Inchie: Wednesday 31st May 2023

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The busiest day for Inchie, in how many years? A few! I tried to smile way through the ever-increasing mayhem I went through. And was not very successful!
This is being done ASAP on Thursday morning, before the arrival of the lift to the hospital. Still not sure if a Carer could be found to go with me yet – short notice given to us. Here we go…

Night pouch dark again.
Not a lot, either?

Ablutions, getting short of the Terbinafine cream.
Only two cuts shaving. Porcelain Throne messy again.
Someone (Not me) had flushed the WC. More trips to fetch water
Back-Pain Brenda complaining.
Yet another intermittent ailment now. Short sharp stabbing pains under my left nipple in the ribs? Ah, well!

Got the paperwork ready to be sorted, saved or Shredded.
Made a brew, and it went cold. Computer on and…
Back on in ten-minutes then… five later…
Fifteen minutes later, after resetting the box, it went back on.
Gave up!

Cleaned the hallway and sorted the waste bags.

Virgin is back on!
Computing again… for an hour or so…
Turned it off, as a Carer arrived to help me sort put my paperwork.
This took us ages and yonks.
No chance to get blogging again.

Carer Kara came to assist me with medicationalisationing and planning for the upcoming trip to the hospital. ♥ And arrange a visit to the bank re statements and my problems with the account.

During this we tried to find out if there was a cash machine in the City Hospital I could use, to make sure I had enough money with me to pay for the hospital & next week’s Bank meeting lift. I looked it up on the computer again and found this below.


Turned off the computer. I’ll try to get up early and get on with this blog sorted out… Humph! Cause Liberty-Global Virgin Media is going down tomorrow for several hours. (As it hadn’t been already!)

Can’t recall the other things that happened..

Did find this photo of the meal mind you.
I enjoyed it, I think.

And found this in the paperwork we were sorting out.
Lot’s left to do on this, yet.

I wonder how many of these crimes were committed by
Parole Board Wankers freeing them early?
Just a thought.

TTFN must dash to final prepping for the hospital.
That is if they can find someone to go with me?
Or (As they said at the hospital) no cataracts will be done
without a Carer attending with me. And I’ll go back to the
start of the waiting list. Please, No!


Inchie: Sunday 28th May 2023

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A Jolly Good Morning to you…
I greeted the world with a rendition of “Oh, what a Beautiful Morning”, followed by “Onward Christian Soldiers”. Bounded out of the second-hand, £300, c1968, overwhelmingly-sickening beige coloured, tatty, uncomfortable, wobbly, germ-producing, falling to pieces, food residue-collecting recliner, and did a few rounds of shadow-boxing. Then 10 minutes on the weight lifting, and went out onto the balcony, and Yodelled Frank Ifield’s “She Taught Me To Yodel…


I stirred after only about four hours worth of kip, checked the clock, 04:45hrs, and swiftly fell back to sleep.
Woke with a nervous tic attached to my left eye, and checked the clock again, 05:00hrs.
I considered the option of getting up… Zzz!
06:00hrs the next time I woke, still with the nervous tic in the left eye. Danged annoying that was!
Back to Kip, I floated… Not waking until gone 07:00hrs! The tic still twitching away.
I even had to force myself then to rise from the comfort (that’s not the right word) of the recliner, to grapple with getting the night bag from . It soon dawned on me, that the night pouch had not been attached.
If I remember rightly, I must have forgotten to ask the Carer to do it. Of had I taken it off myself earlier? I think not, because the urine in the day bag was a deep brown-red. I stood and caught my balance, reached for , took off the dressing gown to cool me cool down, and went off to utilise, in response to the early call to the . Once0 again, was in control, very messy! However, ailment number 21, , after carrying the buckets of water to refill the not-working for 9 weeks now W.C. water tank, was far easier than she has been lately. That is thanks to the Carers rubbing in the Phorpain Gel regularly for me for a few days now. Easing the discomfort. But, as usual, the started off, as if to cover for BPB’s absence. Hehehe!
I got the computer on, determined to get yesterday’s blog sorted ASAP.
After five minutes of putting the photographs in from the Kodak SD card, and I realised many pictures that I took last night, were not there! Tsk! !

