Inchy: Mon 18 Sept 2023 Struggling to painfully wee!

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The many much-anticipated medicalists did not arrive!
And just as well too! Just the District Nurse, Rebecca.
She soon whipped out catheter paraphernalia. Gave me the instructions and what would happen… it didn’t as it happens.
She was to return later, in the afternoon, she said, with the scanner to see if the bladder was emptying or not. Asked me to record each wee-wee, how much liquid I took in, and measure the urine released. As an afterthought, she said it might be tomorrow when they come. I assume it will be, as it is now 18:25hrs at this moment.
I expect they will want me to keep on overnight recording and measuring each & every leak I take?

This is the log up until now, its just been updated. Hope I wake up when a trickle starts to painfully come?
Tomorrow looks like it is going to be even busier. Today would have been easier, but having to keep peeing, measuring and recording, especially with my wee-weeing in a little painful, and everyone, squirts. About 6 times an hour on average. Been a long day, and will be a long night. Wonder if the nurse will arrive early tomorrow? Hope so. I’ve not got much else done, today; my plans were destroyed.

Nocturnal Pouch.

Close to the window shot of the rain.
Upper window shot.

Ablutions & Throne visited.
Washed the cap.
Feet okay.
Spuds to nibble from last night.
Rain back middayish.
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Nurse Rebecca arrived.

The rain returned.
Stayed for a few hours…
Nice views even if I did get wet taking them.
Almost constant wee-weeing, well, painful dribbles.Pareidoliaing view.
See him now? Hehe!
Mystery Photo of the day?
Mud Side that slid.

19:00hrs. Tired and peeing so often, but so little.

Packing up now; make some roast spuds and keep the notepad & pen, along with the measuring jug to record any Little Inchie leaks.

A simple nosh. After taking this photo, I remembered to get some of Jenny’s yellow & red tomatoes added.
Very nice.

Painfully peeing, a little at a time!


Inchy: Friday 8th Sept 2023 – With Moments of Mental Yobbery!

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Easy-Peazy! Even I found it in about ten minutes! Hehe!
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

A had me over in the kitchen, and onto the floor, within about ten minutes of waking up.  But, he was assisted by giving way at the same time. Clouted my cheek on the corner of the counter on the way down with a sort of crunch-thud. Haha!
Minutes later, when I was shaving, made me turn to get , and I completely misjudged it. I spun around, giving the door frame a half-decent shoulder charge. I turned quickly when  I thought I may have left the tap (faucet) running, which did the trick. I must have splashed some of the soapy water on the floor, and soon found it! Luckily I fell against the shower chair, which saved me struggling to get back up again, at least. A good start!

The night pouch was even darker this morning, (which I don’t think is good for my chances of ever getting the bothersome and sometimes painful, always frustrating, and/or irritatingly, often needing to be emptied, which meant a trip to the wet room then kitchen to clean up) removed permanently.
Whipped back the balcony window curtain, using the long picker-upperer, To see the view of the morning mist, surrounding the flat’s complex.
I went onto the balcony, to try and take a photo of the front car park through the glass.
It didn’t come out well, as you can see from this fudgy picture that I took. Not so good?
I got some potatoes in the crockpot straight away. I did this because there’s always a chance that my ever-present, will allow me to forget later.
I spent some time sorting the waste bins out. Got them placed at the front door, so the Carer can see them and take them to the waste chute for me; bless them.

Onto the computer, I’m so far behind with the blogging, and I got settled to have a good bash and try to catch up. Hehehe! I should have known better, of course. A Porc failedDemand for the , so off to the wetroom, which produced no evacuations, just effort, pain and failure to perform. Haha! A little bleeding. So, I cleaned up and shaved, applied
Germoloid ointment. Which was a blessed relief! Shaved & washed. The Carer arrived. Medications & eye drops issued. I took my and his BP. Benjamin’s was great! Mine was not so good. As was expected.
I did Carer Chris’s later on.
Here are the written figures before they went onto the NHS sight for analysis. One came out as Normal, the other as Ideal. Two Fit Carers I have!

