Inchcock Today – Friday 28th July 2017: Heck of a long day for old duffer!


Friday 28th July 2017

Javanese: Ana 28 Juli 2017

0108hrs: Woke and forced me out of the £300 second-hand recliner.

Picturesque view from the kitchen window.

I got the washing things together and down to laundry room. Got the machine going and back up to the Porcelain Throne.

Stings, itches, blood and pains emanating from Little Inchy, most uncomfortable.

Cleaned things up and washed some pots I missed doing last night.

Down to move the gear from the washer to dryer.

Eerie in the dark. Hehe!

Up and got the Health Checks done. This looks okay to me.

I still don’t like the new non-slip tray colouring, the plastic it is made from or the hard work it takes to wash it.,

I could sense that Little Inchy would need further attention soon. Humph!

Made a brew and took the medications.

A wee-wee and Porcelain Throne session followed. Messy!

The remote control was being used to access the CCTV screen of the Foyer so I could keep an eye out for any gangs of yobboes trying to get into the building to create more havoc and vandalisation.

Apart from two tenants coming home in what looked like a happily intoxicated state and struggling to get through the door while laughing and swaying about, there were no signs of any intruders.

0250hrs: Down to check on and collect the washing.

Many of these signs had been stuck-up by the building contractors? Why would they think that anyone would want to steal ceiling materials? Thinking about it, that was a silly question. Bearing in mind the things that have been clandestinely taken, recently. Hehe!

I’d taken the camera with me again and took this photo. I thought I could use it as an ‘Identify This’ competition on the TFZ?

The camera was facing upwards, and I had a Dizzy Dennis spell while taking this one. (All clues)

0325hrs: Down to collect the laundry and titivate the room and machines up a bit. A good idea I thought at first, but this proved to be an Accifauxpa and Whoopsiedangleplop exciting activity. Huh!

First, my kippah had shrunken even more. Sorting the clothes into the bag, I dropped a sock that fell between the machines into the dark undergrowth of rust, dust and fluff right at the back as far away from me as it was possible to land! I got the brush to use at first, to retrieve the sock but stopped myself when I saw what must have been months worth of accrued dirty the fluff.

Not wanting to ruin the sock (I wish I had now!), down on the knees and a struggle to retrieve the sock – knocking my head against the bottom of the machine.

The next struggle was to get me back upright again. Painful job, but I did it. Although, I felt a little insensate afterwards mind.

Next task, to get the fluff and bits of rust flakes out from underneath the machines and into the rubbish bin.

The Nottingham City Council had kindly supplied us with a Pound Shop brush and vintage circa 1965 rusty dustpan, so we could clean the Laundry Room and save the Caretakers time so they can use their mobile phones more often and avoid them being required to do any cleaning whatsoever, in the laundry room.

Thinking of it, I’ve not seen the caretaker for weeks now? Perhaps the poor man has had to have an operation to remove his mobile phone from his earhole? Hehe! (Hope he doesn’t read this, he’s not known for his sociability or keen, intelligent, indulging  sense of humour at all).

Finished the floor eventually and then got around to cleaning the machines and then the sink. Where evidence of someone’s crafty fag smoking was found in the dirty sink. Ash!

Cleaned it away as I scrubbed the sink. Had I not removed this evidence, I am sure that some tenants would have made a fuss and complained to the Obergruppenfureresses, demanding the removal of the culprit’s Good Tenant Status and their left hand! Haha!

Good job I keep a bottle of cleaning fluid, paper towels and freshener in the laundry bag at all times. Well, it wouldn’t feel right to have to disturb our friendly conscientious caretaker, just for him to some caretaking, now and then, would it?

0440hrs by the time I got things sorted and back up to the flat.

Had a wee-wee, made a brew and onto the computer to update these diaries.

I checked the Emails first. ‘Blimus’, there were dozens to answer and sort. But none from the Clinic yet.

Did some WordPress reading, next.

Then onto Facebook.

All caught up now (0730hrs).

On to making a start at finishing off a graphicationalisation on CorelDraw for the TFZer site on Facebook. Took far too long to do this one did. But and however, I was determined to get it something like right, in the hopes that the humour in it comes through.


