Inchcock – Bank Holiday Monday, 1st May 2017 – No buses!


Bank Holiday Monday, 1st April 2017

Welsh: Llun Gŵyl y Banc, 1 Ebrill, 2017

Didn’t wake until 0535hrs, I must have needed the rest?

Out of the almost scarily shuddering £300 second-hand recliner, kicked a bottle of Spring Water over and off to the Porcelain Throne for a heavy duty session. All went very well, no blood from Haemorrhoid Harold, Little Inchy was not bleeding again (although stinging a bit), Duodenal Donald not bad at all, Anne Gyna ever present lately it seems, but showing less severity than of late, Reflux Roger was calm, Haemorrhoid Harold was not bleeding and Harry Hernia only showing the slightest signs of discontentment. If things stay like this, I’ll be content too. Fingers crossed here.

1Mon01Applied the creams, lotions and potions where needed.

Then made a nice strong mug of tea and had my breakfast.

Hehe! Well, medications. At first, I thought I’d got the dosages wrong and tried to figure out which tablets/capsules I’d missed off – then realised there was fewer to take, due to the Morphine Sulphate being suspended.

Did the first daily Health-Checks, and finalised the weeks log on Excel. TLhis mornings readings were fine? Sys160, Dia 87, Pulse 85, Temp 33.9, Weight 14.75

All looking fine to me?


I was fauchling things on the keyboard a lot for some reason this morning?

Came across the dream notes from last night when I started doing the diaries. Seems I was having a series of them where I was being interviewed, questioned, interrogated by various personages. Sentences were passed, and I thanked them? A lot of the scribbled notes I couldn’t decipher. But it was apparent that the electric chair and deportation were in there somewhere. I got sent back and had to face the same interrogators I think?

1Mon02The Morrison delivery arrived. The driver was in a good mood this morning, mostly because it being a Bank Holiday, the traffic was almost non-existent he said.

I put the fodder away, managing almost without any effort, to drop the jar of pickled onions… and it did not break! Fair enough, it hit my knee on the way down, though.

Always concerns and worries me things like this happening. The jar not smashing and no mess to clean up… it’s just not the usual occurrence for me. Hehe!

Went on Facebook to catch-up.Did some graphics for the TFZer site.

Did some graphics for the TFZer site.

 A depression came over me suddenly, the darkness and feeling of abandoned hopes arrived so quickly and brutally, I stopped doing anything and just sat feeling sorry for myself and going over all my mistakes, errors and foolish misread intentions I’d done and committed through my life and just could not stop doing this?

It took hours before I could regain some sort of control, but I did, still felt a bitterness towards myself, but coped much better with it, I think.

I actually cheered up a bit after I’d hit my head on the airing cupboard shelve as I dropped the jammies taking them out. Confused and now feeling hungry, I sorted the food out and changed into the nightwear, noticing how terribly white and pale my skin looked tonight? And, the leg’s water retention had almost gone, my chicken legs and dangly arms were back! Hehe!

No wonder the weight was well down yet again on the last of the Health Checks. The pulse was beating away with a venom mind. Tsk! 


1Mon19Got the fodder served up.

Not a lot, but just as well, as I couldn’t eat it all or anywhere near all of it. And, I thought I felt rather hungry earlier too?

Despite this, the stomach rumbled annoyingly afterwards. But Duodenal Donald was kind to me, although persistent, his pains were moderate for once. I cheered a bit at this.

Got some Political pamphlets through the door, local elections this Thursday. Oh, and one for the June General Election too.


They were an amusing read.

Settled to fall asleep watching the gogglebox.

TTFN all.

6 thoughts on “Inchcock – Bank Holiday Monday, 1st May 2017 – No buses!

  1. No bank holiday here, so traffic was terrible this morning as all the Monday maniacs were running into each other. Took me an hour to get to work! If I fretted over all the mistakes I’ve made at any given time, I’d never make it out of the house. You just have to look forward, be happy that you can make people laugh, knock your head a few times and carry on with life. Your election doesn’t look as silly as the one in Santa Fe tomorrow. Residents in Santa Fe are going to vote on weather they want to tax themselves 2¢/ounce on beverages. The provision, if passed, includes taxing powders and concentrates (along with bottled and canned beverages) for the amount of fluid ounces the powders and concentrates make. For example, an 80oz can of powered lemonade that makes 1000 ounces of lemonade, and currently sells for $8.00, will end up costing $28 for the same $8 can of powdered lemonade if the 2¢/oz beverage tax passes. Santa Fe is known for weird people, but I would not expect they would be stupid. I’ll let you know how the election comes out.

    • Too may Bank Holiday’s here Tim.
      Traffic lunatics seem to outnumber the sensible drivers everywhere?
      I do try to look forward and be happy, sometomes I find it hard though. Hey-ho!

      Spins the mind some politcal decisions. We have what they call Value Added Tax (VAT) Standard rate 20% Reduced rate 5%:
      The rates imposed varies: Mobility aids for the elderly 5% – Smoking cessation products – nicotine patches and gum 5% – Cigarettes 16.5% of the retail price plus £4.16 on a packet of 20 – Maternity pads/Sanitary Protection 5% – Utility power 5%.
      So many things at standard rate, far too many to mention here, but Soft drinks, alcohol, soap products, furniture, TV electrical… on and on.

      Which is what I was going then, on and on… Hehe! Sorry about that Tim.

      Fuel for you to use in the traffic queues is taxed at: UK duty rate for the road fuels unleaded petrol, diesel, biodiesel and bioethanol is GB£0.5795 per litre (£2.63 per imperial gallon or £2.19 per U.S. gallon). Value Added Tax at 20% is also charged on the price of the fuel and on the duty.

      Be nice to see the results out there.


      • We don’t have VAT but we had gross receipts taxes that are different for each municipality, state taxes and federal taxes. Gasolines has extra state and federal taxes, and alcohol and tobacco have sin taxes on top of the other taxes. Generally we are not taxed as much as you, but Santa Fe will be getting there is they pass the beverage tax.

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