The shortage of Olive Oil for my ears was wrangling at me, still. So I had another search for medical olive oil and found that Ocado, do some.
So, made an order for groceries to be delivered on Monday, hoping the Ocado have some in stock to send. 

I spent hours and hours catching up on blogging and artwork on CorelDraw for future blogs. Despite this, I am still far behind schedule.

Suddenly the last Carer call was done, and I hadn’t used the , Nor had I had anything to eat… no, that’s a fib. I’ve had a banana and several of the gorgeous Le Petit Beurre biscuits. Irresistible, in fact, I’m sorry I found them now. They should be banned! Haha!

A late meal was hastily prepared. The potatoes I’d put in the crock-pot, about 14 hours earlier, were drained and on the plate. I added the last of the just out-of-date smoked ham, after sniffing each piece. some were removed. The yellow & red tomatoes, these were four days out of date, but tasted lovely. Some bits of no-butter butter were placed on top of the potatoes. Some tangy sauce on the plate, to dip the bread with ham squashed in them… nice! The tasteless Asda raspberry ready-made jelly was well-edible to me.
Then… as I was picking up the tray of fodder… again, I got a hit. And the plate and food had to be scraped up from the tray and floor! I was in semi-agony by the time I cleaned things up and dolloped the once attractive-looking food back on the plate. But I ate it all, well, not the bits with dust from the floor on them.
Flavour Rating: 4.8/10!

Then, I got weariness and tiredness come very late for me. Got the pots washed, and I honestly almost fell asleep at the sink doing them! Flavour Rating: 8.8/10!

As I was checking that the taps (faucets), and hobs were not left on, and made my way out of the door, I remembered I’d not checked the fridge and freezer doors. Went back to do so.
They were okay, and the view outside I thought was amazing for the early hours of the day. Taking this photo of the houses, I noticed how surprisingly light the sky looked for this time of day?

I almost dropped into the aged, grotty-looking c1966 made, charity-shop-bought, horribly beige-coloured, £300, Harold’s Haemorrhoid-testing, non-operational, acne-giving, virus-breeding, rickety, easy-to-fall-out-of recliner, in search of .
But with almost immediate effect, began his tirade of fear, guilt and shame-producing verbals.

The Git!
Ah, well…


INCHY: Friday 1st September 2023 – Scaevity Continues!

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Many problems in getting everyday things done. They were affected by things genitourinary, with the genitourinary problems. The flow kept changing and needing attention, emptying and checking every few minutes!  The hot water went cold again – I think the maintenance was working on the system, as a lot of noise could be heard throughout the day from above, which stopped around 16:00hrs. So, no wash and shave again. I dare not risk carrying hot water about with my eyes so bad, and of course, there is always the threat of an attack by an ailment? , , , , or even a chance of bleeding, which could mean a hasty rush to the wet room with the possibility of another tumble or trip. I have to admit to being a little nervous; the views from the left eye keep changing into a sort of blurred kaleidoscope-like vision. Often giving me the impression that someone is in the room with me. 

But the Surgeon did warn me of this, but it’s a disturbing facet. No doubt the reason this left eye cataract procedure is more painful & bothersome, is that the right eye had one cataract, but this little monkey had three! One Cortical and two Nuclear. Wondered why they gave them this name? Hehe!Saw the funny side of this!

Phone calls from the Anticoagulation DVT Unit, the Doctors Surgery, with the results of INR Warfarin Test at the Hospital yesterday; and a change in Warfarin dosage. Also reminded me that I had not booked in for a flu jab yet!  Which I attached to the Carers book cover. He wanted me to call at the surgery, for a fact-updating visit? After I explained my problems with getting to the surgery, he said that the nurse would call me on Monday or Tuesday next week. Forgot which!

The most welcome call from Nurse Hristina, from the DVT (Deep Vein Thrombosis) Anticoagulation unit at the Queens Medical Centre, and pictures of her face as she told me she would be calling on Monday or Tuesday next week to take more blood samples. Gawd she’s such a caring beauty! ♥. Damn, my being born too late! Hahaha!

