Inchcock Today – Thursday 27th July 2017: Tenants Social Hour today

Thursday 27th July 2017

Catalan: Dijous 27 de Juliol de 2017

0400hrs: Woke in need of the Porcelain Throne. Scribbled down notes of some dreams that I could remember, and shot off to the Throne in time, just. A messy session with Little Inchy in a state that needed sorting. Haemorrhoid Harold stinging, but no bleeding from that area.

Washed up and back to the £300 second-hand recliner. By then I’d forgotten all about any dreams until I saw the scribbled note on the pad.But, they meant little to me

But, they were so poorly written, that they meant little to me. Just odd words with no mental connection.

Back to the wet room for a wee-wee.

Kettle on and did the Health Checks: S159 – D78 – P90 – T33.8f – W14.81. The temperature in the kitchen was only 61f?

A colourful burst of reds seemed to glow from the sky and down onto the scene below.

Dizzy Dennis paid me a visit as I was taking the medications.

Onto WordPress and started this page going, then finished off yesterday’s diary.

Checked the Emails.

Amongst them this one from the Surgery about the INR blood level results.

Shot up to 5.8, well too high, with the new dosages for the week, and I sent off a request for a test on the day they said, the 2nd August.

Onto Facebook to catch-up again. Did some WordPress reading.

Got the raffle prizes and nibbles in the bag for the Winwood Tenants Social Hour.

To the wet room for medicationalisationing, antisepticalisationing, shaving, teeth cleaning and a safe showering.

All medicated and cleaned up, I set off to the new Community Shed.

Much activities from the workmen, and moans from some tenants on the way there, of their parking difficulties and altercations.

I walked over the road and on the verge to avoid the traffic. But it was not easy, with all the parked cars on the grass-verge.

Looking down the hill through the trees and bushes I spotted a squirrel.

But, by the time I’d got the camera out it was long gone.

Further along the road, more parked cars made progress more difficult to manoeuvre along my chosen route.

Yikes, I nearly had a Whoopsiedangleplop or Accifauxpa as I saw a beautiful wood pigeon down the hill near the pathway that had been developed for use by the local ankle-snappers and trainee vandals.

I tried to get a picture of it, but off it flew at just the wrong moment. Tsk!

I seem to be failing in my photographicalistic attempts this morning.

As I went into the New Temporary Winwood Social Hut, I was hit by the silence. The “I’m too upset to even talk. I need some time to cool down and gather myself” – silence! together. Many faces had that look that said; “Well I was right” or ” So what!” showing. I wish I knew what I’d just missed. Hehe! By the time I’d put the raffle prizes on the trolley and got some raffle tickets to hand out, the murmurings between the residents had started again, so I gave the nibbles and raffle tickets out.

BJ was very late arriving but got a round of applause when he did get here.

Generally a muted session I’d say.

They had put an artists impression of what the flats will look like when they are finished. Great-idea I thought, cause with it taking up to 36 months to complete, many of us ‘Oldies’ will not see the end result. Haha!

Said the farewells and out onto Chestnut Walk. In need of checking out the lower regions, as a warm wet feeling was growing. Tsk!

Took these photographs of some of the works on the Walk.

A new poster was on the board near the elevators this morning. Seems that many others were not enamoured to the way the letter about moving the door-mats was written. Nottingham City Homes Obergruppenfurheress Angela Gould signed the original demand and threateningly worded letter, too!

No mention of her name on the apology? And those items of personal property outside the doors in the communal areas have been there since the flats were built in 1964, at every door!

I wonder how much the pretentious snot-bag gets paid? Phwert!

Yes, she made a few enemies with that superior sounding letter!

Chinwag in the lift on the way up with some tenants.

As the other residents dropped off on their floor, I thought how dark it looked.

The same on the twelfth one too. Also in the communal area where we used to have door mats before being threatened to move them. This seemed to be in half power lighting too.

Someone might like to mention this to Furheress Gould… but not me, I don’t want to lose my Good Tenant status or be thrown out of the flat… and I’m a coward as well. Hahaha!

Into the wet room and sorted out the bleeding and re-medicated things.

Got the tinned tomatoes seasoned and marinating for later. Made a brew and started to update this diary.

