Inchcock Today – Monday 8th June 2020: Messy day, ending with kismet. Cragknackles!

TFZers – Bit of a picnic?

Monday 8th June 2020

Catalan: Dilluns 8 de Juny de 2020

22:40hrs: Sunday evening: Woke up with such a jump, bit of a panic, cause I didn’t know what or why I had sprung awake so suddenly!

No other choice than to have a look around to investigate, see if I can find the cause of my unexpected vivification.

I carefully removed my avoirdupois, fat, fleshy, gross, outsize, paunchy, plump, porcine, portly, stout, over-bellied torso from the £300, second-hand, none-working, c1968 recliner, and limped to the balcony for me first gander, no signs of anything out of the ordinary.

The same result in the kitchen. Had got a bit of a wobble on here, from Dizzy Dennis. Stood still for a while, clinging to the wall and walking stick for a while, my balance returned. But only a fleeting visit this time.

In the miniature-hallway, I could see one of the black bags I’d put there earlier sticking out a bit. I went to have a closer look to see if the p[lastic bags of rubbish had fallen and made the mystery noise?

Nope, they all seemed to be where I’d left them in the first place earlier in the night. Dizzy Dennis was trying to revisit me. It’s not right, this!

As if to test my sanity, as I was taking this picture, the spare walking stick I keep at the front door slowly slid away from the wall and fell on the bags?

A peer into the wet room, all seemed to be okay in there, no signs of mishaps.

I turned off the wall-heater I’d left on. Sad, innit? What a Schemiel, I am!

A had a quick look in the junk room. I try not to look in this room as much as possible. It only brings on feelings of blame, guilt, humiliation, embarrassment, self-hatred, and destroys what iota of confidence I have left! Tsk! 

I nipped back again into the wet room for a wee-wee and took a snap of the tootsies. The overgrown toes and heels were particularly painful. Also, the limbs looked rather etiolated, anaemic and cadaverous-like. But I knew I’d not snuffed it yet, cause I took this picture and put it in this blog. It might have been an imitation of Big-Foot, but more likely Pale-Foot. Hahaha! 

So, whatever it was that disturbed my beloved slumber, will have to remain unknown. Just a part of the mysterious wonders of Woodthorpe Court: The ghosts, hobgoblins, boll-weevils, aliens, gremlins, karakia-cursing entities, hallucinations. Materialisations, poltergeist, lemures, wairuas, kehuas, manifestations that permeate, pass through the pores and interstices of space, through the time-continuum. Usually, without rupture or displacement within the building. To cause havoc, fear, and frustration, as they dislodge time itself, in their aspirations and skulduggery, to complete their given by Satan, ‘Let’s Piss-off Inchcock’ mission? (Me? Feeling downtrodden? Never! Hahaha!)

I got a bottle of spring water and got the computer on to start this blog off, and there was some knocking coming from somewhere above me. No idea where, but seemed to be coming from a distance? Not that it bothered me much, if at all now that I’d decided to stay awake and get on with the computing tasks.

I got this going and went to get another bottle of spring water. I don’t know what’s a matter with me, but I just do not fancy a mug of tea, that’s a first! But I keep sipping the spring water that I’ve added a drop of orange cordial to. I took these three photographs over about five minutes, and the changing sky was impressive, I thought.

Then I went on Pinterest and added a few photographs. On the WordPress Reader. Next, onto TFZer and Winwood Heights Facebooking. By gum, I enjoyed that!

  I got up to make another orange drink. Argh! Glubbledonkeeeeshski! Stubbed my toe on the vacuum! How I managed not to shout out loud, was a miracle! I made a right-good job of it too. Hitting three toes, not one, oh, no, Three of ’em! But it didn’t bother me!

I pondered over whether I could now get back to sleep for a while? But thought not, the mind is too active now. So, I went on CorelDraw to get some graphics made up in advance. I only got one finished!

Botherations, now I suddenly feel tired enough to get some kip, but also hungry? I’ll have a pot noodle, and put the TV on. That should ensure sleep cometh. If I remember rightly, the last time I had a Pot Noodle, it helped things to move in the Porcelain Throne usage department?

I ate the pot of Spare-Rib flavoured noodles and settled to watch a documentary.

I can’t even remember falling to sleep, but I must have almost immediately; waking up four hours later at 07:45hrs and feeling much refreshed. It a few seconds for the grey-cells to activate, but I was soon reinvigorated into activity, full of plans of what to get done! (Unnatural and worrying, I know!)

As I dismounted the £300, decrepit, second-hand c1968 recliner, I noticed that nearly all of the veins, spider, saphenous, popliteal, tibial and femoral, had gone into hiding? Hahaha! What was going on here then? Amazing!

I had a wee-wee in the wet room, and the planning and envisioning started as I got into the kitchen to do the medicationalising. The Sys as down nicely (at last!), the pulse up a tad, but I don’t think its too high. At 36.6°, the temperature was up, also.

Then a determined effort was made to sort out the waste bags. I made up another small white bag of recyclables and put the sizeable 80-litre back with the others. Planning to put all of the smaller bags down the waste chute, and take the big one down in the lift to the caretaker’s area.

I got all, bar the big bag on the three-wheeler guide walker (not an easy job, as you can see, Haha!) Of out and to the waste room chute. Got them all down without any bother, and limped back, glad that I’d used the walker. It is so much safer and more comfortable on the feet than using the walking stick.

Back to the flat, and had a go at doing an earlier Iceland order, so I could put some of the Skimmed Viva milk on, for Jenny. Here goes. Got it done, coming tomorrow. I let Jenny know.

Got some new potatoes in the crock-pot, the yare smaller ones this time, so should get cooked in time, I hope. Added just some sea-salt this time. No more fancy seasonings this time!

Then got another of the zip-up jumpers hand-washed. Bit of a messy job. But got it done, wrung and hung. These are hard to ring-out, but the material drips down quickly, and I kept twisting at the bottom every ten-minutes or so. The one I did yesterday is hanging in the hall, above the airer.

Then went of Facebooking again, to see comments and a few piccies. I was on the TFZer site for so long, up to now, I’ve wrung out the jumper eleven times! Still, it’s getting dryerer all the time. Haha! Just finished on Facebooking  The zip-up jumper has been wrung out… well, I don’t know, it must be near 50 times by now. Hehe!

The landline chirped int life. And a certain amount of satisfaction was obtained, when I found that it was the delightful and beautiful Hristina, my favourite Phlebotomy Nurse, calling! She said she would be in to take my blood, tomorrow, between 09:00 > 11:00hrs. This cheered me a tad! I have not had a blood test for about 3-4 weeks now, Coronavirus being the reason. And I’ve not seen Hristina (Pronounced in English as Christina) for eight or more weeks.

Getting late now, and Weariness Willy is kicking in. I’ll get the nosh done while I’m still awake.

Guess who burnt his arm on the oven tray? Ahem!

I went on the balcony, to take a photo of Chestnut Walk, and wondered, where have all the red cars gone? Not one red-one was in view on the site!

I got the nosh prepared next.

A quick nosh tonight. The spuds, mushy peas with vinegar, battered fish and tomatoes. A fair dollop of fodder, but I ate it all up, like the good boy I am. Haha!

The weariness was getting a bit serious now. I got the pots washed and settled myself down in the c1968, second-hand, broken-down recliner. (Thanks for this, to my Zyrophobia suffering, supercilious Brother-in-law Pete, who broke the recliner, when flat-searching, finding and taking my valuables, while I was the hospital after the stroke.)

I got settled proper and was soon off into a wonderfully satisfying deep sleep.

A couple of hours or so later, a scarily ongoing for a few seconds-worth of noise woke me up. Clattering, pinging, breaking glass, and other types of sounds were heard for a few seconds… then the brain engaged and panic ensued from mt grey-cells! “What was that!”

