Inchcock Today – Sunday 16th April 2017

Sunday 16th April 2017

Slovak: Nedeľa 16.Apríla 2017


Woke around 0400hrs, and lay thinking of the many dreams I’d had since the one about Rudolph Hess after midnight, without any luck, no details could be forced from my twisted and very confused this morning, brain. No note found, well, there was one, but I couldn’t read a word of the two lines I’d scribbled.

0445hrs: A headache lurked, and it was a cracker. I thought I might try to get off back to sleep, so I tried. I failed. I passed some wind and extracted myself from the £300 second-hand dangerously shuddering recliner, had a mini-dizzy as I hobbled to the porcelain throne, Whoopsiw02 stubbing my toe on the way.

The heavy duty task at hand seem to make my headache worse? Little Inchy had bled a tiny bit, but Haemorrhoid Harold, having been in free-flow mood caused me to have to put the jammie bottoms in the bucket to soak. Humph!

Had a rinse and got the kettle on the boil.7Sun02a

Made a mug of strong tea and took the morning medications, along with an extra Codeine for the head and Senna for the stubborn heavy duty sessions.

Rubbed some of the pain gel into the left hand, the knees and under the arm.

Oil in the ears, made up next weeks medication pots and got the sphygmomanometer out and did the Health Checks.


7Sun01aLooks okay I think? Apart from the weight perhaps?

Many wee-wees had to be tended to this morning.

I suddenly had a thought (Impressive eh?). Are there any buses on duty tomorrow so I can get to the camera lesson, it being a holiday like?

I looked up the L9 service on the web. Botheration and damnation! A Sunday Service for all routes – which means no L9 buses at all! Another long hobble to face!

Whoopsiw02 The tea had gone cold, so I made another mug and managed to drop the milk as I took it out of the fridge.

I blame Arthur Itis for this! Huh!

Did some WordPress reading. Some good stuff published today.

Went onto Facebook, fingers crossed… Slow, but working.

Emails sorted out. Tried again on the web to find out if buses are running tomorrow or not. Failed!

CorelDraw andittivated some graphics for the TFZer site;


Whoopsiw02 Changing myself ready to get into the shower, I leant foolishly against the clothes air-dryer to keep my balance while stripping off the socks and it collapsed. Facilitating my ending up in an unseemly pile on the floor with my arm somehow threaded through the heating bars of the dryer. Disentangling myself was interesting. This started off Anne Gyna. The newly bent and misshaped heater seemed to be still working, though. Humph! I tried rebending some back into shape. I failed.

Decided to have the meal early today. Got the oven on and put the battered fishcakes in to warm up. Got the potatoes boiling away.

Watched a Carry-On film for a while on channel 10 Freeview.

7Sun05Put the herbed tomato sauce in the pan and added the pasta thingies with mushrooms into it.

Laid it out with the Surimi fish whatsits and a banana and lemon yoghourt for afters.

Apart from the pasta things and sauce being overcooked, the potatoes undercooked, the fishcakes overcooked on too low heat, the banana having a black streak through it inside; the Lemon yoghourt was nice. Tsk!What a mess I made of this meal!

What a mess I made of this meal!

There were several Carry-On films on the same channel, and I tried to watch them, but only managed it with ‘Carry On Up the Khyber’. Nodding off sessions were rampant. Haha!

Wee-wee visits were made regularly throughout the day. Made me think about when I walk into town in the morning for the camera lesson. And will I get a bus back? I can’t walk both ways? The hobble will take about an hour and a quarter. Wee-wee containing might be a problem, I think.

Oligarch Obergruppenfureress Jenny called while I was on the porcelain throne before showering. Which normally I would not have heard, but I had to nip out to collect a fresh pair of protection undies and heard the mobile. She told me that there would be no need for anyone to change their address. I thanked her for informing me and avoided any forthcoming lectures and admonishments by telling the truth and told her I had to get back to the small room. I knew by mentioning my concerns over the renaming of the flats to any other tenant it would get back to her. She reminds me off Ena Sharples, caring but misunderstood. Bless her.

Now I have to face her on Wednesday next when the free fish & chip meal session takes place in Arnold. Or earlier if my cunning plans to avoid her fail.

Back into the wetroom and did the ablutions.

Back to the goggle-box and more Carry On films to fall asleep to.

Looking at the clock later, it seemed it was still only 1810hrs?

I realised an hour or so later when I again observed the clock and it was still indicating 1810hrs, that the battery had gone and died. (I’m quick ain’t I… Hehe!) Changed the battery in the clock and returned with a mug of orange juice to the £300 second-hand wobbly recliner and settled again. Whoopsiw02 Spilling it as I sat down. Cleaned up the mess, and it was a good thing I had to as well.

Whoopsiw02 As I went into the kitchen to get the cleaning accoutrements I saw that I’d left the ring on the stove burning hot. A bit of luck there! Took the medications.

Sorted the mess out and settled once again in the now sticky damp chair cover, I started to watch “It’ll be alright on the night 2” on the box. First commercial break and I drifted off into kip.