Inchcock – Wednesday 26 April 2017


Wednesday 26 April 2017

Afrikaans: Woensdag 26 April 2017

Stirred around 0400hrs, no dream memories at all. Out of the £300 second-hand recliner (Worked smoothly without any shakes and shudders this morning too!) and off to the Porcelain Throne. All okay there, no bleeding from the front or rear end, and things went easily, perhaps a bit too easily, but absolutely no pain during the process.

Did the Health Checks next. Sys 161, Dia 73, Pulse 85, Temperature 35.5 and the weight was down again! 14.10lb.

3Wed01Began to worry about if the Hygiene ladies would visit today.

Got a good few reminders on the calendar for today.

Mind you, tomorrow’s ‘Things to Do’ list is even busier.

Not sure how I committed myself to the Fish & Chips meal with a gang of other tenants today, though.

I’m not an eater-outer usually. I think Penny might have scared me into going. Hehehe!

She rang last night to remind me not 3Wed04to miss the 1130hrs bus, bless her.

Made a mug of tea and got the diary finished and posted, then started on this one to here.

Made a list of things to remember when I go out later – it was still there when I got back hours later. Tsk!

Done some WordPressing then I visited Facebook. Middle of posting Facebook became unresponsive the message said. Tsk! Came back on, though.

Graphics I did yesterday added to the TFZer site and put in albums.




On the last one, I tried to make it look like Lyzzi on the right was jumping up. Failed!

Carried out the ablutions.

No nurse arrived.

Washed some cleaning rags out and put them on the airer.

None of the Hygiene Ladies arrived.

Got the empty jars and bottles and went down and out to the recycle bin with them, then back into the foyer and waited for the bus with the other tenants going on the Free’ Nosh trip to Arnold.

3Wed05We piled on when the bus arrived and Penny gave a little lecture for a few minutes; I could not hear her and asked the cheery lady sat in front of me if it was anything important. She smiled and just said: “No dear!”

Had a bit of a dizzy after getting off the bus and during the little walk to the restaurant.

Couldn’t join in any conversations properly, other than with the chap sat next to me, so when those around laughed I laughed… that sort of thing.

The meal arrived in a convoy of servers and boy would you believe how some of them tenants ate so quickly. I had to take my time, partly due to Duodenal Donald and I needed to watch the others so I knew what cutlery to use and how to eat the food without embarrassing missen.

Battered haddock, mushy peas and chips. It didn’t look very appetising, but it tasted wonderful. Donald started grumbling before I finished, so I left a little of it. (Not much, mind, Hehe!)

I departed as some had done earlier, and went into Asda and had a wander around for ages. Had to take care not to allow any escapes of wind, as Reflux Roger joined in with Duodenal Donald giving some rotten attacks. Huh!

Ended up buying Fish Sticks, 4 miniature pork pies with pickle and next week,s TV paper – the buying of the magazine reminded me to look at the DVD players – Yes, I bought one. Not sure if I could handle setting it up, but the bloke two flats away said he would show me if I struggled to get it going.

To the bus stop and back to the apartment, in pain and well tired-out.

P1170430Wee-wee, kettle on and got the DVD thingy out and set it together okay, plugged it in, and the Jonathan Creek DVD started!

Needs a bit of colour, screen options and contrast sorting out later, when I find out how to do it.

Got the computer on to update this here diary, like.

Then did Facebook catch up.

The last Health Checks were done: Sys 171, Dia 75, Pulse 81, Temp 36.1. Sys high again, but I’m going to see the Doctor in the morning so can tell him/her. Then get back for the Tenants Social Hour hopefully, then out to the bank, then to the Clinic.

Not too good now, rumbling innards, the odd Dizzy Dennis visit, and the depression deepened. But Anne Gyna and Arthur Itis were both being kind to me… I think, sometimes it is hard to identify which are Duodenal Donald’s and Anne Gyna’s pains. Int life confusing sometimes? Hehe!

Settled to watch some of the DVD and toyed with it as I watched. Not successfully mind. I find now, I have to change (On the TV) the audio settings between watching TV and using the DVD. But not to worry, at least I can view a DVD now. Watched some Jonathan Creek episodes, but weariness (But why, I haven’t done much today?) took over and I turned off the set and box and was soon away dreaming.

TTFN all.