I freed my wobbly-stomached torso from the chair, grabbed the wooden walking stick, gained by balance, and fretfully made my way to where I thought the noise came from, the kitchen. The prop I use for hanging up the handwashing to drip dry, which balanced between the two wall cupboards, had tumbled down!

What a sad mess! The prop had brought down basins, cleaning products, plates, trays etc. as it fell.

I took a photograph halfway through the cleaning and clearing up. By the time I’d got it all sorted out the having to use the step ladders, and all of the bending etc. had done me in. I did not tackle the broken pottery, swept it to a corner and left it to be sorted in the morning. I had to stop before it was all done, and just get down to let the breathing settle, and soon nodded off, thankfully.

I seem afflicted with misfortune.

Inchcock: Mon 13 Apr: A new hatred today, of my inadequacies, incapabilities, incompetencies and infirmities! Devastating depression! Damn-life!

April 13

2020 ttttApr13

But Clap, I will!

Monday 13th April 2020

Mongolian: 2020 оны 4-р сарын 13-ны Даваа гараг

000 April 13

GM0106:00hrs: I Woke up, wanting a wee-wee. Moved and felt the wet warm wriggly feeling from the lower regions. So, I launched (Well, struggled out of) my overweight wobbly-stomached body out of the £300, second-hand, none-working recliner, and made my way to the wet-room. Where the innards decided I also needed to use the Porcelain Throne. Heck of a job, a touch of reluctance, constipation coming on I think? But the evacuation was still far less painful than it has been of late.

1Mon01WD 50.0.0 While I was performing, the mind appeared to be calmer than last night, and a new temporary, no doubt, eagerness and willingness showed in my actions. Scary! Hehe! I think I might have been rubbing the knee bruise last night in my sleep, it looked a tad tender, but no real pain as such.

I returned to the rickety-recliner room and checked for any signs of nocturnal nibbling, or somnambulating having taken place. No tipped over items or bread or biscuit crumbs were found. I’d had a much needed, agreeable and encouraging six-hours kip. Which meant less time to get things done today. (I do moan on, don’t I?)

WDP 10R01L1Mon05bI made a tasty strong brew of my beloved Thompsons Punjana tea, ominously passed wind, and took the morning medications.

With rising from my slumber so late, the latest for many a month, it was light already. So, I took a few photographs of the scenes outside.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

It was strange not to see any pets, birds or tellurians of any kind at all!

1Mon02I went back into the main room and decided not to get dressed or washed yet. But just put the dressing gown and slippers on, the pins looked much improved on yesterday.

WDP 13LWD 50.0.0 Then as I was setting up the computer, I had a visit from one of Peripheral Pete’s, right-leg Neuropathic Schuhplattler dances. As serendipitously, I fell bum first into the recliner as I lost balance. I’ve now got bleeding from Harold’s haemorrhoids and a new bruise coming up, but I was not bothered about this, cause it could have been a lot worse, even fatal! Especially with being a bank holiday. Off to the wet room, to tend to Little Inchies fungal lesion and Harold’s piles. Got things cleaned and medicated without too much hassle or pain, this time.

1Mon06WD 50.0.0 I used the last kitchen roll in the wet-room, so went to fetch some more from the junk room. One loose one, and another roll from the new pack of three. I noted that the new roll, same brand and price and both from Iceland, was thinner and narrower than the one I bought before. Bit of a con going on here methinks? The rolls I use as a handkerchief and glasses and blood cleaner for Little Inchie and Harold are not going to last long! Gullibleiitis Inchcock!

I got on the computer, and CorelDraw to make up a header graphic. Well, that didn’t last for long.

Virg D brown

Of course, I am not in the least bit jealous. Oh, no. Well, yes, I am! Hehehe!

However, I struggled on, battling repeated Nicodemus’s Neurotransmitter failures, Shuddering Shoulder Shirley and Shaking Shaun’s interruptions! Caterwauling and Ululations mode adopted! Finally getting the blog updated, emailed and posted off.

1Mon06bWD 50.0.0 I phoned Jenny to see about Tuesday’s trip to the bank. I know it’s nothing new, but I did feel a right fool! It is Wednesday when I have to go, not Tuesday. I checked on the Google Calendar, and saw I’d made another faux pas! Humph! Nottingham’s Bunglebrain strikes again! I am a flipping pain! Jenny kindly offered to ring the bank to make sure what time they open, and she’ll let me know, and will order a taxi for me, too! That’s so kind of the busy gal. ♥

1Mon06aI got some pictures on Pinterest. Then I went on the WordPress Reader to catch up. Then had hours on the TFZer Facebooking, I love it!

WD 50.0.0 I tried to get an order on for Iceland for bread and their wonderful tasting beefburgers really, but no slots were available again. Shame!

1Mon07The door chime rang! I was the Amazon delivering the keyboard cleaner. No instructions with it. Not that I have time to use it anyway. It’s gone midday already! Josie handed me the parcel, and scooted off, wisely from any close contact.

I thanked her as she disappeared in her door, holding her nose. This turmoil being caused!

1Mon08Back on the computer, at last, to make a start on this blog. After around ten minutes, the door chime rang out again. It was Josie, telling me a loaf and bottle of milk had been unexpectedly delivered from Nottingham City homes. Now that was nice of them! Great timing too! Josie again was there and put the things inside the door for me. 

I gave Jane and Pete a tinkle, but no answer. I’m hoping they have gone out somewhere, but I’ll ring again later. I hope they are both alright.

WD 50.0.0 1Mon11I tried Iceland again, still no slots. Blooming good job that the NCH helped me out! Looks like thick white bread sarnies tonight. I’ve got an out of date can of pork knuckle left, I might have a bash at that! When; I don ‘t know, it’s gone 16:00hrs now.

I got on with the updating again. Then, I went to make a brew of Thompsons Punjana and spotted some dog walking their owner, so I took a couple of shots. Several actually, but only these two came out worthy of using.


1Mon10I took a picture of the clouds in the sky.

At least this one was to be useable first effort. Hehe!

The weather and wind seemed warm today.

WD 50.0.0 I gave Jane another ring on the mobile. It didn’t connect, just three bleeps and it cut off? Also, a message said I have ‘Active Alerts’, what are they?

I did a search for ‘Active Alerts’ on Google. I got this explanation: Wireless Emergency Alerts (WEA, formerly known as the Commercial Mobile Alert System (CMAS), and prior to that as the Personal Localized Alerting Network (PLAN)), is an alerting network in the United States designed to disseminate emergency alerts to mobile devices such as cell phones and pagers. Obviously an American reason.1Mon13

So, I searched again. 

This time I got, Mobile Alert System: with this showing on the right.

I wasn’t doing very well, was I?

So another try.


I’m not learning much here!

I looked in the messages, but nothing there?

WD 50.0.0 I tried Jane again. Got to ringing, but no answer. I’m worried, now. I managed to get hold of Pete’s number from the memory and rang him.

WDP 002bThank God, everything was alright! Stuttering-Stephany made it hard for the pair to understand what I was saying a bit.

Jane had somehow turned down her ringing volume on her £499 new mobile phone. (I jest, it was £520 really). Hahaha!

Xyrophobia-suffering Brother-in-Law Pete and I had a natter, and I rang Jane back to make sure her £500, Samsung Smartphone Galaxy S9 (Double Sim) 128GB was set right now.

1Mon14aThen, now relaxed knowing things were alright with Jane and Pete, my thoughts turned to fodder! Pork knuckle, seaweed crispies, bread and butter and out of date, but tasty, last two bits of cheese. Clementine drink, lemon yoghourt and an apple. Taste, 7/10.

Ate it up, rushed to wet room for a wee-wee, took medications and down in the recliner and actually fell asleep!

1Mon19I woke and put the gogglebox on. Kept hearing musical sounds that I thought might be the intercom, a few times I got up grabbed the stick and checked the box and the door, but no flashing box or anyone at the door.