There were a few occasionally throughout this Friday’s happenings. I missed the mug altogether when putting the water in the tea mug. Lucky, though, only a mess to clear up. Somehow, the hot water missed landing on my bare feet altogether. Yes, nothing short of a miracle that one! The nasty one was going into the wet room, the eye misjudged the distance from the door frame, and I now have a little swelling behind the left earhole where I earhole-butted the door. This also caused more pain in the affected eye. Aye, it’s not all good luck. Tsk! Later on, I missed the computer desk altogether with a bottle of spring water! That was another semi-harrowing and annoying event. This bottle landed right on my At least it didn’t burst open! I did however manage to add another of my to the list; when I got down to pick up the bottle, getting back up, I , and that made me smart a bit, just after it had been assaulted by the bottle. Then… I realised that , forced me into the wet room. Forgetting that I needn’t have bothered, because I’m now completely out of any of the Daktacort ointment… as I am of Germoloids and Olive Oil for the ear-holes! Things were not going very well! Of course, being the confident, Glass-Half-Full, cheerful nature that I am, this didn’t bother me at all… I laughed it off! Within an hour of starting the blogging, I realised I would be in difficulty; the eye strain was bad enough. But the flipping drops need doing four times a day, which means taking off the eye patch and mass of taping that held it in place for the drops, then starting again to get the thing in a position so I could use the good eye for computing, without putting pressure on the pad. This didn’t work out very well at all. The pad slipped repeatedly, and I spent ages getting them back on, only for a carer to come and take it off, to apply the drops. They couldn’t help me with replacing the patch and glasses, cause of the danger of them catching my eye. Understandable!
The sudden being overcome by weariness and tiredness came even soon
er today. I made an early meal, ate it and drifted off.
Woken by the teatime caller. Left the eye patch off after that, too weary to bother, as all I planned to do was sleep. Which lasted for three hours. The Carer returned a little early, not that it matters, woke me up and put the in the eye, Painkillers were issued, and the was attached to the day bag on
Then, at last, I could get some sleep without fear of being woken up… But, No! Of course not! I should’ve known this… Within seconds of dropping off into the bliss of sleep… then, the started! These ideas, thoughts and self-accusations even caught me out… Some were from 72 years ago! I’d totally forgotten about many of the waves of shame, embarrassment and mistakes I’d made, but, they were recalled by , he was in right getting-at-me mood tonight! So many things I’d sooner have regurgitated, flowed into my mind, many unfathomable and or confusing. Along with those from so long ago… Guilt Mode Engaged!
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Photos & recollections, didn’t do too many, not up to much

04:20hrs: The night pouch was released. A bit darker today!

Kitchen to get the kettle on. Dank-looking morning view of the bottom field, across from the flats

But they took some moving in the first place…
I even did some cross-wording before things plopped out!

Back to make the brew, and got on the computer. Not that I could see much, and things took aeons to get done.

Mystery photo, here?

Gave up computing after doing the introduction. My vision was not good, and my concentration was even worse I think. Sat down with my feet up
Just about settled enough to get some sleep, and Carer Chris arrived.
Took his BP, excellent results. SYS114, DIA67 Pulse78 & Temp 37.8c. Showed up on the NHS result as ‘IDEAL’. Good for Chris! Me? Jealous? No!

After Chris had gone, I went back on the computer again.
As I got up, I noted the legs were better looking… I think.
Love those white tootsies! Hehehe!

Early nosh sorted out. Franks, tomatoes with added basil and sea salt. The last two bread rolls, Panini, I think they were called. Loads of air bubbles inside? Taste: 7/10.

Had to give up again on the computer; the tiredness and weariness came on early again, just as yesterday.

