Inchy Friday 24th November 2023

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06:30hrs (5½ hours sleep. Great!): I struggled to get my poorly legs down from the chair, and wriggled in the £300, second-hand, most uncomfortable, decrepit, Haemorrhoid Harold-testing, micro-organism-microbe-bugged, easily-falloutable from, unfit-for-use, not working, recliner, one leg fell from the chair and clouted the ankle against the raised leg. This made me jump a smidgeon, and I felt the blood from , the tube yanked inside the little fella, causing more blood loss, but this is nothing to a man of my stature. I could see blood coming through the pink bandaging that Nurse Sarah had put on the right leg, yesterday. And as I tried to raise myself from the depths of the crumb covered from the cheesy curls I’d nocturnally unknowingly eaten, I was shaken like never been before via . Along with so many of the failings from and , they ensured me day-long fears of having a fall, tumble or stumble. But, as of now, I have coped well with them. I am making sure I try to take the stick with me every time I move about.  
I assume it was my Cartilage gals… well, it must have been because does not give way just like that, and his pains stay a lot longer… yes, they are guilty! Hehe!

Followed hours later by my precious caring .
arrived and did the medications. I think he was well pleased with not having to do the leg straps on both legs. Hehehe! Did his BP. Looking good again! . The Meridian team leader arrived. She asked for some catheter night bags, as a chap in the flats has just come out of hospital and is in need. She took a bag and said she would return it when his stocks arrived later next week. Glad to help.

Two-tone leg straps and bandaging.

Waste bags sorted.

The Iceland order arrived.
Exceptional no-meat meat slices today.
They had beef in them, and they had carefully ensured that the food was ready-crushed to save my few teeth when I ate them, I assume. How kind!The fridge was topped up again.
Substituted milk roll loaf with tasteless white.

Bit of Advice Here…
Do take care when unscrewing jars.
Sometimes the tin lid, on a jar of pickled beetroot has gone through the Iceland pre-crushing system and has sharp edges indented on the cap.

Got the Carers & Nurses nibbles box filled

Nice little clouds.

The papules can be felt bleeding under the bandaging.
The left leg will have the leg strap removed permanently to see how it goes tonight. If I remember to tell the carer

Found this new to me word.

Differences displayed.

Mopped the kitchen floor.
nearly had me over at one time. But I managed to stay perpendicular. Just!

Late Night Shots
Going, going…
Still going…
Close up…
Ah… Gone!


Inchy: Sunday 10th September 2023 – The Bell Tolls For The Tories!

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Got bedded down last night, well, this morning at around 03:20hrs, and low & behold, was waiting, ready to start again. But I did get off eventually and had nearly three hours of bliss. I would have stayed in the £300 second-hand shop purchased, c1966, welt-causing, uncomfortable, not-working, itch-inspirational, crumb-containing recliner for longer; Unfortunately, Dementia Doreen’s compatriot, , convinced me on waking, that it was Monday! So I thought I had a delivery coming between 7 & 8, and it was already 07:15hrs; a semi-panic-mode was engaged and I got up in a bit of a rush; Dizzy Dennis visited, lost balance, and I sat down again, with a foggy head.

Then I realised it was Sunday…

The Night Pouch
At first glance, I thought I’d been mysteriously passing spaghetti through Little Inchie and . Hehehe! Too dark a colour.

The legs look a little rough again.
No pains with them, yet.

Got some spuds in the crock pot.
Then felt the need for the .
porc tttWell, was done after three days. But of course meant a mess to clean up.

Waste Bags Sorted.

Carer Rahmat arrived. Did the issuing of the medications, eye drops, painkillers & Peptac were given. A little natter, which I appreciated. Took her BP and temperature. Very good, see above.

I felt so different again this morning. Plain weary, but the balance was much better. I got on with the mammoth job of catching up on yesterday’s blogging. Things started annoyingly…
Amazingly, I changed the Wi-Fi option and it came back! Very slow work this time. I feared I might even fall asleep in the computer chair. I must try to get some decent sleep in.

I was amazed again, at how the time flew by – it was the midday call already. The blog was making progress, slowly. Rahmat at last accepted a drink I offered a choice of. Bless her!

Got the blog posted at long last. And made a start on the Ode for today’s Inchy Today. I think it took me over three hours, and then later I found spelling mistakes in it. , I think my concentration was getting far worse the more tired I got.  Still, could be worse… couldn’t it?

Still struggling with the editing, and I forgot all about taking any photos until early evening. I’d been nibbling; in fact, I ate all of the remaining Le Petit bikkies!
A banana, a choc ice, an orange ice lolly, and as of now 19:10hrs, I’ve not made or wanted a mug of Glengettie?
Tea GlengettieThis is singularly worrying. It’s never happened before? Could it be the mysteries of Woodthorpe Court, with the ghosts, wraiths, spectres, cacodaemons, apparitions, and other grotesqueries that haunt the hallways and lobbies, searching for Inchie to curse with bad luck, create ambiguities, abstrucities, perplexities, misfortunes and botherations, to scare, worry and confuse me! 
Very peculiar situation. Not only not drinking tea, but failing to take photos of the clouds for my pareidoliaing!

I took a snap of the afternoon sky and grabbed another orange lolly from the freezer. Hahaha!

