Inchcock Today – Sunday 28th May 2017


Sunday 28th May 2017

Punjabi: ਐਤਵਾਰ 28 ਮਈ 2017

0420hrs: Dreams a bit distant again. Within half an hour of disentangling myself from the £300 second-hand recliner, I’d taken five wee-wees! Oh, dear, and the trip out to Papplewick Pumping Station coming up later as well?

Did the health checks and made a mug of strong tea, took the medications and made sure some nibbles were in the bag ready for the others on the trip out to the First WW display.

Feeling so tired for some reason this morning.

Got the computer on and tried to work out why the Grammarly was not working. No idea at all so I pressed on with the completion of yesterday’s diary, only took me an hour or so. Tsk! Checking best I could for any written mistakes. Firefox was working okay.

I tried to find to how to enlarge the screen to 110% like I used to have Chrome on. A little more complicated way of doing it on Firefox, but after using the help pages I found and changed it.

This started me worrying about the Grammarly add-on and I went on their help page, Firefox’s and searched the web for advice. This confused me somewhat and I could not remember the many things I did and was taken to do, but at the end, Grammarly is now operational again! I hope it never goes off again because I’m blown if I can recall what I did to get it back this time. Another hour and a half lost, but this time with a bit of success, I hope.

Another wee-wee and I carried on with the diary I thought I had checked manually earlier for errors. Grammarly was now informing me of nine critical and five non-critical errors! Got them sorted and posted the thing off to WordPress.

So glad it is going again.

Did some WordPress reading and checked the Emails. Almost a pleasure to do now Chrome has been replaced in my computer.

Took the black bins to the refuse chute.

Had a bash at Facebook then got the ablutions done and prepared for BJ to collect me for the trip out. No rush really, because BJ has never ever been on time, bless him.

BJ rang while I was sorting out TV programmes to watch tonight. Told me he’d be late and would arrive around 1230hrs, to meet him outside.

Got down to the foyer and waited for BJ.out

He arrived and picked me up and we were off to Papplewick.out

Here are some of the photographicalisation I took.

(Monday, I made a post with all of them one it.) Papplewick Pumping Station Photographicalisations


Had a good day out, just one Dennis Dizzy visit, but it was short lived.

When BJ dropped me off at the flats and I had thanked him and got up to the apartment, an urgent wee-wee was attended to, but on sitting on the porcelain throne required? Odd that was?

I felt so weary again suddenly.

7Sun01aTook the medications and did the health checks.

Got some cold fodder ready as planned earlier.

Pork & Mushroom pate in wholemeal thins, tomatoes, extra strong stilton cheese, pickled egg, beetroot and marmite crisps. With a lemon frazzle to follow.

Updated the health check listings for the week.


I think it looked alright this week. Pulse up a bit on average, but the weight had gone down.

TV turned on, fell asleep within minutes, don’t think I even got to the first set of commercials this time.

Woke two hours or so later, I’d been dreaming. An incongruent with life, experience or expectancy one this was. All jumbled and confused, people real and imaginary giving me advice, chastising me and I could not understand or hear what they were saying much. What bits I caught were cruel and bitchy put-downs. Then all changed, I was totally alone in a void of clouds. The music then slowly started playing, the Blue Danube. All was well, apart from the being alone… I started typing on an old typewriter and it fell to bits then disappeared… I picked up a pencil and it burst into flames… Then I was in a small wooden boat with no oars on a canal I think, the water was frothing and green-grey… the music continued… I’ve no idea how I recalled all this, but it was written down on the notepad in a much more detailed and readable handwriting as if it was not my own usual scribble in the morning?

Papplewick Pumping Station Visit – Photographicalisations and Story of

Sunday 28th May 2017


First a wonderful hobble through the woods


Down to the back of the site and down along the marvellous mini-train track. Got a lovely wave back from the gals on the train.


Down through the steam shed and out by the back of the boiler room.


Through the centre Harbour near the displays


Wonderful to see so many people remembering what had to be done back then.


And to teach the young ones how folk had to suffer at the front.


Had an attack from Dizzy Dennis and went to sit under the trees for a while. Where I took this shot, that turned out to be poignant to me and had me thinking of how so many men had to be sacrificed for nothing but the whims of the rulers.


Visited the boiler room. Two of the boilers were in steam on the day.



Walke up the steps and through to the Pump House and spent ages jut being amazed, as I still am after many visits, at the artistry effort and detail that went into building this incredible place, so long ago.


Feeling a bit weary now, I went to the Cooling Pond at the front of the premises to sit, rest, have a nibble, take the medications and watch the model boat enthusiasts.


One of them got his boat stuck, in the surface weed in the middle of the pond. He just jumped in and waded out and retrieved it. A fantastic site!

I stayed there for a good while. Got a mobile phone call from sister Jane while there, that cheered me up a bit. A bash at the crossword book, and then back to the stalls and shows.

BJ called me and arranged to meet at the Pump House. I hobbled all around it but could not find him anywhere, so assumed I’d misheard what he said about where to meet. Called him, and he said where he was, that was about 20 yards from where I was at that time. Still, I couldn’t find him. He was hidden behind some pillars gossiping with the engineers. A few feet away from where I stood using the phone. It was a laugh!

As we left the Pumping House, I spotted two ladies dressed up as nannies with a genuine, 1912 babies pram and a model baby in it that looked so real. I’d tried earlier to get a photograph of them, but there was always someone nearby in view with modern clothing on. Many visitors had stopped them and asked if they could take photo’s of them, so I joined the queue. I waited while others took their shots then asked if I could take one with both ladies and the pram showing the baby. They were stood near a new electricity box was behind them, and I asked if they wouldn’t mind moving a few feet to one side. Those who had taken photographicalisations before me heard this and realised what they had done and asked if they could take their shots again as well.

So I waited all over again while they did so. I noticed BJ with his hand in the pram and snapped him doing so. I’ll have to think up a funny caption for this one:


The Ladies kindly posed for me, and I got tow what I think are great pictures.



Next day, I noticed the visitors on the left background on the photo above.

So I cut out a PNG tree, and made it into a bitmap, and positioned it above them to try and make the photo to look a more genuine article. Not a very good result, but it did hide them.


I just had to take a close-up of the baby in the pram. So genuine looking it was.

The lady said it cost over £300 to buy and kindly shown me the detail in it.


A nice trip out for me. Thanks to BJ.