Inchcock – Sunday 23rd April 2017


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Sunday 23nd April 2017

Lao: ວັນອາທິດວັນທີ 23 ເມສາ 2017

Woke 0335hrs, still feeling bad about myself and guilty. Had some silly thoughts, that didn’t sound as silly as yesterday’s did with my brain. No dream memories, but I just knew they were morbid?

Out of the £300 second-hand recliner and to the porcelain throne. No bleeding from Haemorrhoid Harold or Little Inchy. But Duodenal Donald was still giving me some hammer.

Made a brew and took the morning medications. Did the Health Checks, all looked okay to me? (I later got messages on Facebook from edumacated people assuring me of this, I thank them).

The computer was turned on, and finished last weeks check-list and added these mornings.


I did the diary for yesterday then started this one going.

Got the shakes bad when I was making another mug of tea, Dizzy Dennis was in a hyper mood for ages… well, a few minutes and he doesn’t usually stay this long. The vision blurred badly this time as well?

7Sun06cTook this photograph, this rather blurred, not one of my bestest photographs from the kitchen window.

Nipped in for a wee-wee, and found Little Inchy had started bleeding again.

Cleaned and medicated the lesion.

The tea had gone cold by then, so I made another one and put some potatoes in the saucepan. Had to remove the sprouts from them first. Tsk!

Did some WordPressing.

Back to doing the diaries.

Sister rang as I was just sat brooding staring blankly at the computer screen and hating myself – cheered me up, although I was having difficulty in hearing her with the one working hearing aid. Funny that, cause I had the phone to the ear-hole with the batteries working? At least Forest won for her.

FilmLWent on Facebook and made up an album of TFZ’s Sandra film production graphics. Then made another one.

Needed to concentrate, so as to avoid brooding, sulking and self-hatred, so I forced myself to do another graphic to weigh on.

Made a Spot-the-Differences graphic. Lost count doing it myself, Tsk! Think there’s nine.

COM Gladys

Did some more WordPressing.1Mon03

Got the nosh ready, no bother, a salad again.

Got the ablutions done.

Watched some Gogglebox rubbish.

Sleep was hard to come by again tonight, eventually getting off into the land of much needed nod for a couple of hours, I sprang awake at 0255hrs – and  did the laundry.