Continued with the blog for several slow-moving hours, and went to take photographs of the later evening. I was struggling then and were making it difficult for me to control the camera and use the selection buttons, but I had to give up.
Carer Benjamin arrived. I hadn’t heard him, cause even if I had hearing aids in, I couldn’t hear the dooorchime when in the kitchen or wetroom. He was right behind me and made me jump a smidge. Which brought a much-needed smile. He’d been standing there a while and noticed how I was struggling with the Kodak. He whipped out his mobile phone and took these photos for me, bless his cotton socks.

Then a closer shot of the houses.

That was kind of Benjamin.
So I took a snap of the lad.
Offered a cold drinkie in thanks, and he got the medications sorted. Then the eye drops were put in. He’s a clever lad, and noticed the shaking in my… well, all over really. Hehehe!
He’ll be back, just like Arnie, later for the Catheter night bag fitting. After Benjamin departed, I got on with updating this blog, to here. But mental fatigue, mistake-making and lack of sleep made me stop. I hope I’ll be back later too.

Took this shot of the attractive early-night clouds.

Did some more blogging catch-up, and then Carer Benjamin returned for his last visit. During which, he took this shot with the Kodak, of the scratches & bruises on the left leg 0 which must have been acquired, Thursday, on the last of the falls, I’d not noticed, but sharp-eyed Benjamin did.
He also noticed that the leg was swelling up, compared to the state of the right one. One battered body, one distorted brain,
hearing problems, seeing problems, money running out at a fast rate, , problems; bleeding at the point of entry of the catheter tube. is visiting much more often lately, and the previously nocturnal only , is now apparently on a new 24/7 roster. My are scarily getting more frequent… the mind seems to just lose blocks of time altogether, and forever. None have ever come back to me, and those hours or minutes remain a mystery? Maybe this is making things worse?
Just thought I’d mention them. To help whippersnappers who just may read this, to know what they can expect. So, keep on with the cannabis; it helps. (Guilt developing!)

I bedded down in the second-hand, £300, c1968, overwhelmingly sickening beige coloured, tatty, uncomfortable, wobbly, germ-producing, falling to pieces, food residue collecting recliner. But refused to let me sleep, even gave me a few sharp awakenings. I got up a few times, and wobblingly carried and to the kitchen to take some photos of the night skies
Sunset, taken earlier.
Later it looked like I had a monster on the horison.
A long time later, the monster was still there?

Back to try to sleep again, and I realised how little had been passed urine-wise, into the night pouch.

Took a photo with the flash on…
A perfect colour though. Bet it will have darkened by morning.

Not sure when I managed to get to sleep. But recall that had me wakened twice, all the other jerking-awakes were due to .

May Your Fortunes and Festivities Ferment with Good Food too!

Inchy: Tuesday 22nd August 2023

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What a Start This Morning!
The Go-Wrongables went wrong again!

It all started the moment I woke up, with agony from the gonads area. Due to the movement of the long night pouch tube that was attached to much unwanted, I must have chaffed away at the gonads as ‘things’ moved for the first time in months! I’ll not go into too much detail, but the dreaming involved things of an amorous nature, with a bit of physical passion thrown in! As I began to launch myself from the depths of the aged, grotty-looking c1966 made, charity-shop-bought, horribly beige-coloured, £300, Harold’s Haemorrhoid-testing, non-operational, acne-giving, virus-breeding, rickety, easy-to-fall-out-of recliner, I believed a glance at the wall clock, that fell off of the wall and now resides next to the squeaky Margaret Thatcher toy, on top of the electric fire, that I can’t afford to use with the cost of electricity; and panicked a little when I saw (Wrongly as it happens) that the clock showed it to be about ten past seven. And the food delivery is coming twixt 07:00 > and 08:00! In my haste to get up, the tube caught on the new air cushion that was delivered for me yesterday. No messing about with jokes at this stage… It was horrendously painful, and I felt sure the blood flowed much more than usual this morning!
I fumblingly got the night pouch off ASAP and grabbed for my , and off to the wet room to check on the state of my inguen department in the lower regions. en route against the door frame. But did not stop, went in and peeled off the bloodied protection pants, and went into an investigative mode to assess the damage. Not much Germolene left; I used most of it on Little Inchies. Then realised I had even less left of the Germoloid ointment! But remembered my taking brave choice, to order a tube of each on today’s Morrison order, and dang, the cost! Taking the wristwatch off, I spotted the real-time! 03:30hrs. All that rushing and pain for nothing.
Tea GlengettieGot the computer on to update yesterday’s blog. The time flew, but I took a break for a brew of Glengettie and the two last biscuits from the jar. No, I didn’t cry! But it was a close call. Hehe! I’d ordered some on the Morrison order, which cheered me up.
Little did I know what wasn’t being delivered and substituted, or I may have cried then!
The driver was kind enough to put the products into carriers I had saved and took them into the hallway for me. Kind of him; many tip the food out of their trays onto the kitchen floor or in the doorway. Thanks, mate, I appreciated that. I set about emptying the carriers and photographing the various foods, thinking of little witty things to say on the blog
. I must have taken about eight decent photographs, starting with the line of carriers in the hallway. Freezer, fridge, and cupboard goods.
Then, as I was putting the things away… I realised how many had been substituted or were not available. Tsk!
No Germolene or Germoloid! ‘Sudcrem’ had been substituted. The two vegetable risotto meals had been swapped for, of all things, Vegetable Lasagne, Horrible stuff! But I didn’t notice it soon enough to send it back. Or I would have. Urrgh! Kara is a vegan; I’ll see if she will have them on her next call
. The two Morrisons Acute Diarrhoea Relief Caps (Cost £1.20 each) were substituted with one Morrisons Diarrhoea Relief Instant Tablets. £6! Then, Pukka Cheese Leek & Potato Slices, £1.20, were replaced with Ginsters Cheddar & Onion Slices @ £1.48! Suddenly I remembered why I’d stopped using Morrisons delivery service – too late now. Gits! Can all these things keep happening to me every day? Well, yes!

