Inchcock: Friday 24th March 2017


Friday 24th March 2017

Luxembourgish: Freideg 24. Mäerz 2017

Woke around 0400hrs, the mind in a twisted contorted demented condition. Mixed sentiments, ranging twixt utter fear, contentment, panic, admiration and confusion. I lay back on the £300 second-hand recliner for a good while trying to rearrange, organise these rambling thoughts into logicality, make sense of them and fight some of them off. I felt the nerves were winning the battle.

Around 0440hrs, I dismounted the recliner, seeing some notes I must have made from the dreams, placed it near the computer to look at later, there were no memories of any dream, just the scribbled 5Fri05notes

Into the kitchen, via a wee-wee in the WC, made
a mug of strong tea and took the medications.

Did the health checks, the pulse was well and truly high, I didn’t do the weighing of my aged flobby-body. Decided I could not face another disappointment at this moment.

Decided I could not face another disappointment at this time. Hehe!

Took a photograph from the kitchen window.

Finished yesterday’s diary off and got it posted to WordPress.

5Fri04Checked the email, and one from Sister Jane brought me some more sad news. She is taking Arthur the cat, to the veterinary today, in anticipation that he will recommend him being put down. All thin, but Jane says he is eating well?

She sent this last photo of him in their garden. I hope she doesn’t mind me putting on here, but a picture can say so much more than words sometimes?

I bet poor Jane is in turmoil about which route to take. So much love and joy shared between them.

I cried to myself for Jane and Arthur. Done a bit of that recently, crying. The atrocity in London, Olive’s suffering… The memories cannot be taken away. The Vet might decide Arthur can carry on a while longer, best to take his advice. Poor Jane.

I went into the kitchen to make another drink, again via the WC for another wee-wee (?).

Noticed the sharp change in the view from earlier, so decided to post them both together below.


Did some graphic preparation and then saw the scribble about the dream on the pad about the dream, so took a look at it: Many of my words were undecipherable I’m afraid. Mighty gale – died. Alone, pitifull. Hate. Orange beast, electricity and woeful were the only things I could read?

Carried out the second health checks:


5Fri11The Pulse seems a bit high still, but I was well pleased with the weight!

I could not find the camera anywhere?

So had to resurrect an old little one, search for batteries and find a card to use.

Had a search all over for the newer camera, for an hour almost, without any luck.

An absolute mystery to me? Very annoyed with myself again! Humph! I’ll need an afflatus to solve this one!

Facebooked for a while.

Then did some blogging.

5Fri12aGot the ablutions tended to, wrapped up and set off to catch the L9 bus into town to look into buying a camera to replace the lost Lumix one. Missed the bus.

Walked up by the Copse and down through Woodthorpe Grange Park, then up and over and down the hill into Sherwood and caught a bus into town.

The weather was grand, proper summer like.

5Fri12bSherwood was busy but with vehicles not many shoppers or pedestrians about today again.

The bus was full, and the passengers seemed to be in a talkative mood between themselves… or maybe the hearing aids had started working better?Dropped off the bus and walked

It’s odd that, how sometimes I can’t hear any gossip and another, like today, I could actually pick up bits of the people’s conversations.

5Fri12cDropped off the bus on Upper Parliament Street and walked down Queen Street.

Took what turned out to be a reasonable photo of the Council House with its flag at half-mast.

Walked across the Slab Square, having to dodge between a street guitarist, a Muslim preacher, a Christian preacher, a Big Issue Seller (slipped him a quid) a penny whistle-blowing chap in a wheelchair and a large group of students 5Fri12eprotesting about something or other. And noticed that the closed-down clothes shop was now a 24-hour

Noticed that the closed-down clothes shop was now a 24-hour Burger King eatery.

Just what Nottingham needs that.

Three independent cafes, two… no, three coffee shops, two McDonalds, Cosmo Authentic World


Down Exchange Walk

Kitchen, a Hungry Pumpkin, Loch Fyne Fish Restuarant, Bills, Wimpy, Hart’s, several pizza places, eleven Coffee Shops, Two Fish & Chip shops, Bennies, three Indian Restaurants, two Chinese, two Turkish.

Plus two Maryland Chicken, an Amigos, Patisserie Valerie, two French restaurants, Chinese, Slug & Lettuce, two Italian, Greek. Five Subways… all within a minute’s walk (Well, three minutes for me, Hehe!) not to mention the 15 or so pubs that sell food and the many others I can’t remember – just what Nottingham needs another eatery! 

Oh, I forgot there are the mobile eateries scattered all over the place too.

Hobbled down Exchange Walk and through a lot of folk lecturing and preaching outside the church and Marks and Sparks (No one was listening to them mind).

Went into that store and had a wonder around the Menswear department – a mistake that, or at least rather damaging to the bank balance as it turned out. I spotted in a partly hidden corner, some racks of attire that were either To Clear or Reduced in Price.

