Inchcock – Tuesday 11th April 2017: Dizzies, Whoopsiedangleplops, bleeding and Accifaupas galore. Humph!

Tuesday 11th April 2017

Lithuanian: Antradienis 11-asis balandžio 2017

0404hrs: Woke, annoyed I could not recall the dreams, only that they were not nice.

Out of the nervous making rattling shuddering unstable £300 second-hand recliner. Kettle on. To the porcelain throne, painful and bloody passing again.

Made a mug of tea and took the morning medications.

Glad to see that I had left a note on the TV to remind me of the camera lesson at the  Jessops store today.

Carried out the Health Checks, looking fine this time: Sys 145 – Dia 75 – Pulse 79 -Temperature 36.6 – Weight 14.8.

The computer activated and finalised yesterday’s diary and posted it.

Made a start on this one.

Did some Facebooking.

Got the ablutionisationing done and took the rubbish bags to the chute, and had time to update this a bit and do a little WordPressing before I had to go down to get the bus into town.

Jolly good chinwag with some of the other tenants in the lobby before we all tripped off to the bus stop.

I was the only one going on the town bus. Got the crossword book out, the Daily Sun one, which should have been easier for me to do, but the print is so small, thought I might have a look in the cheap book shop later to see if they any in bigger print in stock.

Got off the bus and walked over the road and went into Boot’s to see if they had any ear wax remover. This, because one hearing aid tube had perished. I was struggling to hear things and knew I had excessive wax, which I usually use the Olive oil to treat, but had foolishly missed doing so for a couple of days, and thought Boot’s remover would do the job quicker. Anway I thought, I’m going up to the Audio Centre after the camera lesson and can get new tubes and batteries. Then: Thud, it hit me! Another Whoopisedangleplop! I’d forgotten to take the Authorising Book with me – Gnaperplnkdam! So I could not get the things today!

Anyway, I investigated the supply and costs of the Eye Spray, thinking this might help with the difficulties I’m having reading the subtitles and programme details on the TV. The cheapest one was £18.99 for a 10ml spray. Too much! I did get an ear-wax remover though at £3.89.

Out of the Boot’s store and into Victoria Shopping (Mall) Centre and in the Market for a wander around, cause I2Tue001a had a plenty of time before the tutoring session.

Noted that they were erecting a nibbling for the juniors area.

Bet this is going to be mayhem later?


2Tue03Up the escalator and took this photo of the hanging in the air mannequins.

The market was not very busy again, but I espied some fresh pod peas on sale! Hurrah!

I asked the lady for a pound, and she asked if I was sure? Yes, I replied.

I realised what she meant when she asked me for £2.50! That’s, USD $3.20 – Aus $ 4.15 – Can $ 4.18 a pound! Blimus, worra price!


Limped out of the mall over the walkway above Upper Parliament Street taking this photographicalisation en route.

Down and into the Pound Shop and had a wander around.

Got some nibbles for the Social Hour on Thursday and some Dettol Orange scented spray.

The feet were getting painful, but I knew not why?

Meandered to the Jessop Camera Shop and eventually, an assistant asked what I wanted. Told her about the lesson and she said the man would be with me shortly, which he was. The bad news? The room was up three flights of stairs! The tootsies suffered, and Anne Gyna introduced herself into the equation. Tsk!

I must have looked poorly, because after five minutes the young chap asked if I was alright, and I wasn’t. He kindly offered to change the lesson to another day at no extra cost. Which was very welcome being as I apparently looked very pale he said, offering to call an ambulance. I thanked him and took him up on a new date when I should have the hearing aids sorted, and that would make things easier for me.

Within minutes of hobbling out of the store, I felt a lot better2Tue09a in myself. I wandered into a Sports Direct Shop, didn’t realise until I got in that it was for the younger generation, however, I did see they had some what they called, Everlast Crew Sweat thingamabobs on sale at 2 for £10.

They looked warm and comfortable, and they had them in XL too, so I invested in a couple.

It took that long at the pay-point I missed the bus back to the

So I took a painful hobble around the City Centre, to kill time until the next bus was due in.


On to Long Row, listened to some Street Artist banging out rubbish music and took the time to appreciate Nottingham’s most famous architect, Watson Fothergill.

I popped into the store in his building and bought a TV magazine for next week.

2Tue07 Fifteen minutes to go until the bus was due, I went into The Works bookshop and had a look around for some bigger print crossword books.

Managed to find some as well, and they were a good price… mind you the one’s I bought three months ago from there were too…

But can I find them? No!

2Tue11Up Queen Street and to the bus stop. A bit of a kerfuffle here today. The bus stop is shared between three routes, and it is finely tuned to handle them all, so if anyone is late, they are all late because those behind cannot pull up to pick passengers and have to go around the block again. Although some drivers go passed them, not picking them up. Hehe! The L9 did today though he was well late by the time he pulled off. I am amazed at how they cope with it all.

Caught the bus, had to go out into the middle of the road along with other passengers, but we got it. Had a go at the old small print crosswords en route.

Back at the flats, an urgent, mark one, Defcon two wee-wee was tended to. Hahaha!

Got the potatoes boiling in the saucepan. Put the shirts and other things away and found the written note the Jessop’s lad had done for me with the date and time of the 2Tue09rearranged lesson on it… eventually. I thought it was in the bag, but no.

Finally, I found it in the coat pocket.

Recorded it in the Google Calendar.

Got this diary updated, made a mug of tea and took the evening medications, passed the wind and just made it to the porcelain throne in time… Phew! But far much worse was found… Little Inchy had been bleeding away, and the lesion was torn open as bad as it ever has been! I think this might put an end to the operation plans now? The cleansing and Betamethasone cream was applied, but I had to do it all again a few minutes later.  

More extra washing to do now! Must get the mass of laundry done in the morning.

2Tue14Carried on Chronicalisationing, then got the meal prepared.

Despite the aches and pains, bleeding Little Inchy and a dizzy spell or two, I enjoyed the meal.

So tired and drained, I only stayed awake for the first part of Heartbeat, going off into the dream-world at the first commercial break!

What a day, Humph!