Inchcock: Thursday 23rd March 2017


Thursday 23rd March 2017

Tamil: வியாழக்கிழமை 3 வது மார்ச் 2017

Got out of the wobbly shaking unbalanced £300 second-hand recliner and off to the porcelain room. Very little sleep again last night.

I pondered on the dream, Olive’s condition and the banking fiasco, I felt more down than I have done for a good while. The thought of the Thursday Tenants Social Hour did not cheer me up.

Still, no bleeding again this morning. I got the nibbles and prizes for the Social Hout raffle ready.

Made a brew, took the medications and did the first Health Check.

Finished off and posted Wednesday’s Inchcock Today, did some graphicalisationing and started this one off.

Sneezing a bit this morning.

Worked on the graphics some more for hours.

Viewed the news about the cowardly killer in London. Words cannot help coming from me this time, or next time. Sadness is in my heart. I will try my best not to refer to this again in my blogs, it hurts so. Sorry.

Did my ablutions and readied the things, the raffle prizes and nibbles, for the Social Hour and set off, taking the glass jars to the recycling bin on the way. Everyone there seemed determined to have a good time this morning. Defiance I think? No one mentioned anything other than normal.

I gave 94-year-old Eddy a loaf of Polish bread, and he seemed happy to get it, bless him. Gave my raffle tickets to 86-year-old Bill (William on Sundays) and felt tickled pink when he won five prizes. I’ll give them (the raffle tickets) to some else next week. I enjoyed a few decent nattering sessions on the day.

Back to the flat and got the things in the bag to go to see the new Bank Manager in Sherwood. I’d got a new ID letter from the Council, but felt very confused as to what I was doing. I could do with some help really. I knew I had to try out the old replacement card from the old bank to make sure it worked. And I wanted to get clarification about what further ID was required. The new statement from the State Pension people had not yet, arrived.

4Thur05I met some new tenants on my way out. Two of them spoke and talked, the other was a bit aloof. Maybe through his being new?

To the end of the road, taking a lovely photo of the dock leaves and nettles coming into bloom.

Despite everything going on, I do appreciate the new growth that the coming of Spring brings with it.

4Thur06Just up the road a bit, I saw such beauty again in one of the tree’s roots and gave myself a moment or two admiring nature as I had not done before I moved into this flat and the amazing scenery and greenery that surrounds it.

I thought my struggle with the ailments, the bank and the depression are nothing compared to nature’s beauty in it’s fight each and every year.

4Thur07I turned the corner and down Winchester Street toward Sherwood, and took yet another photographicalisation that I found remarkable.

Pressed on hobbling down and over Mansfield Road and into the bank.

Joined the queue and tried to sort my brain out with what I had to ask. When my turn came, I approached the lady and asked if it was possible for me to have a word with the manager. I was informed he was away on holiday this week but would be back next week on Tuesday. I could have cried after all that effort sorting the paperwork and getting my head around things!

I departed after having a little none-insulting moan, to the lady.

Out and tried the card in the ATM, it accepted the old code, so at least I know I can get to the money now. I had feared the card might have gotten swallowed up by the machine. All were working.

Crossed over and down the hill and went into the Polish shop and got a small continental loaf and some roast belly pork with herbs.

Then up the hill and went into Wilko and bought Dettol, Lavender Antiseptic Disinfectant (Excellent value at £2 a bottle), Citrus Men’s Deodorant Even better value at 50p a small spray), Spectacle cleaner Not cheap, but very good, and a pot of Cod liver oil capsules Good value at 85p.

4Thur08Out and up the hill, over the top and down to the entrance to Woodthorpe Grange Park and through the gates, up the path.

The day was windy but not cold, and the sunshine, hazy at times was very pleasant.

Very few pets or people about as I entered.

The coming lush greenery was a pleasure to behold.

4Thur10A few hundred yards up the footpath and lady overtook me., then a Footpath Cyclist appeared

Then a Footpath Cyclist appeared at the top of the hill coming in my way direction.By the time I’d got my camera out.

By the time I’d got my camera out, he almost level with me.

