Inchcock Today: Tuesday 28th March 2017


Tuesday 28th March 2017

Tamil: செவ்வாய்க்கிழமை 28 மார்ச் 2017

0320hrs up wide awake. Hastily got out of the £300 scarily shuddering second-hand recliner chair and to the porcelain throne. Managed a wee-wee, but the heavy duty part refused to leave! Tsk!

Got the laundry things ready. Going to need top machines this morning.Laundry

2Tue001a0335hrs: Down to the laundry room with the first bag of clothing.

Got the machine going, and swept the room. It looked like someone had left tissues in pockets and put the clothes into the washer. Bits were all over the place and outside leading to the lifts. On the way back up I saw a notice on the resident’s board that informed us that the L8 bus service is to finish permanently on 29th April 2017. Sad that.

0345hrs: Up to number 72, a mug of tea made, took the medications and computer turned on.

2Tue030410hrs: Down with next laundry load. The first load moved into the dryer, 2nd load into the washing machine.

It was a bit misty outside.

0420hrs: Back in the flat, started the diary work.

0520hrs: Down yet again and collected the dried clothing, folded it and put it in the bag. Cleaned the filter. Got the second load into the machine 2Tue04and up to the apartment to put the washed clothes away. Noticed a car pulling away from the space opposite the foyer doors – early riser there?

0529hrs: Finished Monday’s diary and got it posted. Another brew and tried for a heavy duty session on the porcelain throne – no luck! Started this post off.

0635hrs: Down to the laundry room to collect the second load of washed and dried clothing and towels. Had a read of the other Notice Boards, ’cause the dryer had not finished yet.

Got the clothes out and into the bag (Finding the odd sock and now having a pair again, Hehe!) 

 As I was taking the photograph, Roy from the 14th floor came into the room and gave me a funny suspicious look.We had a chinwag and laugh.

We had a chinwag and laugh.

2Tue05Back up a final time to the flat, and took a photographicalisation from the kitchen window of the rather beautifully blue misty scene.

Put the clobber away and once more tried to perform a heavy-duty mission in the porcelain throne room. Failed again!

The door to the airing cupboard popped open as I was passing it with a fresh brew of tea.


I really must invest in some type of storage furniture! Tsk!

The new socks had not shrunken in the wash, and for some reason the filter on the machine today, did not need cleaning after use?

I only had one of the Kippah style head caps left, I gave the others to the Nottingham Hospice Charity Shop the other week. They might fit a 3-year-old, having shrunk so much in the wash. This reminded me about the clothing that no longer fits me, due just possibly to my ever increasing girth and mass – but most likely they have shrunken. Hehehe! Made another bag of them to take to the shop later.Back to the diaries

Back onto to this diary and updated it.

Then did some blogging.

2Tue001Then some Facebooking.

Then onto the graphics.

The weather is still a bit misty and uninviting for me to go out yet. Tsk!

Got the things ready for the Nottingham Hospice Charity shop and bagged them all up.

Abluted, dressed, antisepticated, and down the lift 2Tue10and outside the flats.

Took a photographicalisation of the ‘End Garages’ in case they get destroyed in the upcoming external ‘Improvements’ to the apartments.

This end looked beautiful (Mind you, everything did)  the new growth of the vegetation and the fantastic greens coming on.

To the right, and took a photo of the middle 2Tue11garages that we know are due for the chop next week I think it starts.

Over the road and up the gravel path into Woodthorpe Grange Park and left down into Sherwood.

As I got to the top and over the crest to the park footpath, I espied an L8 bus in a traffic queue on Woodside Road.

2Tue12I wondered as I took it if the younger of the residents would remember it in twenty years time and mourn its demise?


This L8 service finishes at the end of the month.


As I turned to go down towards Mansfield Road 2Tue12athis turd on the right, nearly had me over as he coasted down the hill path threateningly close to the few pedestrians on it.

At this point, I sensed a warm wet sensation fro the read end.Further along, there was one tree in a far more advanced stage of ‘fruiting’ compared to the others.

