Inchcock Today: Tuesday 18th July 2017 – Busy one again, but the ailments were kind to me

Tuesday 18th July 2017

French: Mardi 18 Juillet 2017

0400hrs: Woke up remembering all the appointments for the day… well, alright then. I saw the note I’d left myself hanging over the TV screen, then I remembered. Hehe!

Off to the Throne for a heavy duty session. A satisfyingly hassle free event.

Did the sample for the CDH tests later with (I hope, Nurse Nichole) at the surgery and carefully closed the cap on the bottle and put it into the bag with the nibbles and Hearing Aid box for the Specsavermeeting and fitting at 1030hrs.

I almost let myself put the kettle on, realised I was to have only water and no fodder until after the tests. A mug of water to take the medications with. Health Checks were done: Sys159, Dia 76, Pulse 92, Temp, 31.3, Weight 14.81 (Whoops!)

Made up the last weeks record to take with me for Nurse Nichol.

I’m missing my cup of tea, and it will be a while until I can get one. Must set out earlier than usual to get to the pharmacist for the prescriptions, then to the Sherrington Surgery for the CDH tests with the nurse for 0930hrs, then to town for the Specsavers hearing aid collection and fitting.

Made a start on this diary to here, then got the Monday one finalised and posted off.

Email and WordPress reading was done.

Brother-in- law Pete had emailed a photograph of some flying ants as they emerged from the lawn in his garden early last night.

The poor old males, just out of their chrysalises in search of sex and their death follow. Tsk! Good photo.

Had a wee-wee.

Facebooked a while.

Tended to the ablutionalisational activities. Listening to the radio while in the shower and they issued a Yellow Weather Warning for tonight and tomorrow… torrential rains and winds it said. Such a beautiful sunny morning today, as well.

2Tue06Set out on my walk into Carrington to the chemist and then the CHD checks at the doctors.

Chinwag in the foyer and another.


Down Winchester Street an left up and over the hill and down into Carrington. Only the feet were giving me any bother at this stage.

Called into the newspaper shop and bought a TV magazine for next week. Why I bother bemuses me, I’m only going to fall asleep ain’t I? Hehe!

On to the pharmacy and picked up the prescriptions from grumpy.

Out and back up the hill to the surgery.

I had Oberaufseherin Nurse Ann deal with me today! But I didn’t flinch or show too many signs of fear. Quite proud of myself actually. She soon had me done and gave me a few lectures about my not eating fatty foods, foods high in Vitamin K, white bread, and to stop missing my medications. She added that I must keep up with my walks (Hobbles), and it is essential that I apply the pain gel at least twice a day on my hands and fingers.

She released me. I gave her some nibbles, thanked her and ran out. (Well, I limped quickly-ish. Haha!)

Went tot he bus stop and caught a bus to the City Centre. Only one seat was available, a pull-down side one. Unfortunately, this meant I sat facing an appealingly well built young callipygian lady, and this got things that are now aged beyond getting excited, excited! Not good news for Little Inchy.

2Tue12Luckily we were soon in town. I limped down King Street towards the slab square.

Hobbled through the amusements and eateries over to South Parade and left onto Lister Gate, where the Specsavers are located.

Realised I was still a little early, so went back to the Slab Square where I took some more photographicalisations of the Nottingham beach area.


2017-07-13 10.45.51Back towards the store. Took a walk into the alleyway where I spotted the sign about the Hotel/Motel the other day.

Did not find out if there was anything else, cause a gang of people at the far end gave me stares that were not conducive to any possible socialising activities.

But there is a French restaurant in there as well.

Into the Specsavers, to be greeted by an assistant, and told through gritted teeth to take a green coloured seat… or was it blue? (I think she recognised me as the complainee?)

Shortly a young chap came out and led me into a treatment room. The man briefly mentioned the incident I had complained about, saying it will not happen again.

2Tue16He was patient and polite and set up the audio for each ear.

Explaining things as he went along.

Some stuff I had misconstrued and had misconceptions about came to light. (Fancy that).

First the blue on left one and red on the other earpiece, I always believed indicated red for the left ear (My way of remembering – Red left – Labour) and for the Right Blue (My way of remembering- Tory – Right). Now I know it is the opposite. Tsk!

Also, the little thing sticking out looking something like a little Ariel on the new ones; is not an Ariel but something to grab onto to pull them out of the lug-hole!

