Inchcock – Saturday 22nd April 2017


Saturday 22nd April 2017

Norwegian: Lørdag 22. April 2017

An awful night. Sweats and colds, shakes, forever waking up, Duodenal Donald ever present, guilt, anxiety, the mind giving no rest in waking periods and when I woke up, no memories of any dreams. Verily, I thought; bonkersness approacheth.

0320hrs: I got up and like an automaton, Duodenal Donald and Anne Gyna both seeming as if they had lodged permanently with me recently, made a brew and opened the windows, and did the Health Checks.


The weight was down, not that I could get much out of this with the guilt of cocking up the so called funny with the M & C girls, the last people on earth I would have wanted to upset. I love them so and shower what gifts and nibbles I can on them on instinct to show my respect…The thought of upsetting them and losing their services, and then this happens. I think I deserve the pain I’m going through for not thinking things out first.

No washing shaving or ablutions were done. Made a mug of tea and got the computer on to do the diaries.

Filled next weeks medication pots and off to the porcelain throne. I had no bother at all with Little Inchy or Haemorrhoid Harold bleeding or hurting, just as well with the incessant discomfort that Duodenal Donald was still giving me. If it stays at this degree for much longer, I can see problems. The painkillers and medicine are not cutting it, and as I write, Anne Gyna has started to put in her halfpennyworth too.

Now I have mental and physical pains to contend with – but n more than I deserve I suppose.

Went on Facebook to try and concentrate on something. Then graphicalisationing.


7Sun01aWent in to wash the mug and made contact with the edge of the cupboard door.

Not recommended.

Got the bin bags sorted.

Carried out the ablutions.

Set out and walked up through the park into

7Sun02bSherwood and caught a bus to town.

Walked up passing the old Nottingham Playhouse. Now called ‘Spanky Van Dyke’s’, a nightclub some sort I imagine.

I wandered around the near empty streets in that area, not for any particular reason, I was stewing in my self-contempt bit still.

7Sun04I went around the block.

Didn’t call in this establishment, cause it was not open.


As I came back down Wollaton Street, I noticed a cunning plan by the builders, of how to get 7Sun04athe rubbish down.

I’ve made the photograph bigger, so I hope you can see this.

Dirty great lift taking the rubbish skip up to have the waste deposited in it. I thought how smart.

Although, perhaps they do this all the time and I’ve not noticed?

Wandered down to the Derby Road area, still unfocused and aimlessly.

7Sun03Here, I did notice a large City Centre Premier Inn. Looking rather grotty.

As I passed the doors into it, I think it was, er, what’s the word… Automatically staffed? No reception that I could see, but perhaps they had one up the stairs.

Certainly nothing like the advertisements for them on the TV.

Turned left onto Upper Parliament Street and meandered down to Queen Street to check on the bus times. Next one in 1 hour 40 minutes. Got the urge to go to Victoria Market and see if they had some Fresh Pod Peas in, then go to Tesco to get some Sourdough bread.

So I did. Also got some reduced mini-Easter eggs for nibbles, some New Zealand Cox’s apples, a TV magazine and some Tomatoes (Dutch) in the hope that they taste okay. At least I am thinking about eating again – ailments permitting, like.

Then rambled through the passageways and streets down to the Market Square, hoping to see the parade by the Royal Society of St George from the Forest Recreation Ground to


The Old Market Square.  Found that the parade, was departing from the Forest at noon, will be headed by knights on horseback. So I missed it, too early and too long to wait for it to start. Humph!

I did have a hobble (The feet were actually singing now) around the Slab Square and noticed that two mallards had landed in the pool.


They were a little on the small side, so presumably, they did not come from the Nottingham Arboretum; I think they may have come from the Canal. (All useless information supplied by Inchock. Any time like, Hehe)

7Sun4dWandered around the Council House, popped in the book shop fro a look and back to the bottom of Queen Street ready to turn up it, gave the Big Issue block a quid. And took this photographicalisation of the Lord Mayor in his Regalia with some bigwigs with him as he took a walk along the route that will be taken later on when the St George Parade arrives.

Took this photographicalisation of the Lord Mayor in his Regalia with some bigwigs with him as he took a walk along the route that will be taken later on when the St George Parade arrives.

This one is from last year’s parade:


Map of my hobbling around on foot in Nottingham – mostly purposelessly;


Nothing like a long walk, but having been outside for days, Arthur Itis felt it, and Anne Gyna let me know. Hehe!

Caught the bus back to Mapperley Top and walked down to the flats, only took about twelve minutes and it was downhill.

Got in and had a wee-wee.

Began getting the nibbles ready for the cleaner gals – realised and I felt even worse than I did earlier.

Updated this diary with little enthusiasm now.

7Sun06aGot the fodder ready on a plate to have later (Cold meal).

I did some more CorelDraw 2017 arranging and amending for an hour or so.

Had the meal, the pork and pickle mini pork pie, the strong, firm cheddar cheese and the New Zealand Cox’s apples being very tasty.

Settled, but the guilty anxious and depressed mind would not let me sleep for hours and hours. Forcing me to muse about my errors and mistakes, and it was hell!


8 thoughts on “Inchcock – Saturday 22nd April 2017

  1. Ow~! Those head bangs on cabinet doors and edges of other nasty surfaces seem to be an old guy thing, or at least this old guy recognizes the danger from his own encounters. Man oh man do such encounters bring to surface some choice vocabulary I picked up while serving in the US Army! I hope you didn’t hurt yourself too much. I know head wounds tend to bleed like proverbial stuck pigs even when they are minor.

    • Haha! Spot-on there again Sir.
      I believe I said flipping heck or something like that.
      Luckily it’s not too much bother… but the ulcer is giving me a real bad time.
      Yer can’t win can yer? Hahaha!
      TTFN thanks.

  2. Sounds like you had a fever shaking you down a bit. Maybe you need to find some rubber baby buggy bumpers to put on the edges of those cabinets. That was quite a wondrous, wandering around Nottingham you made there. Spanky’s place sounds like it might have be a little bit of naughty nightclub. Good set of photos from your wondrous wandering. Dinner looks to be a bit on the healthy side as well.

    • I’ll have to look up Spanky’s… hang on, I’ll do it now…
      The adverts says: Lively, spacious pub serving brunch, burgers and BBQ meats, plus craft ales, DJs and live music.
      Address: 17 Goldsmith St, Nottingham NG1 5JT
      Hours: Open today · 11am–12am.
      Bit in low spirits at the moment, can’t be bothered to cook. Sad innit? Hehe! TTFN

      • That’s a bit of a let down on old Spanky’s. The three B’s, craft ale, DJ and live music is it? Didn’t mention anything about spanking eh? Feeling to low to eat is getting pretty low. I was going to suggest Spanky’s to lift your spirits, but I’m not sure brunch, burgers and BBQ will help you much.

      • I had anticipated a rather more… what’s the word I’m looking for, erm… erotically based service from Spanky’s!
        Haha! You’re right there about the nosh too, Tim.

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