Inchcock Today – Wednesday 12th July 2017: Whoopsiedangleplop with the Blood Test appointment

Wednesday 12th July 2017

Bosnian: Sreda, 12. Jula 2017

0500hrs: Woke, and sensed and began to assess the old and new aches and pains, feeling so tired and weary, heavy eyelids… an escapage of rear end wind, and out of the £300 second-hand recliner and hobbled to the Porcelain Throne.

Arthur Itis was showing displeasure with the walk there. Trotsky Terence ensured there was no struggling in the evacuation session. Haemorrhoid Harold bled freely, the aroma that filled my lungs and the flat were rank and offensive even to me! I feared it would not be contained in my flat, opened all the windows later and sprayed air-spray all around, I nearly choked myself with that, never mind natures gifted aromas. Hehehe!

A new pain, in the right side of the rib cage, caused me to quantitate the situation for a few minutes. This newbie wasn’t akin to the pains from Anne Gyna. Although they do vary all the time, on their location, type and severity?

Even Reflux Roger kicked off as I limped into the kitchen, what a start to the morning this was!

The rumbling and grumbling from the innards started too, as soon as I had finished the evacuation process.

Made a brew of tea and did the Health Checks. Took the medications.

Before I could drink the tea, I needed the Porcelain Throne again. As I performed the evacuation procedure (At least the odour was less vicious this time, but then again the residue from the first one, still permuted the atmosphere, Hehe), the new stabbing pain on the right started again. Cleaned up the porcelain, myself and wiped the contact points with Dettol lemon sheets. The tummy felt queasy again, and Steven Shakes paid me a visit then. Plonked myself down on the WC seat and it moved so much I thought I was going to slip off of it. But this was a good thing actually – cause it took my mind off of the other pains.

Back to the kitchen and made another mug of tea for the one that had gone cold.

Took an extra Anti-Diahorrea capsule and a 60g Codeine Phosphate for the rib area pain.

The temperature on the wall thermometer showed 59°f.

Opened all of the windows to help remove the Diahorrea Donald donated smells. Haha!

I decided that staying indoors would be a good idea today. Mostly the Porcelain Throne room door? Hehehe!

Took this photographicalisation of the scene below, through the kitchen window.

Then leant out seize this photograph of the brightening morning – Clouted my head on the frame of the window.

This seemed to work a miracle. Diahorrea Donald’s rumbling calmed right down, and Reflux Roger eased off very quickly? Things appeared to be improving a little. I’ve no idea why, just appreciative that they are doing so. Very queer?

Off to the Porcelain Throne.

I started the completion of yesterday’s post, had a wee-wee, had a Dennis Dizzy and then, back to the Porcelain Throne again. No excessive aroma this time, and far less splattering and pebble dashing activity. Good!

Did some WordPress reading and checked the Emails.

Had a wee-wee, then got on with starting this post.

Realised I was to go to the HMV store to see if the Biederbeck Three Series I’d ordered had arrived.

I can’t remember how I lost the original copy I had. Might have disappeared in the moving into the flat?

No doubt about being one of my favourites. Can’t, well, dare not go out today with the threat of Diahorrea Donald lingering over me. Tsk!

Went on Facebooking. After a while, I got a reminder box come up – of the appointment for the INR blood test at the Doctors!

Panic, there was no way I could get there in time, I thought. Everything hurriedly turned off, no wash no shave, got the bag of tricks that was luckily readied beforehand and made my way down to the New Temporary Shed, in search of someone who could ring the surgery to let them know for me, and ring a taxi.

Got down and out to the hut, but no one was about. I decided to leg it down to Mansfield Road as quickly as I could and catch a bus into Carrington. Still found time to take this photo though, as I turned right down Winchester Hill.

Anne Gyna and Arthur Itis both giving me grief as I rushed as much as I could. Got to the bus stop and one arrived as I did so. Lucky!

Dropped off in Carrington almost outside of the Sherrington Park Medical Practice and got in quick. Chest legs, knees and all of a flutter, and flapping a little. I reported with the Obersturmbannführeress Receptionist, humbly apologising for being late, and she pointed out I was in fact, only one minute late?

Seconds later, Nurse Nichol fetched me into her treatment room and had the blood taken. Gave her the nibbles, thanked her and departed; Still wondering how I got there almost in time? Very confused!

To the bus stop and caught one back up into Sherwood.

Called at the Co-op store and got some button mushrooms, fresh pod peas and bananas.

Avoided the Big Issue Seller woman who has two mobile phones and is often seen using both of them, outside the shop.

Then next door to the cake shop and obtained a fresh cream iced scone thingy.

Then called in the Children’s Charity Shop, nothing of interest.

Further up the hill and into the Nottingham Hospice Shop. Bought two red saucepans that didn’t look in bad condition.

As I waited to cross the road, this car pulled around the corner and parked up on the pavement, and the driver just sat there. The thing of interest was what I think are tyre skid marks across the road behind the vehicle.

I also noticed the crack in the bookmaker’s window, where the scores led to? My Sherlock Holmes head was working. Then I realised the crack was the reflection in the glass window of the outline of the grey car. Hehe! I shouldn’t be allowed out on my own!

At the bus stop, several other tenants joined me, and a good chinwag followed.

Roy, took one of the bags for me to carry back on top of his four-wheeled-trolley. Bless him.

The fencing around the place was now having steel boards attached to them, still in the purple colour scheme. I’ll try to get a photo of them soon. Annie, one of the tenants with us, pointed out that when they are up, we will not see any traffic coming and will have to walk on the road to get passed them. I thought not, but decided against not agreeing with Gordie gal Annie, that was not a good idea, disagreeing with her. Hehe!

A laugh in the lift going up, and into the flat and onto the Porcelain Throne. Not so bad this time, methinks the new capsule earlier, was working well.

Put the food away and got the new second-hand saucepans washed and on the cooker.

Podded some peas and chopped a few mushrooms up and got them into the Crock-Pot on low.

Had a wee-wee.

Does anything stick out to you bout this road I pictured earlier? Something singular?

Started to update this diary again.

Went on Facebook to finish what I started earlier before the confusion about the INR blood test.

Started some more graphicalisations off for the TFZer site.

Very tired now, and the new pain on the right side of the chest is getting worse.

Got the meal sorted.

Had a fish one. Smoked mackerel (Not very good), tomatoes (Fine), Fresh garden peas (Very good), Surimi fish (Very good), Sliced roasted potatoes (Overcooked, but I liked them), Mushrooms (Good) and beetroots (Excellent). 8.9 overall rating.

Settled to watch some TV, but again, it was interspersed with nod-offs. Tsk!

11 thoughts on “Inchcock Today – Wednesday 12th July 2017: Whoopsiedangleplop with the Blood Test appointment

  1. The meal looks wonderful, shame it didn’t all turn out well. You must have warped space & time to get to the INR test just 1 minute late lol <3

    • Thanks, Corin.
      The flipping fish tasted unlike I expected it to, and had far too many bones in it to enjoy eating it.
      But hey-ho, the burnt potatoes were grand tasting to me.
      Trotsky Terence has eased off well this morning.
      All a haze now about the panic in getting to the surgery. I still can’t see how I did it? I must have got confused somewhere along the line? Hehehe!
      Have a good day please, and tyr to keep off your plates a bit.

  2. The curious thing about the scene out the window (to me, at least) was all but one vehicle is red….

    I’ve noticed, too, how well you present your meals, worthy of a fine restaurant! I eat alone most days (the two kitty boys do watch me closely, but don’t count in this instance), and I put much less effort into meal presentation. Perhaps I should!

    • You’ve got it, Sir.
      I’m not sure why I lay out my meals. Perhaps it goes back to my shop manager days in the greengrocery and wet fish shop on Nuthall Road (As was) many years ago. Every morning I’d arrive between 5 and 6am and take the fish delivered in and start doing the display in the counter fridge? I got lots of comments and praise for my efforts from customers, but still got made redundant years later. Hehehe!
      Lucky? Me?
      Always at alone nowadays, can’t even have a cat anymore in here. They say I can have a cage bird, but am not interested in them. Still, I can get out occasionally to visit the ducks at the pond.

  3. I guess the person with the blue car didn’t get the memo. Seems people park facing all different directions — a mix of Americans who aren’t used to driving on the wrong side of the road? You did the miracle mile and only a minute late. Nurse Nicole should have be proud of you. Vittles look pretty decent. Too bad the mackerel bombed out on the smoke test. I thought you had a real 45 RPM record for a minute until I saw it was a 6 disc set. Remember 45 RPM records? I gave my collection of vinyl, which included a bunch of 45’s and about 300 albums, to my daughter along with a really good, expensive turntable. I thought vinyl had pretty much bit the dust, but it’s getting popular again, and I think there are now a larger variety of turntables available for sale than years ago when all we had was vinyl and tapes.

    • I wondered if the dark car owner was just visiting? Hehe!
      Parking’s the same all over the UK Tim. Everywhere. Even on main roads.
      Nurse Nichole, it cheers me up seeing her every time.
      I did the same with my record collection, gave them to a Charity Shop and they made a fortune with them so they told me. So that was good.
      I was looking at some turntables on Amazon. Not that I intend to invest with all the money I’ve spent this year.
      I’ve kept a few old favourite LP’s, only a few. Rick Nelson and Nat King Cole I think.
      TTFN Sir.

      • I never looked at turntables on Amazon, the places that have so many models of turntables are the photo stores like B&H Photo.

  4. BTW your graphic with the camper reminds me that little campers not much larger than that are all the rage out here. I have seen several being towed behind pickup trucks, even though the camper would just about fit in the bed of the trucks.

    • Something I’ve never had, a caravan or camper.
      A Winnebago always appealed to me. I hired one once years ago when I took holidays, went with the lads for a fishing holiday in it, to Lockerbie in Scotland.
      Happy memories cannot be stolen from us. Hehe!
      Cheers, Tim, thanks.

      • We had campers when I was a kid and went camping in them every year until all us kids were in our teens.

  5. Bet that was fun.
    We had an ex RAMC Bell Tent between about eight of us, into the woods with our fishing nets and traps that I can’t remember us catching anything it at all. Catapults, water pistols, cap guns etc. And they never let me play the goodie either! Haha! No John Wayne, Clint Eastwood, Gary Cooper, Burt Lancaster or Kirk Douglas roles for me. Tsk!
    They did let play a role as like Frank McGrath did as Charlie B. Wooster, the cook in Wagon Train.
    I recall we went cattle rustling on occasions. The local farmer was not pleased, I think I still have scar from his displeasure. Of course, he only caught one of us, it had to be me.
    Your set the memory going again, Tim. How do you do it? Ha! TTFN

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