Inchcock Today: Thursday 30th March 2017


Thursday 30th March 2017

Russian: Четверг, 30 марта 2017 г.

0355hrs: Woke and for a moment thought was still within the dream I’d been having; Hit myself on the chest thinking for a moment I was still on fire! Can’t recall any real detail other than I was in Edwardian type clothing in a dungeon and the ruff I was wearing was burning along with my moustache?

Out of the £300 second-hand recliner to the porcelain throne, no bother with the heavy duty demands today. Although Haemorrhoid Harold had been bleeding thick red blood, none had leaked out or escaped to ruin or create more jammies to be washed. Good that, Hehehe!

The ailments were, all apart from Anne Gyna, being kind to me this morning. Little Inchy not blood at all, barely even feeling sore as well.

Got the bag ready for the Winwood Centre Tenant Social Hours, raffle prizes and topped up the box of nibbles, I’ve got a couple of Easter Eggs for extra prizes this week.

4Thur02Made a brew and got the computer on and finished off yesterday’s journal.

Another call to the porcelain throne arrived, two within an hour?

All went well, same bleeding but not too excessive.

Made another brew and took the drugs and did the health checks.


I perused the record the statistics on my Excel page and thought things were looking good?

I thought of the upcoming ambrosia of the 2Tue16lamb hot-pot I was planning for tonight. I’ll make some caramelised lamb gravy to add to it. Hopefully, I’ll get the extra boiled spuds right today

I almost salivated at the thought. Just hoping that I don’t get the preparation wrong and spoil it.

Then the sweet thoughts deteriorated as I remembered I’ve got to go and see the bank manager today about the account farce, and genuine depression reared its ugly head again!

4Thur03One thing that cheered me a bit was my getting the safety socket extension thingamajig with the on/off switches for the individual plugs. I’ve set it up to hand at the side of the dangerously rickety £300 second-hand recliner chair.

I feel a lot more confident knowing I can turn off whatever I’m not using. Seem to be using more than I ever have done in the passed. The recliner, mobile phone, the three different camera chargers, the torch charger, the large and the small vacuum chargers, the TV, the computer, printer, telephone, Virgin internet… on and on goes the list of electrical connections.

Something I’ve noticed and wondered if others in a similar position might have noticed: When I remember to place one of the picker-upper grabbers near the recliner, or the walking stick, or the torch… I don’t seem to need them that night. If I forget to place them handy, then I’ll need them? Just thought I’d mention it. Hehe! Am I fainéant or what?



Another call (The third!) to the porcelain throne!

Read the book a while during the evacuation procedure. The bleeding was no worse, though.

Decided to clean my teggies afterwards, used the manual brush – the broke and I stabbed my gums!

Another blood loss outlet was created. Tsk!

Rinsed the mouth out and gargled with TCP. By gum that tingled a bit! Hehehe!

I also noticed a new set of blotches appearing on my chin.

Better see how it goes, I can always call in at the dentist on the way to visit the bank manager later… I suppose.

Yet another brew made (determined to drink this one). Polished the 1963 sideboard thingy. Then got starting on this post.

Did some blogging.


Stopped to take a photographicalisation from the kitchen window with the new Panasonic camera. Not bad eh? But is it better than my beloved Lumix?

Then did some Facebooking for an hour or so.

Tended to the ablutions, titivating myself with citrus based soap and underarm spray.

Then got ready the things for the Tenants Social Hour meeting, but forgot to take the ornamental baby chickens for the Easter party. Tsk!

Took Olive’s empty jars down with me and dropped them in the recycling skip.

The session went very well I thought. Gave my raffle tickets this week, to May from Woodthorpe Court and she managed a win with them. That tickled me.

Ex-Obergruppenfurheress Penny informed us that next Thursday’s meeting would be on Friday, and Saturday Mornings Coffee meeting was cancelled.

Not so many there as last week, but as I said earlier, everyone seemed to enjoy it today.

Plodded back to the flat (Having a laugh and chinwag with some tenants in the lift). I got the paperwork for the bank and picked up the Easter Bunnies. Called at the Winwood Hut on the way and dropped off the bunnies.

4Thur08Walked to the end of Chestnut Walk and right down Winchester Street Hill and into Sherwood.

It was very warm, despite the slightly dark sky and clouds.

Crossed over Mansfield Road and called in to see the bank to see the manager.

There was a queue, but he came out to talk to someone else, saw me and took me into his office.

He told me he was being moved to another branch next week, so would maybe not see me again. (He smiled at this point, a nerve-rackingly obnoxious smile! – Hehe). He assured me he would leave all my details for the new manager.

He then contacted the State Pensions People again and told them the requested details with the required information and the proper Post Code that they promised to send me 2½ weeks ago, had not arrived. I went through the question and answer I.D. procedure again with them and told them the manager could speak on my behalf. Again they said they would send one. Why do I feel uncertain about this?


Bid my farewells, with trepidation, incredulity, scepticism, suspicion and a certain amount of doubt lingering in my heart, and departed from the bank onto Mansfield Road.