When Carer Kara arrived, the bleeding from the private quarters had stopped, but not the pains. Tsk! Still no Ramipril Tablets, hence the high Blood Pressure readings for today. Kara checked the day pouch, due to be replaced on Wednesday. She kindly said she’d ring the Doctors or chemist about the tablet situation for me. Fingers crossed! It seems that all medications are in short supply at the moment.

I got around to putting the pictures taken onto the computer, my lovingly, carefully, time-consumingly taken shots throughout the late morning. But not one was on the SD card!
The SD card I’d left in the computer reader slot – AGAIN!
, I swore, cursed and lambasted myself as I ground my teeth and wanted to hit myself in the face! What else is going to go wrong? Don’t answer that, please!

Carer Kara arrived. I forced her to take the unwanted Vegetable Lasagne ready meals. It’s that white sauce on the that I don’t like. And I adore the Vegetable Risotto, but the last two times, they have substituted lasagne. Grrr!

Well, there’s no time to make a meal now. I’ve got to get the ablutions tended to… I’ve not started the photos yet; I better get them done first. Then, as instructed, I had to use the chair in the shower, fair enough.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
Please let my luck get betterer?
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
The night bag colour is looking good.
Plenty of it for once, 500 ml!

A rainy morning close to the glass shot.
A wider view…
But neither was very good. Tsk!

Rubbish bags sorted out.

Popped into the spare room; I did a bit of sorting, but not much.
More waste bags to go.

Titivated the nurses, carers, and helpers nibbles.


Computer issues bamboozled me.

Water Chestnuts Pickled!
After getting them into the jar, Kara told me they needed 4 days in the fridge. As instructed, I shook the seasoning in the tub.
Sorry, I did now. The lid wasn’t waterproof; vinegar went all over me and the floor to clean up. Fancy that!

The Morrison Farce Arrived.
All those lost photos, I took a few more, too late, of course.
Fridge close up. Leicester cheese to go in the potatoes later… well, that’s the plan, anyway.
Fridge full view.
Terribly bad freezer shot…
But the bananas came out alright.
I’ve eaten two during the day.

Balcony photo of the end car park.

Low puffer clouds, Bootiful!.
A Higher in the Sky view.

What were these two supposed to beat me?
Although this one could be my finger?
Better get on with the ablutions… Oh no…
It’s too late… no, I’ll get them done.
Back later.
He says, full of hope!

I’m back, but much later than planned. Tuesday morning.
I’d . Woke and went to check on the cooking and spotted the part moon high in the sky. I took these poor efforts for  photographicalisations
Got the wobbles, methinks?

Turned on the TV & .
The clouds had taken over the view.

I took these from the kitchenette window.
I forgot to check on the cooking. Tsk!

What a remarkable change to the scene!

Got the meal served up. Instant mash with Leicester cheese and sea salt added! Vegan sausages, chestnuts, red & yellow tomatoes, salted, and mushrooms were over-seasoned and overcooked! And a banana. Shame! Carer Benjamin arrived as I was serving up the meal. He kindly put it into the microwave to keep it warm for me.
But I ate most of it; I just had to leave some of the mushrooms.
Flavour-Rating: 8.1/10! Got the pots washed and…

Slept for a couple of hours before the usual jumping awake with a jolt. Which, unfortunately, tugged at the tube from deep within Little Inchie, causing to bleed a bit. (It also made me wince and curse a little, but no matter.) Off to the wet room, carrying & the , to clean and medicate things in the lower regions. Washed and got new PPs on. I forgot about the instructions to sit down to get dressed. I used Protection Pants for the first time to see how with them. They are much thinner than the others, and the actual pads seem smaller in ratio. But we were comfortable enough after the gruelling battle to get them on! Hehehe!

All medicated and cleaned up, I hobbled into the kitchenette to ensure no taps (faucets) or stove had been left on, and the fridge & freezer doors were shut!
Which was when I spotted the orange moon high in the dark sky. I decided to take a photograph of it… But it came out like this below… Artistic, methinks, even if it was not planned.
How the heck I managed to get three copies of The Moon in there is beyond me. I bet WordPress photographer, singer, songwriter, animal lover, novelist and jolly-good-fellow Tim Price in New Mexico would know!

TTFN, Each!

INCHY: Friday 11th August 2023 – With St Peter Ode!

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Another Testing Day of Frustration & Dismay
Blepharitis Infection Eye Gel applying problems. brought on a few giving-way episodes on the left leg, which nearly had me over each time. But, somehow I avoided tumbling and having an . A close call though.
, the main guilty party is, the that was spouting puss a bit today. All of these are connected to which indicated that was responsible for them all. Schweinhund!
The delectable DVT Warfarin Anticoagulation Nurse came to take my blood for another extra INR test. And welcome she was made! “I’m so glad she did!” I happen to have fallen in love with her... but don’t say anything about this, or you’ll have everyone laughing at me! Hahaha!
She helped me by reading the minuscule writing on the  instructions.
Which seemed much more understandable now.
Unfortunately, when I tried it later, things were back to normal. What I am doing wrong is annoying not knowing!
Iceland delivery. That’s three delivered this week, an Asda and two Iceland ones. To replace the stuff I had to dish from the freezer when I left the darned door ajar for nine hours and had almost liquid products in when I found out about it.