5Fri12nHobbled around and came out with three pairs of trousers and a thick shirt for winter. Carrying the carrier bags with me as well, I wondered over to look at the things on the proper price shelving and racks. A few minutes later I was struggling as the clobber being carried over my arm stopped the blood flow, and the left arm froze and ached a bit.

I asked a lady assistant in the ladies clothing 5Fri12oside if she would mind me taking a photo or two of the ladies dressing gowns, as I was hoping to treat Olive when she comes out of the hospital after her operation to one.I thought it best if I show her photographs first to see if she

I thought it best if I show her pictures first to see if she liked any of them first. She allowed me and even held a floral version of the white one while I took the picture. Was kind of her that.

This one was thin but warm.

Back to the gents attire, “Are You Being Served?”

Bought and paid for Lycra Cord Trousers, Honeycomb Trousers?, Borg Shakett trousers all on Sale Price, Value Linen Trousers, Linen Trouser, Value Chino Trousers. They should see out. Took the names from the receipt.

Made my way out, well I meant to. Couldn’t find the down escalator, went the wrong way and I found myself back in the Mens Attire section again – this proved to be an expensive Whoopsiedangleplop. Because I spotted, they had some Loose Fitting Cotton Boxer undies and some nice thick socks with strengthened toes and heel parts. Joined the queue at the pay desk again. This receipt said I’d bought: Tile Print, Tonal Ombre Pack and a 7PP Htooth Sole?

5Fri12fThe total spent on this days visit, first load £131.00, second £48.00. Oh, dear me! Tsk! Both receipts informed me that I have only until 24/04/2017 to return any of the On Sale goods for exchange.

It only took me around ten minutes or so to find the way out, then walked down towards the Broad Marsh shopping Centre. After noticing the new eatery earlier, as I hobbled along Albert Street/Lister Gate to the centre, I counted the 5Fri12gfooderies on that street.

I was surprised to see only four and the mobile Hot Potato van, although many of the shops had eateries inside of course.And Broad Marsh had a good few to pick from too.

And Broad Marsh had a good few to pick from too.

At first, I thought there were two of the Costa 5Fri12pcoffee places within yards of each other. Closer inspection revealed that the distant one was closed down. I think in a desperate move by the Council, they are offering rate reductions to anyone moving into retail property there – so Costa may have moved to get the tax free perks?

5Fri12hI wandered in the Shopping Centre (Mall), and it was so depressing with the closed down shops (Although the eateries seemed plentiful).

 I came out and made my way back up to the City Centre Slab Square.

The afternoon sun provided me with an opportunity to take some shadow photographs.

The weather remained summerish.

I hobbled around the square amidst the most 5Fri12iappalling gathering of foul-mouthed yobboes I’ve come across in ages on Lister Gate.

Obviously, I did not take any images of these foreign speaking gentlemen with their cans of XXX lager and threatening defiant attitudes.

The nearby imitation police officers did not seem interested. I can understand this to some degree.

If they did approach them, they would 5Fri12jclaim to know no English, and if the police took any details, they would have difficulty in spelling Celestyn Wiśniewski, have to get an interpreter on their mobiles and actually do something other than fine people for dropping a nub end or parking on a double yellow line for 20 seconds. Can’t have that, can we?

The street musician on the end of Queen Street had a lot of admirers as he twanged his, to me, horrible sounding guitar. He was trying to play classic style music, but it came out far too clangy if that’s the word. Mind you, I am tone deaf so he could have been playing good or got his friends to film him for Facebook. No one donated any money while I was there, though.

A while before the bus was due, I popped into Debenham’s to compare their prices with the ones I’d bought at Marks & Sparks. I got down into the menswear in their basement and spotted a rack, just one, with To Clear goods on it. They had sets of jammies there, reduced to only £49! What, £49 and on offer to explain! I eventually found the way out and limped up to the last L9 bus stop.

Had a chinwag with a lady there. She lives on Winchester Street, used Yorkshire tea bags and was intent on having a brew as soon as she gets in, she was weary. We discussed getting old and how we can’t do what we used to. Lovely lady. 

Said cheerio to her as I got off the bus, waved to her when I made my way to flats. Where a heavy duty session on the porcelain revealed no bleeding from either back or front. Pleased with that.

I decided I’d have Meg-Super sandwiches for tonight, got carried away and added some other bits. The sandwiches in production and the nosh prepared!


Carrot and Parsnip puffs, Marmite crisps, vinegar pea-rice, a banana and a Lemon Curd yoghourt. 9.64/10, super delicious it was! Ate it all as well, no wonder the weight had gone on Saturday morning. The pig motiff on the paper towel was most apt! Tsk!

Remembered I’d forgotten to look at the cameras today. Huh!

Got the TV on and fell asleep.

TTFN all.

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    • Thanks pet. I’ve not heard from Jane about how it went and feel a bit nervous of asking in case the worst has happened. Hearing nothing I fear the worst and don’t want to remind her. TTFN cheers. X

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