Tell the difference – bit of fun

Just for a bit of fun, like.

I fink there are eight or nine of them?

Lost count when doing it. Tsk!

COM Gladys

5 thoughts on “Tell the difference – bit of fun

  1. I find seven or eight or nine right of hand:
    1. bat to pigeon
    2. guy in tree on right
    3. bird in tree moves
    4. Woman an chair with arms stretched upwards
    5. The chair the woman is on (might aught to be counted as part of number 4)
    6. white dog
    7. grey dog
    8. right hand of waving woman
    9. left hand of waving woman (might aught to be counted as part of number 8)

    If you count 5 in with 4 and 9 in with 8 then there are 7 differences. If 4 and 5 can be counted separately but 8 and 9 counted as one or visa versa, then there are 8 differences. If there are any other other differences they are to subtle for my eyes to see.

    The differences in your graphicalizions is a little like language, there’s a couple of points where the meaning can be questionable.

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