Tired now, I’ve been up nine hours, and want to get a hobble in. So I’ll close down and get the ablutionalisationalistic duties performed. A bit of a hassle sorting Little Inchy, but I got there in the end.

Down in the lobby, more posters had been put up on the Nottingham City Homes Notice Board. One informing us of their adoption of a sterile corridor policy and what we must do and not do to conform. Their intention to remove any mobility scooters, pictures doormats bicycles, etc. and charge for this removal and disposal of the same, and the punishments. (Loss of Good Tenant Status and £100 a year allowance, and reporting to Nottingham City Council Board Members for further action if necessary.) Bravely I thought, the next poster was of the Board Members with photographs!

5Fri12d (2)

5Fri12eA little light drizzle and high winds as I departed the flats and had a walk around to the back of them.

Getting through the fencing was a bit awkward as I had to go into the bushes to get through to the back field.

I bet this is popular with the local dog walkers. Hehe!

5Fri12fAs I took this photograph, the rain came down with a bit more gusto.

I got out the umbrella before struggling up the wet grass to the top of the hill and Woodthorpe Grange Park’s children’s play area and footpath.

By the time I’d got there, the rain had stopped.

5Fri12gMy heart went out to one little Buttercup (I think) flower in the thicket at the top.

Bashed about by thousands of human feet, the wind, rain and dog pee, here was this tiny bloom struggling for life. Heck of a job trying to get a decent photograph of it as the winds tossed it about.

Nature at its simplest yet most endearing to me.

5Fri12jThrough the trees and near the top of the access to the gravel path down that goes alongside the Copse down to the flat, I took this unintended picture of my foot. Tsk!

I turned into the path to take a photograph of the Copse, and another zoomed in of the ‘Rich Peoples Paradise Homes on the hill in the distance.


5Fri12kThe Tree Copse has never looked better. The rain had given it a distinctive glow of sorts to the greenery.

A Nottingham Pavement Cyclist came close to hitting me as he glided down the hill, with his oversized handle bars, headphones on, and in a world of his own, bless him.

I made my way back to the footpath and down 5Fri12Lto Mansfield Road, turned left over the hill and down into Sherwood.

Dizzy Dennis visited me on the way down to the Co-op store. Where I purchased a packet of fresh garden peas.

Out and back up the hill, I called in all four of the Charity Shops, seeking a tankard shaped mug, without any success of course.

Dizzy Dennis paid me another visit, and this decided me not to walk back to the flats but catch a bus up Winchester Street Hill.

5Fri12mDropped off at the Chestnut Walk bus stop and hobbled to the apartments.

Took this photograph through the gate of the centre works. The old Winwood Community shed, and the garages were all demolished now, never to be seen again. (Other than in the memory). To make way for the 40 new flats with a rooftop lounge and new Attention Centre to be built.

5Fri12nPod peas in the fridge, wee-wee, and got the dinner on the cook.

Battered fish balls and finger (Sound odd that, don’t it? Hehe!) Tomatoes, mushrooms, beetroot, apple and cheese & mushroom portions.

I forgot about the potatoes in the crock-pot! But had a nibble of some later. Naughty!

5Fri12oWent to do the washing up, and the rain was belting down something awful. Good job I didn’t go out later than I did.

Nibbled the rest of the small potatoes!

I noticed on the window that there were many little splashes of something black. They looked like bits of sprayed tar? I had a go at removing them, but no luck at all!

I intend to have another bash at them in the morning. Too tired-out now.

Settled in the £300 second-hand recliner! Struggled out of the £300 second-hand recliner, to visit the Porcelain Throne. Medicated the things in need.

Struggled out of the £300 second-hand recliner

Realised I had not taken the medications or done the Health Checks! Struggled out of the £300 second-hand recliner, took the tablets and medicines and applied the lotions and potions. Then did the Health Checks.

Settled in the £300 second-hand recliner once again. Felt that horrible wet warm sensation from Little Inchies zone.

