Inchcock Today: Friday 26th May 2017


Friday 26th May 2017

Maori: Rāmere 26 Haratua 2017

Woke around 0400hrs: Dream about my being on a horse, in a medieval village that had traffic signs, and spaceships in the sky lingered for a few moments, then faded.

Out of the £300 second-hand recliner and to the Porcelain Throne. Good job I put on the protection pants last night – Haemorrhoid Harold had been leaking badly. Saved a lot of washing they did. Tended to a clean-up session then into the kitchen to take the medications and do the Health Checks. Pulse up to 91 and the weight down to 14.66 so not all bad.

Other ailments seemed kind this morning, well, apart from Duodenal Donald that is.

I cleaned up some pots I’d missed last night and got the computer on – full of hope and anticipation… fingers crossed! First turn-on, it did not load at all, just the working ring going around on the black screen? Left it for a few minutes but no change occurred, so turned off at the plugs and tried again.

A bit of success here: CorelDraw 2017 had come back online! Supposedly, my changing the payment details had worked? Just hope next time I start the thing, CorelDraw will continue to work for me! Not only that, but I’ve been online now for over an hour without any freezing or becoming unresponsive. But this had happened before, so I’m not getting too excited yet.

WordPress worked now too! So I got the diaries caught up with, making one for two days, Wednesday & Thursday, posting it off.

Started this one off.

0815 hrs: Took these pictures from the kitchen window by hanging out of it to avoid the glass reflection.


The first one I chose Sunset mode, the second Scenery mode? Thought the shadows from behind looked beautiful. The colouring was a lot different. The beloved Copse, the gravel pathway up the hill into the park look so different in each photograph, and the colouring of the houses too, I thought.

0827hrs: Decided to get the ablutions tended to. I crossed my fingers that Chrome and WordPress and CorelDraw come on working when I start the computer again later.

No, it’s no good, I’ll reboot now to find out.

All okay and working, but we’ll see later eh? Maybe my removing the translation programme helped? Dare not try Facebook yet, it might ruin the rest of the things currently working for the first time in ages?

See yers later, going to do the ablutions and go to Arnold to see the ducks and get some fodder in. TTFN.

When I got to the lift to go down, I noticed a 2½ inch long beetle on the carpet.  Had to take several photos of it to get this one below. Tomorrow morning I got on the web and looked up details about the creature. Seems it is a Cockchafer Beetle. Never seen one before.


Lovely chinwag at the bus stop with some other tenants.

5Fri04Got into Arnold and dropped off at the Sainsbury store.

Came out with a beef pie another packet of Surimi and some lemon curd yoghourts. Spent £7.50 in all.

I had a right nasty attack from Dizzy Dennis on the walk to Front Street and the market place then the Fulton Food Store.

A little worrying this one was, left me feeling a bit wobbly although I don’t think I was actually wobbling if you know what I mean?

5Fri05Called at the open market and found a greengrocery stall selling fresh garden peas at less (£1.50 a lb) than at the Victoria Centre (£1.98 a lb) who tried to con me the day before and sell me old stock. The chap thankfully took the stock from what were on show, and they looked gorgeously fresh to me. (Why I got these at the cost of £3, I’m not sure because I already had some in the fridge at the flat?)

It was a beautiful day with so few pavement cyclists around too.

Had another dizzy on the way to the Fulton Food Store, only a minor one this time, all over in seconds. Nothing of interest to me in Fulton’s, they, like their Bulwell Store yesterday, had not got any blackcurrant ice cream lollies, sterilised milk or tinned chestnuts in stock, so I departed without any purchases and limped over to Asda (Walmart) for a look around. That was a mistake! I spent £14.74 here, and none of the products I bought was really needed! Fool!

As I came out intent on visiting the mallard ducks in the park, another dizzy convinced me not to, and get the L9 bus back to the flat sharpish. Luckily one was due in 15 minutes. Met a lady tenant at the bus-stop and had a gossiping session.

Back at the flats, yet another Dizzy Dennis episode. My next flat neighbour held the door open for the rest of us to enter the foyer. Thanked her profusely. I hung back from getting on the lift with the other tenants to regain some composure. Got the lift up and I arrived on floor twelve, before the other lift. Because there were so many folks dropping off of it to other levels. The lady was surprised to see me holding the door open to the flats for her, telling her one good favour deserves another. Hehe!

Got into the apartment and yet another little Dizzy Dennis visitation. I took the medications with an extra Omeprazole and got the fodder stored away. Visited the porcelain throne and had to change and clean things because of Haemorrhoid Harold had been ‘leaking’ somewhat.

Tiredness came suddenly, and I felt so weary. Not poorly or ill or anything, just weary. I got the meal ready earlier than usual, in case I did feel worse later. I enjoyed the beef pie 5Fri09so much yesterday, I had a similar meal to that one, but simpler.

The pie with caramelised gravy and tonnes of the fresh pod peas, two little potato waffles, some tasty tomatoes and a lemon drizzle dessert.

I ate the lot of it and swiftly fell asleep. Luckily, after I had placed the used tray with the dirty dish and cutlery on the next chair.

Woke an hour os so later, and off to the Porcelain Throne again, so tired?

But no more Dizzy Dennis bother at all. Reflux Roger replaced Dennis then. Hehe!

Did the Health Checks while I was up and about, washed the dishes and settled to watch some TV.

Nodded off at the first set of advertisements that came on and slept all the way through to 0430hrs in the morning!