Inchcock Today: Monday Bank Holiday 29th May 2017 Stuck in, no buses and the Trots return. Humph!


Monday Bank Holiday 29 May 2017

Romanian: Sâmbătă, 29 Mai 2017

0420hrs: Woke with a start, TV still on, undrunk orange juice in the mug near the £300 second-hand recliner, remote control resting in the folds of my stomach. Hehe!

Amazing innit? Last night I fell asleep, had a dream (Albeit an odd one) and found notes about it so clear and lucidly defined, and in pencil handwriting that I must have written, but was nothing like my usual scrawl. Also, I was able to copy it with ease when I updated yesterday’s Diary. Now, this morning knowing I’d had a hell of a dream and conscious of it being a real enjoyable sweven… but cannot remember anything else about it and I did not make any notes of it this time? Humph!

To the porcelain throne – a little loose and disconcerting this morning. Prayed that the ‘Trots’ were not coming back again! Pondered on whether to take a diarrhoea capsule or not.

Into the kitchen. The view outside was so gorgeous again with the pretty fresh greens. I took a photograph at the top of this page. Made a mug of Yorkshire tea, opened the computer and doctored the photo.

Then set about finalising and updating yesterday’s diary and doing a WordPress page on Sunday’s fantastic Papplewick Pumping Station visit and got them both posted off.

5Fri12fPassed the wind and shot ASAP back to the Porcelain Throne! This decided me to imbibe the medications next, and take a diarrhoea capsule with them after all!

Made another brew and took them.

Got this diary started off, accompanied I’m afraid with the familiar rumbling, grumbling bubbling innards having now started. Humph!

1Mon02For some reason, WordPress is not allowing me to Share with Facebook now?

And Grammarly is playing up and not working now and then. I tried the button many times without any luck. I can’t win can I?

Damned technology!

Fancy that? Grumph

The tea had gone cold again. Went to get a drink of milk, and Accifauxpa number one arrived. As I pulled back the inner foil lid on the carton, I managed to spill the milk over the inside of the fridge door, me, and the floor!

Made another mug of tea after cleaning up, then I did some WordPress reading.

Onto Facebook.

1Mon03Jillie from TFZ posted about kitchens.

I took this photographicalisation and posted it. Told them it is Crowded, cramped, not much storage space and minuscule – But I love it! Hehe!

Spent hours catching up with Facebook, enjoyed it, well, all apart from the freezing it did again.

Got the oven warming up ready for the beef pie to go in later. Put a heat under the potatoes on low. I’ve boiled them in BBQ flavouring today. Hope they taste alright.

Realised I’d not turned on the cooker, Tsk!

I did an order for Morrisons for fodder on Tuesday while t1Mon04he oven warmed up. Made some stuffing that should cook at the same time as the pie. Hopefully.

Reread the Emotions chapter to try to digest the meanings within.

Got the meal served in a bowl so as to seek to avoid crumbs from the rather well-done beef pie and crispy sage & onion stuffing. That I’d added some far too thick a gravy mix.

But I ate every scrap of it and the lemon curd yoghourt.

Felt tired again, so washed and settled in the £300 second-hand recliners. Perused the TV magazine. Many programmes worth watching were on at the same time again. I actually managed to watch over two hours of programmes, before the urge to use the Porcelain Throne arrived. After which I declared myself as ‘A Trot Sufferer’ again! Huh!

Most uncomfortable now, innards grinding away and Duodenal Donald joined in later.

The bug got to me, you know, the one where I  am suddenly aware that I have forgotten something, summat needed to be done? Horrible sensation and I could not remember anything, yet the feeling remained that I had forgotten something?

I spent ages nodding off to be woken by Duodenal Daniel or the requirement to visit the Throne, nodding off again, up again… All night it seemed. In fact, I think I did manage to nod off about midnight without any further Throne visitations until I woke around 0425hrs, and hastily, just in time got to the Porcelain!

The Trot’s Return? Oh, flipping ‘eck!

TTFN all, fanks for reading.