Went onto CorelDraw 2017 to created the graphic below, to show how the flats looked before the work started and how they think it will appear after the upgrading work is all done and finished.

Stopped, to take the midday medications and do the Health Checks, between wee-wees. Sys 159 – Dia 72, Pulse 91, Temp’ 35.8 looks fair to me.

Email from the surgery arrived.

Your next INR appointment will be 2.8.2017 at 10.30. Kind Regards

Emailed them back thanking them.

Another one from the Clinic, booking me in for an appointment 2.8.2017 at 10.30!!! What a pickle! Sent Email back explaining about the INR appointment, asking for an earlier one if possible please, or an earlier on a different day. Awaiting reply, and feeling disappointed with my rotten luck again.

Updated Facebook.

Checked the Email in case the Clinic had contacted me. Nope, not yet.

Got the bacon bits in the oven.

Finished the TFZer graphic I started yesterday.

Hopefully, it will get some funny, witty comments.

Had a look at the bacon, not ready yet.

Ah, it is now!

Got it served up, and guiltily enjoyed.

Did the Health Checks afterwards.

D. 164 – S. 78 – P 94 – Temp 35.9 W- 14.8 Worried about the weight increases so much, mind. Took the evening medications and got down in the £300 second-hand recliner to watch some of the Boon episodes on the DVD. Got through these without any nodding off! Changed to the TV and that was the trigger – the advertisements! In and out of kip for ages.

Had to get up to sort out the Little Inchy leakage, out on some protection pants (How I hate wearing these nappies for adults!) to be on the safe side

Sleep did not come again at all.

I was up around 0100hrs and decided to get the laundry room duties tended to.


9 thoughts on “Inchcock Today – Thursday 27th July 2017: Tenants Social Hour today

  1. I would have thought your sinkholes would be Trump’s fault. Either way, all politicians produce are sinkholes. Interesting artists rendition of the additions to your buildings. It seems like it shouldn’t take 36 months to build, but maybe that’s how construction goes in Nottingham.

    You would think that clinics and hospitals and such could be in sync for scheduling appointments, but it’s never the case. Over here, whenever I go to the doctor I have to fill out the same info. They put it in the computer, but can’t seem to get it back out, and they certainly don’t share information, even within the same system. They say it’s privacy laws, but I think they hide behind the “laws” to cover up laziness and incompetence.

    Speaking of law, I think I have mentioned how we have a high crime rate in NM? Our not so bright elected officials act clueless about why there are so many criminals on the street. Well given the fact that one county is having to close a prison because they don’t have enough inmates to keep it open, I would think equating an empty prison with having a lot of criminals on the street might clue in our elected officials on part of the problem with crime. But they say they just can’t figure it out.

    Speaking of criminals, I get the feeling that the people who run your flats think of the residents as annoyances, like vermin they have to keep in check. Their nasty letters, sterile hallways and such seem a bit much. Super photos and nice graphic. Food looks like it was on the tasty side.

    • I would have thought your sinkholes would be Trump’s fault. I like it. He gets enough blame for things already. Hehe!
      36 months is from inception (is that the right word?) and deciding to go ahead, I think, Tim? I imagine, the room so limited for them to store stuff and the one narrow lane in and out of the site might delay them a bit. But now you mention it, it does seem a while dunnit?
      I thought they would be in sync for scheduling appointments, too. I reckon things should run better than they do within the NHS, but, cutbacks are rife over here.
      Our law is an ass too, Sir. Sad that they can’t figure it out, Humph!
      We have the highest % crime rate in the East Midlands, and lawyers who get so many out of convictions and punishments, it’s hard to believe when I see it. They (Solicitors) advertise on the TV for compensations too.
      What gets to me is the judge’s inability to see that, when someone is caught driving without a licence, failing to stop for police and driving without insurance. They might get a £200 fine and social work orders and a driving ban. Do the clots not see that a £200 fine, after the criminal has saved £1000 by not buying insurance, is £800 in pocket? Grr!
      Feeling a nuisance is how I feel every time I have to ask for help or assistance from the Obergruppenfureress wardens. But the threats of losing the Good Tenant Status and even losing the flat stops me moaning.
      Glad you liked the photos and graphic, Sir. If you like em, they must be okay and I feel I’m getting something right.
      The weight has been going up for a few days now. Not happy with this, I’ve never weighted as much in my life! Tsk!
      Cheers, all the best.

