood now, but I could not see any lesions or bleeding up the inside of the nose? It stopped on its own. Mystified, now.

I’ll keep an eye on it. (I don’t mean I’ll take my eye out and stick it up inside my nose! Hehe!)

The rain that I thought would stop some hours ago had not done so. I made sure the brolly was in the bag with the nibbles and raffle prizes… oh, and the pill-towels.

I could not find the new storm-proof parasol that I thought I had left open and drying in the spare room? Set off to the foyer, got the umbrella open and took a hobble out into the rain.

Set off to the foyer, with the old, delicate in the wind Pound-Shop umbrella and took a hobble out into the rain, along to the New Temporary Windwood Centre Community and Obergruppenfurheresses Porta-Kabin.

Twas wet and windier than ever now. Some moaning heard from one or two on the way to the  Winwood Tenants Social Hour, New Temporary Winwood Tenants (Porta-Kabin) Shed. The gals were not happy with having such a long walk to get to the bus stop now things have changed.

Not many folk in the place this morning, understandably with the weather conditions.

Untergefreiteress Penny was in good form.She explained that where the new temporary bus was for both flats had been relocated was to be abandoned due to an accident when a lady fell getting off of the bus and ended up being hospitalised, poor thing. The bus could get near enough to the kerb and had to leave a gap, where the lady fell. The accident caused a few chinwags. As it is now even further to walk to get to the bus stop that has no seats or shelter. You can imagine with the wind and rain today; they were not happy! Hehe!

BJ came. A gossip or two was enjoyed.

As I left and went to the bus stop to catch the bus into Arnold, I took this photograph on Chestnut Walk from under the brolly. The first one to the left shows how far the walk is now, our flats are out of sight from the bus stop. The second one is of the woods opposite the stop, now mostly site-work and offices.

The bus arrived, and I was whisked off by the sweet lady driver, to Arnold and the Sainsbury Store. They had some vegetarian ready meals on offer. I purchased a cottage pie, lasagne and some minced beef. Some Anya potatoes, wholemeal flatbreads, Marmite flatbreads and lemon yoghourts.

Out into the rain and I pondered a while on whether I should have a walk to Front Street and Asda. But the bus was due, and there are not many of them that take me right back to the flats, also, hobbling in the wet rain didn’t appeal to me. Hehe!

So I crossed over and caught the bus back. It was busy. I assumed this was due to the rotten weather.

As I sat there with one bag on the floor and the other on my knees, the brolly that I’d squashed between the window and my leg, soon wet the trousers badly. Huh! Fool!

When the bus arrived in Sherwood, eight or nine folks got off there, and about the same amount got on.

Roy, from the 14th floor one of them. I’ll get these photographs printed and give them to his pretty-better-half for a laugh later.

We got off at the new temporary bus stop and started the long walk (Well, it seemed it to me) along Chestnut Walk back to the flats.

The rain had eased a bit.

Roy and the other lady shot off at a pace I could not match. Shame, I’d have liked another chinwag. Half-way along they stopped to talk to some builders, and I caught up with them, said ‘Good afternoon’ each… I was ignored, so I carried on. (Assuming they had not heard me). They soon overtook me again as we approached the foyer. When I caught up with them at the lift, they did not hold it for me to get in either. Have I upset them?

Waited a while for the other lift, and got in and to the wet room for a wee-wee, no time to pick up the letter that had been delivered on the floor.

Then I put the fodder away and retrieved the mail.

It was from Nottingham City Homes. This reminded me of the doormat threatening letter I got yesterday.

I popped out into the outside hallway to see if the other tenants had remembered to remove theirs from the communal area, to eliminate 05Thu12the written threat and possibility of losing their £100 Good Tenant Status. Being charged for the Nottingham City Homes, to forcibly remove them and charge them for this. Also, being put on the watch-list by them too.

A caring understanding lot, our landlords, are! Just the people we need to look after old nervous folk with Alzheimer’s and no relatives to care for them. Who’s going to get the carpet cleaned now? They will probably hire us a Hoover carpet cleaner for a reasonable rate and take away out Good Tenant Award if we do not empty the bag before returning it.

Got this updated to this point, then got the meal checked out for readiness.

All done, so I got it dished out. This, took me ages as Arthur Itis, and Craig Cramps both decided to visit my hands and fingers at the same time. Tsk!

Belly pork, tomatoes, beetroots, garden peas, Chinese mushrooms (Last of them, all gone now), an apple and the Anya potatoes.

Notwithstanding the bothersome ailments, I refused to acquiesce to their attempts at preventing me from eating the meal in comfort and no pain.

Took the evening medications with another Codeine tablet and enjoyed the meal despite that fact that it had gone a little cold by then. Although I felt just a tad brusque with things, I must admit.

The new hearing aids worked well today, and my thoughts that the rain may intrude into the ear-holes proved a negative perception. All was fine. I like them. But I’ll give it time before I extol the virtues of these expensive things, cause if life and experience have taught me anything at all, it is probably “Something will always go wrong, just when I least expect it! Haha!

The usual performance again tonight, TV on, nod-off, wake, nod-off, have a wee-wee, stub the toe, head down, wake and drop the remote control off of my stomach onto the floor… Tsk!

6 thoughts on “Inchcock Today – Thursday 20th July 2017: Tenants Social Hour Day

  1. Nice of them to move your bus stop further away, with no amenities (you should detect sarcasm from that statement). It is terrible that a woman fell only to be hospitalized from the first inconvenient bus stop change. <3

    • Sarcasm detected, thanks, gal.
      Discontent is brewing up, judging from what I’ve heard from some of the tenants, Corin. Hehe!
      Moving the door mats under threat of punitive action if was don’t, prompted one tenant to write a sign on the notice board “For Sale – Door Mats Apply flats 1 >90! I laughed out loud this morning when I saw it when I went down to do the laundry.
      TTFN pet, taketh care. XXX

  2. There’s always “The Tell-Tale Fart” the one that slips out, falls under the floorboards or carpet and lingers there until a guest comes in and steps on it, causing it to waft it’s way up under your guest’s nose. That’s some wet weather to bring out the woman in her winter, full fur-lined parka. There’s probably more than one tell-tale fart lingering in the fur lining of that parka. What are they doing as far as improvements between the buildings again? I’m sure you have mentioned it several time, but seeing how big the work area is, I’m not remember the work at hand. Hearty looking meal. Those Anya taters look like fat fingers lying on your fodder.

    • Danged TTFs. Hehe!
      The wet weather caught us in Nottingham after we were warned about it over the three previous days, but didn’t get any, that caught folks out I think.
      Far as I can tell by the diagrams, Tim, They are to build some more new flats, 64 if I remember right in between, a laundry room for all three blocks of flats to share and use. A passageway so the old blocks and the ends can use it to walk through. Should incorporate a new Obergruppenfureresses Offices and Socialising room too. A sitting room on the roof (Covered) if they have the finds left. The bus stop and other amenities will be nearer the new flats of course. This is causing some friction with some tenants, already. Hehe!
      The Anya pots are so tasty, Sir. The odd long nobbly shape means they are easier to eat with the hands. Haha!
      Can only get them at Sainsbury shops, cause they are grown on the Queens farm and land, so Lord Sainsbury can overcharge for them and keep his Royal Rights.

      • Interesting project. Did you notice you can start a reply with TTF and end it with TTFN? Rather fun.

  3. Shakespeare and Dickens rolled into one? Hehehe!
    Not so good this morning, Tim. Befuddled brain, Shaking Steven and Dizzy Dennis in early attendance. Tsk!

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