Soon nodded off, and a heck of a nightmare; that seemed to last a lifetime was experienced. It made no sense; one moment I was climbing up a steep hill, then falling and sliding down a hill of shingle… into a canal and as I was drowning, I found myself in an underground cave, with weird creatures chasing me all over the place, making giggling noises. They were only very little and skinny, but I was afraid of them? Then the whole scenario started again, the same them but a different canal. The next time it played in my brain, the little people were ginormous… a subtle change every time it replayed.
Can’t remember how many times I went through it. But there seemed to be no end to the storyline. It just seemed to restart the reel in my head, with subtle changes to each earlier episode I dreamed of. All without any outcome to the tales of woe. Does anyone have any ideas or input, please? Am I going bonkers? Or, should say, bonkerser?

Carer Chris arrived for his last call of the day, waking me up. Fitted the night bag, painkillers given, and eye drops done. I did the lotioning. We had a little natter, that I didn’t follow very well… not that it mattered, he was Facebook on his phone. Hahaha!

I soon nodded of again, hoping the repeat dream would return… I wish it had now; kicked off, and really ruined any chance of a good kip.

I found this photo pm the SD card. I must have missed this one off, too, from yesterday, methinks.
From last night’s ‘Heartbeat’ methinks?

Some more photos to go on tomorrow, eyes and Peripheral Neuropathy Pete, permitting. It’s nearly midnight now, better get this posted.

Have a great day!
Гарного дня!
Miłego dnia!
Гарного дня!
Havu bonan tagon!
Cael diwrnod gwych!
Qué tengas un lindo día!
Ich wünsche ihnen einen wunderbaren Tag!

TTFN, All!

INCHY: Wednesday 30th August 2023

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I’d spent the best part of the night working away trying to catch up with yesterday’s WordPress blog. Eventually, I got it finished this morning around 07:30hrs. Then made last night’s meal, Hehe!
I may have nodded off while eating it a few times. I later found some potato cubes in the dressing gown pocket, in my belly folds, and on the £300 second-hand shop purchased, c1966, welt-causing, uncomfortable, not-working, itch-inspirational, crumb-containing recliner cushion. I put the tray on the Carers table; I recall getting one of them ; the next thing, I was waking, having a renewal of consciousness, rejuvenescence, from my preciously short kip of about an hour – in the usual fashion.  shuddering, flapping, threshing about and blurry-eyed.

Kitchen morning view on rising.
Newly spotted legs.
Mullti-coloured feet and toes?
Swelling up again.

First of the two brews allowed… Nice!

Went to turn the computer on, and found that I’d not turned it off!
However, for the first time in months, the internet was working frost time! But not for long, about eight minutes…
Got the Tuesday blog finalised and sent off.

Carer Shaquille arrived. He changed the day pouch for me. Medications were given, and a brief natter was enjoyed.

Started this blog off. But…

Window shot to the left.
Then to the right.

Kara Kara Called; she was doing the two calls, financial and normal medicationings together today. She said she’d ring Virgin about a new package and getting the box sorted out. We were on the phone for an aeon… sorting out the package, and waiting for the technician to come on the line. Even I heard some of the canned music being played with the phone on hands-free. While waiting what seemed an hour, but couldn’t have been, I realised that Kara had phoned on the Virgin number, not the free 150 from Virgin lines… this call is going to cost me a fortune! Argh!
Eventually, they agreed a deal. I was not fully compus-mentis of what was happening, but have faith in Kara. All sorted for me! Kara wrote it down for me. New package; £42.79, for six months, then it’s going up to £56.59. As Kara needed to go, she found a letter on the floor, and I asked her to open it, which she did. I got confirmation from Age UK that my insurance had been paid. Thanked her and off she shot. Hehe! ♥ Lost without her help.

