Inchcock Today – Tuesday 9th May 2017


Tuesday 9th May 2017

French Mardi 9 Mai 2017

0030hrs: Woke hanging half in and half out of the £300 second-hand recliner, the mind racing and worrying about all sorts of things, but these were overtaken by the need to visit the Porcelain Throne.

As I stood myself up, the big toe stung and reminded me of last nights ‘Toe Stubbing’ in the kitchen!

Haemorrhoid Harold had been and was bleeding a little, Anne Gyna was in a bad mood. Arthur Itis was the opposite and in a good mood with me. Duodenal Donald was far easier this morning, and Little Inchy had calmed down and not bleeding at all. No signs of Dizzy Dennis either. Looking good!

2Tue04 Took the medications and did the Health Checks. Again, looking okay, to me? The weight was up a bit though.

I had a read of the book Andy sent me, ‘Emotions’ again, but I’m having to read the same bits repeatedly. A clever or educated person wrote this.

With so much going on with the estimated timing of the orders from Amazon over the next few days confusing me, I consulted the Google diary:


I decided to send an email to the Doctor’s surgery, explaining I would not be able to get to my INR Blood test today, having to stay in because an email from Amazon told me the delivery would be arriving today. (We’ll see eh?) I can then go to the City Hospital for the blood test tomorrow, after Susan, the foot lady has visited me?

The other things ordered should be arriving over the next few days? Messy innit? Next time someone asks me to order something for them, I’ll think twice. Hehe!

Constant pain and hassle can be detrimental to one’s health, mental and otherwise.

Made a mug of tea and wrote the email and sent it to the Surgery.

Finished the Monday Diary and posted it, then started this one off.

01Did some Facebooking then.

Onto CorelDraw 2017 and did a graphic for the TFZer site.

One of the parcels arrived from Amazon via a despatch lorry. Now had time to fit in the INR Blood  Test today.

Did the ablutions and got changed and ready for the hobble to the hospital.

On the way out, I called at the flat of the chap whose name escapes me, who asked me to order the keyboard letters. He was not in. I left a copy of the Email about the delivery through his letterbox.

2Tue12I met Roys wife in the lobby and we had a laugh and chinwag.

As I got out to cross the road to the gravel path up to the Park, I realised how quiet it was… then went back up to the flat and got the one working hearing aid put in. Tsk!

Set out again, not through the park this time, but along to Winchester Hill and down into Sherwood, right at the traffic light junction and all the way down and left onto the Valley Ring Road.

Down to the next traffic island and right up and into the hospital grounds.


Passed some wonderful wildflowers, en route. Also, noticed they had extended the tennis courts. Including a new Petanque Court. Never heard of this game? I looked it up, it’s apparently a bit like Boules?


2Tue15Entered by the side of the GUM clinic.

I thought about walking by the window in case the usual Hitlertarian receptionist was on duty to give him a wave… but decided against this. Haha!

To the top of the drive and right into the Phlebotomy Department, took a queue ticket from the machine, sat down and got the crossword book out. Half an hour later, my number was called out, and I limped to Clinic 2 Bay Three as instructed.

Soon got the sample taken and I was off, after giving the nurse some nibbles. The nurse was from Poland and she could not wait to go home she said.

I left and hobbled back to the flats by a different route this time a2Tue16nd ended up not sure where I was going. Fancy that!

I cut through private areas and woodland managing to get my bearings again.

Over the ring road and up into Sherwood.

The old legs and feet were aching well now!

Onto Mansfield Road, left over the hill and 2Tue17down to the entrance into Woodthorpe Grange Park.

Not many folks about now, some of the vehicle drivers had put their lights on.

Up through the park and right down by the Croft on my right, and was visited by Dizzy Dennis and he was not happy.

Got in, wee-wee’d and made this map of the route I’d hobbled.


Dizzy Dennis had another go at me. I had a pot of porridge.

Updated this tosh again. Facebooked a while.

Had another pot of porridge, stomach rumbling joined in now. Blimey, Dizzy Dennis again, and Haemorrhoid Harold has forced me to clean up and put the protective pants on again. I’m going to get a cup of tea, take the medications and just sit down.

See’s you laters alligators.