I thing Haemorrhoid Harold was leaking somewhat.Further along, there was one tree in a far more advanced stage of ‘fruiting’ compared to the others.

Oh, dear.

2Tue15Further along, there was one tree in a far more advanced stage of ‘fruiting’ compared to the others.

I took this picture and had a moment of being in awe at nature once again.

Plodded on and into Sherwood, calling first in the Hospice Shop and left the bag for them and had a potter around to see if they had any storage cabinets or drawers for sale. None in at the moment.

2Tue18Down the hill and called into Wilko and got another of the power extensions with the individual on/off switches.

Very handy.

Also got a deodorant spray and a bottle of Dettol Lavender Antiseptic Disinfectant… this being because I tipped the one I got yesterday over in the wetroom.

Down the hill and into the Fresh Cream Cake Shop and got an iced fresh cream bun. (Naughty, I know).

2Tue17Even further down the hill and into the Continental Foods Store. Where I got a small loaf, belly pork slices and a packet of the Hochland Cheese portions. Similar to the one I tried the other day.

I didn’t like the texture or smell of the cheese, but they tasted delightful!

Not cheap. This packet was one that had different types of mushroom bits in the little packets/wedges.

Across the road and up the hill to the bank. Needed to talk to the manager about the farcical situation regarding my new account. It was packed solid with folks, so I left it for another day.

Limping and sweating a bit now I was. Called in a couple of Charity Shops (Cancer Research and Sue Ryder) to see if they had any cabinets in but without any luck.

Up to the pelican lights and over and up further to the bus stop – and had a delightful chinwag and laugh with some other residents (Four girls and one fella) as we waited for the L9 bus up to the flats.

Back in the flat, I dropped everything and went into the wetroom to check of Haemorrhoid Harold’s condition – not good. Cleaned and antisepticated things then washed and got the things bought put away.

2Tue16Opened one of the three for £10 lamb meal I’d gotten yesterday from Marks & Sparks.The food was in a bag with a foil tray, tipped the contents into the tray and placed the sliced potatoes on top as per the instructions.

The food was in a bag with a foil tray, tipped the contents into the tray and placed the sliced potatoes on top as per the instructions.

Not much in it, it did not smell nice either, I thought I might have made an error in trying this one?

Took the evening medications and got the TV on to watch Law & Order.

It dawned on me, the mess the place was in, with all the part sorted paperwork regarding the banking farce laying all over. I must try to sort it in the morning. Mind you, I have yet another load of washing to do now. Tsk!

2Tue14Served up the meal in the oven tray I cooked it in.

Added some mushrooms to it and a drop of lamb gravy mix.

Was not impressed with how it looked at all.

It was surprisingly so delicious, tasty and appetising! Even if was such a minuscule portion.

9.63/10 for this one!

The phone rang while I was eating it, by the time I struggled to get out the £300 second-hand recliner it stopped.

Settled down again to continue eating, and the door chime rang! It was Obergruppenfurheress Deana to do an alarm test.

Not much washing up to do this time, but I had a hell of a dizzy spell while doing it.


7 thoughts on “Inchcock Today: Tuesday 28th March 2017

  1. I like all your foggy photos. Do you have a Fitbit or other device to keep track of steps and number of floors you climb? Might want to get one with all the up and down for laundry and porcelain visits. Quite entertaining the data you get from steps, stairs and sleep or lack of sleep log from those tracker devices. I’m not sure I would eat anything named “Gastropub”. The result might end in many runs to the porcelain.

    • Cheers Tim.
      A good idea about FitBit whatever it is. Does it strap on the ankle? Is it hard to set-up? Wonder if it would work with me bent ankle and Arthur Itis, I tend to shuffle more the walk. (Poor old thing, Hehe)
      Monitor sleeping as well do they.
      I’ll have to look into one for sure. Where to get them from mind, I’m not sure. Could do a search later and find out.

      • You can strap them on your ankle or wrist like a watch. I have a Fitbit One that I clip on my pants, and in goes in a holder on my wrist at night. They are easy to set up.

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