Inchcock Today: Tuesday 21st March 2017- Whoopsiedangleplop Ridden!


Tuesday 21st March 2017

Finnish: Tiistai 21 maaliskuu 2017

During the night, I thought I had woken and written down some notes about the dream I’d been having… When I woke and stirred at 0325hrs, I could find no note – perhaps I’d imagined I’d dreamed of making the record?

So I got out of the £300 second-hand shaking and shuddering recliner chair (Like myself, I 2Tue001adon’t think it has long left, Hehe) took off the wonderfully warm cover and the cushions and searched all over for it, in the certainty that I actually did write it. Guess what I found? Think food…

Yes, another of the escaped and hidden garden peas from when I dropped the dinner plate last week.

Rock hard it was. I had to smile to myself! The cleaning ladies, if cleaning is the right word to use here, had taken everything off of the chair as I asked them to in cleaning it for the first time since they had been coming, stripped it they did, and they didn’t find it. As I didn’t when I looked under the chairs with a torch after the Whoopsiedangleplop occurred? People were talking about ants taking over the world, but what about the garden pea danger? Orbb 80, a wonderfully caring and humourous blogger on WordPress knows about the danger, she warned me in a comment. Honestly!

I made a brew and got the computer on.

Feeling a tad more content this morning, up to now like. Worried about Olive, though, I’ll call her at a reasonable time, just to see if she is okay and if there is anything I can do to help. She is going out with her daughter today so I might not catch her in.

I changed the Morrisons order I’ve got in with them. Took two items off and added six. The banking fiasco going on, I’m surprised they are still accepting the card, that’s why I added some things, just in case the card fails later.

1Mon08I was summoned to the porcelain for a heavy duty session. Splendid, no bleeding from either front or rear! Arthur Itis was hardly noticeable, Duodenal Daniel was not bad at all, Reflux Roger was active, but this was not due to the valve sticking and not painful in the slightest; This wind was due to last nights nosh I’m sure. Hehe! Hernia Harry was all calm too. Only Anne Gyne with her new pain on the left chest and up under the left arm was giving me any real grief, and that was far less than last night.

So, things medically were far easier today.

Worries me a bit that, mind. Haha!

2Tue04The only concern was my so regular visitations to the WC, where’s it all coming from, I’ve only had half a small mug of tea?

Bravely I made another cup of tea.

Then I took a photographicalisation from the kitchen window. All looked so calm, no rain belting down, no high winds howling yet either.

Not a soul in sight, no moving vehicles, lovely and peaceful.

Got on with finishing yesterday’s diary and started this one off.

Did some blogging and commenting on WordPress. Took a while catching up.

Then onto Facebooking.

Graphic creation next, I made a start on the next TFZ series, but only got two completed and it was time for me to do the ablutions if I am to go out for a wander and window shop.

Wrapped up well and set off down to the bus stop (Oh, I do appreciate my free pensioner’s bus pass).

Another bit of a Whoopsiegangleplop here (I know, sad);

The bus was in, and I jumped on it (Well when I say jumped… hehe) it moved off immediately, and got out the crossword book and realised later, it was the City Centre Bus and not the Arnold bus I was travelling on.

“Nae bother!” I said to myself, hearing my old neighbour and best mate Jock Kirkpatric’s voice saying the same thing, and I revelled in the memories that flooded back to me of those days of life, love and laughter and fishing holidays, now long gone.

No morose memories and they did not get me feeling sorry for myself or unhappy, just so appreciative that I met and palled up with this older man from Stromness in the Orkneys, who became a gunner on the bombers in the second world war, and ended up as a part of my life as a next door neighbour and an example and guide to me, bringing so much to admire and respect.

I waffled a bit there, but that is how I felt at that time, proud to have known him. I anticipate when I go, he will have got a job at St Peter’s gate and will make sure I get through to join him if he can. Hehehe!

It dawned on me then as I looked around that I was on the wrong bus… Again! Stayed on and went to the City Centre and had an aimless wander around for a while, taking some photographs as I did.

2Tue08Not too many folks around today. Plenty of street artists, beggars, Big Issue Sellers and pavement cyclists, though.

I did a circular walk around the Slab Square, feeling amazingly calm in myself?

Making my way back to the start point, I called in the book shop and had a perusal, but they had nothing that drew my interest.

2Tue07Then had a nosey in Marks & Spencers food hall – and came out buying nothing!

Felt a bit chuffed with my new found resilience to spending.

