Inchcock – Sunday 30th April 2017


Sunday 30th April 2017

Macedonian: Недела 30-ти април 2017 година

0400hrs: Sweating a bit this morning. Fractures bits of dreams were there, but not enough to make any sense of.Up and out of the £300 second-hand recliner and got the washing bad and down and got it going in the washer.

Up and out of the £300 second-hand recliner and got the laundry bag and down and got it going in the washer.

Up to the flat and visited the Porcelain Throne with no problems.

Made a cuppa and started doing the diaries.

Down and moved the clothes into the dryer.

Back in the flat 0500hrs, took the medications and did the Health Checks:

Sys 146, Dia 82, Pulse 100, Temp 36.1, Weight 14.69 (Down a smidge he says with his little chest swelling out. Hehe!) Apart from the pulse a bit high all looked good to me. And because I wrongly did these checks in between nipping up and on the lift. I suppose the pulse being so high, is to be expected? Bet it’ll be back down on the next checks.

7Sun01aTook this photograph through the kitchen window, leaving the lights on in the front room to reflect onto it.

I made a strong mug of tea. Did some graphicationalisationing, and it was soon time to go back down to the laundry room to collect the washing. (0600hrs).

Took the camera down with me.

7Sun01Bits of fluff had attached to the clothing, and it took me ages to pick it all off of them. I guess I didn’t check the filter well enough, it looked cleaned to me when I got the stuff into the dryer.

Ah well, that’ll teach me not to take short cuts.

Packed the into the bag, cleaned the filter and drum and back one more time up to the mini-flatlet.

Got some potatoes into the Crock-Pot adding a drop of dark Soy Sauce in place of salt to them.

Started on the diaries, beginning this one.

WordPress reading next.

Onto Facebooking.

Second checks completed and the pulse had gone down okay. Sys 150, Dia 85, Pulse 85, Temp 36.1. Excellent!

Then decided to have a walkabout hobble with my camera, just around the block so as to speak. So I got a good scrub-up adorned clean clothing and set off on the little trip out.



No personages met at all on the way down in the lift or front foyer.

Crossed over the road and onto the field to get to the entry point for the Croft.

There, in between the weeds, daisies, dandelions and was a single buttercup, blowing in the wind. I jut had to start the walkabout with a photographicalisation of it, it was so 7Sun03beautiful and fresh looking.

The well-beaten pathway up through the Croft was mounted at a really slow idle pace – I was in no rush and wanted to have a good look around. Which was a little disappointing I’m afraid, for two reasons?

One, the rubbish that had been tipped in between the lovely old trees. And the fact that I thought I’d taken a picture, well, two pictures of the crap… but when I got home and downloaded the camera card, none were found?

7Sun04Upwards and onwards to the park, and had a roundabout walk down to Mansfield Road.

Taking a photograph of a group of friends with their animals, from through the trees.

I get pleasure from seeing the dogs playing and having fun. A touch of jealousy creeps in too, I think? Hehe!

The feet were already beginning to sting a bit, but no bother from Duodenal Donald or Anny Gyna at the moment.

7Sun04aOn to Mansfield Road, up over the hill and down into Sherwood.

Sparsely populated today, then again it is a Sunday. (Please note: I got the day right today. Haha!)

Did lots of window shopping on the way down to Winchester Street.

Dropped into the Wilko store and got face cloths and spectacle cleaners. Had a dizzy at the check-out and dropped the change the gal was giving me – did feel a fool!

7Sun4bReally slowly now, I ‘ambled with a limp’ down to the lights and left up onto Winchester Street Hill.

A few yards along on the left in this picture is the entrance bounded by a low Derbyshire Stone, a wall with flowers and shrubs planted.

As I approached it, some Nottingham Street Art 7Sun4cI found!

Three-quarters of a slice of buttered toast, a bag of gone-off-rancid food of some description, broken tiles, bricks, a box of ice-pops and cigarette packets adorned the corner of the wall that had been knocked down.

And these dumped items were right next to the most beautiful of plants!

As I walked up the hill and Anne Gyna started grumbling, I came across more wonderful plants on the side of the pavements.T

7Sun4dTheir names I know not, being a townie – but I knew they were nature’s wonders. Especially the one in the middle above. Almost reminded me of a close-up of a snowflake or something that had been embroidered?

The leg of the hill was a battle, but as I say, I was in no rush and took a few breaks when I took the photos.


Rounded the corner onto Chestnut Walk, and I hobbled along with a little quicker limp now – The bladder was informing me of a need for a wee-wee was becoming urgent! Tsk!

Made it in time.

I thought how nippy it was in the apartment. Then realised I’d left both windows open, so I closed one.


I put the Wilko purchases away.

Kettle on and checked the Crock-pot, the tatties were doing fine.

Kettle on and made a cuppa took the midday medications, got the computer going and updated this diary.

Had to nip for another wee-wee, though?

Added some of these photos to the TFZ site.Back to working on the next TFZer graphic.

Back to working on the next TFZer graphic.

Spent hours, only to lose it all when CorelDraw froze! Grumph!

7Sun06aGot the meal prepared.

Raw pod peas (The last of them), beetroot, potatoes boiled with soy sauce in the water, a fish cakes, battered cod balls and mushrooms. Two slices of sourdough bread (The last two).

With to follow, a plain Greek-style yoghourt with Marle Syrup stirred into the pot.

Did the washing up then settled to try and watch some Jonathan Creek DVD episodes – again I nodded off before the thing started, and again I remembered bits of the dreams I’d had when I woke later and wrote some notes down to record from later.

There was no need for ant berceuse tonight. Turned off the box and TV as was in the land of nod in moments!


4 thoughts on “Inchcock – Sunday 30th April 2017

  1. That was a good walk that resulted in a lot of nice photos. I don’t know about fish cakes, but the rest of dinner looks good.

    • Cheers Sir.
      Those fish cakes, with fish and potatoes mixed in a crispy batter covering, I find delicious. Until reading your comment made me look up the contents of them: Partially Reconstituted Dried Potato, Minced Cod (19%) (Fish), Minced Alaska Pollock (17%) (Fish), Wheat Flour [Wheat Flour, Calcium Carbonate, Iron, Niacin (B3), Thiamin (B1)], Sunflower Oil, Rapeseed Oil, Palm Oil, Salt, Yeast, Wheat Starch, Water, Dextrose, Seasoning [Salt, Parsley, Black Pepper Extract, Parsley Extract], Parsley, Mustard Flour, Black Pepper…

    • Thanks petal.
      This morning I’m going to Carrington for the blood tests, taking the camera with me. But, the weather is getting foggier and foggier. Hehe! X

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