This happened three or four times, and it was driving me bonkers! The next time, I checked again, and…

WD 50.0.0A WD 50.0.0: WDP 4GLEvery fibre of faith, interest in life, and a dose of self-hatred like never before, came over me! It was a plumber from the flat below!

I was flooding the apartment beneath me! He went in and I went to check the kitchen, fearing I’d left the tap running again.

It turned out the bathroom sin tap had been left running, with a cloth-rag blocking the drain hole! The wet room and carpet flooded, the drain blocked, a right liquid mess!

The demoralisation and a sickening-gut feeling, and disgust in myself were instant! The man shot off back to the poor devil’s flat below, telling me it just needs a bit of a mop-up.

Duodenal Donald kicked in moments later, and is still this morning giving me bother like it hasn’t for years!

Self-loathing, Thought-Storms, I felt pathetic and useless. I set about getting the carpet out, and the n the slow job of mopping up and cleaning. The peripheral neuropathy, Shuddering Shoulder Shirley and Shaking Shaun, combined to ensure I kept tipping over the bucket, dropping the mop, and banging various parts of myself against anything hard-enough to hurt me! Every step from wet room to the kitchen to empty the mop bucket got increasingly more difficult and painful.

By the time I’d got it done as best I could, I as in real agony and more annoyed with myself than ever. Duodenal Donald, Reflux Roger, Back-Pain-Brenda, Dizzy Dennis, Anne Gyna, and even Hernia Henry joined in giving me some hassle.

Harold Haemorrhoids and Little Inchies Fungal Lesion were both bleeding, with all the bending. It was a bad enough scenario, my hating myself for my stupidity, without so much physical pain ganging up on me.

I could not get to sleep again. The body was stiffening, and depression rounded off my uncomfortableness. This may mean the end of my tenancy? I can’t blame them.

I’ve been asking for help on this blog, with my memory, despair, deafness, Mind Storms etc. for years as they all got worse.

Things are not good, and I am now at a severe depth of darkness, like never before.

The Coronavirus, only makes things even worse.

The fixity of purpose, the strength to fight on, all weaken at times like this.

Inchcock Today: Sun 12 Apr 2020: Sister Jane, called me a poindexter today. I’ll look it up later. Hehe!

April 12

I don’t read newspapers, or watch the news so often nowadays!

2020 ttttApr12

Sunday 12th April 2020

Basque: 2020ko Apirilaren 12a, Igandea

000 April 12

GM 128.0.10005:25hrs: It took me that long to get to sleep, I slept through to 0525hrs, I can’t recall any dreaming though. But waking up didn’t seem like a reasonable idea at the time.

I’ll tell you why. As I manipulated my overly sized body mass, to jiggle a bit, to work out which ailments were active this morning;

WDP 1LdWD 150.0.100 First thing as I hedged my bulk to the right. The Pillow-Shaker Fire Alarm activated. Naturally, this diverted my disease, injuries, and bodily-scars, seeking plans, as I fumbled to get my hearing aids in, grabbed the walking stick, and with ears peeled, I went to investigate the reason. A sort of delayed realisation came to me, and a semi-panic took a hold.

  • WD 150.0.100 My apartment fire alarm was not going off, so I assumed it was the main one, which I have to open the front door so I can hear it. I did the usual touching the door handle with the back of my hand to see if it was hot. (I was pretty pleased with myself for remembering to use the left hand, in case Nicodemus’s Neurotransmitters that fail on the right side of my body were on strike, [I became Smug-and-Satisfied temporarily]) Had the nerve-ends gone into failed-mode, they would nit informed the brain, and I just might have opened the door to be greeted by a wall of flame or black smoke in the mush. But no sounds heard, so I went to check out of the kitchen window to see if the fire brigade were on site.
  • WD 150.0.100 Not an easy job, with these new thick-framed, view-blocking, rain letting-in windows. The wide window ledges that stick out far too long, mean I have to stand on the stepladder to see the view below! (I bet this isn’t mentioned in the Nottingham City Homes advertising or commercial bumf anywhere!)
  • wd 150.0.100A WD 150.0.100 I had to go through to get the stepladders from the junk room and managed, with no difficulty gave myself a cracking, whinge-making toe-stubbing against the ladders as I tried to carry them and the stick back to the kitchen!
  • wd 150.0.100A I opened the dangerous unwanted, unliked, fear-giving window, and as I climbed up to take a look outside, I hit my Arthur Itis-ridden knee against the corner of the ladder platform. (I think I might have said something like ‘Oh bother!’ at the time) It took me several injuries, and a lot of time, before I found out, there are no fire engines anywhere.
  • WD 150.0.100 I gingerly alighted the stepladder. Ad sense, logicality and obviousness came over me (A rarity indeed!) I asked myself, “Why the %☺@$ hell didn’t you just go on the balcony to look? I had many answers to this self-imposed question, but none of them was realistic, believable, or sensible! My confidence, never high at the best of times, sank a little more.

I took the stepladder back. It’s hard work carrying that with the stick, a bruised toe, and a very-most painful patella; I can tell yer! As I went, I maundered on at myself and realised things were not going get any better, my EQ told me. I was mentally preparing for some type of zemblanity, disaster, or general disappointment.

Having aboulomania, pathological-indecisiveness, a lack of confidence, and inability to do anything about this makes life difficult at times. The bad memory, insomnolence, and Stuttering Stephanie don’t help much. Hello, I’m wavering toward self-pity again! Come on Inchie, buck yourself up, take it like a man… well, imitation man, at least!

I got the area around the £300 second-hand, c1968, sickeningly beige-coloured, not working recliner cleared up! I could not see any signs of nocturnal nibbling, but things were not in their usual places or positions, and slow but sure, the various ailments started kicking off as I tided up a bit. Fluid-Retention Robert had filled the legs a bit more. Blotchy Belinda has visited the groin area. Little Inchies fungal lesion had been bleeding, and the blood had dried (I’m not looking forward to the medicating at all!). Clopidogrel Clive had removed no end of his spots and odd marks overnight? Reflux Roger and Hard-Breathing Boris were giving me some gip! Toothache Terence was back. And now, Colin cramps has just started on the hands and fingers.

7Sun01I tried to get a delivery slot from Iceland. It appears the yare fully booked until next Friday. Shame!

WD 150.0.100 Computing, template, the updating for hours. By the time I stopped, I had a hatred of Nicodemus’s Neurotransmitters, and they’re forever failing and returning, failing and… Never mind! I checked on the Amazon situation regarding the deliveries.


Looking good. The Mini-cheddars ‘Pickle flavoured’, should be here today. I must resist tearing the box open to get at a bag. Hehe! The wristband alerts for Warfarin will be arriving, of course, how long it will be until these ones split and break is anyone’s guess. They are from a different supplier, and a lot dearer than the others were. So, I hope that means they will last longer.

The ablutions were started much later than planned, with all the cockups and tribulations this morning. I have to make Josie’s nosh afterwards.

Back later.

I’m back.

WD 150.0.100 Ablutionisationing Report: Only the one cut shaving. A new bruise, but feeling more content.  The bruise I got when picking up the dropped bar of carbolic soap in the shower. (I can’t see myself getting any more carbolic ever again. It was hard enough to find even before the lock-down! – Sob!) I banged my knee on the grab rail while showering, I’ve a little swelling to remind me of it. I did drop the showerhead again, but grabbed at it, caught it in time, (Godsmacking innit!) and pulled it to my body, hitting a certain delicate, but redundant nowadays, part on my anatomy. (Ouch!)

7Sun04WD 150.0.100 After drying off and cleaning the shower and sink. I had a look at the ever-morphing pins. Bit for meat on them I thought, then realised it was Fluid Retention Fred’s doing! Another oddity, (my life is not short of them!), was the new bruising the knee, was showing up as white? Well, I’ll be blown! Clopidogrel Clive was attempting a comeback as well. Belinda Blotches was visiting the legs as well. And, the usual for me paleness and anaemic, whiteness, had gone a, well, I don’t really know what colour it is, deep cream or a gungy spotted pale brown?