This may have helped the incompetent, figure-rustling and manipulative Smoke & Mirrors ladies & gentlemen at , who are buying up or into so many internet companies and keeping this quiet, to be actually working! I wonder what their cunning plan is with all the invested-in and bought-out internet companies they have got in with? Liberty acquired German company Unity-Media in November 2009 for $5.2 billion. 2010 Liberty sold its stake in Jupiter Telecommunications, a Japanese telecommunications services provider. In January 2013, Liberty Global raised its stake in Belgium-based Telenet from 50.2% to 58%. Liberty Global operates through the following subsidiaries and shareholdings: All3Media (50% ownership with Warner Bros. Discovery), ITV plc (United Kingdom) (9.9% shareholding) Platforma Canal+ (Poland) (17% ownership), Sunrise UPC (Switzerland) (100% ownership), Telenet (Belgium) (58% ownership). UPC Broadband, UPC Slovakia, Virgin Media Ireland Limited, Virgin Media Television, Virgin Mobile. Virgin Media O2 (70% ownership), O2 UK, GiffGaff 65% ownership, Tesco Mobile (50% ownership). Virgin Media Limited (UK), Virgin Media Business Limited, Virgin Mobile (UK), Vodafone (8.9% owned), VodafoneZiggo (50% ownership), Vodafone Netherlands, Ziggo, Ziggo Sport, Ziggo Sport Totaal, and Telefónica. Mike Fries is the Chief Executive Officer and Vice Chairperson of Liberty Global. He took home $62m in FY2, plus a guaranteed percentage of shares. Just how can the lad be expected to run an internet service that works, on such a paltry wage? Surely, his number-crunching, figure-shuffling, securities broker-expert is worth more? I feel so sorry for him.

Jealousy may be involved here! Hahaha!
I like him, & his good looking, Mafiosa face.
Went off on a tangent there, didn’t I? Sorry!

No Domestic lady called again, (holiday catch-up for the gal) and I was not up to cleaning with all the worry over the cataract and glaucoma procedure, and getting things ready for it.

Aha, I felt a movement from within there. Time to visit the for another go… Cor!

Got on with computing. I was getting hungry after she’d gone. Got the Tuesday blog finished & sent sent off to WordPress. Did some work on this blog, then got some nosh going.
Bit of a bigger nosh tonight. Sliced potatoes roasted, garden peas, a soy burger, fancy strawberry-filled pastry (Not that there was much filling in it, mostly pastry, disappointed in this one), and a banana to finish off with. Taste Rating: 6.8/10.

Carer Benjamin arrived after I’d eaten the feast and just fell asleep. He was on his last call and looked a little weary.
No tablets or medicine were needed. He attached the night pouch to the . Insisted he took a can of his choice on his way out with him.

Nodded off again, and the landline flashed!
It was the doctor’s surgery with the new Warfarin doses after the blood test. The INR level had gone up a little. I changed the doses on the Carers book to the new doses.

INCHY: Monday 21st August 2023

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
Going to have to be a quickie job from here on. It’s Tuesday morning and I’ve just started this update. A busy, busy day Monday… well, Tuesday is going to be as well…
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Night pouch removed
Content evaluated
A decent amount overnight!

Morning medications were done, , and were applied. ointmentated. and , Phorpain gelled.

Khaki-coloured mush!

Morning shot in the slight drizzle

Waste bins sorted out, a big bag cause I did a bit of clearing in the bedroom again, but it didn’t last long, and made sure of that, by offering up ailment trends.

Got some potatoes in the crock-pot

No headache from the bruise

Carer Richard, no Ramipril tablets (an ACE inhibitor type medication used to treat high blood pressure, and diabetic disease) The Blood Pressure today shows the lack of medication, as it had gone up a lot.
Richard checked the stock in the medical drawer. Gave me morning doses minus hate Ramipril of course. He’ll look into the situation. Nice lad.

Carer Atere, said he’s ring the doctor on his call, for me. On his late call, told me the prescription had been sent to the chemist.

The intercom flashed, and it was the Red Cross Technician. Buzzed him in and up he came to the flat. No bed, just the air-filled cushion. He got it going and put it on the £300, second-hand shop bought nine years ago, c1966, discomfiting, alarmingly beige-coloured, crumb-containing, TV remote hiding, not working recliner. He mentioned something about antiques? Haha!

I pressed on with the updating of the blog.

An Email Arrived. From the Falls Team Lady Sarah.
A list of things I’ve to do.

That’s Yer lot!