Then, I got a bit of a shock, sat sitting here, again wearing only , and the morning Carer came into the room! Somehow I’d not heard the chime.
I clabbered about to get the dressing gown back on sharpishly. got the medications sorted. Then got some gel rubbed into my back. Very welcome! Cheers! 
Peptac taken. But no Paracetamols were needed.
I believe that Phorpain, which has Ipobrufen in it, serves as an extra painkiller? Having it rubbed in so often, it gives me a chance to reduce the drugs I’m taking. I’ll see how the pain levels go… Huh! As I typed about this, would you believe that the started off again?

I got the Saturday blog finished, and I posted it off to WordPress.

demand number two arrived. was even more dominant on this visit.
I dropped the PPs, sat, shat and was upright again within literally seconds! The mess was unbelievable and took me ages to clean up, and the bending to wash things disturbed , who was accompanied by a more persistent ! So much for cutting back on the drugs! I thought I’d better take another Galphram in hopes of controlling ‘s appetite for wet, smelly, gooey evacuationing!
The pins and plates seemed to be looking better.
Apart from the ankles of course.
Then, the urine started flowing a lot easier and faster for an hour or so. And a lot clearer and lighter colour, too!
I’ve not had a good stubbing for a long time now. This one was a cracker! Not that it bothered me, of course.
Pain means nothing to me at all.

Josie aThe door chime chimed. It does that! I’ve noticed it a few times. Hehe!
It was neighbour Josie from across the hall. The poor gal was having trouble with her kettle again. Despite my acute lack of knowledge and fear of anything mechanical, technical or complicated, I went in to see if I could help her. I think I worked out what it was, too. I could be wrong, of course. But believe that the insert into the base looked worn a little. So filled her kettle up, and it worked! She’ll need a new one, though, to be on the safe side with electrics. She went to Wilko, but they had none in stock. So, a made her a mug of coffee, said my farewells and returned to the flat. And ordered her one from Asda, I hope her current one lasts until it arrives.

Got an email from old friend Chrissie, telling me that the cataract replacement is a ‘Doddle’, to use her own words. That was kind of her; she always knew what I was thinking 66 years ago when we were neighbours. and a lot younger. Hehehe!
Chrissie said she’d had two cataracts done. She mentioned a procedure she has to go through, regularly with an injection in her eye. I looked it up. I think it is called ‘Laser Injection Photo Dynamic’. Bless her! ♥ I asked her if she found out what it was that was eating her toe.

Got the oven heating up, and a can of Golokowa ready, then peas & carrots in the saucepan. All I have to do when the potatoes are cooked is get some slabs of the Flora Non-Butter butter in a couple of bread rolls. We’ll see how it goes; my plans are famous for their failures!

I’ll see if I can get it done before the night carer arrives.
Back soon… or in the morning.


arrived. Medicationalised me, and took the waste bags with him. A little natter, I’m not sure either of us understood each other, but we ended up laughing. Haha!

The cloud formations tonight were indicative of changing weather, as Dad used to tell me. See that? I can recall from 70 years ago… but still, I forget to turn off taps, heaters, the stove, the shower power box, lock or unlock a door, the time, day, date… etc.! This picture evoked my love of nature.

I finished making the meal and got it served up on the plate and tray. Golonkowa, thick chips, carrots and peas; with two bread rolls filled with chunks of Flora no-butter butter. The chips were okay, and bread rolls and peas & carrots were all decent enough too… The Golonkowa and Plant butter were fantastically tasty!.
A well-deserved Flavour-Rating given of 8.2/10.

I washed the pots and settled down in the c1966. charity shop bought, second-hand, wincingly grotty, beige coloured, not working, crumb-covered from the nocturnal nibblings, itch-making, uncomfortable, virus breeding, easy-to-fall-out-of, recliner. To watch something on the TV.
How come, when I want to sleep at night, I can’t? Yet nearly always nod-ff watching the goggle-box when the first set of commercials come on? Humph!

I was well away dreaming and came in, turned on the light, and it took me a while to work out where I was and what I was doing. I must have been deep in sleep.
Handed out the Peptac, then dolloped on and rubbed in some Phorpain Gel into my lower back. Nice! It really helps ease the pain from . Thanks! He then got the attached, a little too tightly, I found; when it came to me getting it off in the morning, to . Understandably, the lad doesn’t want it to come loose and leak. Took the fresh wastrel bag with him.

I had to get up to turn off the light. Got up easily enough, grabbed the , and turned off the light. Then… acci-whoop – A against the ottoman returning to the chair. At least I didn’t get tangled up in the long night-pouch tube this time. Hehehe!

Could I get back to sleep? No! Not for ages!