WD 150.0.100 As I was getting dressed, Colin Cramps had a go at my hands and fingers again, causing me to drop the body spray can. I couldn’t help but the funny side. My dropping things are usually controlled by Nicodemus, Shaking Shaun Dizzy Dennis and occasionally a perhaps a Neuropathic Schuhplattler dance from the right leg. What if they don’t like this imposter Colin Cramps doing their job? I’m losing it here!

7Sun06I got the bit of handwashing done, not a lot, as Paul Daniels used to say. The bath towel, and the thin dressing gown. No socks, the damned sock-glide isn’t going have me today! I got the towel done wrung and hung, then did the gown, and hung that in the wet room.

7Sun07Now, this makes me sound demented and a bit odd, (Fair enough I am!), but can you not see an expression of the sock-glide on the shower chair?

He looks awfully pee’d off to me. My having avoided any conflict or battles with him for two days now (I’ve not worn any socks, Hehehe! That got him!). Is he angry or sad? Perhaps he’s missing the little lumps of my finger-ends his deadly spring clip usually provides for him? Is he annoyed the Nicodemus has not made me drop or fall over it lately? The ailments rarely all come on together, but they may be planning an uprising! I’ve gone again, lost it!

7Sun03Time to get Josie’s meal prepared. I didn’t take to long to get it ready. The cheesy potatoes, (the highlight of the meal my customers tell me), had to be made with Sainsbury’s substituted for Leicester grated cheese, a mixed bag. I got it served up for the gal.

The mixed grated cheese had Mozarella in it, 7Sun04anot the tastiest of cheeses, and when warmed up got very stringy. But, beggars can’t be choosers! Without Jenny’s help, I wouldn’t have had any cheese to use. Stuck like glue to the utensils! I left the cutlery soaking in a bowl of washing up liquid and bleach for a few hours.

Not only did it get me in a mess that needed extra cleaning, but it was tasteless! But for my share, when I get it, I’ve some caramelised red onion chutney to spice it up. Hahaha!

I got carried away in making some small Good Morning photos, and side shots for the blogs, it was soon nearly 16:00hrs.

WD 150.0.100 7Sun11I went to visit the Porcelain Throne, and midway through the evacuation, the intercom chimed out! It was the Amazon man, with the highlight of the day, the pickle flavoured min cheddars, the wristlet alert bands and some pots to use to separate the seasoning.

7Sun05WD 150.0.100 I left the box until I had done the chipping off of the Mozzarella cheese from the cutlery in the bowl.

It came off okay, with a little, no, much effort and elbow grease!

7Sun12All three items were there. I got them sorted, and could almost taste the Branston Pickle flavoured mini cheddars as I did so. The pots had what I wanted in then the screw on lids, as opposed to the snap-on ones I have at the moment. There are times when Nicodemus’s 7Sun12anerve-end die on me, and it’s difficult to sense if the lids are on or not.

Not haven eaten due to my getting too involved with the CorelDrawing, I realised it would be a while before I can get my nosh. So I took a bag of the mini-cheddars from the box; and what a pleasant, serendipitous, wonderful discovery! They were 50gr packets, not as I  had expected, 30gr. I made a brew and gobbled a full pack, by gum, they were great!

WD 150.0.100 Well, the fatigue dawned, but did I stop CorelDrawing, did I ‘eck as. I was on a roll, almost as if I was on a drug-trip! I had to concede defeat to the fatigue in the end. I was struggling to get the computer to close down. my heart sank. If I lose this outlet to life, it will be life-changing.

WD 150.0.100 Then, as it does to me so often, I realised I had totally forgotten about the cheesy potatoes in the oven! Spittling-Splurging-Sparrowhawks! I scuttered to the kitchen to check, almost tripping over the walking stick in my haste.

WD 150.0.100 Ah! All was well, which momentarily confused me. How could the mash be in the oven for over three hours and not get burnt? My question was soon solved when I realised I had not turned the oven on! Well, I couldn’t remember turning it off from doing Josie’s potatoes?

I’m getting worried about my mind and memory of late.


My much-missed mug. RIP!

Anyroad, I put two of the Iceland beefburgers in with the cheesy spuds and turned on the oven. Draycup! I made a brew of tea, and for some unknown reason. I began to mourn the loss of my old pottery mug. It was genuine remorse, but why?

I reckon the mind is on its last legs. Tsk!

WD 150.0.100 I went to turn off the computer and was not sure if I’d hit sleep or turn-off. I fancied I’d put it on sleep, but then I’d turned off the power. I turned the juice back on, and completely forgot to press the mini hidden button, and panicked a bit! Thinking my pressing sleep, and turning off the plugs, had damaged something. It really is scary, when you forget how to turn your computer on! I was in two minds whether to mention this at all. But, in keeping with my reveal-all policy on blogging, I did. Well, you know that cause it’s written here. I’m going off-line-logically a bit here!

WD 150.0.100 I spent so long sorting out what I had and hadn’t done with the computer, and got it going alright again (Sigh of relief the size of Asia!), by the time I got back to the pots and burgers, they really had got burnt! But not too much for me, luckily I like them well-done, like this!

7Sun39I got the plate filled. Took the med’s with me, along with the fodder, Clementine drink, and the light lemon yoghourt.

The potatoes were really not good at all, the crispy bits, when applying the caramelised red onion chutney, were okay. The cheese, well, I might as well have not used it, so weak and tasteless it was. The tomatoes were not too bad. Surprisingly, the burgers were great! I wish I’d got more in now, Humph! 

1Mon06aWD 150.0.100 This made me try again to get a delivery slot from Iceland. Nope! The nosh was granted a rating of 5/10, passable, just, thanks to the beefburgers; that I cannot get any more of, the lemon yoghourt and clementine drink. The medications tasted the same as usual, 10/10, Hahaha! 

I got the pots washed, and tried purposelessly and unsuccessfully to get some sleep. Morpheous wasn’t having it again! Even the little two-minute nod-offs were absent without leave! Grobbledigrooks! 

After hours of trying to nod-off, I perused the TV channel guide, and to my pleasure, unpremeditated serendipitously found that a Red Dwarf extended film was just about to start on the box. Aha, great, one of my favourites and I hadn’t seen this one before! Oh, joy abounded! 

7Sun40I rang Sister Jane to advise her of Red Dwarf about to start on the gogglebox, thinking that xyrophobia-suffering, left a fortune in a will of someone he didn’t know, pools and lottery winner, who retired at 50 years of age and has women chasing him, tall, good looking, well-built, Brother-in-Law Lucky-Pete liked Red Dwarf.  It was not an easy conversation, Jane was on the Bollinger Brut Special Cuvée again. Hehehe! I’ll get in trouble for telling of that!

About an hour into the 2-hour Red Dwarf programme, and enjoying it immensely, that damned Morpheous came on, and I missed the rest of the film! Waking up with a start, as the closing credits were scrolling down the screen!

WDP 12bThen, could I get back to sleep again? Nope! I lay there for another couple of hours, Thought-Storms brewing, self-hatred, fears, worries, they all pestered me, before getting to sleep. For three hours!

Life is not a bed of roses!

Inchcockski – Saturday 11th April 2020: If it can go wrong, it will!

April 11

2020 ttttApr11

Saturday 11th April 2020

Sudanese: Sabtu Kaping 11 April 2020

0000 April 11

GM GreensLWD 0.40.0 05:20hrs: I finally stirred, after luxuriating in about three hours sleep. Which was tormented by dreams of a disturbing nature, of which I have only impressions, no real detail, other than it took place underground, and ghouls were in there somewhere?