This chap was definitely a candidate for the next Olympics. Give him credit, he did move to the other side of the path in time as he flashed by.2Tue09

The top of the hill as I turned right to go down by the Copse and the gravel footpath where I met 94-year-old Eddy feeding the birds the other day, the ground was mud covered and soggy?

I suppose there will be a logical, rational reason for this quagmire? But I can’t see why it was so at that moment?

I got into the flat and made use of the porcelain. Still no bleeding from either Little Inchy nor Haemorrhoid Harold. I was doing so well again healthwise. Only Anne Gyna was giving me much stick, even Duodenal Donald had eased off. So, no grievance in this department today.

I called Olive, gave it plenty of time ringing in case she was not moving very well, but no answer. I hope she is okay.

Updated this diary for an hour or two. Then tried ringing Olive again. Same situation, I am fretting, a bit now.

Did some FacebooFilmMarch17king.

Finished off the latest TFZer Film Production graphic, from Sandie Lentz Films.

Tried to make it a little surreal with putting things from different time periods on it.

Reasonably happy with it.

Rang Olive and got an answer. She was having family call and stay with her, so didn’t want me to visit her until Monday at the earliest. I felt so pleased she was getting help, especially from her loving family, but a little weakly sorry for myself that I could not call to see her, but I did understand, and she managed to tell me off a bit, and that’s a good sign.

05Thu12With mixed emotions, but gladness that she is home and sounding a bit better, I got the meal prepared.

Mushroom pate, beetroot, belly pork with herbs, soft and cheddar cheese, vegetable stuffing slices, pickled egg, soy mushrooms and some Marmite crisps. And bread and real butter. Followed by a luxury lemon curd yoghourt and a banana.

I couldn’t eat it all. But enjoyed what I did eat.

Suddenly feeling drained, I got the TV on (DVD still not working again, humph!) and promptly fell asleep.

TTFN all.

17 thoughts on “Inchcock: Thursday 23rd March 2017

  1. You were quite generous with your neighbors today. Great photos. You need a strap to carry your camera around your neck. Then it will be more at the ready for you. Bankers in Sherwood — it’s good you didn’t get crossed up with the Sheriff of Nottingham along the way. I must be off to venture back out into the cold and dark to check my irrigation water. I’ve been trying to flood the garden for six hours now and it’s barely halfway done. It’s so dry that the water moves ever slow slowly as it gets sucked up up by the dry soil before it can advance.

    • By gum it must be difficult for you to sort your garden out in these conditions. Any rain expected soon?
      I’m hoping to go to town later to get a replacement camera for the one I can no longer find… I know, sad innit? Humph!
      I’ll see if they have anything to use to hang it around me neck. The other old camera is a, er.. I’ll have a look at it Tim… Got it: A Sony Cyber-shot 3.5-6,3-129 (No idea what the figures mean) is a bit aged now, and I have to raise the flash to use it and it has fewer options than the lost one had. (Lumix). I never feel comfortable taking advice from not yet shaving salesmen, but I’ll ask questions before choosing one. TTFN and good luck with your soil!

      • 3.5 is the widest ƒ stop on the lens, 6,3-129 is the zoom range on the lens in mm. Probably equivalent to a 28mm to 590mm if it were a 35mm film camera. Finished watering at 02:30.

      • Thanks.
        Can I use your knowledge again please. I’ve found the new camera!That one says on the front of the lens: DC Varo-Elmar 1.3-3.6 4/4.3-129 ASPH. Not that I anticipate understanding fully the answer, but this camera seems to focus quicker and is easier to use, I think?
        Watering until 0230hrs, a job and a half that Tim! What is your Zip Code Sir, I’d like to have a look on Google maps if you don’t mind. Cheers, tanks.

      • Zip is 87048. The DC Varo-Elmar is a Leica lens (not to be confused with the red haired AC/DC Trans Vario-Elmo). 1.3-3.6 ƒ-stop range is great. 1.3 is really fast, and will let you do indoor and low light photos very well. It also has a wider angle on the wide-end of the zoom at 4.3mm. I’m guessing equivalent to about 24mm maybe even 20mm in 35mm film. Is it a Lumix camera by chance?