Fare Thee Well!

Inchie: Saturday 20th May 2023

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My sweetheart Jillie called on me today. Everything went twinkly. I lost all control as we chatted away, dreaming of being twenty years younger without the catheter. I can dream!
This caused very little else to happen or sink in anyway. So a shortish blog for this Sunday. I shall try to make notes to refer to.
Goodness Gracious me, it’s Saturday, innit?

Here goes…

I woketh up and got the Catheter night bag off of .
There didn’t look like much urine in the night pouch.
But it was a great shade, to say so little had escaped, a 4 rating.

Until I lifted it, and it was a decent amount after all.
Could have been due to or . But my money was on to blame.

The first summoning to the soon arrived as I was taking a photo of the morning view.

Off to the wet room.

Water containers were all prepared for refilling the Water tank that has not refilled itself for two months, and I have to wait until July before anyone can get to me to mend it. Humph!
was in charge again. A dagnab messy job cleaning up afterwards! was in top gear with the pain issuing as I started to carry the buckets of water, ready for the next visit – which you may be surprised to learn was five minutes after exiting the wet room!

This time it was a little more resistant to come out, I half expected a torpedo… but when it did arrive; Splutter-splash all done in seconds.
The urine was flowing well. (Stilton Cheese legs? Haha!)
Got the buckets emptied into the non-working W.C. water tank.
Refilled them due to and her hatred of me lifting and carrying anything whatsoever. I took an extra Codeine and carried on with my noon-working W.C. water tank refilling.

Still can’t find the toothbrush.
The session went wellish. Only two tiny nicks while shaving.
And, no third time for the head bashing against the sink.

Had a struggle again getting the PPs on.
Then I noticed a slight discomfort under the arms.

But the legs and feet looked great!

For the next, I don’t know how long, is mostly   . Jillie had called on me.
She helped settle my worries about the
Scary, worrying about phone changes and what I have to do to get it done. And booking alit to the hospital for next week.
I dread the thought of struggling with this.
Also, if it’s going on the Virgin Internet system, it’s more scary. They can’t even get a signal to Nottingham without it going down almost daily now – what chance the telephone?
Mumble, moan, groan & hatred of Liberty-Global Virgin!

acci-whoopI’d left the stew on medium heat for four hours!
I disgorged some of the veg, a can of garden peas and some water, and stirred away at it, hoping for the best.
It looks terrible but tasted okay to me when I tried some.
Got the spuds in the oven.

These photos I must have taken from tea-timeish to 20:20hrs.
Not that I can really recall some of them…
Closed the computer.
I’ll try to catch up in the morning.

I do recall this one. And seeing a tadpole?

Last one of this session.

Back in the morning with the nosh photos.
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
Good Morning – Update!

Asked the Carer if she’d put some cream under that arms for me, on the mystery red patches.
They bothered much less within an hour! Thanking her, or him for tending to me! I appreciated that. The affected area was fainter now in the centre underarm. Good!

I salvaged and doctored the borscht. Added some more peas,
and got it served up.
Flavour Rating: 8/10
A good tasty repast. Worth rescuing; glad that I did now.
Potatoes, roast potatoes, beetroot, peas (plenty of them!), carrots, red peppers, onions, and parsnips.
Seasoned with a splash of BBQ sauce and the Przyprawa.
Out of fresh veg now. Plenty of jars and cans in, though!

I got settled, well partially, into the second-hand, £300, charity shop bought, crumb-retaining, microorganism-microbe producing, gungy, moth-eaten, beige-coloured, non-working, bacillus encouraging, incommodious, testing, c1968 recliner.
Then noticed the change of colour from the sky coming in through the moth-eaten, thin, ripped curtains. I Got got the Kodak (Thanks to Tim in New Mexico donating it to me). And hobbled into the kitchenette to take some shots of the sunset…
acci-whoop I’d left the tap running in the sink from washing the pots up earlier. The hot water was cold, of course, now. . to blame!
I belatedly turned off the tap (faucet) and perused my mission of photographicalisationing the sunset before it disappeared.

Back to the unwelcoming £300, second-hand, c1968, cringingly-beige-coloured, not-working, rickety recliner.

As for sleep… What’s that, I ask?
No rest for the brain tonight!
made sure of that!
 The layup there tossing & turning, untangling the long night tube of that I’d wrapped around my ankles and legs repeatedly. Thadius went on and on and on, for hour after hour. I even had a few visits from ! Naturally was constantly with me… even when I did get to sleep, he was in the dream I had.

