Inchcock Today – Sunday 16th July 2017:

Sunday 16th July 2017

Hmong: Sunday 16 Lub Xya hli ntuj 2017

0025hrs: Woke up, and out of the £300 second-hand recliner and off to the Porcelain Throne. Good session, free of both Trotsky Terence and Diahorrea Donald’s interference, although Haemorrhoid Harold was painful, there was no bleeding.  Also, Shaking Steven and Dizzy Dennis kept off, so an excellent start to the day.

Cheered by this, I decided to get down and do the laundry.

I put the CCTV of the foyer on the TV to make sure that no yobboes had returned to attack us, first.

No signs of anyone outside trying to break in, but I saw this fellow sat in the lobby? Who is it? – I’ll find out when I go down.

Looked out of the kitchen window and saw at first, two flashing lights apparently moving in a jerky fashion along the footpath opposite. It soon came clear what it was, a chap out walking three dogs, one older bigger one, and two little tiny ones that were darting about all over the place in excitement I assumed, and they had lights on their collars. What a good idea!

Down to the laundry room and greeted the chap sat in the chair who was reading a weapons magazine. Got the washer going and as I left, the gentleman said; “You are up late to do your washing mate?” I replied: “No, up early to do my washing” and smiled. Never seen him before, must be a new bloke.

Up and got the Health Checks done and medications pots sorted for next week.

The readings seemed right this morning too.

The weight was the same at least. The temperature appeared to be a bit small, at 30.1f?

Maybe not though.

7Sun3Finished the pots off, and down again to move the gear into the dryer in the laundry room.

Up and took the medications made a mug of tea.

Started work on yesterday’s diary then started this one off.

Down to collect the laundry and noticed that following the two break-ins and yobbo incidents, they are taking the matter seriously.

They have put up a new sign. Hehe! The security guard who attended the yobboes was attacked by the gang, I can’t see this keeping them away? Tsk!

Got the clothes out of the dryer, folded them and cleaned the machines and the filters out.

I took one of the pill-like tablet-towels with me and used one for the first time to clean around things.

Brilliant they are too. See the size of the sealed tablet on the right and what it turns into in seconds after contact with water.

Shame Amazon ran out of stock of them.

Up to the apartment and put the things away.

Made a mug of tea and realised I’d left the hot water tap running earlier so that Whoopsiedangleplop brings an end to my plans for a first shave. Humph!

Posted the diary for Saturday. Email checks.

0415hrs: Facebooking next.

On CorelDraw and worked on the TFZer ‘Food Series’ Graphicalisations.

Another four hours and I got them done – made a few errors to correct, and no doubt I’ve made many I didn’t notice. Tsk!

Here are a couple of the betterer efforts:

Got a big potato into the oven remove the flesh and mash up later with some cheese, vinegar and butter.

Better get the ablutioning done now I think… oh no, the water is not heated up enough yet. Humph!

7Sun06dWeariness and Dizzy Dennis called and overwhelmed me, and all I could do was finish making the meal and plop myself down.

I still enjoyed the cheesy potatoes, though.

Rated this one as 9.44/10.

The night was pretty awful sleep-wise.

Up for many wee-wees, dreams of an unpleasant nature, waking-up, nodding off… Horrible!

4 thoughts on “Inchcock Today – Sunday 16th July 2017:

  1. “Attack of the Yobboes” you should start on the screenplay. I think it sounds like it could be a great movie. Your pill boxes reminded me that you still need to do the 7×7 grid graphic of your pill boxes. I think it would be a great graphic. I see they are “All CAPPING” you all about video surveillance. All that ALL CAPS yelling must have worked to scare off the yobboes. I think I told you I gave up dryer lint for Lent, but since Lent is over the lint is all over the place. I like all your graphics. You are really turning them out, which I think is excellent. Dinner is pretty minimal, but looks good. Nice how you corralled the peas in a bowl. BTW I saw a recliner at Costco today that I was going to photograph for you and then we went another way round on our way out and I forgot. It had built in cup holders, built in swivel tray and sleep number settings (not really positive about the sleep numbers). It seemed to be exactly what you need in a recliner.

    • “Attack of the Yobboes!” The next Hammer Production? Hehehe!
      7×7 grid of the pill boxes, Tim? Does you mean 7 weeks by 7 days?
      ALL CAPPED again. Tsk! I’ll ask Obergruppenfurheress Jenny to make a note to put outside for their next visit – that’ll keep them off.
      To be honest about the dinner, Tim, I was so tired and weary I just could not be bothered doing anything else and enjoyed it so much. The pea bowling seemed like a good idea at the time. If I’d had any Whoopsiedeangleplop with them on the shallow plate, I would have been incapable of retrieving them. Haha!
      When I can get out again, I want to take some shots of the fancy University buildings to show you. Bit of a job to get there though, four buses and alot of walking on between. With any luck I might manage it today. I’ll see how Anne Gyna and Arthur Itis are later.
      The Costco recliner sounds expensive but good!
      Cheers, thanks.

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