Inchcockski – Tuesday 29th September 2020: (A long un, sorry) Busy lad today, well…

TFZer, Nancy Performing!

Tuesday 29th September 2020

Spanish: Martes 29 de Septiembre de 2020

02:00hrs: I woke with a wee-wee doing its best to wriggle-out the bladder, of its own accord! I half-fell out of the c1968 rickety recliner, and I made a lunge for the EOGPB (Essential-Overnight-Grey-Plastic-Bucket) and passed a wee-wee of the PBO (Painless-But-Orange) variety. I remained close to the EOGPB, waiting in case any AMD (After-Micturition-Dribble) followed, I’m glad I did! The after-shock-leak was a protracted affair. But aha, I was ready for it this time! Smug-Mode-Adopted!

Washed the hands, cleaned and disinfected the bucket, and off to the kitchen. Where I took a photograph without realising I’d taken it, and I believe it should be bought by the Tate Gallery, for £29,000! (The money is running a bit low now, Tsk!) Here it is: Make what you like out of that? I was near the window, and looking out at the rain at the time. But didn’t mean to take a picture at that time. Innit useless! Hahaha!

Started the Health Checks, with the Boot’s sphygmomanometerisationing.

Well, the results were most pleasing this time, SYS right down to 137, well down on yesterdays! 

The stick thermometer used next, and that too was a significant body temperature reading. Not as high as recommended, but at 35°c, is higher than it was for a few days. Blimus! Things are looking on the up! My EQ just gave me a warning – this is not so! Oh, bubbles!

On to the computer, originally I had high hopes for getting something productive done today, but the warning from my EQ has soured my enthusiasm and faith a soupçon. I got one graphic done, and went on the updating of yesterday’s post. Hours later, I’d got it just about finished, needing only some deep-editing, and checking and the call to the Porcelain Throne arrived. So, off to the wet room, I poddled. Arthur Itis’s knees were being kind to me this morning, just thought I’d mention it, like.

What a change this time! I was back to the rock-solid, reluctant, mega-painful, Harold’s Haemorrhoids crushing, crossword-book requiring opposite of the last three days diahorrea, and Constipation Conrad was back, with a vengeance! On the Silver-Lining Search side; at least I did solve a few crossword clues. Arglebonkangony!

And not messy at all, bloody, yes! Poor old Harold’s piles! Cleaned up, it’s nice not to have to change the PP’s for once. Germoloid applied, and didn’t need any Phorpaining to the knees, thanks to Arthur Itis being so pleasant this morning.

I hope the dearer toilet rolls; when they arrive, will be considerably larger and broader than these big rolls are. Still, it didn’t matter so much now, with the return of Constipation Conrad, taking back control of the bowel movements, or lack of actions! And back to the computer.

Finalised the Monday blog at last. I sent off the link and email. Pinterested some snaps. And I decided to get the Ablutions done early in case the Iceland delivery arrives first. So, no using the shower, a stand-up job, which Neuropathic Pete was trying to have me over a few time, and SSS shuddering-Shoulder-Shirley, between them, ridding the body of some more blood as I did the teeth and shaved. Grogglebonksworth! 

The broken tooth gave me a lot of hassle, dropped the brush twice (Thanks to Shirley!), and shaving produced two nicks, and a clouted elbow when I went to retrieve the dropped razor!

Another Silver-Lining Search result: The legs and feet, were looking in fine fettle! Pale, yes, but they always are nowadays.

Back to Computer Cameron, and I got a message from Iceland, telling me to check the email for changes to my order. Mmm! So I did.

A few things were missing, but at least they didn’t give any unwanted substitutes. I can live with this. The butter is getting low in the fridge, but nae bother, I’ve got some on order from Sainsbury’s to come on Wednesday If they do that is!) More worrying at this precise moment, is the tingling in the right-hand finger-ends. It’s making typing very difficult. I put it down to Nicodemus’s failing neurotransmitters. Mind you; SSS is having a bash at me again as well. Seems like the ailments are working up for a mass attack! Even Anne Gyna is giving the odd bit of stabbing pains. I like to take this opportunity to thank Arthur Itis, for being so calm, cheers, Arthur! 

The door chimes rang forth; the Iceland driver must have been let in earlier by another customer, or someone in the foyer, doing there washing or waiting for a taxi. See that? I went straight into Sherlock Holme mode then. Hahaha!

The lad put the bags into the hallway for me. It must have been a shock to him when he saw me appear as I opened the front door. I slipped the lad a can of bevvy, by way of thanks. And I started to get the things through to the kitchen.