Cheerio, fy ffrind!

Inchie: Tuesday 9th May 2023.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –


Annoyed, I called British Gas but floundered!.

I had to pay the bill; I got flustered…

Instead of being bold, I sort of simpered,

I wanted to say oligarchs should be neutered!

I muttered, and I stuttered…

He surely thought me deluded?

By asking that the overcharges be refunded…

And I cannot help being retarded!

My words were not being heeded!

“I’m not ribald or rantipoled!”

 “I can’t pay the bill, so I’m in the dark & cold!”

“Your bills are beyond my threshold….”

With debts, I am now being circumvolved

“Disabled, blind, deaf, and 77 years old”

Can we not settle this… get it resolved?”

“My bank balance is all but dissolved!”

But he had me in a virtual choke hold…
He said: “We suffer too, being short-handed.

Is that the word, or have I gerunded?

Oh, splendid; now I’m told I’m being trolled!

I apologised, but he wouldn’t be consoled…

We proletariats are getting frampold!

Seems we are both suffering & confounded?

In a month or so. I’ll be entirely defunded!

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

05:40hrs: I stirred back into my usual moroseness.
Spent a minute of two identifying what day it was. Not that it mattered much, anyway. Then I took off the night pouch. Not much in it?..
But the colour was a fairish 4 on the NHS colour chart. Emptied it, put it in the appropriate bag, then into the waste bag after sealing it.
As I got the kettle on, the need for the arose.
The sight and star of my delicate area, Little Inchie, of course, made me jump a little bit when I first saw the blood. Or rather, the location that had altered to what would be considered… ‘Normal’. Even for me!
A was nearly issued. Haha! Confused, I certainly was. The multi-aged, dried blood at the bottom of this taken-off pair of Ten pants was far less bloody than usual.
But the fresh blood is not there as a norm?
Top left, these are the concern. These came out of the bum area, I’m sure. I had a grope and feel around using paper towels but found no lesions. Then very gently prodded the site to see if I could find papules, boil or whatever that may have leaked. But, no!

This session was like passing heavy, chocolate-covered ball bearings… eventually!

was in another foul mood about carrying the buckets of water from the kitchen to the wet room… yet once again!
I dressed… well, I put a dressing gown on.
Sorted the waste bags out and placed them near the front door.
Haha! I thought that was the best idea because I don’t have a back door in the flat. If you see what I mean.

Made a brew, & took a photograph of the rising sun from behind the flats… the sun was rising, not the apartments.
I think…

Then off to the computer, determined to do a better, quicker job today, and crossed my fingers that Liberty-Globals oligarch, the £26m salaried with guaranteed bonuses boss, who bought out and ruined Virgin Media, would see if he can go a day without losing the signal. (Fat chance of that, but still!). Love his latest load-of-crap advertisement, above.
You’ve got to praise Mr Fries; he’s consistent in his failings and still getting paid a fortune for his inabilities. Pure jealousy on my behalf, of course. I’d barely started when the inevitable happened.

Carer Samantha arrived. Got me sorted and had a mini-natter.
Tried the internet, but it is still not back on yet.

I strongly suspect I may have . Cause I woke up as the door chime rang four hours later. Oblivious to what time it was, where I was, or even if I was… Hahaha!

Aha, Liberty-Global Virgin Media working again.
I got the BP graphic done and made one for the ode. Then made the ode…
Then realised I had not yet finished off yesterday’s Inchie Today.
Oh, dearie me! Done it again, gone and lost the signal for the self-praising, oligarchal, figure-manipulating Liberty-Global, owners of Virgin Media, specifically the good looking over-paid boss, Fries, had struck again. So, I toyed with it for a while to make it more comfortable.
 A mistake that was!

There was still no service from Liberty-Global-owned Virgin Media Internet services.
So, I decided that an early meal was a good idea!

Aha, a change in the weather.
This photographicalisation came out rather well, I thought.
Got the potatoes in the oven on a high setting. And cut up the imitation pressed bacon and garden peas in the saucepan. Got the electric drill and cut up some of the beetroots. Hehehe!
The vegan bacon was brilliant! The potatoes were excellent! The garden peas tasted grand! It might have a 10/10 rating but for the rock-solid, teeth-breaking, tasteless, horrible beetroot!
But, still a 9/10 Flavour-Rating!