Over the road and a hobble back up Winchester Street Hill.


P1170216Mother nature showing herself as she forced the new growth of the plants right through the wooden fencing along the pavement.

Around the bend in the road, I did try to take a photo of one single, and three different coloured daffodils in a garden that appealed, but the wind was too strong, and I could not get a decent shot.

This is the best of my efforts, but I was well disappointed with it.

The feet were beginning to ache and sting as I proceeded up the hill limping at an ever-decreasing rate of shuffling. Huh!

However, the good thing was Anne Gyna was most delicate with me.

I pondered over what I would end up eating today and decided the Lamb meal had a good date on it and opted to have some potatoes with the cooked meat I got from the Continental Shop yesterday… or was it Tuesday? I’m getting old yer know, Hehe! With some peas, beetroots and cheese perhaps. Oh, and some slow roasted and mini tomatoes?

Eventually, got back to the flats and into the wetroom and onto the porcelain throne. Yet another heavy duty session? Three now I think this day.

Got the potatoes on the boil and updated this blog.

Caught up with the Facebooking session I had to cut short earlier.

5Fri02Got the fodder ready.

The roast tomatoes tasted alright, but I had a devil of a job chewing them, so tough, they annoyed the broken toothbrush made gash in my gum.

This I assumed was because tomatoes are out of season. The fresh ones available at the moment are horrible and bitter?

I shan’t be trying these again until the new season starts. The boiled potatoes were over cooked a bit, but the rest of it was fine, the beetroots, cheeses, silverskin onions, roast pork and vegetable slices.

Suddenly I felt proper fatigued and bone-tired out.

Tried to watch some TV, but it was a farcical effort.

8 thoughts on “Inchcock Today: Thursday 30th March 2017

  1. Roasted tomatoes are tough? Maybe they were dried, reconstituted and then roasted. Seems to me they shouldn’t be tough, but I’ve never seen roasted tomatoes before you came up with them. The issue with the daffodil photo is that the camera is focusing on the wall behind the flowers. You were probably too close to the flowers for the lens to focus on them. You either need a macro setting turned on, or if macro is on, back up until the camera focusses on the flowers. The photo from the kitchen window looks like you had in zoomed in pretty tight. Looks good, but it’s hard to say if it’s better than the Lumix. Usually it’s not so much which camera has better quality, because most cameras today produce excellent photos, it’s more about the conditions and type of photo you are doing that will determine which camera is best suited for the job. That new Nikon definitely wins the ICC (inchy compensation category) with that 1400mm whopper. The ladies won’t be asking “Where’s the beef?” when you have that lens hanging about your belt, fully extended! Which reminds me. Have you seen the Italian comedy “Il Mostro” (The Monster) with Roberto Benigni? It’s a real hoot if you can find it.

    • High Tim.
      I think your thoughts on the tomato situation might be spot-on. Tasted okay but i just could not ingest the skins. Hey-ho.
      I’ll have to find out what is and how to find and use the macro, ’cause I do love trying to take close-ups of insects and flora. (At least, when they come out right) Not sure what a 1400mm is Sir?
      The lens thing does come out a bit dunnit. Ha!
      I’m off this morning for a 2 mile walk into the City Centre, well, I say walk, more a hobble. I’m going to call in the Jessop camera shop and book a one-to-one Starter lesson, not cheap, but I think might be worth it to get the best out of the camera. Taking the Lumix with me to get any shots that present themselves, until I can sort out the carrying bag for the Nikon (Straps etc and how & where they should go, hehe)
      I’ll look for Il Mostro later, love a good comedy.
      TTFN Sir, thanks.

      • 1400mm is the max length of the lens on that Nikon. People are impressed by the size of my 200mm lens a 1400mm lens is a whopper.

      • Me? A whopper? That sounds impressive. Haha!
        I must say I like the grip on this camera, Tim. Seems easier to keep steady with my Arthur Itis fingers, compared to the smaller one.
        Just hope I don’t forget the lesson a week on Tuesday, now I’ve paid up front, just my luck to get confused again. Hehe!
        Is 1400mm how far the lens comes out Tim?

      • The lens in reality extends around 250mm, which still makes it whopping “big 10 inch” lens, but its 35mm equivalent is 144omm (57 inches), which sounds much more impressive. Speaking of a big 10 inch, there’s a naughty Spanish film named “20 centímetros” (2005), which is really funny if you don’t mind a little fun with transvestites.

        Don’t forget your lessons, now. They will do you a lot of good. I like larger camera bodies. It makes them much easier to handle and keep steady.

      • I fank you. 20 centímetros? I like a good laugh and comedy films whatever genre. Must find time to have a look for it.
        I’ve put the appointment in the diary (the one I lost for three weeks!) and on the Google diary, fingers crossed Sir. TTFN

  2. You’re always going to need what you forgot, that happens to me & I think everyone, lol. Reality’s way of kicking us in the pants, LOL. Oh no, another stabbing :/ Ugh, the bank fiasco is still ongoing I see, I do hope it resolves very, very soon. <3

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