Hello, what’s this. A giant bag of Walkers crisps. How had I ordered that at first, I thought it might be a substitute for some Frazzles, but not according to the email I got from Iceland? Of course, it has been known for Nicodemus, and SSS to make me order the wrong things, many a time. But I do not even like the flavours in this great bag of 24 packets!

I put them to one side, temporarily and got on with storing the other carrier bags of goods away.

This fridge stuff was stored first.

I’m not even sure I meant to order any battered cod, or chicken whatever they are. These are going to be a struggle to get in the freezer; if indeed the food fits in at all!

I recall ordering the Cannelloni Ragû. It’s on special offer, a new product. It’s about time I treated myself to a ready meal again. No idea what it will taste like or what it is, though. I read on the box; it needs thawing in a fridge for twelve hours before cooking, so int the refrigerator it went.

What a kerfuffle it was, trying to make room in the freezer.

I had to go through each drawer, rearranging things, taking stuff out of boxes to use less room, and I even had to dish some food, although it was out of date stuff. Ahem! Still, it’ll have to do. Tsk!

I moved on to the fridge stocking, that didn’t exactly have enough room either.

I saw the bit of butter left and crossed my fingers that Sainsbury’s don’t let me down on Wednesday, no that I can remember which butter I ordered. I recall not being able to make my mind-up between Anchor Spreadable, and a block of goat milk butter. I’ve never tried goat butter; I have a feeling I opted for the Anchor, to be on the safe side, at least I know I like that brand. But who knows! 

I can lose it at times, you know. I was replying to Ohio’s Red Car Monitor Billumski on the comments. I came out with; ‘Confusion, which causes lackadaisicalness, can lead to a temporary loss of logicality, that often becomes a permanent feature’. Now that, to me was a Spike Milliganism what I came up with! But, do I get fame and fortune? No! Then again, Spike never got enough recognition, for his natural brilliant warped humour either.

The Velvet Comfort toilet rolls arrived, though.

A bit of a surprise when I saw how minuscule the sheets were. And only as wide as the big but very narrow ones, that I have to use now!

But they do seem a lot thicker, so I should avoid the old ‘Fingers-Through-To-The-Poo’ incidents,

I’m hoping so anyway. Har-har!

Hello, Herbert’s giving whatever he’s making some hammer now! Clunk, bang, bang, clunk, bang, bang… Kin-hell, give us a break mate!

I’ve just had a thought, I can leave the old and new toilet rolls next to each other, on the top of the loo, and encourage them to mate? Hahaha!

Mad? Me? Yes!

The last carrier bag I came to, which had all frozen food in it, pies, and other meats and fish in it, microwave foods, was obviously not mine.

Worried about the food thawing out, and no space in my freezer, I was at a loss. I tried ringing Iceland, but it was auto-answer, and I couldn’t understand what was being said.

So frustrated; I called my saviouress Jenny ♥, who took complete control of the situation. She came down to collect the carrier and crisps, took them to put in her freezer, rang Iceland and arranged for them to collect the goods from her flat – Jenny rang me back to keep me updated – what a caring Angel. Thanks, Jenny! ♥ Saved the day for me again, so kind X.

I found the local Coronavirus figures for Nottingham, 7 days, up to 28th. Grim reading!

I pressed on and made a start on this blog, for hours. More mistakes and correcting time than producing. Grrr!

I got an email, no, text message, from Nottingham City Homes maintenance department. Reminding me of the visit tomorrow to look at the balcony door that has come off its rails and the door lock doesn’t work. It hasn’t worked since installation. Busy day tomorrow.

Off with the computer, (Innit amazing, typing and SSS, Anne Gyna and Nicodemus giving all sorts of hassle, I close the computer down, and they all ease-off? Tsk!)

I put some fries in the oven and got the nosh checked in the saucepan. Doing nicely, turned the heat down to a minimum. I tooketh a wee-wee, a more potent one this time of the UDYAP (Urgent-Deep-Yellow-and-Painful) mode.

Then started to sort out the waste and recycling bags, which went well, apart from dropping the spray bottle as I was squirting some in each waste-bag before tying them up, and the container slipped from my grip, into one of the bags. Brunglebogs! It was plastic and the bottle cracked and all the disinfectant spilt into the bag! I lost more time cleaning that mess up! Grangleclogs!

Out into the lift lobby with the bags, and deposited the waste bags down the chute. Then waited for the cage to arrive. I wish I’d taken a crossword book with me, it took that long to get the lift to come to me. It was stuck on the 13th floor for ages. The other list, reserved for the contractors only, came to my floor several times, but I didn’t use it, of course.