Despite the scarceness of kip, I almost bounded out of the £300, second-hand rickety recliner, within minutes of my waking up? Clutched at the walking stick, and made my way dodderingly to the kitchen…

I got to the kitchen, took the medicines, applied the medications; Saccades-Sandra drops, olive-oiled the ear-holes, tincture of the tooth, creamed the Harold’s haemorrhoid’s, Phorpain gelled Arthur Itis’s knees, and made a brew, all without the need of a wee-wee or the Porcelain Throne! This was not natural?

WD 0.40.0 Booted-up the computer to update the Friday post. And had to create a template for the day first! But it was a marathon job, Shuddering-Shoulder-Shirley, Dizzy Dennis and Shaking Shaun all giving me a bashing. The worst, being Nicodemus’s Neurotransmitter nerve ends, continually working and stopping, making typing almost impossible. I was continually making errors without realising it and having to make corrections. I have no doubt there will be many that I missed, which is disappointing and frustrating.

WD 0.40.0 The knowledge that I will eventually have to stop doing these blogs, as it gets harder and takes me longer every day, and knowing they can do nothing to help, sometimes get me down. But while I can, I will. I love doing them. Trying to add a bit of humour to them, must help me, in a fashion. Hey-ho, moan, groan and whine, over!

Having, many hours later got the job nearly finished, and my xyrophobia-suffering Brother-in-Law Pete called. Obviously, the lad hadn’t received the link yet, and he likes to read it early in the day with Jane. We had a natter, and I noticed that Stuttering Stephanie was with me again, getting more frequent lately. Anyway, he and Jane sounded in fair spirits.

Jane nowthenThey have had their big monthly parcel of food from Nottingham County Council delivered. Marvellous I thought. I quoted something along the lines of, A pool’s and big lottery winner, with a car and an electric bicycle, who live in a mansion, have been left a fortune in someone’s will, get their food hamper delivered. I’m told that because my aorta-valve replacement is not disabling enough, I don’t qualify. The peripheral neuropathy and dying nerve ends, the Stroke, using a stick or trolley-guide to walk, Dizzy Dennis, falling down or into something almost every day. Dropping things several times every day, Shaking Shaun and Shoulder-shuddering-Shirley, Duodenal Donald, Reflux Roger sticking, Hernia-Henry, being deaf, Nicodemus’s neurotransmitters dying, having Arthur Itis (Rheumatoid arthritis), don’t seem to matter to anyone else but me! It’s a good job I’m used to suffering and pain, innit! Pete did laugh! That cheered up.

I got the link sent off. Went on the WordPress Reader, and got this blog started. It took me 7 hours plus, to get this far. I fear the time is getting close to having to stop, this really gets to me. The very thought of it, brought on my depression, like never before. No point in fighting it. I stopped and went to make a brew and have a look outside, see if any of the dog walkers were out, so I could photograph them. Disappointingly, no one was about. But, I did find some photographs I’d missed off yesterday, of some doggies taking their humans for a walk:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I all but dropped the Nikon camera, coming back in from the window again! Darned good job I had the wrist-loop around my hand! Phew!

The rest will have to be in shorthand I’m afraid. The ailment was taking over, and everything took so long. Sorry. It’s hours past my normal head-down time already.

6Sat15Posted off the ailment, and started a template for this blog. As I started to create it, the doorbell chimed out.

It was Amazon, with the Nasal spray and Clementine juice.

6Sat16I opened the spray box and left the heavier juice one in the hallway.

Back to the computer, and all sort of problems developed! The landline rang and flashed. It was Jenny, bless her. Her Sainsbury’s order had 6Sat17arrived, and Frank was on his way down with the items I’d asked to be added for me.

I hurried to put them away. Jenny had kindly written a list for me. That’ll £26 plus £13 I owe her now. The shop had substituted some bits. Mini cheddars, which I’m not too keen on, and last week they did the same, a double size pack as well. I’ve got the pickle flavoured ones arriving tomorrow via Amazon as well. She’s got some lemon yoghourt though. Tomato juice, washing up liquid, cherry-scented? And a tub of salt. Bless her cotton socks!

I tried to get the computer to take the photographs but ended up having to do it in a long-winded fashion, which cost me even more time.

I rang Jane and Pete to get my mobile number, cause I needed it to get back on the photo site. But I was too late, and it timed-out. So now, I don’t know where the heck I stand with it all.

Rang Jenny back, I was gasping a bit and Stuttering Stephanie was on form! I thanked her and told her I was going to go to the bank on Monday to get some money to pay her what I owe her with. She kindly said it was Bank Holiday on Monday, so I can’t get it then! Tsk! We nattered a bit, and we decided I’d go on Wednesday. She generously said she would write a note for me to give the taxi driver on Wednesday, asking him or her to wait while I go ion the bank, and bring me back afterwards.

Then I did some updating on this blog, but not for long. I need rest and sleep badly now.

I stopped and decided to get something for a meal. The easiest will be bacon in the oven, and a tin of tomatoes, I can use the last of the bread up with it.

Not feeling so good now. I hope to be back in the morning, to finish things off. TTFN.

Sunday Morning: 0545hrs: Updating.

6Sat18I got the meal, I had a can of tomatoes, added some vinegar and hickory to it. The bacon, I cut of some of the fat and did it in the oven. Got it served with the medications. For once a good tasty one. Flavour rating: 7.5/10.

Got the dish in soaking, and had a go at the computer problem again.

WD 0.40.0 I had more bother with the computer. Had to supply a password that was my mobile number, but I couldn’t find what it was! I rang Sister Jane at the Bratton Towers, and she and Pete eventually found it for me. But by the time I got to put it on it had timed-out! So, no progress there. Tsk!

The TV on, but of no interest, however, the need and desire for sleep were being ignored by my body and mind.

The landline burst forth and flashed. Sister Jane, concerned about the computer locking me out. Thought it might be hackers. I told her about the lack of sleep problem, saying how it doesn’t matter now about being woken up, as I can’t get to sleep in the first place. I think she might have been upset a smidge, and rang off, thinking I was moaning about being woken, which didn’t matter at all in fact.

This irked me, and I range her back, but no answer.

Switched to another programme and there was an interesting documentary on an underground city in France, and how the military had used it over the years. I thought my xyrophobia-suffering, chaetophorous, anti-epilation Brother-in-Law Pete might be interested in it. I rang again and got through this time.

There I was enjoying a great natter and chinwag with Jane, and I thought I heard a beeping noise. This was annoying me, I told Jane, and I went with the mobile in hand to have a look around. I was giving a running commentary as I investigated, but, could not find the source! Then a bleep-bleep, and I lost the connection.

I got back in the rickety recliner, and tried to ring back ‘This number is unavailable’. Huh!

Then I actually fell asleep!

Coronavirus, pavement cyclists, wars and insanity! It’s a funny old world, innit?

Inchcock Today – Friday 20th July 2018: Eyes tested – Cataracts found in the left one. No wonder I’ve been struggling to read the subtitles on the TV. Hey-Ho!


Friday 20th July 2018

Samoan: Aso Faraile 20 Iulai 2018

0435hrs: Woke up in yet again a different mode and mood. Anxious stressed and not sure why. Recalled I have the Opticians visit, the Chemist for the prescriptions, and a feeling there was something else, but uncertain what it is. Nothing new there!

The ailments seemed in a good mood though, and that helped me partially attain such an outlook.

I was soon out of the £300 second-hand recliner and doing the Health Checks.

5Fri001bI made a small mug of the PG Assam tea. A decent brew when made in a tiny cup, the bags are not strong enough to produce any strong malty flavour in an adequately sized mug. But this one was tasty enough.

The sphygmomanometer worked the first time.

The readings looked okay.


The innards summoned me to attend the Porcelain Throne. Surprising that, as I’d already had that ‘extra’ session of mammoth proportions last night? No bleeding from Harold’s Haemorrhoids whatsoever, they were just a touch sore, though.

Cleaning up afterwards, I spied a few of the iron-clad uncrushable biting mini-beetles running about on the floor and sink.