      • It is a Lumix Tim. Some of the controls/options are beyond my understanding, but I love it to bits. I almost cried when I found it again. Hehe!
        May I ask (simplest answer please) what a stop range is?
        I took a photograph of a blossom tree this morning a good distance away, similar to one I took the other day with the Sony and it is so much more clear and defined.
        Hope the soil is holding the water better?
        Cheers Sir. TTFN

      • The f-stop range is the aperture openings in the lens. The smaller the number (like ƒ/1.3) the wider or larger the aperture opening and the more light it lets hit the film plane or sensor in digital cameras. The smaller the number (like ƒ/16) the smaller the aperture opening and less light is allowed to reach the film plan/sensor. The shutter speeds (from a few seconds to 1/2000 or faster) work in combination with the f-stops on the lens to create an exposure. You used to have to set it all manually, but cameras do it very well automatically these days.

        All is well with dry soils not wet.

      • Thanks Tim. I copied this for when (If) I need a new camera to select.
        Your info got me looking at cameras on the web.
        Saw some called Compact (Mirrorless) System Cameras, didn’t understand all the description of them mind. A good option are they Sir? I could not see an eye viewer on the photo though. TTFN

      • Many of the mirrorless cameras do not have view finders. You use the screen on the back on the camera, or in the case of some of the Leicas, Canon and Lumix “rangefinder” cameras you can a get an electronic viewfinder (EVF) that fits on the hot shoe (flash mount) on to of the camera. It’s a mini screen you see in an EFV.

        The DSLR style mirrorless cameras have an EVF built in. You do not actually look through the lens like a DSLR (digital single lens reflex). DSLRs require a mirror and pentaprism to reverse the image you see through the viewfinder from left to right and turns the image right side up. Otherwise, if you look through a lens on a ground glass, the image is upside down and reversed. A mirrorless camera uses screens and live view for the user to see the image the lens sees.

        While my main profession cameras are high-end Canon DSLRs, I got my first mirrorless digital camera, a Lumix GF1, in 2010. That camera got damaged in 2012, so I bought one of the first Fujifilm X-Pro1’s that were available in 2012, and basically I wore it out. I recently purchased a Fujifilm X-E1 digital mirrorless camera.

        I have actually used mirrorless cameras for many years before digital mirrorless cameras came out. I used 4X5 and 8X10 view cameras starting in the 1980’s and I still have two 4X5 mirrorless film cameras. I also had a Leica rangefinder film camera for many years. Rangefinder cameras that use film are mirrorless, as well.

        The advantage to the mirrorless cameras is they generally have larger sensors, such as four thirds (Lumix, Olympus and some Leicas), aps-c (most mirrorless cameras) or full-frame (Leica and Sony mostly). Larger sensors give you more dynamic range, which especially helps with controlling light, white and dark, black areas in the photos.

      • Thanks Tim. I think I’ve chosen a suitable one this morning. Nikon B700. The chap said it has an eye viewer and will be good for distance shots with it’s 60x. It was on offer at £300 down from £369. Bought a carrier that he said would suit it.
        I’m not opening it yet, left it in the box for later when I can concentrate on it. The Lumix is going alright and i do not have to learn anything about it that I need to know. If you see what I mean?
        Just got back from town.
        You’ve had some class stuff, suppose you need it really.
        All the best.

      • That B700 has a huge zoom range with a 35mm equivalent of 24-1,440mm. 60x gives you some real compensation to woo the lady’s with. Enjoy that camera.

  2. Glad your were able to talk to Olive, I had been a bit worried myself when you were unable to raise her twice. Good that her family is helping her out while she is under the weather. <3

    • It is thanks gal. I feel a bit useless and redundant now the family are there, but so glad they are. Does that make sense to you?
      I feel so glad she’s got help, yet sad she doesn’t need me. But think I can understand her situation bless her.

      • I totally understand where you’re coming from there, always nice to be needed, but it’s also good that others can help out too (even if they get in the way of us being handy) <3

      • You put that well, wish I’d said it like that now.
        Family with her now, so she can relax and be pampered as she deserves!
        TTFN thanks X

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