Blank I came out of it, and I was sat in the c1966 charity shop bought, second-hand, wincingly grotty, beige coloured, not working, crumb-covered from the nocturnal nibblings, itch-making, uncomfortable, virus breeding, easy-to-fall-out-of, recliner.
Unsure of anything, my mind was filled with fear that I may have left the stove heat to tap running. I hastened to the kitchenette…

The hot water tap had run cold, but there was no plug in the sink. Phew!
Butt here was the oven tray soaking in there.
I got them and the pots washed.
I sat briefly, feeling somewhat confused and indifferent to everything.
Hard to find the words… Most likely something inspired by Doreen’s Dementia.

Chimed out. It was the sweet Angel of Mercy, Nurse Hristina from the Deep Vein Thrombosis and Anticoagulation INR,  Clinic; she’d come to take my blood.That cheered me up!

Sad to see Hristina leave, I put the kettle on and noticed the buttercups coming through in the bottom field near the tree copse. I think.

The evening Carer arrived. As he was preparing the medications, the mobile phone rang.
It was the Doctors surgery, with the new dosages of Warfarin for me.

acci-whoop I turned to get the mobile that also rang… turned back and got a for my bother, then pulled my foot from under the chair, landing in a heap, but onto the recliner! Dropping the mobile phone.
Getting back up, I indicated for the Carer to take the call. He handed me the phone.
The receptionist gave me the new dead-easy-to-remember Warfarin doses. 1½ every day until 16th May. Carer Victor wrote the details into the Carer’s folder for me. The stubbing and fall made me feel a little out of it.

I finally got on with Blogging, but I think I’ve got the following photos in order.

Earlier shot of the feet before mangling them. Hehe!.

Feet after the stubble, tumble & mangling. Haha!




Inchie: Thursday 4th May 2023

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
Well! Another struggle, but of differing natures.
Gone were fleeting visits of ‘Out-Of-It’ Ollie.
The momentary Mind-Blanks too.
The odd toe-stubbing…
The odd struggles to form words when I spoke.
Stuttering Stephanie had changed as well.

All the above kicked of early wakening (05:45hrs),
and stayed with me until almost midnight!
I’ll need a new nickname for this.
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Good morning.

Woke up and took off the night bag.
The feet were again looking much better.
Off to the . Back to messy!
Washed the pots from last night.
Got the done, then the.
again. Fed up with carrying the water in
a bucket and bowl to refill the water tank.
Sorted the waste bags, and got the kettle on.
The day bag had filled up quickly!
The took well over two hours this morning.

Carer Sam arrived, and she did the medication. I meant to ask her to help me put the shoes on for later when I go to cast my vote in the election procedure down in Winwood Court. I think I forgot to ask her.
She took a photo of the affected right eye, so I could show the district nurse if she comes. Left in the picture above.

Morrison’s email arrived, saying it was on the way.
I turned off the computer and ready things for when it comes.

Which it did shortly…
Got some new drinkies in for the Carers, delivery drivers, Wardens and hopefully, crossed-fingered, the nurses.
The fridge stocks looked healthier!
Fresh vegetables, potatoes, oven-ready chips,
and some lovely-looking Vegetable Risotto!
Also, for the first time ever, I ordered a cheese, leek & potato Quiche in the shape of a pie. Trying that tonight with peas and oven potatoes?
Cheapo bread rolls, although they were dearer than Asda’s.
The monthly flowers for LC (Independent Living Coordinator), Oberstgrüppenfuhreress Warden and Primo Ballerina, Warden Deana, and ILC (Independent Living Coordinator) Generaloberstess, Ice skating champion, desk top dancer and Warden Julie; were odd looking to me. They didn’t have any daffodils or tulips, even roses, but sent these as substitutes. They made four substitutions, and I sent three of them back. Phoned the gals to tell them the flowers had arrived.

Got the computer back on again, and I started blogging away…
I stopped for a while to add some Przyprawa flavouring to the potatoes.

Back to the computer.

After a couple of hours of uninterrupted mistakes, errors, grammar failures, and memory blanks, I felt the sensation of warm pee dribbling onto my feet and onto the carpet!… I grabbed some paper towels and got them on the escaped patches of urine! I whipped out the camera to take this shot… Life can be a bugger at times!
I sprayed cleaner and disinfectant all over the carpet (and feet).

Carer Kara called. Glad to report she had a good day at Skeggie!

