Inchcock Today – Tuesday 11th July 2017: Trotsky Terence and Dizzy Dennis still visiting. Humph!

Tuesday 11th July 2017

2017年7月11日星期二 (Chinese simplified)

0420hrs: Stirred, full of memories of the dreams and they all faded within seconds, Tsk!

A Trotsky Terence inspired visitation to the Porcelain Throne arrived and I responded to immediately. Not too bad this time I thought, but I was l left with stinging in the rear department from Haemorrhoid Harold’s sufferings. Apart from Dizzy Dennis, other ailments seemed calm.

Into the kitchen, put the kettle on, and back to the Porcelain Throne. Oh, dearie me.

Made a mug of tea, took the morning medications with a Diahorrea relief capsule and did the Health Checks.

Sys 145, Dia 80, Pulse 89, Temp 35.8 and the weight 14.79 – then back on the Porcelain Throne.

Feeling very sore in certain departments now, Hehe! No idea why I’m laughing?

0530hrs: Got the computer going and finalised the Monday post, and began doing this one.

Checked the Emails and responded to them. Moved on WordPress reading.

Got the latest TFZer graphicalisation completed: Mary and her admirers.

Did some Facebooking. I turned everything off. (I hope).

Got the ablutions done. No shower as it was still too early and might the noise might annoy my neighbour, Joyce.

Got the things in the bag, and off I went out into the rain, and down to the New Temporary Community Shed, dropping off two jars in the recycling bin en route.

Into the shed, to find a young woman washing the pots in the sink, and a bloke spread-eagled over a chair at the first table, looking not unlike John Wayne did in the Sheriff’s office in the Rio Bravo film. No idea who they were, perhaps from the building contractors as personnel for the workmen? I espied four laptops all the same model on the table. One for Obergruppenfurheress Deana, one for Obergefrieteress Julie and each of the other two? So they must be working here I assumed, for the duration of the upgrading process. Which will be 24 to 39 months, according to the sign on the wall?

They’ll be a few us old ones that don’t see the results, then? Hehe!
But I’m waffling again, sorry about that.

Julie appeared and told me Deana was in her office. I put the nibbles in the fridge for them. There was no rush (I thought). I waited until she returned to her laptop on the desk. Julie went into the office. Explained about the ‘3 Company problems’ and Deana took me into her office where it was quieter, to make the call to the phone company for me.

She liked the music they played for her while waiting in the queue for someone to answer her, and worked on her computer while doing so.

After while she was put through to someone who she thought would be an accounts persons, but it was the complaints department. After a lengthy discussion and I had given permission for Deana to speak on my behalf, she rang off. Told me I would receive a letter telling me the account is closed and a final Bill! I am to let her know when it arrives.

Thanked her and I made my out of the hut: Oh dear me, the wind and rain had got much worse since going into the hut. Hehe!

Looking at this later: I thought, is that a bird or a brolly near the middle?

Brolly out and up and back to the foyer in the flats to the left. Had a chinwag with some other tenants and them we made our way to the bus stop at the other units. Huddled under the recesses to the fire doors and caretaker’s (I use the word loosely) out of the wind and rain, there was no room for me to fit in. Haha! But I did have the new brolly that I could get myself under and keep dry. It coped very well with the wind too.

The bus arrived and a mini-stampeded to get on was very impressive considering the rioter’s ages. I was the last one to get on, but there were plenty of seats left.

Down Winchester Street Hill and right up Mansfield Road and many of the tenants got off the bus here.

I took this photograph as the last few filed out. Jenny’s other half on the right, Frank just about to rise to get off. He seemed a little less his usual cheery self this morning. Roy on the left was in good form.

On and into Arnold I decided not to go to the park lake in all this rain, as I carried on and dropped off on High Street in Arnold, almost opposite the Wilko store. The rain stopped as I did so. Over the Pelican lights and into the Wilko shop, on one last mission to try and find some Dettol Lavender disinfectant and Citrus underarm spray. I left the place without any of them, now assured they have stopped stocking them at all.

The light drizzle started as I walked up the parade and called in at the open market. No pod peas on offer, well there were some, but they looked a bit weather-beaten and old.

Limped on and called in the Boyes store. Came out less well off and with a Sinex Spray, Olive oil ear drops and a packet of Belgium Orange thin chocolates for the raffle on Thursday.

I walked along two shops and into the Savers store. Got some ear-solve, Listerine Lemon, Diarrhoea capsules and Foot spray.

Limped on to the Iceland store. At the busy checkouts, the queue I was in had a problem, the lady being served could not get her card to work. The poor gal on the till kept ringing the bell for assistance, but none arrived for ages. I nearly got trampled on by the customers as they migrated like a herd of buffalos to the other till. I waited patiently on this till, as another assistant arrived to open the third one. Watching the way of the humans responded and almost fought with each other to be first in line, dispirited me.