WCplasterA: One of them was not the usual jet-black like the others. It was a tiny bit bigger, more aggressive, with a redder colouration (probably through my blood the beetle has been dining on? Hehe!) I got the camera and returned, by then all the other black ones had disappeared from sight. But this more significant, slightly unconventional looking one was still there. I got a piece of toilet roll and tried to squash the little thing. The result was, it bit me, I nipped him between my fingers, and dropped him into the sink, and seemingly unharmed, he ran away so fast, trying to get to catch him I knocked my knuckles on the tap (faucet). A tough, nasty one this varmint! I hope he hasn’t got any illegal immigrant family members with him.5Fri003

I had a quick rinse and spotted that Belinda’s Blotches were now diminishing faster than my memory. Haha!

I got the computer on and started this diary going.

I shall not mention the Wee-wees again, they are so frequent; take it that one every half-hour or so took place. Tsk! Hehe!


5Fri005aSister Jane emailed me a picture of one of her Hedgehogs in her garden last night, which she caught on her CCTV cameras.

She also pointed out error (She’s very good at this, Hehe!) in telling me she has not yet had the operation for her wandering misaligned toe, with an up to date picture of her tootsies.

Went to finish the Thursday diary.

Started doing the Facebooking, when the Willmott-Dixon lads are getting nearer to my floor with the drilling and banging. Glad I’ve got to go out now.

WCplasterA: Must rush and get the ablutions done, just noticed the time, Oh dearie me!

The ablutions were done in a rush.

WCplasterA: Plenty of the dang iron-clad biting beetles in the wet room, in the sink, bowl and floor. Got a few of them and after putting them in a cup of bleach, then crushing them, some of them actually died, a couple ran off! Wholy moly!

Ang01Got the glasses out with the phone and camera to take with me, got the hearing aid in the ear-holes and set off out.

Very busy on Chestnut Walk, machinery and plant all over the place. Having to take care, no pavement to walk on one side, and not much room on the left.

I got to the bus stop as the bus arrived. Plenty of us old uns got on. Had a bit of a chinwag with Roy on the short trip into Sherwood. Alighted the bus and walked over the crossing and to the Optician’s place.

Ang01aAs I approached the pelican lights, a party from the Child Care place looked well organised. The children were behaving themselves, waking in twos hand in hand. Just to think, in a few years they will be shoplifting, drug-taking, swearing, smoking and most likely broke when Brexit takes a grip!

Got to the optometrist’s shop and went in and introduced myself. Signed a form or two, and sat down, getting the crossword book out.


A lady technician appeared and took my spectacles to measure them, and returned them. Then the ophthalmologist called me in and set about giving the eyes a proper examination. There is nothing he can do to help the left eye, as it has cataracts developing, but he can adjust the lenses in the right eye that might help. I said: “Oh, I see! Well, not very well, though. Hahaha!” He had to smile although I could see he didn’t want to.

Thorough test, then I went to see the technician lady. Who sorted out an explained the options for me, spectacle-wise. I opted for two different pairs so I could not get confused between the varifocals and the reading glasses.


Total cost to be, well, the quotation was for £272.00 to pay. Not overly shocking. Lovely staff in the business, who would not stand a chance-in-hell of working for Lidl. No sneers, insults, innuendos, dirty-looks or superior tut-tutting and putting the customer down at all. And; they did not ask for payment straight away!

Ang01bAs I thanked them and left the store, I walked a few hundred yards up the hill to the bus stop. I couldn’t have timed it better. The second I got to the shelter an L9 bus arrived. Luck! Did you notice that? I had some Luck! Yee-Haa!

A few bus-stops further on, and I was back on Chestnut Walk.

Mayem all over the place. The Willmot-Dixon Ang01clads were hectically managing delivery and workings of plant and materials, guiding lorries and tractors in and out of the various small gates on the site.

Holes and trenches covered with massive steel sheets had appeared since I had left the place earlier.

Traffic got worse than I’ve ever known it.

Ang01dBut credit to the Willmott-Dixon company, they had arranged for men at each gate to monitor the incoming vehicles.

With there being no footpath on one side, and parked traffic on the other walkway, it made hobbling safely, cautiously and imperative for the old residents.

How some of the drivers manoeuvred without Ang01ehitting someone or something, is deserving of a little praise, I think.

They had fenced off two car parking spaced so they could have somewhere to park their trench-digger plant.

I bet this cheers the residents with cars up no end!

I got up to the flat after this little photographic session, and I had a wee-wee. Let’s just take it that this activity took place from here on, about every half-hour.

I wrote the date of the glasses to be collected in the Google Calendar. Noting as I did, that Foot-Lady Sue is due on Monday 1000hrs.

Made an extra-strong mug of English Breakfast tea and got on with updating this blog.

Then on Facebooking.

5Fri35Got the lamb and chips in the oven cooking. Peas and potatoes already in the crock-pot.

WCplasterA: I made a right cock-up of this meal. Had to leave the chips and lamb in the oven longer, cause the potatoes in the crock-pot were cooked through! I had to transfer them to a saucepan to boil them more quickly and turned the oven down while they boiled. Oddly resulting with chips undercooked, and the lamb overdone. The potatoes, tomatoes and garden peas came out fine and dandy, though.

Despite all this, I gave it a Taste-Rating of 6.5/10 for this sad effort.

I looked at the TV schedule. There was a Steven Seagal film, Belly of the Beast on TV, but not until 2100hrs.

Somehow, I managed to stay awake until it started. I even got through a set of commercials, before I fell asleep. Tsk! Being on Freeview. I expect it will come on again, so I can fall asleep watching it once more. Hehe!

Inchcock Today – Thursday 19th July 2018:


Thursday 19th July 2018

Italian: Giovedì 19 Luglio 2018

0500hrs: Woke with a mind that was marinated in confusion! A riot of disorder milling about, with the grey-cell unresponsive to my attempts to get thoughts and desires into a coherent, or at least semi-logical mode.

Without realising it, I was out of the £300 second-hand recliner and stood up, with no apparent effort or pains. Gawd, life can get confusing when you’re getting on a bit! Tsk!

4Thu04WDPBL: As I looked down and saw the state of the legs and ankles, things came a little more concentrated, thought-wise.

What tangled mess the plates-of-meat looked to be in! Stinging too, yet I’m sure they weren’t hurting before I looked at them? Now they are. Haha!

Then, I realised that I had got myself about six-hours of sleep in last night. This was much needed and appreciated after getting only two hours kip in over the previous two night combined.

Tended to the ablutions, a stand-up affair. So’s I could save time and not be late for the Winwood Social hour, at the Nottingham City Homes, Winwood Heights, Stabsgefreiteress Wardens Temporary HQ, WC, Willmott-Dixon workers breakfast and tea-break room, Sarcasm & Insult distribution area, Tenants Socialisationalistic Area, Telling Inchcock off Zone, Crockery and pottery to be stolen from, and residents porta-cabin.

4Thu001aBelinda’s Blotches seemed to be settling down after yesterday’s mini-return to hurting and itching madly again. I think the flat’s aliens or ghosts had got to this photo. Where the all-through staples were at the bottom of the heart op scar, looked luminescent to me?

WDPBL: Tummy Tim had swollen or bloated again, after going back down yesterday. This all baffles me!

I even achieved the job of catching a few of the Steel-coated tough, but rapid moving mini-beetles from the floor too. The score this morning was: Approximately 15 rapid moving armour-plated biting mini-beetles: 2 caught – 23 Escaped me. Getting back up off of the floor was no fun either! Hehehe!

Carried out the Health Checks.



4Thu07Again, I forgot about the rubbish bag chute drawer being made so small it is almost useless. Fancy giving us the large orange bags for the recycling waste and not being able to get it in the chute? Humph!

Got the especially-quarter-filled with hardly any waste in the black bags down alright.

Collected the bag with the raffle prizes, the nibble box and other bits, and set out to the Social Hour.