After two hours on the computer trouble-free.
Another hour and a half and the total to date was…
Up to now, the internet had gone down…

As their adverts say…
Internet Outages Applied by Inchy!

The Opticians called again; it was farcical. I think she said Kara, so I assume she still wanted her to call them?

Ah, well, a quick look at the photographicalisations…

Spouting fluid

Waste Bins Sorted

Early morning kitchen view

I’m not sure why I took this one?
Obviously, I must have been in mid-shave?

After ablutions kitchen view

Went a little dark as the afternoon loomed.

Then brightened up. Bootiful clouds

Slowly darkened as it got later.

Later shot, but so lovely to view

Late blast from the sun on her way down, Grrreat!

The 18:00hrs Carer called. I got the and the put on. The Gel applying, I’ve still not mastered very well.
Turned off the computer…

The final total of the
Failures had reached…

I got the meal prepared and served up!
No fish fish-sticks and fishless prawns. Canned garden peas, nice tomatoes, yellow & red, roast potato chunks done in the oven with olive oils sprayed on them, vinegared and salted on the plate, no sauce needed tonight. I then proceeded to eat the feast… and created a new record!
I was trying to eat while watching the TV… but fell asleep at least five times during eating the food! I might have been more often. Each time I woke up, I had to recover whatever it was that had come off of the tray each time I dosed off, and the tray slipped… Peas went off wandering every time, I was still finding them on the floor that had rolled out of view in the morning. Potatoes, tomato halves too. Amazingly none of the no-fish, fish fell?

The last Carer Call. A were new lads today, so I took the opportunity to ask them each to check the taps, heater and fridge-freezer doors for me. We’ll see.

A final photograph from the kitchen window was taken.

How Gorgeous!
I spent a while on this one.

For a complete change, there was no , gave me a break, and no bother at all! This time is was the eyes that kept me awake! Both of them felt like there had to be grit in my eyes? Every time I nictated after waking up! I had to give up trying in the end. I sprayed some extra on both, but it made no difference; it’s still a painful nuisance this morning. I still think it’s I am applying the wrongly. I must try to get some professional help on this issue. I’m worried that the Cataract operation on the left eye might be cancelled if the infection does not clear up. Sister Jane has the same problem after having her eye done!
♥ Here she is with me in the flat. ♥


Inchy: Tuesday 1st August 2023

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
What an expensive day!
The usual getting things wrong, forgotten about, dropped, lost, back-to-front, or the many dithering moments guaranteed another 24 hours of anosmia. With eyesight that put me in danger as it would get worse momentarily; Dangerous on my hobble to and from the Optician. Where, between them and the Ozan food store, I spent a small fortune!
Two costly eye medications bought, the Smoked Knuckle that I couldn’t resist, and cash to pay the Easy-Link from the thingy in the wall in Sherwood. I was out of the flat for about five hours, and returned having spent on the glasses, medications and shopping treats… over £320! The Bank Balance is at its lowest for years now! The eye is still bothering me and as I said, making me a bit nervous. The eye this morning, is even more painful after having the cream and spray put on last night.
A Fed-Upperedness-Lingers!
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Night Pouch.
NHS Scale 4

Sprayed the slippers.

Kitchen morning view.

Not sure why I took this one – or even meant to?
Rushed around getting things ready for the trip to the Opticians.
Carer Kara arrived. No eye drops were given. She said she will try to find out for me whether I should or not be using them still. ♥ Medications sorted.

Had a bash at doing the blog, but within ten minutes…

I set of with the I hoped all the things I needed in the three-wheeled-walker trolley. Old spectacle frames to have the new lens fitted into. My wristwatch, bus pass, mobile phone, the beloved Kodak camera, and some cash. I set off on the journey to the opticians. I went down in the lift and took this snap of the information board as I got out of the elevator.

I walked outside and down to the Winwood foyer. This was to escape the drizzle and high winds.
Took these snaps of the view from within the outer foyer.
Then as the time neared for the bus, out to the bus shelter.
Taking this snap of the traffic island outside the flats. The wind was blasting the weeds and plants all over.

Down into Sherwood, got off of the bus without any tumbles or falls this time. Up to the crossing, over the road and into the opticians. Where the three pretty young lady assistants pampered me a little… I loved that! They seem to have taken to me? Another mystery! I was helped with the trolley into the examination room. But on my going inside…
I felt the catheter pouch dropping… Dam It! After all that time preparing everything to go out, I’d not emptied the pouch! I cringed as I had to ask if there was anywhere I could empty it. The lady kindly took me through the back of the shop, through some narrow junk rooms; she even helped me get up the steps to the WC.
Back to the test room. It must have taken her well over an hour & a half with all the tests needed. The outcome was costly!
I needed an eye spray and Gel. The tears were drying far too quickly, and the grit-in-the-eye scenario needed the spray. I can’t recall how much they each were, but the total was £23! pound. And there was me, thinking it was my natural charismatic charm, humour, and good looks that were getting appreciated by the staff. Hahaha! It must have been three hours after arriving, I was freed, to get some cotton pad (Not wool) from Wilko. Who, of course, didn’t have any in stock. But I let the girls select a can of pop of their choice from the trolley before departing to Wilko’s.

I hobbled carefully down to the Ozan store.

I was foolishly tempted to buy more veg knuckles and a large potato. Got some cash from the machine outside as I left.
A danged expensive trip this one was!

