Inchcock Today – Wednesday 26th July 2017

Wednesday 26th July 2017

Bengali: বুধবার ২6 জুলাই ২017

0430hrs: As soon as I moved, the lower regions front and rear (the dreaded warm wet sensation presented itself), and off to the wet room to investigate.

Terribly painful and frustrating medicationalisationalistic sessions took place, and my spirits dipped a bit. However not-a-lot, as that magician fella used to say. Cause Haemorrhoid Harold and Little Inchies lesions were both stopped from bleeding, and Arthur Itis returned to take my attention as he had a go at the right knee again. Well, he had a go at both of them but was more intense with the right one. Huh!

I remembered the appointment with the nurse for the INR blood test and the Enoxaparin injection at 0930hrs.

Took a look down and out of the window. The tenants had parked as best they could, poor things.

Got ready for the Health Checks, and to take the medications and thought I heard noises coming in through the open window.

Had a look down and saw these two characters near one of the contractor’s cabins.

It was about 0530hrs.

I assumed they were waiting for someone to arrive with the keys.

They had the steel toe capped boots on. Perhaps they were starting work on site early?

Carried out the Health Checks and took the medications.

Got the potatoes in the Crock-Pot and podded some peas and put them in sugared water.

Started to update yesterdays Diary.

It took me ages, and I had to stop to get the ablutions done to be on time to get to the surgery punctually.

I cleverly stubbed my toe on the Ottoman en route to the wet room. Tsk!

Took the rubbish bags to the chute on the way down and out of the building.

A bit dangerous I thought, all us old folk have to walk along the only road available, and that having parked cars, and plant machinery everywhere? But it could not be helped.

Already hobbling before I got to the end of Chestnut Walk; with the hassle from the right knee thanks to Arthur Itis. Tsk!

As I turned right, the flora coming through the fences was attracting some insects. Being as I was in plenty of time, I stopped to try and take a decent photograph of one.

I had many failed efforts. I managed to get this decent one in the end.

Down onto Mansfield Road. The rain started then.

I ambled on up the hill, noticing another shop had closed down on the right, near the Computer store and close to where mate BJ lives.

Up over the crest of the hill, and down into Carrington.

The rain lightened a little into a sort of drizzle that soaks you through. Hehe! It did too!

The bag got soaked inside and the crossword book with it. Huh!

Passing a garden on my left, and I saw this bush with some unusual looking blooms on it.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen flowers such beautiful blooms like this before. Especially now the rain is coming again.

Onward to the surgery, got in and logged me on so to speak. Took a seat and my rear-end squelched as I did so. The socks were soaked, and the crossword book was wet!

No kind Nurse Nichol today. Obergefreiteress Nurse Ann tended to me. She was almost sweet to me to start with. Very worrying. Haha!

Commanded me to take a seat and said she would be back in a moment and disappeared to talk to some one outside. These new hearing aids are useful, I’d never have heard her with the old ones in.

I sneaked in this potographicalisation of where I sat with the medical thingamajigs all ready to use. No idea why I took it, though?

The Obergefreiteress Ann, soon returned to her usual militaristic ways when she returned, and I felt more at ease then. I’m getting to like her, yer know. Scared to death of her… but still.

Told her of Little Inchies problems returning with a new lesion. She said nothing but got onto her computer, I could hear her each button as she bashed them. She told me I’d get an appointment in the mail shortly with the GUM Clinic. She would make an appointment for me about the knee as well, and let me know. Efficient that!

I thanked her and gave her some nibbles and departed, out into the rain again. As I took this photograph to use in the ‘Under-the-Brolly’ pictures on my Facebook albums, the lady driver got out of the car and demanded to know why I was shooting her vehicle!

I did not get involved and told her the truth, that I was taking a photo of Carrington in the rain. I think a little guilt may have been there, with her parking on the pavement? Two other cars were as well, I noticed afterwards.

I proceeded to get soaking wet again as I hobbled into Carrington and to the Lidl store. Where I got fresh orange juice, seasoning, lemon yoghourts, apples and crisps.