He tweaked some things to suit my hearing even better and made another appointment for two weeks on, for Tuesday 1st August at 1030hrs.

Thanked him and gave him some nibbles.

The hearing was good when I left the shop. I had just missed the bus, so went for a hobble around to kill the 55 minutes until the next one arrived.

Walked up Clumber Street, surprisingly few shoplifters out today.

Around and back to the slab square, where the beach had been abandoned for some reason?

2Tue09No idea why.

It was grand to be able to hear others a bit with these new hearing aids in, though.

I got closer and picked up a few words the folks who had been evacuated from the beach had gathered. Police incident and be back on it in a bit. By the time I had gone a few more yards on, they were being shepherded back onto the beach.

I did not see any officers of the law around.

As I left on my way up to the bus stop, I spotted this poor looking pigeon near the fountains.

Then I saw a Police car pulling up near to the Primark Store again. The Nottinghamian shoplifters don’t half like this place.

As I strolled so slowly up Queen street, this rough sleeper in some closed office doorway stretched himself as he woke, and grabbed his cell-phone, dropped it and picked another one up from amidst the bedding and held a conversation that lasted the whole 20 minutes I waited for the bus to arrive. This stirred some comments from those in the queue. I did not join in the mutterings.

I’m liking this getting back clearer hearing, I must say! Hope it lasts.

Caught the bus and back to the flats, no other residents on it this time. Although Bill was getting on it as I got off, he was on his way to get his prescriptions. So glad he looked so well, fitter and happier than of late, bless him.

Got in the flat and first thing was to put the kettle on for a brew – it’s been a long time since I had one, with having to go without for the CHD tests.

No wee-wee required?

Prescriptions left on the counter and the tea, taken with me into the front room while I updated this diary.

Took a long time to get up to where I am now, here.

Got the chips into the oven and the garden peas in the saucepan. Chopped up the belly pork and seasoned it in the Crock-Pot, got them all going now, should be ready in half-an-hour.

Getting late and the eyes are drooping a bit. But not complaining at all.

Arthur Itis and Anne Gyna both in a good mood. Duodenal Donald is lingering just a bit, but nowhere near bad. Reflux Roger fine. Haemorrhoid Harold was only bleeding the tiniest bit and not hurting or burning at all. Hernia Harry kind to me. No activity coming from Shaking Steven. Dizzy Dennis is the only real hassle giver at the moment. So I’m doing well! (May regret saying this later, of course, Tsk!)

2Tue20Checked on the chips and other cooking fodder.

All was ready cooked now, so turned off the computer and dished up the meal.

Crock-Pot cooked belly pork seasoned with dark soya sauce and Lea & Perrins, sliced apple, beetroots, gherkin, tomatoes, fresh garden peas and oven chips. Followed by two mini iced lemon cakes. Rated this one 9.22/10.

Put the TV on (Well, I need something to fall asleep to? Haha!) and the weather forecaster gave grim tidings for the rain tonight and tomorrow. Yellow Warning was repeated.

Later the news told of how Cornwall had suffered the worst of the thunderstorms.


Sleep did not come easy, was filled with unpleasant dreams and I woke up for more time than I slept, I think. Tsk!

4 thoughts on “Inchcock Today: Tuesday 18th July 2017 – Busy one again, but the ailments were kind to me

  1. I’ll be a son of a beach! That’s a beachy keen beach you have there. Given the Cornwall is land’s end at the southwestern coast, I would assume that beatings from the sea would be fairly normal. When we visited the southwest coast of Spain, the waters were wild and I thought Columbus was an out right “nutter”, as you call them, to launch those dinky little boats in rough water like that and sail them to the new world. He had more cajones that I’ll ever have. I take nurse Nichole was off? Well Nurse Ann is right about all her bitching, but what fun is it if you do everything a bitchy nurse says? It sounds like you got your hearing aides in better working order — all the better to hear nurse Ann bitch at you. I hope Nichole is back on duty next time you go in. That is an impressive plate of food you put together. It looks like it was well worth the effort.

    • Columbus and the like are worthy candidates for some award of bravery, of some sort.
      Did some still believe the world was flat then too?
      Liking the aids now, Tim. Getting used to them.
      I heard a comment made about me from behind at the Social Hour on Thursday, never had that before.
      Cheers Sir.

      • A good comment I presume? There are still flat worlders today, can’t ever please everyone you know.

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