Then a grinding hobble back up Winchester Street Hill.
I think the hobble earlier helped me cope with it easier this time.
Approaching the left turn to the flats, which was not in view yet.
Almost there…
These wildflowers caught my attention again, as the poor things were getting battered by the winds.

I got inside the flats and was commandeered by ILC (Independent Living Coordinators), Oberstgrüppenfuhreress, Warden and Primo Ballerina, Warden Deana & Generaloberstess, Ice skating champion florist and Warden Julie’s office. This is used as a holding cell and an interrogation room. Only joking!
A Prisoner’s… no, Tenant’s detail updating was done.
The new ailments had to be added. Har-Har!
This took a while.

Back to the flat.
Along the link passage from Winwood to Woodthorpe Court.
At the end, Near the swipe door…
A photo of the overgrown natural greenery!

Back up to the apartment.
The knuckle and the potato.
The potato was put in the oven on low heat.

Tried to catch up with yesterday’s blog.

Gave up, and checked on the potato in the oven; it needed a little longer. I sat in the £300, second-hand, most uncomfortable, decrepit, Haemorrhoid Harold-testing, micro-organism-microbe-bugged, easily-fallout able from, unfit-for-use, not working, recliner, and nodded off with being kind, as well as the giving me a break…
was kind as well… then as heavenly peace arrived… I think was beginning a peaceful dream with a HRH Petal-Lisa and me in a railway carriage, dining… somewhat
the landline burst into flashing mode.
I jerked awake, my glasses dropped of my head… I carefully (I thought) rose from the recliner; knocking off a bottle of spring water and the torch off of the ottoman… nearly lost my balance going the two paces nodded to get to the telephone, and responded with a pleasant, ‘Good Evening’ quote. It was the
, with the results of the blood test. My INR had gone up to 4.2 for some reason, so the new dosages were given to me. Struggling to hear what the receptionist was saying didn’t matter this time; it was easy to hear… one each night! I thanked her and nearly tripped over the bottle of spring water as I went to the carers table and change the dosage on the Meridian book cover. Collected the dropped items from my getting up, and got back down into the £300, second-hand, c1968, charity shop-bought, eyesore-horrendously grungy coloured, Harold Haemorrhoid-testing, easily-falloutable from, unfit-for-use, not working, recliner… but not for long… I got the nosh sorted and started to dine well.

Within about ten minutes the door chime chimed out its; tune.

It was Carer Chris coming for the last call of the day. Nice and early too, I was half asleep. He got the and on the eye; the gel application hurt a smidge as I recall after it was put on, but nothing too bad.
No painkillers were offered, and, as I found out in the morning, no night pouch was added to the day bag. I think the lad knew from earlier how tired I felt with the trip out. He was off quickly, telling me to get some sleep, bless him.

But it was not to be!
Again the raged. No peace, just reminders of past errors, mistakes and shameful moments, relentlessly. One incident from 1957 was thrown in this time. This is getting bad, I wonder if I can get any help with this problem?
Has anyone mentioned it to Rishi Sunak, yet? Hahaha!

Still, I’m eating well!

Oh, just found this photo that I missed off!

INCHIE: Friday 31 March 2023

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
I don’t want to go into this too much… but…
The text from the bank indicated a worrying fact.
My balance has gone down by £3000 in a month!
I asked Carer Jodie if she could ask Carer Kara to
please have a go at getting me back in online
banking again. She tried a while ago, a couple of weeks
back, using the phone, and got the details needed and
tried to get me online with it. But, no joy. The details
given to her did not allow her/me into my account.
I really appreciate her trying in her own time too.
I’m worried, to say the least, now. Of course, I may
have got something wrong. I explained this to Jodie

and to Carer Sam later. I’m a bag of nerves!
Sam (1n:40hrs) said she would ask Kara to assist me.
Not heard anything yet (20:20hrs).
Hoping she can get hear tonight; she might be on the late
call. Every day there is something not going right! Well,
going wrong, summat to fret about.
The new medications and part of the original monthly
one have not arrived. No night catheter bags.
All a part of the NHS collapse and strikes?
My already shattered confidence and concentration are
not doing me any good. And without the needed
medications at the same time.
The thought of having to have a permanently fitted
catheter strangely left my mind today. Until a few
minutes ago, when I got some stabbing pains and
realised the bag was full & needed emptying. But
the colour of the wee-wee has been so much better
today. Although not the flow.
Which problems to worry about?
I’m sinking mentally as well.

Thanks, Doreen!
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

First bag emptying. Not as dark as it looks. These day bags are in three compartments, with a shaded outer plastic.
Off to the . Only two (messy) trips up to now
Sorted the waste bins and bags. Carer Shaquille’s first call.
The second call was from Jodie, who calmed me down a bit over the banking cock-up. But not solved anything. No Kara came, though. Second visit.
Om the computer to get all mixed up and mistake making. (It was no bother!)

The weather was not nice….

Carer Sam arrived and said she would ask Kara if she could call on me.

This shot was a better one, got the colour as it was!

Getting dark earlier now.

A bit if a shock on the next bag emptying.
Blimey, talk about bloody!
And yet, the next emptying…
Much better? Not complaining like!

Oh, where did the time go?

Pressed on with the blogging.
Getting late now, 21:10hrs.
Better get some nosh sorted out…
Off to the kitchenette, I go… Hey-Ho!

Made the nosh, took a photo, and it didn’t appear on the SD card? Again!

GC ERWashed the pots, during which I felt liquid on my left lower leg?
Can’t be the , that’s on the right leg. I felt a grope of the area and found some new fungal growths, about four of them, different sizes, and all leaking what appeared to be water?