Paid at the self-serve counter, under the watchful eye of an assistant, and out into the rain once more.

I noticed on the pub next doors outside table there was some stuff on the top of it? The mind pondered. Hehe!

The bus arrived, and I was soon off back into Sherwood, in the heavier than ever rain.

Over the crossing and up to the bus stop and under the shelter.

Where I was joined by several fellow tenants.

The L9 bus was on time, and this drew several comments from the other residents. Some sarcastic, some happy. Haha!

As we all alighted, Bill carried one of the bags for me, bless him. We hastened to the flats, it was raining far too fiercely now for any pictures to be taken.

All the residents had a natter on the way up in the lift.

Back in the apartment, bag down and nipped into the wet room to check out the ailments. Very glad to report that there were no adscititious bleeding, none from Little Inchy and only the tiniest bit from Haemorrhoid Harold.

Had a session on the Porcelain Throne.

Changed into dry clothing and into the kitchen to make a brew and put away the fodder purchased.

The rain looked set-in now.

Set about finalising yesterday’s diary and got it posted at last.

Then started on doing this one, up to here.

Onto Facebooking. Then Email and WordPress.

The doorbell chimed, it was a delivery form Cooper’s with the things I’d ordered to use as Christmas pressies.

Took the slip-proof tray to the kitche nto use now. Shoved the rest of them in the spare room to sort out later. Stubbing my toe on the old vacuum as I did so.

Back to the wet room and changed into a pair of the protection pants, better to be on the safe side in case of any leakages again during the night. Hopefully it will prevent like last time, a lot of clothes to be cleaned. Hehe!

Cleaned up, turned off the computer and got the meal going.

The vegetarian Cottage pie I covered with strong shredded cheddar cheese, topped it with some sliced tomatoes and got it in the oven. The pod peas in the saucepan and medications in the little tray all ready to take while I ate.

Did the Health Checks while it cooked. D158, S72, P89, Temp34.1 – Looks good?

Managed to get the cottage pie out of the oven without any burns, onto the new tray. Added the apple, Chinese mushrooms, beetroot and garden peas. A banana, two lemon yoghourts, one bitter one lemon curd flavour, added to the feast on the new tray.

This meal was almost fodder perfection! 9.46/10 rating, and tasted marvellous! Shame about the new tray though. It’s a devil of a job to get it cleaned properly with all the rubber bits attached to it, that seem to want to hold onto any crumbs for dear life. Hey-ho, not to fret.

I actually stayed awake long enough to watch two episodes of ‘Boon’, before the nodding off sessions mingled in with the viewing.

Evening all! TTFN.


5 thoughts on “Inchcock Today – Wednesday 26th July 2017

  1. The sky is having a regular wee wee fest on you there. That’s a lot of medical thingamajigs for whatever miss Annie nursie was doing to you. Too bad Nichole wasn’t around. That’s one high rated meal you had there.

    • Soaked to the skin again, Tim. Humph!
      Sad about no Nurse Nichole. (Sob!)
      Best meal all year that was… well, equal best with the last cheesy potato one. All that extra strong cheddar on top helped.
      Waiting now for the appointments at the GUM clinic and the QMC.
      Sizzy Dennis bothering me this morning, but the real worry is Little Inchy and stopping the lesion leaking. Sounds like I’m talking about a Roman Legion? Haha!
      TTFN Sir, take care.

  2. You seem to have been picking on your toe(s) today, lol. Good that Nurse Ann set you up for some appointments. The meal looks lovely <3

  3. Thanks, Corin.
    I’m fretting about the weight going up regularly now. Eating less does not appeal to me. Hehe! And the rain is stopping my getting my walks in like I want to. (Any excuse, Tsk)
    Whatever the weather today, I’m determined to get a hobble in the park done. Might mean some more ‘Under the Brolly’ photos, I hope!
    Just needeth Arthur Itis and Anne Gyna to be kind to me, and I’ll be off out.
    Oh, I hate having to wear these flipping protection pants, most uncomfortable and embarrassing! Sorry to moan on, I apologise profusely.
    Do hope you are okay over there gal?
    TTFN cheers. XXX

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