Inchcock – Saturday 29th April 2017


Saturday 29th April 2017

Malagasy: Asabotsy 29 Aprily 2017

0400hrs: After lying for a good while trying to recall the dreams, without much luck, I rose and disentangled myself from the £300 second-hand recliner to go for a wee-wee.

Immediately I put on the footwear, the mystery of last night’s escaped potato was solved. I found it in the slipper and squashed it with my tootsies. I took the slipper with me into the wetroom and cleaned it along with my toes. Not easy getting down to clean out the potato flesh under the nail I can tell you. Tsk!

This reminded me that Susan, the foot lady, podiatrist, foot doctor, or chiropodist is due this coming Wednesday. I made sure I put her payment money on the side, so as not to forget it when she arrives.

Performed the Porcelain Throne duties without finding anything bleeding at all… Good start I thought.

6Sat01bCarried out the sorting of next weeks medication pots then did the Health Checks.

The Sys was up again, but the weight was down once more.

I suppose all the hassle and hobbling around I’ve done over the last two days must have helped in this reduction?

Made a mug of tea and took the photograph at the top and added the potato. Hehe!

Duodenal Donald, who had not bothered me up until now this morning, started to kick in with some terrible stabs, so I took an extra Omeprazole capsule and a big gulp of the Antacid. I know they took me off Aludrox ages ago because it was they thought, causing constipation and diarrhoea. But at least it was effective-ish. Wish I had some now. Hey-ho!

I finished and posted yesterday’s diary and started this one off.

Did some WordPress reading.

Went on Facebook.

Started to create some graphics to use on the TFZer site and for Lynton and Martin.


Then did this one for the TFZers.


Started another one off.

CorelDraw 2017 froze. Gave up.

An idle afternoon, Facebooking, WordPressing, passing wind, YouTube and general internet searching.


Got the meal sorted.

Settled to watch a DVD and drifted off before it had loaded on the machine thingy…

And had a dream that kept changing all the time from one scenario to another.

One, I was back in school, all the bad things being recalled, but I was still old? Then into what was like a Western Movie and I was directing it. I played a bit part as a saloon seller, and they kept shouting at me for my bad German accent?

Back to school, some horrendous memories were relived and Dad came into it and seemed so genuine and real.

Back to the cowboys, now I was a blacksmith… Lots of other things took place I’m sure, but only these bits stayed with me. 

Back to school, a fire down in the boiler room.

Lots of other things took place I’m sure, but only these bits stayed with me. 

Came out of the dream and Jonathan Creek was on the TV screen, the first episode just finishing, so I knew I’d been dreaming for about an hour?

Went in to clean the pots I’d left in the sink – and found I’d left the hot tap running again! Humph!

Had a stand-up wash and shave using water heated in the kettle and saucepans.

Head down to get some rest and panic… Did I turn off the cooker? Did a turn off the heater in the wetroom? I had to check these out. All okay.

Head down again and woke again… Did I close the kitchen window? Did I lock the door? Did I leave the fridge door open?

Getting fed-up with myself now…

At least Duodenal Donald was a lot easier.


10 thoughts on “Inchcock – Saturday 29th April 2017

  1. What wildly interesting dreams, lol. My Saturday was mostly uneventful, though I have an Amazon situation that is getting under my skin. 2 months I’ve been waiting for a freaking umbrella to ship, when the ship date finally rolled around & it was not shipped I had to speak to support. They told me it was out of stock at their warehouse, had me cancel the order, use their link to order a similar umbrella (as I can’t have the one I want) & then they upgraded my shipping to next day. I quite like the support person I was talking to & I feel they went the extra mile, but I hate rapid delivery. Why? You might ask. I live in a subdivision & neither FedEx (who were responsible for the package this time) or UPS hire people who can or are willing to actually read where the package is meant to go. The subdivision thing is important to note, not sure that it’s like this elsewhere, but in these parts every street has the same house numbers, only the name of the street is different. Whenever I have had to rely on anyone other than the US Postal Service to deliver my package it always, always, always goes to the wrong house & I will only ever see my package if the house it was delivered to has a kind & honest person living in it, otherwise it is gone forever. Naturally, they say it was delivered on Saturday, as the reorder was on Friday morning & no, it was never delivered to the correct address. grrrr (sometimes it helps to vent)

    • Oh, dear gal. Amazon! You have my deepest sympathy and understanding, and best wishes for it to get corrected. Not good at all! In fact: A tale of Woe combined with a Whoopsiedangleplop for sure!

      I really hope the vent (I am available to you for venting at any time) helped somewhat?
      Gawd, they are crap! Remember they delivered my two parcels, a chair and a heater to the wrong block of flats? Had to fetch them myself, on a Saturday so no help available, those who had it delivered to them in the other block of flats found them in their hallway – they called Council Security who rang me and told me to remove them as they are a danger to others. Took me hours to get them both to the flat from theirs. Set Anne Gyna off, shattered already, I had to go to the doctors then hospital – all due to Amazon’s cock-up.

      I could not talk to any support person on the phone, had to use email. (Hearing). They eventually sent a voucher for £10 off my next order, to be spent within three weeks. And now I can’t find out where or how to cancel everything with them on the site. I don’t want to know them at all after being treated like detritus! (Hope that’s the right word? Hehe!)
      Oh… now I’ve had a vent gal! Sorry pet.
      Hope things sort themselves out for you, though.
      Please accept an ether-cuddle. X

      • I forgot to mention the dreams pet.
        I think for some reason, I seem to be able to remember the nod-off dreams during the day, but not the evening one’s very often?

        This should tell me something… but it doesn’t.
        Hehehe! X

      • I understand your feelings there & yes the vent did help me to feel better. I used the online chat myself, I just don’t like chatting on the phone if I can avoid it & technically the problem this time is the shipper, if they had just made my shipping free instead of expediting it, then it would have come through USPS instead of FedEx. The USPS usually read the street correctly & take the package where it belongs, but speedier shippers never seem to. I appreciate your ear (or eyes, since your reading this, lol) & thank you for the emotional support during this time <3

      • Still wrangled doesn’t it gal? Tsk!
        I perceive how you feel, and share the angst… and am so glad it is easing a little.
        TTFN take care. X

    • I hate those Amazon moments. I kind of have the opposite situation. If an order with our street address goes to the PO with out our PO box number, the PO refuses delivery and returns it. If there is a PO box number Fedex or UPS won’t deal with it. I’ve gone to great lengths to remedy this situation. Then Amazon goes on a “Save the USPS” campaign, and things I need delivered to my door go to the PO and they they will have to sit for a week before my hours and the PO’s hours match up. I finally got to the point I just send everything to my office. I feel your pain on the Amazonilization as Inchcock would say.

  2. It’s much better to have a tater squished through your toes, than a kitty calling card, if you know what I mean! What a great set of graphics! Looks like a decent variety for dinner.

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