An email from DHL came in. Bad news, after sending me one yesterday, telling me exactly when the MyFooDen parcel would arrive… now I get this! Am I lucky, or what?  It was out for delivery this morning, they said, but no, another failure… And: Where are they going to store the fresh food in the order? Eh?
Friday 11:38hrs: Still no notification from either MyFooDen or DHL about the chances of me getting it delivered. Now Friday 13:05hrs – Zilch by way of any emails with information.

Hello, Hello, Hello!
Challenge One: After two months of avoiding putting any trousers on, to avoid chaffing from , I tackled the task. One foot in the right leg, the heavier, more bloated left leg was manipulated, with using the picker-upper to pull them up… Things seemed to be going pretty well…
acci-whoopOver, I toppled backwards, catching the left foot under the c1966. charity shop bought, second-hand, wincingly grotty, beige coloured, not working, crumb-covered from the nocturnal nibblings, itch-making, uncomfortable, virus breeding, easy-to-fall-out-of, recliner. c1966. charity shop bought, second-hand, wincingly grotty, beige coloured, not working, crumb-covered from the nocturnal nibblings, itch-making, uncomfortable, virus breeding, easy-to-fall-out-of, recliner. Right on the !
This deflated me, not to mention hurt a bit! I crawled and clawed my way back up my feet. And set about another attempt…
I was very cautious and eventually got my foot into the second leg.
This altercation kicked off
I put on a shirt, and then the other risky business was faced... getting the shoes on. Not easy with a bad back and swollen feet.
Collected the Polling Card and bus pass, got the sleeveless jacket on, readied the three-wheeled walker, and as I was opening the door…
I felt the blood coming slowly from poor little Inchie having the inserted catheter tube pulled.

Nipped, or rather, limped back into the wet room to clean things up and get yet another pair of PPs on – then remembered the struggle I had in putting on the trousers, so l left the current PPs on. By the time I’d done it and got out into the hallway with Three-Wheeled Walker William, I could sense it leaking again. Better not take too long over this.
Down to the lift, and along the link corridor to Winwood Court.. where the access to the polling booth was blocked off. So I had to go outside and down the road a bit and use the French windows to gain access to the polling section. Two nice ladies greeted me; I was a smidgen embarrassed when I could not find the I.D. My bus pass.
Out I went and trundled back into Winwood Court and back along the link passage to Woodthorpe Court.
Stopping to take a photo of the flowers in the rest area.
It was raining, but for some unknown reason, I cannot see any in this photographicalisation? It might have been partially sheltered by the towering building? Up in the elevator and back to the flat.

Then the reversal of the earlier challengers. Getting my shoes, jacket, and shirt off, but I thought I’d the , first.
Only a mini-spot or two of leaking, no problem.

Got the trews off with relative ease, I thought – but that was before I saw that I’d torn the stitching on one leg. Getting the shoes off was no fun. The folds of flesh from the ankles seemed to be cemented to my feet? I merely used the picker-upperer; it makes nice scratch marks on the ankle and tore at them in turn…
But the shoes remained on the feet!
A few minutes of pondering on how to extract the plates from the shoes provided me with an answer. I’d use my thick wooden long shoehorn to encourage the swollen feet to release themselves from the grip of steel of the shoes. And, it worked!
I’m afraid I broke the shoehorn in doing so. Humph!
😖 RIP To Wooden Shoehorn Whilmer! 😖.
My help and companion of seven years.

The sky was darkening a smidgeon.
Fantastic pareidoliaising!
Can you see the long-jawed beasts mouth?

What a short sunsetting time. The clouds soon concealed it.
But not before I got some shots in…
A minute or so later…
Another minute…
The sun’s last gasp of the night!

Deana & Julie collected the flowers.

I made a start on the cooking of the never had before Quich.

Then took some last pictures of the darkening sky.
Aliens shing a light on us? Hehe!.
Blimey, the creature depiction is still showing?
Looks more like an eel now… or not. Great!

My computer is off; I’m just drained.
Not that I’ve done much!.
Food Time!
I got the potatoes in the oven, and added the wuiche… no, quiche ten-minutes kaster, no, later; so they cooked at the same time. Peas in the saucepan. It looked, and what bit of smell I could detect, seemed to be good to me.

I think the ingredients were potato and leek. In a white sauce of some sort, very nice. The flakey pastry shell is gorgeous!
Overall Rating: 8/10. Slurp!