Came down Long Row and foolishly strayed into the Primark store. Where an incident took place that took me back to the Security working days. (Full of memory prompting today was?) I went into the ladies section to get some 2Tue05photographs to use on the TFZer site graphic series. That was when I saw a family of Mum, Dad and four kids, Mam was shoving things into the pram of the youngest child and covering them up. This was in the fashion clothing section. For some stupid reason, I followed them.

As the Dad decided to join in and was putting an imitation fur something or other behind the kid, Mother spotted me watching… said something to Dad, they both gave me a stare for a few seconds, and I got out my mobile phone and pretended to use it as an RT.

After a few words, they got all the stuff hidden in the pram behind the child out and just dropped them on the floor in the aisle, then partly kicked them under some display racking.

They then calmly made their exit from the store, seemingly laughing with each other as they went through the doors?

Naughty people!

I went up to the Gents department to have a look to see if they had any of the ‘loose fitting’ cotton underpants on sale. They did, and I got two packs of three, to replace the ones I could not find in the flat. I was so sure I’d bought a bag of this type of undies from Asda a while ago, but don’t seem able to locate them. Nothing new there, mind, Tsk!

Back to the bus stop and didn’t have long to wait for the L9 bus, which whisked me back to the flat. Bill (William on Sundays) from the flats whom I sit with at the Tenants Social Hour got on. Later I moved and sat next to him for a gossip. He looked exhausted.

2Tue09Back at the flats, the wind was howling, the sun disappeared, and the rain just starting, missed it nicely, by the time I’d got in and up the lift and into the flat, it was belting down!

Got the oven on warming ready for me to cook the crisscrossed smokey bacon and vegetarian sausages to have with the flavoured tomatoes for my meal of the day.

As I was throwing away the empty can, I caught the finger end on the edge of the cut metal edge and got a cut down between the finger and nail. Don’t half bleed those types of cuts, Hehe!

For my next Whoopsiedangleplop: I put a Boon DVD into the slot on the TV, and it refused to play? It went to the opening screen with the option to play, but no response when I pressed the button to play, would move between options on the screen either? Unsure of the problem, I changed the batteries in the remote thingy. Still no joy. Turned off the set and rebooted, tried again, same frozen screen. Tried another DVD, same thing. I reckon I can safely say, the DVD drive thing is now Kaputt! Humph! 

Went onto the TV mode and the things worked as normal. But could I nod off as normal? No! Which is a good job, ’cause I smelt the bacon burning!

2Tue10I rescued the bacon and sausages and dished them up with some mushrooms in the new deep dish.

I thought this fodder looked like it was going to be great tasting.

It wasn’t!

The bacon was burnt on the outside and undercooked on the inside, the flavoured tomatoes tasted terrible (No idea what I put in wrong?). The bread had gotten dried and hard around the edges. The sausages were very nice, as was the Lemon Curd yoghourt.

In slightly lower mood now, I went to wash up the pots as they say. A farcical Whoopsiedangleplopped event if ever I’d had one!

  • Dropped and broke the blue mug…
  • Opened the cut in the finger when I caught it on the knife in the washing up bowl…
  • Banged my knee against the door handle on the cupboard under the sink and started Arthur Itis off, and he’s enjoying himself even now the following morning…
  • Finally the last in this series of Whoopsiedangleplops: Bent down to put the washing up liquid back in the under sink storage and hit my head on the sink!

2Tue09aThen, I spotted the bag with the underpants still inside.

So I thought I’d put the in the hanging fabric space saver thingy on the clothes rack.

This was when I found the Asda Loose Fitting cotton underpants I figured I’d lost before… What a Plonka!

I did notice, that the Asda ones were £10 for three and the Primark £4.50 for three?

Both claim to be Cotton Rich loose fit Boxers, but the Asda one being Jersey Cotton Rich loose fit Boxers?

At least, I should have enough Cotton Rich loose fit Boxers to see me out now!

Unless I lose them again? Hehe!

On and off, more off than on, I struggled to watch some TV programmes, five minutes here, ten minutes there.

Soon nodded off proper for a few hours…

2 thoughts on “Inchcock Today: Tuesday 21st March 2017- Whoopsiedangleplop Ridden!

  1. I do hope Olive is feeling better, especially if she’s getting out & about like that. Oh those mischievous peas are still up to no good & you’re kitchen was certainly giving you the business as well. Wishing you good fortune <3

    • Her family always gives her lifts and she often uses her wheelchair when shopping with her clan.
      Rang Olive yesterday, and got an answer. She was having family call and stay with her, so didn’t want me to visit her until Monday at the earliest.
      I felt so pleased she was getting help, especially from her loving family, but a little weakly sorry for myself that I could not call to see her, but I did understand, and she managed to tell me off a bit, and that’s a good sign.
      Thanks flower. TTFN X

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