I put a self-adhesive pad on them, check the
Catheter Bag & colour of the urine…
That was too red again. Tsk!
And got my head down.

The pad was soaked in minutes and fell off. Fancy that!

Yet another crap night of sleeping. I had to keep wiping the liquid away all through the night with kitchen towels. One of the lesions is still running now (at 09:40hrs Saturday). The eyes and nose are doing a good imitation of the lesions. This reminded me of a Dr Who episode. Hehe!

Thus another horrible, tormenting night of getting up to empty the tiny day bag and wiping the weeping lesions.

I feel so lucky and blessed, you know…
There are plenty worse off; wherever you go,
But I’ve lost confidence and my mojo…
Doreen makes my thoughts and mind an imbroglio,
Whoopsies, accifauxpas, ailments to me are ipso-facto,
Coping with pain? I’m an aficionado,
Depression? Yes! But still a simpatico!
This mind is full of confusion & mumbo-jumbo!

Morning all!

INCHIE: Saturday 1st April 2023

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Not a Dr Who or Hammer House of Horrors tale!
It could only happen within the Confines and Mysteries of 72 Woodthorpe Court, with the ghosts, wraiths, spectres, cacodaemons, apparitions, and other grotesquenesses that haunt the hallways and lobbies searching for Inchie; to curse with bad luck, create ambiguities, abstrucities, perplexities, misfortunes and botherations, to scare. worry and confuse me! This was one of their best efforts yet!

Last night’s scary quick growth of the leg lesions, and the sudden leaking of water from them, got even worse during the day. They eased off in the evening… for an hour or so, then…

New growth coming between the toes, and fate gave the papules a suitable pareidolia face to laugh at me! Hehehe!
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
Up at 06:30, wiped the water from my leg and foot. I’m getting good at this after doing it all night long instead of sleeping. Humph!

Some blood in the , that’s because we still do not have any s delivered!

First of three visits to the , all messy again!.
Oddly, and reminiscent of the Dr Who episode, The Waters of Mars…

Not only the leg lesions but the eyes and nose were running???

Carer Sam arrived. The missing medications and catheter bags had not arrived yet. She brought the laundry for me and kindly hung up the dressing gowns for me. Then a little chin-wag. Thank you!
Took two snaps of the depressing weather.

Carer Jo-Anne came. Had a laugh as she medicated me.

Prepped the nosh for this evening. Cooked some imitation lamb and a can of vegetable soup, well seasoned to marinate all day. Put them all together, and Carer Ayowole arrived.

Had a good cleanup of the lesions on the leg.
They seem to be getting smaller now but still spurting water.
I can still see the face on the leg.

Sister Jane rang, still in bed, bless her.
She and hubby Pete are going to the football match this afternoon, then off to enjoy the Halle Concert at night. Nice!
We had a good natter. Told her about the leg leaking. Hehehe!

The wee-wee had changed to a decent colour.

Concentration is gone, getting tired, and the eyes are getting dimmer, as is usual at this time of night.

Carer Chloe arrived; nice to see her; it’s not often she calls on me. Had a giggle, and she checked the dates on the fridge foods. (Three binned)

The lesions are getting even smaller now.
Still pouring water out, though, but not all of them?

I turned on the oven to heat up ready fir the potatoes to go in.

A middling colour, not too bad.

Got the pots n the oven and turned the saucepan heat on the lowest setting to warm up ready for the spuds to go in, in half an hour or so.

Turned off this computer; as I did so, I could feel the water trickling a little quicker down the leg – another night of no sleep in the offing? Humph!.

Back in the morning… if I’ve not drowned in the night. Hehehe!

The nosh came out well…

I dined like a King… Well, maybe not!
I can’t imagine King Charles with a tray on his belly, scoffing vegetable soup with extra potatoes for supper? Nor eating it with his leg with the mystery papules leaking water, stuck up on a chair that needed him to keep wiping it, as he kept spilling the gravy on his dressing gown, chest and chin. Hehehe!

At least the short-lived water-releasing papules; two days up to now, are leaking far less. But worryingly, it looked in the morning like some new ones were coming… and a few on the right leg now, too!

Yours, from the old moaner, killed by the NHS, Doreen Dementia, his mechanical aorta valve, Peripheral Neuropathy Pete, Dracula Depressions and/or lack of catheter night bags to stop his bladder infection.
I mention these in the vain hope that someone will show an interest in what actually saw-me-off, in the end.  when I’m gone. A bit late, I know, but wouldn’t it be lovely to come back to see other’s reactions?

Here are a few I could guess at:
Unnamed: “Huh, I don’t know how the old scrote lasted so long!”
Unnamed: “I told him to go to the doctor!”

Bank Manager: “Inchie? Who was that then?”
My ophthalmologist: ” Ah, one less in the queue for a cataract job!”
Dementia Neurologist: “I never actually saw him, but the nurses say he say he was in need of help. Didn’t get it did he? Shame!
Local Pharmacist: “He’s dead? Hahaha!
Doctor (GP): “Deceased? Ah, that’s a blessing for him; but more for me!”
Audio Clinic Receptionist: Oh, pity. He was almost deal yer know!”
Otolaryngologist: “Do you know, I never had a patient with more solid packed-in earwax in my life. I liked him. When getting the wax out, I’d call my colleagues to show them… they never believed that so much could have come from just two ear canals!”
District Matron: “Yes, I’m sorry we couldn’t have supplied him with his much-needed medications and Catheter night bags. As he said himself; ‘At least when I snuff it, someone else will stand a chance of getting some night bags in hopes of relieving their bladder infections.”
 Automatic, Inc. (WordPress): Didn’t he used to write that crappy blog?
St Peter: “Christ, I’ve got to put up with him now…”

Morning, all!