      • Isn’t it funny how politicians and judges are not only challenged when it comes to the legal system they create, but simple arithmetic seems to evade their simple minds as well.

      • And when you find out what they earn (which is not easy over here) another surprise is in store.
        Top judges are in line for a pay hike of up to £27,000 despite austerity being imposed on the rest of the public sector, it has emerged. The mooted rise of 12 to 15 per cent for High Court judges has been branded ‘unthinkable’ as ordinary families struggle with rising bills. The increases for 106 members of the judiciary who are currently paid £179,768 a year, have yet to be formally signed off by ministers.
        The move – intended to tackle a recruitment crisis – would add between £21,572.16 and £26,965.20 to that from April.
        Source: Daily Mail:
        And this was last year! Tsk!

  2. Timothy’s right about that matter of providing the same information over and over at clinics and hospitals for their computer files, yet they never seem able to access it. I’ve noticed they are getting a bit better in my part of Western Nebraska where there are connections between clinics and hospitals in the area, so they must be coordinating purchases of IT so they can communicate among them, but I still get asked to verify what they have printed out to have me verify! LOL! Oh well. It’s easier and faster than writing it all out again.

    As for Obergruppenfurheress Angela, there seems to be one in every complex, eh?! I live in a retirement complex where we wait months for repairs yet can count on nothing but the annual rent increase that matches any increase, to the penny, in Social Security payouts.

    It brings out the 60s rebel in this old fart! I lack a proper parking spot for my car, and have to part fifty-two feet (as measured by that feature on Google Earth…) away from my front door instead of right by. I even offered to pay to have a parking pad put in front of my apartment! (I’m glad they didn’t agree to it….) So, because carrying groceries that distance is a Death March for me, I park the my VW Golf Sportwagen on the grass in front of my duplex so I have a short few steps to carry the load.

    I’m waiting for the letter from our “Obergruppenfurheress Angela” about driving and parking on the grass to blow her out of the water. Perhaps I should put my handicap parking tag on the mirror to further make my point about why I do this naughty thing!

    • I’m glad you got that off your Chest, Sir.
      Every bit of improvements in communication medically, is a good thing, even if it does take time. Hehe!
      Sorry to hear of your Obergruppenfureresses ways and attitude, mate.
      Might be an idea for you to photograph the distances if you can manage it, to use when they come calling to give you grief about it?
      I had a go on Google to record the distance to our bus stop (Not very far mind) to see if I could work out how to use it. I got the measurements alright, but in meters (159.52m) then had to use the web to convert this to feet, 523.36 ft. Glad you told me about using this google map this way, Sir. I can toy with it now I know how. Wish I could get it in feet though. Hope I worked it out right? Hehe! But I’m ot complaining, once on the ground floor it is a flat road to the bus stop, and they cannot move it any closer to my block cause there is just not the room or the buses to get through to us now the building work has started. Mind you, come think of it, when it is all finished the stop will still be a good way further than it used to be. However, I think when they have built the extra 40 flats in between the two blocks, there will be a way of walking through to the stop indoors, so that’s good.
      They do seem to always have a way of reclaiming anything they hand out, don’t they! Huh!
      I inquired about if the rents will go up when the flats are finished being modernised, but hot only negative answers like: “I’m not sure, yet!” and “I hope not!” and This will be discussed by the board at the time!” Hahaha!
      Dougie looked good today in your blog, getting extra fuss suits him? Bless em.
      TTFN Sir.

  3. Seems to me that if the welcome mats are a tripping hazard in the case of emergency, the lack of lighting is generating an even more dangerous situation under the same circumstances. <3

  4. I’ve not out yet Corin my flower, but will in a bit and have a look if the lighting is back on yet. No, I’ll go have a peep now…
    I’m back. All lighted up again!
    Not a soul in sight anywhere, not in the flats or even outside. Wonder if the worlds ended and nobody told me? Can’t even hear anyone using the rubbish chute, and I can usually hear that regularly.
    Silly me, I haven’t got my hearing aids in. Hehehe!
    Thanks, gal, have a great day.

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