Plodded out with my New Mexico flavoured Pringles, Sourdough Batch sliced loaf, Jammie Wagon Wheels and Iced lemon slices, and struggling with the weight of the bag now. At least the rain was keeping off.

Limped over to take a look in the Fulton Foods store, but they had nowt in that interested me.

Then painfully struggled to the Asda (Walmart) Giant Supermarket, now really struggling to carry the heavy bag. Got two lemon frazzle desserts, a TV magazine for next week and two packets of ready sliced, battered potatoes. I used the self-serve payment booths. A bit of a farce because I forgot to put my bag on the scales, but a kind assistant came over and threw it onto the scale for me, and proffered me a nice loud Tsk! Then he muttered something I didn’t hear, as he wandered off to insult another customer, presumably?

Hobbled out and to the bus stop, just in time for the L9 bus back to Sherwood and the apartments. By which time I was ready for a visit to the Porcelain Throne.

Got the things sorted and put away.

Tended to the Porcelain Throne duties.

Got the kettle on. Did the Health Checks then returned to the Porcelain Throne.

When I came out, boy was it raining or was it raining!

It does not show in this photograph, but I could see as the rain eased nearby, the rain falling miles away to the West of the City.

Got the Computer on and updated this dairy.

The Grammarly programme is causing all sorts of a hassle since I could not get it to work on Google browser.

Had a wee-wee.

The door chime then chimed. (As it occasionally does – Hehe). It was Mary from flat 38, returning the DVD’s that she’d borrowed.

We had a chinwag, and I asked her if she could see my DVD’s on the shelves that she fancied seeing. She selected a couple and mentioned how much that she like the door chime. I showed her how it worked and she was even more in love with it. So we went on the Coopers of Stortford website (Where I got it from) and viewed the item. They had it in the sale, so it was £9 less, than when I bought mine! All good!
Asked her if she would like me to order one for her, and Mary agreed with a smile.

I got into the ordering sections and realised I had not used this site since changing my banks, so the details needed updating. What a job, trying to find out where and how to do so. Between us, we eventually found it and altered it, and Coopers accepted the order and sent Confirmation. It should be here within five days. So glad that Mary liked this, it’s so nice to able to help someone else, instead of my having to ask for help from others.

I told her about my breaking the mirror, and we both had a look at Cooper’s, then at Amazon, but could not find any shaving mirrors on sale. Shame that!

I walked her to the lift, and got back in and had a wee-wee.

Then I got on with updating this again. For ten minutes… because Mary returned and rang the bell again, and, bless her, she had brought me two mirrors, a plastic framed shaving one, and a wall one, that she said she’d had not used for years and never needed – and offered them to me.

I thanked her very much indeed. Off she went, and I got the blue plastic mirror ensconced in the wet room.

That was incredibly kind of her, wasn’t it!

Pressed on with doing this update, but it was getting late.

Got the potatoes in the oven.

Had a wee-wee.

Sliced potatoes, tomatoes, beetroots, Chinese mushrooms, standard mushrooms, potato cakes, fresh pod peas and buttered Sourdough bread.

Afterwards, I had the odd nibble of the Texan BBQ crisps, they were okay.

Had a wee-wee, and minutes later back to attend to more Trotsky activity.Settled to watch some TV, but with it

I settled down to watch some TV, but with it being so late in the day for me, the nodding off soon started.


6 thoughts on “Inchcock Today – Tuesday 11th July 2017: Trotsky Terence and Dizzy Dennis still visiting. Humph!

  1. Olive has her family with her every day now, Corin.
    They are a loving bunch who take it in turns to look after her.
    I am glad of this for her.

  2. Look like another wet one. 14 years of good luck with those two mirrors. That’s quite a pile of DVDs and stuff. Seemed like it must have been a really long walk to go to Iceland for goodies. Or is that just a local Ice store? I remember my dad was in England during WWII and said two things he didn’t like were Spam and that there was no ice to be found to cool whatever soft drinks they could get a hold of. He disliked Spam so much, it was banned from the house. Great looking meal.

    • Flipping mirrors, no point in me worrying now. Hehe!
      Overdone the DVDs, given many away and will not live long enough to view those I’ve got now. So, what do I do? Go and order more! Tsk!
      I must say we never had any Spam, not after the first time we tried it. But, American Spam saved the day for many ordinary folks during the rationing and food shortages. Dad used to fry it he said, but that was thankfully well before my time.
      Not many folks had fridges in those days over here to keep the ice in. I can’t remember any of out neighbours having one at all. In the terrace only one house had a TV, none had a telephone and we were all on gas for everything including lighting for years after all the other houses had ben ‘electrified’.
      I noticed the other day, that Spam is still being sold in the shops. At the end of the war here, it was 3d (I.5 pence) a tin (can), today it is selling for £1.49.
      I enjoyed that nosh, Tim, even the burnt potato slices.

      • I’ll have to get a photo of a Spam display in a grocery store here. I was surprised there are dozens of varieties of Spam now. Hawaiians really love spam, I’ve been told.

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