INCHIE: Wednesday 29th March 2023

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
Annuver mind-blowing, busy, getting nothing done, and frustrating… but not so much so as yesterday was! I think.
But don’t let fool you. It was horrendous!
When I say horrendous, it wasn’t all horrible; there were about ten minutes of near-contentment around 13:00hrs.
The promise of the medications about to arrive was soon demolished.
About a third of them came. But no Catheter night bags, and the new tablets for the Prostate reduction, failed to make it.
So, the night is going to be another one of agony.
Another promise of the rest of the things to arrive tomorrow; I’m not too hopeful of fruition after waiting for a fortnight. No Warfarin, but I do have a few left. No INR nurse arrived to take the blood for testing. No DVT nurse came for the vein draining. Heard nothing about the next brain scan. The after-stroke & falls team have not appeared for a few weeks. I’m out of the cream for Little Inches’ fungal lesion.
And I’ve had a tumble in the kitchen. Hands and knees job back to the front room, knocking the bottles of spring water off of the ottoman en route… with one of them landing right on my Onychovryotosis (ingrowing toenail). Slipped using the arm of the  c1966. charity shop bought, second-hand, wincingly grotty, beige coloured, not working, crumb-covered from the nocturnal nobbling, itch-making, uncomfortable, virus breeding, easy-to-fall-out-of recliner, to get back up on my feet. Had to sit down for a while.
The Carer gals had done their best for me.
But there is always that feeling; ‘What next!’ There’s always something going wrong. Now it’s emails from Grammarly telling me my renewal has been refused, but not why. Is it another con job?
Depression is a constant in my life now!
Still, the Matron called to see me. She’s been asked to by the Doctor, who was worried about me? Now that’s new and nice! I mentioned the lack of medications, night bags for the catheter, and the odd sensations that overcome me at times. The problems with mail, email and the computer, not being able to get onto online banking to sort things out; and no help available with these issues. At least, I think I mentioned these difficulties to
Matron. If not, I meant to.
Now 23:45hrs, and I’m up to here in the blog. Tired, smelly, worried, half-out-of-it, and so hungry. Nowt new here then…
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

A night of with the odd bother from tormenting ensuring that I seemed to spend longer awake than asleep. I gave up trying around 05:00hrs.

The urine looks darker than it really was when I emptied the pouch.

No change in the ankles.

No chance of any cloud pareidoliaing this morning.
White cars rule in the car park.

Jimminee, the colour of the wee this time was almost perfect.
And I was passing a lot, too!

The computer on! Made an order for Asda for next week. And signed up for the Delivery pass, which should save me a little. Went for the cheaper one, so I have to book orders for Tue-Wed-Thur each time to get it free.

The urine is getting a move-on today.
Lovely colour too!

Wonderful clouds this afternoon!

During the day, I had Carers Kara, Domestic Denise, Carer Josef, and Carer Carer Sam, who brought the part-medications for me; bless her. And bless Carer Carolynne, who looked at the computer problem for me. No decision was made or action was taken; mind you, she didn’t have the time.

Went to check on the spuds in the slow cooker.
Not sure how I took this photo?

Matron arrived. As I said earlier, whatever I could remember about the medicationalistical situation, I passed on to her. Got a student with her.

Hahaha! The wee kept on coming!
A good thing, methinks?

Overcast as the rain stopped, I took this picture.
Not very good, is it? Tsk!.

It’s gerrin’ a better colour as the night comes on! Great!

Nosh Served Up

The potatoes were slow-cooked with sea salt & vinegar.
Can if garden peas, and a first for me, never tried them before, imitation fish goujons, with a cob or two. Followed by the cheapest of yoghourts, flavoured with some lemon curd mixed in. (Nice!)
The vegan batter on the goujons was okay; the content of them was, well… tasteless! Disappointing, shan’t bother with them again.
Overall, a flavour rating of 6.2/10.

Left the pots in the sink soaking and got my head down.
Colin Cramps gave me a break, and even Anne Gyna only woke me up with her stabbing pains about six times.
The tiny day catheter pouch Still none of the larger night bags delivered); let me know it needed emptying twice.
As you can see by the top Ode, Dementia Doreen gave me an odd dream to use in the rhyme. Bless her!

May you find fun and festivities & have fantastic future feasts frequently!

INCHIE: Monday 27th March 2023

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Worra duff day, again!
There are still no medications or night Catheter bags delivered.
So no chance of any pain relief fro Ann Gyna; or poor Little Inchie bleeding and chaffing on the Catheter tubing. So nowt new there!
I seem to have attained a permanent state of depression this morning… well it’s well into the afternoon now… good heavens! Just looked at the one clock left working, and it’s nearly teatime… as it used to be. 17:00hrs!

Let’s have it… who stole the day?
This place is full of mystery and connivery!
Time moves without my knowledge, I say!
Little things can be so digressionary…
I washed-up last night, but I can’t find the cutlery?
My Porcelain visits indicate the onset of dysentery!
Anne Gyna, Colin Cramps, and swollen ankles all getting at me!
I’m breathing better, but I’m coughing more this Monday…
I don’t mind coughing; I’m not keen on a coffin!
All the usual traits linger on, like being dithery…
The catheter tube making Little Inchie bloody,
Should I change this blog into a shockumentary?
I’m not in good shape, physically…
But in a far worse plight mentally!

