Inchcock Today – Tuesday 28th February 2017: Got out and about, but Anne Gyna didn’t like it, Tsk!


Tuesday 28th February 2017

Swahili: Jumanne Februari 28, 2017

Having got through the night of horrendous dreams, rooftop chases, falling in the canal, underground caves, being chased in sewers, decapitated by Roman soldiers… I’m sure there were many more events that took place in my slumbers, but these ones I can recall. I think I woke up feeling wearier than I went to sleep.

0300hrs: The £300 second-hand recliner chair grumblingly and jerkily allowed me out of it to get to the porcelain. Where the news was good. No bleeding from Haemorrhoid Harold or Little Inchy. Reflux Roger was not too good, but Duodenal Daniel, Anne Gyna and Harry Hernia no bother much at all. Arthur Itis his usual self with the knees and ankles, just a bit annoyed with the hands and fingers. Overall, a great start to the day! Fingers crossed (Painfully thanks to Arthur. [Hehehe!]) Carried out the first of the health checks, all looked good.

Got the laundry stuff collected and down to the laundry room. Got the washer going and back up to the flat. Computer turned on and finished yesterday’s diary and posted it off.

Did the top photo and made a start on this one. Time to go down to move the laundry into the dryer. (0330ish) This I did, then back to the computer and worked on this diary and updated the Excel Health Check Sheet.

A final trip down to the laundry room to collect the gear and clean it up. On the way down and throughout these activities, I found myself mentally having a self-critical panegyrical discussion. Boy did I perorate with myself, no summing up or conclusions were arrived at, though. In those few minutes going down in the lift, I think I analysed and repeatedly refuted my rights to sanity? Weird that?

2tue05I retrieved the dried clothes into the bag, washed the filter and wiped around.

All done around 0415hrs or so, and back up to the flat.

Put the clobber away and made another cuppa and took the medications and creamed the areas of my masculine, the flaccid body that needed the attentions of the creams and lotions. Haha!

Back on the computer.

Decided to go out later and get some fodder in after I go to the clinic. Must make a list of things to take with me, I’ll do it now… Done it.

Ablutions were done I wrapped up well and set off for the Clinic. I forgot to take the request for new pads with me, but at least it was only one thing I forgot to take with me today… I hoped, Hehe!

I rang Warden Dean to see if I could talk with her about the meeting with the bank on Thursday, but could not get through – Try again later it said. Maybe I dialled the wrong number?

Caught the 40 bus straight to the clinic and was in and out in half an hour. A Dr Dragomir Vladimirescu, (I think) along with a nurse and several students, did the checks in no time and declared that surgery should not be expected now as things were healing so well, but to anticipate the odd bleeding sessions in times of stress? Stress, I thought, what does that mean? I asked him. Nighttime erections he said? (Oh?)

2tue04As I came out of the building to get the bus, both hearing aids bleeped to indicate they needed changing. So, bus back to the flat and changed them, luckily it timed well with the L9 to City Bound bus’s arrival, and I caught that into the Slab Square. Chinwag with a few tenants appreciated.

I had a walk around the City Centre (And I mean walk, not hobble, as Arthur Itis was being kind to me today, bless him) and ended up at M&S’s Foodhall, feeling a bit of sorrow for the Big Issue selling bloke at the entrance and handed him a bit of cash.

2tue07Spent far too much, I blame Marks & Spencers for selling Sour Dough bread, Best Beef Steak Lasagnes, leeks, swedes, Lemon Swiss Rolls and Lamb Moussaka. Never had this before, but it looks similar to Lasagne, so I should like it I hope.

I noticed when packing the things I’d bought, into the bags at the check-out, that this, as well as the lasagne, had three red warnings on the content label thingamajig on the box label. Oh, dear? Plenty of life on them all, well, four days.

I caught a bus, (oh I do love my free pensioner’s bus pass) into Arnold and called in to get some roast cooked belly pork slices. Popped into Fulton Food Stores and got four small jars of Silverskin Onions in pickled vinegar for only £1, bargain there I thought!

Went to catch the L9 bus back to the flats, but it did not arrive? Whilst waiting at the bus stop, Anne Gyna started off giving me bother, rather badly bless her. I caught a bus into the City Centre, then the L9 from Queen Street back to the flats. Got in and took some extra Codeine Phosphate. The Morphine Sulphate would have been a lot better, Anne Gyna seemed to be persisting so they have taken me off of this, in preparation for the operation later, so I’m not complaining… or am I? Hehehe!

2tue05Anne Gyna seemed to be persisting. I could not concentrate to read the book, so got the fodder done earlier than usual.

I had this vegetarian meal with a roast cooked belly pork sandwich. Naughtily did some oven chips, too many perhaps, but I ate it all.

My Dad used to call me a ‘Gannet! He was right.(All very good, including the Silverskin onions in pickling vinegar with peppers!)

 Sudden tiredness overcame me as I was watching the TV, but still, I could not get to sleep until well gone midnight again, thanks to Anne Gyna.

Up at 0300hrs and wide awake?

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