Inchie: Thursday 20th April 2023 – Pareidoliaing

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My Hero, Spike Milligan, who I had the pleasure
to meet and have a talk with – had us all in tucks!
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
Eyesight causes Problems with computing, error messages, and freezing programmes. CorelDraw is farcical; more time was used to reset and discover the new layout and make mistakes than actually working on it. The water tank on W.C. is still not working.
On the bright side, is not so bad this morning.
I didn’t get to start this blog until Thursday morning.
So it’ll be a little brief in nature. Sorry.
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

A decent colouration of urine.

Aargh! Blood Pressure is up high!

Morning view from the kitchenette.

Got the potatoes into the crock-pot.
Only added salt. What’s the white stuff?

I spent a terrible few hours doing nothing other than when a carer called, but making mistakes and getting things in a mess with the new CorelDraw.
This has, of its own accord, changed every single Cdr. file to this new version, meaning I cannot use any of the other three CorelDraws I have, and used as get-me-throughs in the past cock-ups, and now I’ll not have these options to try… and needed it several times today. How such a dimwit as me got it going again… well, a miracle?
Late evening by the time I got around to photographicalisations.

Gorgeous eyes in the sky.

Zoomed-in; See the face?



Went to get the meal sorted.
The sky had changed to an unusual shade?

Sorted the nosh, and it looked good…
But it didn’t taste good at all!
Asda made sourdough cobs – Tasteless!
Potatoes undercooked!
Beetroot, I bent the knife, trying to slice them.
Concrete comes to mind!
The tomatoes were okay.
Taste-Rating: 2.5/10.


Monday 17th April 2023

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– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

– – – – – I can’t take much more! – – – – –

The day started better than usual, as well.
The usual back-breaking three treks to the , with the heaving three bowls of water from the kitchen to flush things. Only three visits today, mind you. All within the first three hours, a good start

No bother from the .

The carer arrived, and all went well.

Ablutions went fine.
Zero, I say Zero cuts shaving!

Looking a little threatening?

No complaints about the ulcers or ankles.

I foolishly allowed myself to cheer up.
I should have known better!

acci-whoopGot on the computer and was doing alright.. until…

I was in the middle of a good run of concentration. With CorelDraw at the limit of its memory, I was doing so well… and got an earlier start… life was for once perking up – Gragknangles! The CorelDraw scene shook about a bit and closed itself, never to be seen again! I could have cried!
Went on the web asking for advice but failed to grasp what I was reading in reply. So, I loaded up a newer but unused version of CorelDraw 2017; just look below at what I had lost on screen! I mused for what must have been an hour or more before actioning a rescue attempt.

I proceeded over the next nine hours, with breaks to empty a few times, Carer, and domestic calling. It would take me days to get things back sorted and working! Utter despair and frustration. But I pressed on for another hour or so. then got an idea (I do that every year or so; get an idea – not that they usually work)
Mayhap this version will load the last saved before it did a runner and vanished. on CorelDraw x7? I tried it, and it loaded it, but boy, did it cause me some problems then. The dockers had all gone, the Colour pallets too. And there was a conflict with the different icons, and I had to try every one of them in order and remove those not working.
Sheer determination carried me onwards, and now, 16 hours after it first cocked up, I’ve got it looking like this.

At least the pallet colours were got back again. But not the cockers; they had to be rebuilt form scratch. I’m tired out, hungry, and would you believe that is kicking off again, and I need the damned rotten again! So, after I’ve carried the water to the tank and refilled it, I’m going to be in a right state pain-wise again.

I’ll bung the photos taken in here, I must be quick to get it done before the evacuation is ready, and I die in agony abed starvation. Hehehe!

Afternoon shots.

Teatime piccies.

After the second-last caller came.


Carer’s desk, after the last day Call.

Got to go, then I’ll get summat to eat and hopefully fall asleep.
Not that I’m feeling up to making nowt fancy; soup will do.
Get back in the morning… Well, all being well, like.

I fell asleep, woken up when the late Evening carer , who gave me a painkiller.

Then I got the vegetable soup sorted out with a few bread rolls, extra oven cooked potatoes, and a black tomato.
Taste rating: 803/10.

I soon nodded off, but were rampant, thus the jouncing and jolting awake seemed be doing it to me every five minutes! Tsk!