Struggled out of the £300 second-hand recliner, so glad I had the Protection Pants on for once, cause this saved a lot of hassle in cleaning up. Medicated things and took an extra pain killer, cause things were tender, to say the least.

Struggled out of the £300 second-hand recliner, with no confidence that I would be remaining there for long. Got the TV on and watched nearly a full episode of Law & Order before nodding-off.

Woke with a start, convinced some noise had woken me. Struggled out of the £300 second-hand recliner to investigate. Looked around but could see nothing untoward.

Settled in the £300 second-hand recliner, getting fed-up to the teeth with myself now! Up and down up and down. Humph!

Nodded-off. Woke in need of a wee-wee. Struggled out of the £300 second-hand recliner, now convinced that this undesired up and downing must stop soon, surely? Took a jug with me back to the £300 second-hand recliner. (Too late I know, but this is me all over – too late! Grumph, I hate myself!)

Settled back in the £300 second-hand recliner. Will I ever regain any eunoia? Tsk!

Nodded-off and had a dream that I’d woken up and gone to the Porcelain Throne and fell into the bowl and as I clung to the toilet seat to stop myself from sinking, it came off and around my head. I used the protection pants as a float? That’s all I can reclaim of the dream. Oh, no I tell a fib, it was in the old bathroom before I had the shower room done? I think I could use a dream interpreters services? Haha!

After laying there to ages, with the mind wandering, musing and trying to make sense of everything without the use of logic, I convinced myself that the end was nigh and I was ready, I drifted off into the blissful land of nod, at last.

Sanity had abandoned me. Haha!

6 thoughts on “Inchcock Today – Friday 28th July 2017: Heck of a long day for old duffer!

  1. Floating in protection pants seems a bit more of a nightmare than a dream. If we were on the same time zone, you got up about the same time I went to bed. I’ve been trying to irrigate the property for the past two days and the water in the main irrigation ditch kept dropping, and then some jerk lifted the main gate. I started irrigating Thursday afternoon at 16:30 hours and finished Friday night at 11:55 hours — normally takes about 6 hours.

    You got a lot done in the wee hours of the morning. That old dust bin looks like a plain old ancient shovel to me. I like the “duck tape” the builders used to tape up their note. I see they have trouble with proper case, but builders aren’t usually known for their typing ability or poetic prose. Speaking of duct tape (it’s the handyman’s secret weapon), look up the “Red Green Show” if you haven’t seen any of them. Here’s a link to Red Green TV on Youtube: I think you would like Red Green.

    Great set of photos — everything is so green — great graphic, and I have no idea what your mystery photos are. They look like a portion of a light fixture or skylight and shadows made by it. Interesting assortment of food today. Taters for desert works for me.

    • T’was an odd dream that was. Nice to be able to recall one for a change, Tim.
      Heck of a job with the irrigating, Sir. The plugglethumble with the gate was naughty!
      It certainly is an ancient shovel – they didn’t make them rust-proof in those days. Hehe!
      The duct tape has many uses.
      I’ll have a look later ar Red Green Show when I get the time. I’m currently on the computer and listening to the football match on the TV via the headphones, having trouble typing while multitasking. Hehe!
      Glad you liked the photo’s and graphic, cheers.
      The Mystery photo was taken from the bottom centre of the fire escape stairs looking upwards, Tim. So you were not far off mate.
      I might do the same today and have the taters for dessert.
      Your swinging pussies photographs were brilliant today.

  2. I think the no slip property of the tray is what is causing things to stick to it, kind of like a curse of doing it’s job a little too well. Lovely pics from your wander 😉 <3

    • Cheers, Corin.
      The best bet would be for me not to spill or drop any residues from the meal, I suppose. Hehehe! Impossible though, even if the hands are not being visited by Shaking Shaun, I can lose, drop or scatter anything as I eat. Sad innit? Haha!
      Watching the Germany v Denmark Women’s quarter final footy match as I computerise with the headphones on. 1-1 with little time left, then they will, if still a draw after 90 minutes, go to extra time, then a penalty shoot-out. Good game.
      England plays France tonight, so much TV to stay awake to for me to.
      Hope you plates are okay, pet.

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