9 thoughts on “Some of Inchcock’s Favouritest TFZ Graphicalisations wot his dun!

  1. What a surprise! You definitely have an eye for the twisted and absurd, and your collages always are a delight. That you’ve collected you personal favorites into a gallery was a major bonus for my wanderings through favorite blogs around the world. I think you won today’s “Most Fun” award!

    • I fear that the twisted and absurd comes naturally to me, Sir. Hehe!
      Most Fun Award, never not won owt like that before, thanks.
      CDH test tomorrow.

    • Thanks, Corin.
      The TFZers are a grand mature set of folks, all with a good sense of humour.
      I love doing them.
      A photo of you (face) and I could do one for you petal?
      Cheers. XXX

    • Ah, but you are not old enough to go on the TFZers yet gal.
      I’ve still got you on the front of the block in the gallery thought. I must try to do an updated on for you.
      TTFN. Taketh care.

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