Each night I’m so tired, my eyes cloudy & bleary…
I can get off to sleep usually…
But not now, thanks to the apothecary…
No Anne Gyna tablets, Colin Cramps, painfully…
Both ensure that I sleep abortively…
Waking me in pain so often, grindingly!
In despair. Had enough, Me? Absobloodylutely!

Pretty coloured wee-wee this morning.

A little misty.
City Hospital is in there somewhere.

The trees are coming on well in the roads below…

When the petals fall in the fall, will they be messy at all?

Bootiful puffer-clouds.
I don’t think that’s the official name of them…

A few hours later…

I’ve only had one Porcelain Throne evacuation yet.
Carer Sam and Carer Jo-Anne have called.
I’ve been in and out of it again.
No medications or night Catheter bags come.
Fancy that! And it’s only been a week without the
medications & Catheter bags.
Bloody agony – but is anyone interested? Silly question!
Isn’t life good?..

The door chime chimed – it was the postman. Delivering
the camera from my cyber-buddy Tim Price. Bless him!
Cracking camera that I can carry in my pocket, if ever
I get out again, that is. I was like a kid opening the
box. I took a snap of the old Fuji with it

Then one of the new Kodak with the Fuji.

Then the first cloud photo with the new one. Smashing! Thanks, Tim!

Carer Jodie called; no medications or bags.
Helped me with text messages.

Back on the Kodak…


Flat views.

Thick veg soup with tons of flavouring.
Liquid smoke, sea salt & BBQ sauce.
Flavour rating: 6.4/10 (Can’t win ’em all!).

called. Sorted the meds… well, not them we had run out of, naturally. No night bags to use. We had a little chin-wag.

She woke me more often than MPs fiddle with their tax returns. So sleep was another farce. No sooner got down in the c1966 Charity shop bought, second-hand, whiningly grotty, beige coloured, not working, crumb-covered from the nocturnal nibbling, itch-making, uncomfortable, virus breeding, easy-to-fall-out-of recliner, and the kicked off. One good thing is that he gave me a break; he was of no bother at all! Not that he was needed, mind you – with no medications for her, was more than enough to guarantee me a lack of sleep again!


INCHIE: Saturday 25th March 2023

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
I thought this might be a good spot to
show some old used before photographs
of Nottingham Sherwood pavement cyclists
Just to make the point, they are a danger!

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

As of now, 17:05hrs, there are still no night catheter pouches, prescription medications or Finasteride tablets for the shrinking of the prostate to allow a trail without the damned painful, annoying, clumsy, messy, painful… Painful, oh, I’ve said that, haven’t I? (Well it is!) catheter, to see if I can have a manual pee once again, delivered to me. So, I’m doomed to agony and discomfort. Not that it bothers me.
Just thought I’d mention it!

The day bag was not a good colour this morning.

Had a sad moment over my not being able to go on one of the trips-out days! Ah, well, “Que sera, sera!”

Spots of morning rain.

The requirements were the same as over the last three days. A first visit – messy to evacuate and clean up.
The tank had to be refilled manually again, which involved fetching water from the cold faucet/tap that works in the kitchenette, carrying it back to the wet room, and pouring it (or at least some of it) into the tank – three times. Then flushing, but it didn’t take all the product – so I had to repeat the actions. again. acci-whoop This time my luck wasn’t so good… I lost grip of the bowl and water from the kitchen – drenched the dressing gown, me and the floor! Naturally, I took it all in my stride and did not get angry or get pissed off, swear, spit or curse! 
Finished cleaning the wet room, then off to the kitchen to do the same in there. I broke the handle on the mop and banged my knuckles on the edge of the radiator! Within minutes of returning to the front room, the 2nd visit was required!
This seems to be the usual pattern nowadays.
The second visit was even messier than the first evacuation. Bu7t at least I didn’t have any spillages. I cunningly only filled the bowl a third full, thus, I could carry it with the one good hand  I have and used Metal Mickey in the other. Crafty eh? but of course, it meant four trips to the kitchen instead of two. The morning was getting into the lunchtime zone with all the farting about that I had to do! Now a hemerine task and risk to add to the others!
What with no new Finasteride medications arriving for the prostrate… I mean prostate, running out of tablets, the constant pain from this and . Then there’s a new problem… although I had been warned it was bound to start. This is from an old friend . Now both or either hand fingers are not letting me grip things or refusing to allow me to let go of things? The cursed Eye-Ailment-Brigade; , and , is making things harder as well. Doing this blog will be too much shortly, I fear. CorelDrawing is easier and can be resized quickly, so all is not fatal yet. No night bags for about a week either, so the bladder cannot have its nightly flushing out of the infection? Still, it was day bags I ran out of last time. Nobody is telling me anything. The After-stroke falls team lady and District nurses have not been for a long time.
Just listen to me! Whingeing, grumbling, grumping, and snivelling-on?

Mid morning.

Afternoon view

Flavoured the baked beans with liquid smoke, BBQ sauce, and a splash of aged malt vinegar.

The changing skies over Sherwood… Chronologically

Beautiful late afternoon puffer clouds.

Pareidolia prompting picture!

Pareidolia prompting picture!
Converted to Sepia.

In yer face, Sun!

Pareidolia prompting picture!

Pareidolia prompting picture!


Sunset Selection…

The oh, so high moon cometh…

Best close up I could manage.
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –