Inchcock Today – Thur 2nd Mar 17:


Thursday 2nd March 2017

Javanese: Thursday 2 Maret 2017

0240hrs: Woke in the £300 second-hand recliner chair, disappointed that I could not recall anything about the dreams I knew I had had. However, despite this, I felt far less sullen about life and almost sanguine in my outlook. Why, and what had changed? I’ve no idea: but was so glad at how I felt, praying this outlook will persist a while longer for me.

The wind was howling and the rain was beating down and I made my way to the porcelain for a heavy-duty session and once again, no bleeding from Haemorrhoid Harry or Little Inchy at all. This rare good start to the day almost jargogled my brain as I thought maybe I was really still asleep and dreaming? Hehe!

Did the first health checks, made a mug of tea and took the first medications of the day.

I made sure I’d got all the things needed for the visit to the new prospective bank man meeting to transfer all my stuff to, and I put them in the bag ready to go later.

Computer turned on and worked on yesterday’s post, then moved to start this one while I remembered things I’d done this morning up until now, then back to the Wednesday post to finalise and post it off.

clanConfirmed via email with Sister Jane that I would meet her in the morning… no, afternoon tomorrow at her bus stop at 1445hrs.

Updated the Health Check List on Excel. Responded to messages on WordPress. Then went onto Facebook.

Onto CorelDraw and titivated the graphic of TFZer gal Suzieann, and posted it to the TFZers site.

Took a good ablutionising session and set off with the bag of nibbles and raffle prizes to drop 4thur11off at the Winwood Social Hut, along with notes from Olive to ask the bank manager at the meeting.

Rather sad to the blokes doing the preparation work for the modernisationing of the dwellings by hacking down the Chestnut Trees.

Penny and Obergruppenfurheress Warden Julie were in. Gave Penny (Past Warden of the flats and now newly self- appointed4thur12 Social Hour Organiser) the things and explained why I will be missing yet another Social Hour, then plodded down Winchester Hill into Sherwood.

Espied whatever these berries are growing in the hedgerow over the wall and wondered what they were?The wind was a blowing somewhat, so this is the best

The wind was a blowing somewhat, so this blurry effort is the best I could manage at taking a photo of them.

I was in plenty of time for the meeting, so had an amble up Mansfield Road, noticing that in the Bird’s Cake shop, they had only about six of the iced scones I liked. So I nipped in and asked them if I could pay for a couple and collect them later (Cause they are bound to be sold by the time I get out of the meeting with the bank manager) – and the girl said no problem.

Poddled further up the hill and got a TV magazine for next week then strolled down to the bank and waited for the meeting.

The Bank Manager greeted me in the foyer and asked me to wait a while and that a lady would be sitting in with us on the meeting if that is alright. I said okay and did some of the crosswords in the book while waiting.

My having difficulty in hearing what he was saying and him having a mouth that was so hard if not impossible to lip read made it hard going for both of us, although he was patient. I actually changed the batteries in the Hearing Aids and tried different settings without any luck in getting them to work, this puzzled me until I saw the solidly impacted ear wax blocking the earpiece on the right lughole.

After over an hour of, to me, hard work in form filling signing etc, I thought to myself: They recognise dyslexia as an ailment illness, so why do they not acknowledge folk like me who have similar problems with maths and numbers? Just a thought like.

I had to pull up the manager a few time (3) when I saw him enter details on the computer that were wrong. He misspelt my name on one, put a wrong number in and selection of my personal details on a page, one of the many pages he was forced to fill-in and explain to me as he did so.

5fri07About two hours after entering the room, he said we are onto the last session now… another hour later it was all done, and I ended up with a folder of waffle to ‘Read through later at my leisure’ as he said.

They must be 30 forms and booklets in the pack, and I’m going to need a bit of advice and help on digesting all this.

He added that I will be receiving two phone calls from the bank asking about the interview and how it went?

Then a call from him to arrange another meeting to discuss investment opportunities and other accounts and options available. He already mentioned they supply home and other insurances, pensions etc. 

All this I imagine, to cover regulations and to satisfy the bank’s natural addiction to quomodocunquising?

We nattered between sorting things, and the lady kindly reminded me tp collect my cream cakes from the shop. Hehe!

I felt well drained as I left to walk to collect my cream cakes from the shop.

5fri01Up the hill to the bus stop and nearly fell asleep and missed the stop at the flats. As I dismounted the bus, all of the concrete bollards had ladybirds massing on them. I still can’t find out why, though? Should they even be about in February?

Got in the flat and put the folder from the bank away and visited the porcelain – no bleeding again. Good!

Sister Jane rang, she thought I was meeting her today and had been waiting for me at her bus stop in town… Oh dear! She could not meet me tomorrow but will send hubby Pete to meet me and collect the nibbles and pressies.

5fri02Got the nosh going.

The Sourdough bread, unfortunately, was uneatable, it had gone bitter for some reason? And I threw away the tomatoes, they were extremely bitter too. Not that I needed them, plenty of other fodder to eat. The cream cakes were nice afterwards.

I did the washing up and sat down with a mug of orange juice and pondered over whether or not I should get the ever increasing pile of washing done… and fell asleep.

5fri04Woke and it was getting dark.

Took the medications and changed into night attire.

Got the TV on to watch some Heartbeat. Fell asleep and woke up again late on.

Made a drink, and settled to watch The Persuaders, didn’t even get to the first commercial break, nodded off again.

9 thoughts on “Inchcock Today – Thur 2nd Mar 17:

  1. Good news about no bleeding again! And I drooled ridiculously when I read those magic words “iced scones”….! My Scottish grandmother made those with almond-flavored icing, one of my childhood favorites. It’s been half a century, easily, since she was around making them.

    • I spoke too soon mate, Tsk! This morning Haemorrhoid Harold started again, still, Little Inchy’s okay. Hehe! Wish i knew your Gandmother, I’d have been around for a sample or two. TTFN Sir.

      • She knew how to make them, for sure! I miss her, of course, but those almond-iced scones….Mmmm!

        Sorry there’s more bleeding. The tedious part of bleeding is the added clothes washing chores. I occasionally have a bleed out from one or the other of a couple of “buttonholes” (where dialysis needles are placed each time), so, like you, I’m sure, I’ve learned how to handle bloody clothing to get blood out before it stains.

        Anyway, best wishes for relief from he bleeding.

      • I’m glad you cope with the leaks as well Weggie. I keep a bucket of cold water handy in the shower room to give a good soak to any undies, or shirts in need of sorting. Worst is when it squirts when I’m, laying down and the jammies need sorting too. Hehe! Those iced scones with vanilla icing are too tempting for me not to walk by the shop when they have them in display. Only the one shop makes them so nice, I’ve tried some from other retailers, but they are not the same. I wish I could have tried our Grandmothers ones. Cheers Sir.

  2. Dyscalculia is the numeric version of dyslexia & it makes no sense at all that one would be acknowledged & not the other. Still though, looks like your day went pretty well & I am so glad to hear that your mood is better (including the absence of nightmares) <3

    • By gum, that’s nice to know gal, thanks. I’ve put this (Dyscalculia) on my personal dictionary to use late. I’m afraid things have gone out of shape again with the bank this time. Luck is the missing word in my life methinks, Hehehe! (Well Good luck, perhaps) XXX

      • Well, I hope your good luck picks up again soon & if nothing else I hope you make it to the next social with the other residents <3

      • Thanks gal. Sorry I feel like I do, but until this bank business gets sorted, if it does, I can feel released again to try and be myself. If that makes sense? Hehe! Cheers again pet. XXX

      • I understand completely, things like that tend to bother me a lot too, still I hope it can be sorted quickly <3

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