Inchcock – Sunday 21st May 2017: Stuck indoors again!


Sunday 21st May 2017

Lao: ວັນອາທິດ 21 ພຶດສະພາ 2017

Woke with a start around 0240hrs. Got the pencil and scribbled notes about the dream I had been having. Had a bad headache Rare for me, and Duodenal Donald was giving me much grief, very bad. Worrying over the computer the cause, perhaps?

Got out of the £300 second-hand recliner and took a Codeine Phosphate and an Omeprazole capsule then had a wee-wee. Noticed I was getting low on stocks of medications and thought it must be time to fetch the next prescriptions?

Back in the rickety recliner and read the notes about the dreams. Similar to one the night before. Nighttime, on a train with other people I knew, but could not put a name to? We were making plans to carry out something involving secrecy… finance and shredding tiddlywinks? We kept getting visitors to the carriage and interviewing them for some reason… The train crashed and none of us in the carriage were hurt… We ended up searching the bodies and wounded for tiddlywink markers, and giving the wounded an Extra Strong Mint each? Lots more took place I felt, but I couldn’t recall any more details.

Settled back and amazingly I dropped off to sleep again, until 0630hrs. Up and to the Porcelain Throne, Haemorrhoid Harold bleeding badly, but Anne Gyna, Arthur Itis and Reflux Roger were okay and no signs of any bother from Diahorrea Derek. Looking good, but I could not fully appreciate this as I was still fretting over the Goggle Chrome problems.

7Sun01aLooked nice outside when I went to make a mug of tea.

Did the Health checks, the weight had gone back down a bit from yesterday.

Got the internet on and tried out the email to see if any ongoing problems still.

After half an hour, Google Chrome had not gone unresponsive – but it took a while to start yesterday and never stopped all day, so I’m not getting any hopes up yet.

Finished off the Saturday Diary, back to the Porcelain Throne, not problems. Notice some mail had been delivered. Two letters. One from The Pensions Service, who had put the wrong Postcode on the address when I moved here in July 2016, and I had to contact them three times over two months to get them to change the Postcode so I could use the form for my ID with the bank. Telling me that I had ‘A Change in my Account Details’. No rush!

7Sun01The other from the Cancer Screening Programme telling me no further action required.

Sorted next weeks medication pots out.

The stomach keeps on rumbling and stinging a bit again. Might just be Duodenal Donald offering me a variety in his attack? Hehe!

6Sat12aHello… the damned going unresponsive Google Chrome has started again!

Selected Wait option, a few minutes later it came back on.

We’ll see.

Well, would you believe it?

7Sun02aI think you might. Bloody Virgin Media Internet has gone down now!!!

Sunday again, it always goes down on a Sunday!

Luckily by the time I’d done the graphic on the left, it was back on.

Getting the picture onto WordPress, and guess what happened this time?

Yes, Google Chrome went into Unresponsive 6Sat12aMode yet again, when I opened Gmail!

How Microsoft, Google and Virgin can get away with not showing any help, shame, ignominy, or self-denunciation with their obvious con-job of pretending their services work correctly, is enough to shame Tony Blair and Stalin!

They are all first-rate con-merchants, crooks, swindlers, bilkers, cheaters, deceivers, fleecers, 2017-05-21 08.04.19flimflammers, fraudsters, sharks, philargyrists, ingordigious, acquisitive, venal, money-grubbing, rapacious, and quomodocunquising!

They ruin people’s lives financially, emotionally and cruelly with offering hopes within their lies of perfection, and charge the earth for a service of the greatest uncaring, unconcerned nature!

2017-05-21 07.53.17Hitler and Stalin would have closed them down and Tony Blair would have bought them out!

Now, I just may sound a little bit pee’d off with Google Chrome, Microsoft, PC World, not being able to get on Facebook’s TFZ page and my own failure to get the computer sorted out?

This is because I am pee’d off with Google Chrome, Microsoft, PC World, not being able to 1Mon001get on Facebook’s TFZ page and my own failure to get the computer sorted out? It had to be said! Grumph!

Plan to have mixed mushrooms with a lamb hotpot for fodder today, with some potato farls, before they go out of date too far, and because I have no bread in stock, due to having to stay in just in case the Computer Tech Man Sam calls.

7Sun02bDecided to turn off and read the Emotions book for while.

After I’d taken a peep at the TV magazine and chosen some good programmes to watch later.

Fed-up with struggling on the computer.

And Arthur Itis, although being kind to my knees and ankles, decided to have ago at the hands and fingers. At least he moves around a bit. Hehe!

6Sat14Got the meal prepared and consumed. Lamb hotpot with some extra gravy. Nice!

Soon fell sleep and woke a few hours later.

Tried to watch the Gogglebox with some success this time, managed a good two hours before nodding off.

Woke around 0020hrs, stomach rumbling badly, but nothing on the Throne but the wind?

Back to the £300 second-hand recliner, took an extra painkiller and got off without much bother again.

6 thoughts on “Inchcock – Sunday 21st May 2017: Stuck indoors again!

    • Going bonkers with it my flower, technology? Huh!
      The nosh was reet-grand gal, but I did get the tummy rumbles a bit afterwards. Hehe!
      I must get out to look for a gents bubble-brolly soon.
      TTFN and have a marvelwondrous day!

  1. Nice rant! It’s all too frustrating. Well now that I think about it, it could be your internet modem and/or you provider being part of the problem. Have you restarted you internet model recently? Food does look down right decent.

    • Re the rant:
      ♫ I could have moaned all night
      I could have ranted all night
      And still, have begged for more
      I could have spread my wings
      And done a thousand things
      I’ve never done before
      I’ll never know why I thought things work
      Why all at once my heart took fright
      I only know when things cock up number 103
      I could have Swore, moaned, and ranted all night! ♫
      Wait till you read Tuesday’s dairy, Tim. A phenomenally weird dream of me acting in a rather different version of Rio Bravo. Really, and it all seemed so real!
      Enjoyed the nosh thanks, Sir.
      Taketh care and any rain yet for the garden?

      • Oh! I love your musical version of the rant. Only sunshine. Forecast is for sunny and warm all week.

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