Eventually, the elevator arrived, no one in it, I got in and down to the ground floor lobby.

I made my way out, though the lobby doors, into the sunshine, and to the bin area and left the recycling bag near the door, the big bin was over-flowing, a lot of stuff was in there from the contractors, I think. I stood a few moments to get some real sunshine on me.

According to the weather forecast, we are due for a period of precipitation. I re-entered the building, through the caretaker’s door and along the passage to the lift lobby. A new face to me, in there, Robert on holiday?

I got a lift back up without any bother. Dropped the Lego cards, I got from Sainsbury’s off at Malcolms flat for his Grandkids.

I got into the apartment hallway, as I was fitting the three-wheeler-guide into the corner, I found myself being welcomed home with some more tap-tap, knock-knocking from Herbert, above. He’s been at it all day so far. Must be a Special train model he’s doing for someone.

I took the fries out of the oven and served them up on top of the mixture (Canned) called ‘The Full Monty breakfast’. Containing; Baked beans, tomatoes, pork sausage, potato, water, mushrooms, bacon, beef chop (3%) and no fewer (According to the label) than 25 different flavourings. To which I added a jar of tomatoes & basil. I had two individual brown cobs with it, to soak up the juices. A bottle of fresh orange juice, and lemon yoghourt. Taste Rating: 5/10, unsurprisingly, Hehe!

I got the pots washed, took the evening medication and injection, and settled into the c1968, rickety recliner. I spent a few hours of, repeatedly drifting off, and waking with a jump every time, as Neuropathic Pete kept jerking the right leg. Humph!

10 thoughts on “Inchcockski – Tuesday 29th September 2020: (A long un, sorry) Busy lad today, well…

  1. Great looking vitals. Almost normal on everything. You are well stocked with about everything. Plus extra you didn’t order. Thankfully, Angel Jenny saved the day for you and Iceland. Your meal looks like it should have been better than your rating.

    • Morning, Tim, hope all well your end, mate.
      The Iceland bread rolls were like cardboard. All those flavourings and it still tasted bland (Or I’ve got a mild case of Corona, that’s disabled my taste-buds?) I’ve another can in the cupboard, some Squid vinegar will go into that one, for sure. Hehe!
      My Grammarly spell-checkers Tone-Detector, just told me I have just written in a Friendly and Joyful tone!
      NCH repairs, blood vampire, and more food arriving today!
      TTFNski, all the best.

      • Grammarly is pretty good for catching typos, but it actually has problems in grammar. But it’s nice you are friendly and joyful this morning. Nice your vampire is dropping by.

      • I like the idea of Gammarly, Timothy. But, it keeps stopping working and coming back. With how things are now with the fingers and Nicodemus, it is invaluable when it works. A bit like me. Hahaha!
        Had a dream that I recalled a bit of last night, black cats, dozens of them, I bet Cyril, Lady, Gwendolyn and Glenda were in there somewhere.

  2. Hi Mr. Inchcock

    I wonder and I know you must wonder what Herbert is doing up there. Does no one know?
    Could be building a rocket ship.

    Take care.


    • Haha!, amornin’ Sir, so pleased to hear from you, I hope all is well.
      The ‘Management’ tell me that “Herbert makes model trains for Charity, he is a wonderful man, and perfectly entitled to persue his hobby, so let’s have no complaints about the noise!”
      But yout idea of the rocket-making cheers me up, gives me hope he may use it. Hehehe!
      I had considered taking up a hobby of learning to playing the euphonium, but that wouldn’t be fair to the other tenants.

  3. Having a crossword book handy is most helpful when waiting interminably for elevators, queues, office visits… Of course, completing the crossword o’ the day at the porcelain throne? — an interest that Lisa, Billumski, and Sir Inchcock share. 🙂
    Spike Milliganisms are also useful when pondering mysteries involving red cars.
    Lackadaisicalnesses brought on by confusions bring on logicality losses of varying duration, doncha know? Hahaha 🙂

    • Quite right about the crosswords, Sir. A shared addiction and time filler-inner!
      Aha, A red care conundrum, as RCAA chair personage, a perplexity well explained.
      Lackadaisicalnesses, ah… the reson old age was granted. Haha!

      • A “time filler-inner” — filling in the space within the crossword squares.
        — insert drum roll) —

        The time-space continuum.

        Hahahaha — a conundrum/perplexity solved by the RCAA chair personage.

        With several helpings of Lackadaisicalnesses

        Fank you, fank you!!

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