Inchcock Today: Wednesday 22nd March 2017 – Oddest dream ever… I think?


Wednesday 22nd March 2017

Ukrainian:  Середа 22 березня 2017

0325hrs: Up, out of the £300 second-hand recliner and onto the porcelain thrown by 0332hrs, it was urgent! Hehe! Once again things were doing alright bleeding-wise in the front and rear of this ever growing more-flobby-body. Although Little Inchy was red, inflamed and sore, there was no bleeding at all again.

Carried out the health checks, the weight was up again, though.


Everything else looked okay mind.

Made a brew, looked for the blue mug a while before remembering I’d dropped and broken it yesterday. Humph!

Computer started and WordPressing commenced; Finished off yesterday’s and got it posted. Had a WordPress viewing session. During which I came across this one posted by mate Duncan MadHatters – Toddlers nighttime activities Worth a look cause it’ll make you smile without a doubt.

Unfortunately, when I watched it and saw there was a sound to it, I had to put the headphones on to listen and it was just Benny Hill background music, it only goes for a couple of minutes, but during this time, the poor old Morrison delivery driver rang the intercom to be let into the flats – and I didn’t hear him of course. He had to ring the landline and tell me. Still, he alright about it when he got here and I showed him the video clip, he had to laugh and smile.

I had a wash and clean-up early, in case the palaeontologist arrives early.. hang on… palaeontologist? that’s not right, is it? Can’t remember the new title they have now, but I meant Susan the Chiropodist.

Left the socks off in readiness, but that was not a good idea, I started sneezing regularly.

Put the goods away then started this blog off.

Then onto Facebook, made some graphics to use first.


To the porcelain for a heavy duty session… again? Still no bleeding, good!

The foot lady Susan arrived. I got more pain from her than I did the dentist when I had a filling last week. Hehe! But she is beautiful and charming. We had a gossip and laugh as she applied the agony. She then toyed with the TV DVD buttons and got the thing working again! So glad and grateful I was at the time.

After she departed, I found I still can’t pause, fast forward or backwards, or change the sound on the DVD? 

When she’d gone, I had a search for and collection of the shot-away nail clippings – amazing how far they go. I half expected to find another rock-hard escapee garden pea. Hehe!

Tried watching the Boon DVD, but with being unable to adjust the volume, or stop and go back to listen again to something I was not sure of, I gave up, no pleasure in watching it like that. Shame.

I called Olive, but bad news there. She didn’t want any visitors as she was so unwell. The heart sank. She said she was going into hospital in the morning for investigations into her new ailment. She’d be back after around 1400hrs and I could ring again then to see if she was up to letting me call on her. A prayer was said, something I rarely do, but just felt it might help. My spirits sank.

3Wed06I got the fodder going and ended up with a super successful meal, but could not enjoy it.

The cheesy potatoes came out almost perfect, but I was not in the mood to appreciate this.

A put some antiseptic cream on the burnt finger. Tsk!

After eating and doing the washing up, I updated the Health Checklist and settled to watch some TV – now that will let me use the remote and change options, but not the DVD?

3Wed07When I went to the porcelain room, I was sure I could hear a rumbling noise. No bleeding again, that was nice.When I came out the reason for the noise became apparent, it was thunder.

When I came out the reason for the noise became apparent, it was thunder.

The sky was dark, but no rain whatsoever, and the thunder lasted for a while? I got up and onto the computer and made a representation of the 3Wed08adream.

I think I was arguing over something with the hand coming through the gap in the clouds and up popped, I assumed, Jesus who promptly started telling me why I would not make it into heaven?

Details of the banking farce came into the lecture, my falling into the canal as a nipper and I think he told me off for not taking a good enough picture of his sky?


6 thoughts on “Inchcock Today: Wednesday 22nd March 2017 – Oddest dream ever… I think?

  1. I wondered for a moment what you could possibly need with a paleontologist, LOL. Oh no, poor Olive, I’m keeping her in my prayers. Jesus seemed a bit nitpicky, what with all the little things he wanted to bar you for, lol.

    • Bless you flower, thanks.
      I could suppose have changed the wrongly written word (No idea how I did though, Hehe) but where’s the fun in that, best let the world know I’m a Whoopsiedangleplop ridden clot, in the hopes of some expert giving me help and advice, and giving someone a laugh at the same time. Haha!
      Cheers. XXX

      • I have found some of the most hilarious moments I’ve had relate to slip ups like that. Laughter is good for the soul. Some of my verbal slips & my husband’s are immortalized by our continued usage. Hope you’re well today <3

      • Started a lot better this morning thank you pet. Until I stabbed myself with the steak knife. Hehe! Only the tiniest of cuts, but down the back of the nail. Hurts when I type now, had to be the index finger of course.
        Can’t pick my nose now. Hahaha!
        Laughter is essential I reckon.
        Thanks and have a Whoopsiedangleplop free day.

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