4Thu02 I noted how sad the bottom field outside looked, through the only mostly dirt and the bird-poo free bit of the large sliding doors windows.

Hardly any green left in the plants and grass. Most sad-making

Maybe some precipitation will come soon. I least I hope so, now they have imposed the hose-pipe ban.

4Thu05A letter had been posted through the door.

From, Nottingham City Homes.

WDPBL: I misread it as informing me I was in arrears and had to phone them on the number straight away!

A mild panic came over me.

4Thu06I put it in the bag to take with me to ask someone to call them for me. I couldn’t understand how I’d gone in arrears when I pay my rent via Direct Debit.

I set out, taking a picture of the porta-cabin, zoomed in.

The one of Woodthorpe Courts. Showing the torn off plastic window coverings, Hoists and scaffolding around the building.

A bit warmer today than yesterday outside.

The Chestnut trees had retained their greening a lot better than some other plants had in this ever-lengthening ‘dry’ period.

Then I moved down the road a bit and snapped this photo of Winchester Court.

They were started on a couple of months after the Woodthorpe block but were now catching up with us, to enable the installing of the outside balcony pods.

The ones with all those windows and frames that will need cleaning and they will block-out even more of the view and light when installed. It’s the truth, I just thought I’d mention it, like. Hehe!

I go to the shed, and Warden Obergruppenfurheress Julie was thankfully in the office. She listened while I explained… Ah, I forgot, I am barred by the Nottingham City Homes Management, from mentioning on my blogs, anything taking place between Nottingham City Homes agents, representatives or employees and myself. Warden Julie sorted it. (Can I say that?)

Thanked her and joined the larger than of late ganglet of tenants in the main room. BJ was there, bless him. The girls love him. (Well, he is better looking, younger, fitter, taller, more vibrant and has far better social skills than what I do – But I am not jealous, oh no!) Lie Mode Detected! Haha!

I put the raffle prizes on the trolley, handed out the nibbles and got myself a few mini-chinwags which I was pleased with. Got some raffle tickets and handed them out.

The whole event was enjoyed. The gals (Cyndy, Margaret and others) singing of old songs I always enjoy. Jenny and Frank, Doris, May Joyce and Bill (William on Sundays) were in good form. Best session for ages.

4Thu03I left and made my way to the flats.

Noticing that a washing machine was not in use, the thought came over me, to do the rest of the laundry straight away.

Got into the flat, had a wee-wee.

The monitor gave readings of temperature as being 30°c – 86°f, Red Area. Humidity was well within the green area.

4Thu10Got the Glowhite powder I bought the other day and collected the few bits of washing there was left over after yesterday morning’s washing session. 

Down to the laundry room and got the washer going, then back up to the flat. The Glowhite came in a sachet and had to be put in whole, and I had to remember to take it out before it goes into the dryer.

Set the timer and made a start on updating this diary. The half-hour flew by, and it was off down again to move the clobber from the washing machine to the dryer. Swapped the clothing into the dryer and set it going. I remembered to take the used empty Glowhite sachet out first. (Smug-Mode Adopted, Haha!)

Back up in the lift yet again and set the timer for 45 minutes. Carried on updating this diary. The alarm was chirping away, so back to the laundry room to collect the clothing.

When I got down, there was Doris, a lovely woman, sat in the foyer. She told me; “I am patiently waiting for whoever is using the end dryer to empty it so she could use it”. “No problem, that’s me. I get it emptied straight away gal!” So I did, and we had a little natter while I did it. I folded the few bits I had taken out and listened to her chinwagging as I wrapped them into the bag. Two long sleeve T-shirts, one pair of socks, both of my kippah and a woolly hat. Oh and what I used the Glowhite for, a hand and bath towel, both white, but had been used a long time and were getting a bit dingy! They looked alright now, though.

When I came out of the laundry room, there was now Doris, May and another lady in the foyer. We had a moan to each other and general blethering session, which cheered me up no end. It made me feel like part of a family.

4Thu09Back up yet once more to the apartment.

Got up and emptied the few items from the bag, put away the clothes and put the towels on the electric airer in the hallway.

Well, the pack of whitener I bought with two sachets in it, worked out at 70p each one. But it did seem to work well enough, and the towels looked much cleaner and whiter!

4Thu11I sorted out filling the pot with Bold lavender pods, and some of the Wilko Fragrance Boost Exotic Ylang & Freesia scented granules. Stored away the Glowhite Ultra to use later. Providing I can find it then! Haha!

Updated this blog again this far, then made up a Morrison order for next week.

All done, feeling a tad weary now. I’ll have a look to see if owt is on the telly for later.

4Thu21Got the nosh sorted.

Hoisin seasoned baked beans and pork ribs.

Not too bad, but I’m thinking of giving up trying to recreate pork ribs as I got them weeks ago. I even wrote down what I seasoned them with, but can’t get it right again. Klutz!

Savour-Rating of 7.5/10.

Eating the meal, Herbert was giving it some hammer, for a long time tonight. Sorry about that, I’ll cross it off. But of course, I am not complaining, just mentioning it. No point in my risking getting another telling-off and sneered at from the Nottingham City Homes Mangement for my quoting the truth about the noise. As the Obergruppenfurheress Management, told me; He is doing nothing wrong, just following his hobby of model making, and you’ll just have to live with it. I don’t want to lose my home. Oh heck, I forgot there that I was told not to put any conversations I have with any Nottingham City Homes Management, employees, representative or agent on my blog.

Got settled to watch TV and listen to Herbert clattering about for a while.

2016-07-26 04.49.36Then I had to make my way to the Porcelain Throne. Blimey, twice in a day, can’t remember when this last happened. The evacuation was very different.

I don’t want to go into this too much, but a monumentally great length was involved.

No bleeding or pain at all, mind.

Got back in time for the Dog Whisperer programme to start. I must have watched it on eleven episoded in between mu nodding off! Hahaha!

Inchcock Today – Monday 16th July 2018: Belinda’s Blotches Return, I escape to Derby!


Monday 16th July 2018

German: Montag, 16. Juli 2018

0515hrs: Woke with a start at the bright light that filtered through the grotty plastic sealing, bird-poo, trapping dead insects in the flat, plaster, mud, bits of sealant and air-limiting windows.

Got the glasses on and checked the clock. A late time for my expergefaction. This probably due to me not being able to get to sleep for my ullagone at France winning the World Cup. I just knew they would from the start, all the luck they had with the crooked obviously bribed or incapable Argentinian so-called referee’s help. Croatia for me was the better team, but with the non-penalty being given against them, and… I’d better stop, it’s doing my health no good thinking of the crooked, bent FIFA. I shouldn’t ultracrepidate, I know.

1Mon041Mon01b I spotted that Belinda’s Blotches around my midriff front and back, had returned; reddened, itching, new spots and stinging the moment I moved my bulbous body.

Also, as well and besides that, the ankles had acquired some new and fresh blotches. Along with several scratch-marks and growths.

1Mon001How I made the scratch marks, I don’t know. Surely I would have remembered making them?

This situation is concerning.

Indeed, I would have been left with pains from getting down from Arthur Itis, and I had no such twinges?

Still, never mind. I got out of the £300 second-hand recliner with ease, and off for a wee-wee.

Got the Health Checks done.


1Mon01Then I was summoned to the wet room and the loose-lidded mini-sized, beetle ridden Porcelain Throne.

The session was a bit easier this time, so no extra medications of encouragement were needed. Hehe!

Collected a few dead beetle bodies under the sink, around the WC bowl and the shower area. The live ones were too quick for me; the bending down started Arthur Itis off. Humph! Had a rinse and made up some black rubbish bags to take to the chute when I go out later on in search of a 16″ fan. 1Mon03

Back to the front room, the temperature still 31°c – 88°f.

Seeing the old photograph of oneself, got me thinking back. I’ve hardly changed have I? Hahaha!