INCHIE: Friday 14th April 20-23

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
Alto: “And he told me he was feeling happier this morning?
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
But the wee-wee colour is betterer!
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

I was up, took the night pouch off, and started several different jobs simultaneously. But I was, at that time, in a better condition than the day before. For a few hours, anyway. I can remember some of the things I began doing. Made a brew, which went cold, as I decided it would be a good idea to get the ablutions done. Then found myself making up the laundry bag ready for collection, and I struggled to open the box of soap pouches. I had to rush to the , that evacuation was over about five seconds after I’d sat down. But the sense of another one was on the way, made me stay where I was and had a go at the crossword book. While doing this, and rather successful for once, blood from Little Inchie was felt running down my leg. So I abandoned the crossword and cleaned it up; there was only a spot or two left to come, then back to the puzzling. The follow-through, backup, or second coming did not arrive.
While I refilled the bowls from the kitchen to refill the non-working water tank on the WC… yes, you guessed it! I had to rush back to the . So, with the first dollop of mush not being cleared yet, I then had to get four bowls of water to encourage the mess to go down the toilet. I was well worn out by the time I’d done it all! But did that stop me farting about doing other things at the same time? No!
I went into a short Memory Blank, I think at this time… well, I know I did; when I came round, I wrote it on the pad, and there is nothing else on it at all, apart from my weakling up time.
I found another mug of tea with the bag still in it gone cold. I moved some spring water bottles around in the kitchen, left the cold water tap running, and although there was nothing in there, I’d left the oven door open!
I did start to realise I needed to concentrate. I did feel a little better later. A Carer called, and I’m sure we laughed about something or other. 

What I’m writing may be out of chronological order, I fear. I think maybe I got the ablutions done before the Carer called. Anyway, I had to return to… yes; the yet again. Swift, messy, and how I didn’t drop a bowl of water or take a tumble was… well, a miracle! Ah, I did have a few cuts shaving. But little Inchie was no longer leaking, yes, the odd spot here and there that the PPs coped with admirably; this is several times a day occurrence from tube inserted.
Now the vagueness returned for a while. Eventually, very late on, I got the computer started, and the second carer arrived. AHA! She had some medications for me. At last, some Codeine! I asked for one straight away. This cheered me greatly. I really believe, swear, that the pain reduced the in half an hour!
The vagueness was coming and going for the next hours. I know Sister Jane called me, be nothing about what we spoke of… other than we were both sad to see Nottingham Forest struggling (I think?)
Around 16:00hrs, I finished and posted yesterday’s blog, then as I went to make a brew and empty the , I found I’d put the oven on a low light? Wish someone had told me. Hehehe!
There must have been raining outside, but I’d spent so long doing the blog that it is now almost time for the early evening carer. I can’t even remember the afternoon safety check caller. I’d been in a mental cocoon, I think.
So, I thought looking at the photographs I’d taken should help me recall things. As I got the camera to take out the SD card… ~~I saw in the computer’s external disk thingy reader.
I fear things are getting worse. Just doing this blog is taking me so many
error-filled hours. Causing frustrations.
 I think I can hear an alarm now, but it’s just stopped?

I left all three receptacles filled with water in the wet room in case there were any more needs to utilise the .
There were a few, and after heaving water from the kitchenette to the Wet room, , has been ever-present since. The painkillers were week used today! A morning view of the sky so blue. I even managed a little spot for two of pareidoliaing.

Computerisationing had an enormous amount of errors and miss-reading. As the day dragged on and I got more tired, so wrong options were taken; thanks to and .
The afternoon brought storm-threatening darkness. Not that it mattered much to me. I’ve not been outside now for about... oh, ages. It must be close to a month now since I’ve seen and breathed fresh air?
The last time I went out for a pleasure hobble around the flats, ~I had to return sharpish half was along Citrus Walk in front of the flats. Blood from Little Inchies , then the valve sprung open and filled my shoe! I can remember that well enough!

Then after taking the photo above, gave me something that he hasn’t shared with me for months on end, probably close on a year; an involuntary Right arm Hitler salute! I could have done without that! I rattled my knuckles against the window handle and, at the same time, I managed to knock off the window shelf, the knife box, the kitchen roll holder, the box of bags, and a jar of mint sauce! .
Then bending down to pick up the knives and check for damage to the floor, I hit my head against the freezer door edge! It took me an hour or more to get everything back where it should be.
I’d been lucky, I think, all the same. All five of the scattered-about knives missed any part of my body!
The only bad bit of the cleaning up and sorting was retrieving the bamboo stick that had rolled between the base cupboard and cooker.