Got the computer going. Started this post up to here, and it was time to get the ablutions tended to if I am going to go to Derby’s Eagle Market to get myself a fan to keep coolish and fresh within the flat. Ah, bless the Nottingham City Council Free Bus Pass! Oh, I might be better going to Mansfield instead? Making decisions with my ambivalence is not easy, you know. Haha! I’d better go to Derby, after all, there are two stalls on the Eagle Market where I have seen bigger models of fans on sale, for me to investigate.

Got the stand-up ablutions done, got dressed, added three ice-cream cones to the bag for the gals at the Nottingham City Homes, Winwood Flats, Unterscharführeress Wardens Temporary HQ, Willmott-Dixon workers breakfast and tea-break room, Sarcasm & Insult distribution area, Tenants Socialisation Shed, NCH management telling Inchcock off Zone, Things like crockery and pottery to being stolen from, and Social Hut. I took the bags to the cute on the way.

Down, out and along to the shed. Luckily, Wardens Deana and Julie were in so I could treat them, and Cathy arrived a minute or so later, so she got the last one.

Bless them all! 

1Mon06Three or four residents in there to have a chinwag with, I liked that. 

I left the hut and noticed how the cloud formations were low and particularly impressive this morning, so I took this photo of Winchester Court in the moody-weather.

Down to the bus stop, and caught the City-bound L9 bus, gossiped with Pete en route.

1Mon07Got into town and made my way down Queen Street, over the Slab Square and along to Friar Lane and waited for a Y7 bus to Derby.

I got on the Maroon and was the only passenger. I could see Little Johns dome on the Council House, the flag still up to celebrate how well England did in the World Cup, and the many Nottinghamian students and shoplifters milling about.

 I had planned to take some pictures of the villages as we drove through them, but I soon fell asleep. Waking half an hour or so later with the Mercedes bus cram packed and a large lady sat next to me, also preventing me from falling off the seat. Hehe!

I got off the vehicle before the terminus and crossed over the road to have a little wander before making my way to the Eagle Centre, in search of a 16″ rotating fan. Not that I am educated in this department, it’s because Sandie of the TFZ site has explained the best ones to get. Fanking you Sandie! X

1Mon07bAn ambulance I passed had something that we Nottinghamians have come to accept as a rarity and worth mentioning, next to it; Yes, a policeman!

I turned right and took a photo of the dilapidated shops. Unfortunately, this one did a disappearing trick into the ether. Humph!

I approached an entrance to the Eagle Centre 1Mon07cfrom the South this time, and blow-me-down, another Ambulance.

Up the low hill and inside and made my way to the J Sainsbury store. Where I invested in a packet of Oven-Bottom-Muffins, Cheese Curls, Fresh pod peas, lemon and lime still water, mini potatoes and some Ruby Jewel tomatoes.

1Mon01b I got to the checkout and found I had not got my card with me! Luckily, I had enough money to pay the lady in cash, (But to the annoyance of the family waiting behind me in the queue. Oh Dear!).

1Mon01b As I made my way to the Market Place, I would not have any means of paying for a fan even if I found one suitable. Dejection overcame me. I got to where the two stalls were next to each other to see they had both shut-down, anyway.

As I meandered along to the pet stall and bought some mealworms to feed the ducks on the river Derwent with, I noticed a fan for sale in a shoe repair stall. Yes, it caught me off-guard and confused too! Hehe! He wanted £22 for it, second-hand, but I could not get it, of course, no money or card. Then the panic set-in, if the card is not where it should be in a pocket, where was it?

1Mon07dI ambled over to the river Derwent, via the Derby Council Offices gardens.

There were students and youths smoking cannabis, one was toying with a knife while laying on the gone yellow lawn. A few were locked in passionate embraces, and three intoxicated pupils near the bridge were having a scrap.

Just like Nottingham, I thought.

1Mon08The barrier close to the bridge had been occupied by Canada Geese, white geese and a few brave mallards that were continually being bitten into moving on. Hehe!

I picked a spot where some kids and their parent were watching the wildlife and got out the large packet of mealworms. I waited until some schoolkids got nearer, and then started throwing the fodder to the geese, and the pigeons who got there first as well.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I do love feeding the birds here in on the river Derwent. The Derby Council do not have a ban on doing so, and no signs warning of £120 on-the-spot fines like Nottingham do. I think not having had the chance to go for a long time, made it an even more of a fun visit for me.

I made my way carefully through the arguing between themselves students, into the bus station.

Luckily, a Y7 bus was in and just started loading up his passengers.

1Mon13We were off in a few minutes. It must have been one of the older vehicles.

Although clean and tidy inside and out, the suspension left a lot to be desired and caused me some grief from the Blotches. Tsk!

Within minutes, we were out in the countryside, and I got the camera out to record some views through the window as we went through the villages.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

1Mon17I would have taken more, but despite being thrown about by the stiff and bone-shaking bus suspension, I nodded-off again. Woke, and had to concentrate on not going off to kip still and miss the bus stop in Nottingham. Poor Old Putz!

I had plenty of time to get to the bus stop for an L9 bus.

1Mon18So I had an amble around the City Centre outskirts.

I went up an alley and took a photograph of some young female students rolling suspiciously fat and long twisted en cigarettes. Hehe!

But again, the picture mysteriously disappeared from the SDH card, as did a few 1Mon19more.

What am I doing wrong, I thought later?

I walked down Market Street into the Slab Square and along and up Queen Street.

The sky was again looking so different from usual, pretty yet daunting at the same time, If you know what I mean?

1Mon20At the bus stop, I realised I still had a long wait for the L9 bus to arrive. So, I walked down to catch a number 40 bus instead.

A piece of Nottingham Street Art on the seating metal photographed.

I pondered, is it BBQ sauce, or Chilli or Peri-peri. Surely not an escaped bodily… well, never mind.

1Mon21In the seat in front of me, sat the lady (Ethel I think, but I could be wrong) from the fourth floor of Woodthorpe Court. The bus was soon jam-packed with people having to stand.

I took this picture from the bus window of Clinton Street West. I liked the black dress. Hahaha!

By the time we approached the stop we needed, the crush had lessened a little, so it was easier for us both to get up and to the door.

We alighted and the traffic on the hill with the blind bends, Ethel just wandered into the middle of the road, and a car stopped to let her go over. I took a little longer. Me being on the nervous side, like. Haha! Ethel walked really slow so I could catch her up. That was kind of her. We had a jolly good chinwag en route. I enjoyed that too!

We parted when she got out of the lift, bade our farewells and I got to the flat ASAP. Stripped off, put on a new pair of the PPs, and got some cream on the Belinda Blotches affected areas. I don’t think they are any worse than earlier on, now. Put the bits I’d bought away. Deciding on two Pork Knuckle oven-bottom-muffins with tomatoes for nosh later on.

Got the computer on and started to sort out the photos from the camera, wonder why some pictures had done a disappearing act, titivated a few for posting and had a wee-wee.

Updated the blog up to hear, here Tsk! (1700hrs now!)

Late as it was, and tired as I felt, I went on TFZer Facebook to catch up and post the photos. Got it done, and decided after all to just have two oven-bottom-muffins with sliced tomatoes for the nosh. I said that before didn’t I? What a Shnook!

1Mon23Late as it as, and me feeling so weary and drained; hence the no cooking meal, I dug-in and savoured all of the fodder on the plate.

Washed the plate and fork up, and turned on the TV, assured that I woud soon be in the land of Nod.

1Mon01b But, no!

Nodding off was no problem, I seemed to do it every five minutes – the problem was I kept on waking up! Tsk! This process went on for hours. So long long I feared that I would be late getting up for the delivery in the morning.

I recall watching some of a Police interceptors programme that started at 2200hrs.

Been a long day, and now a long night? Hehehe!

Inchcock Today – Friday 13th July 2018: A most interesting day! Belinda’s Blotches much better, Pleasure in the Park, Optician Fun, Nottingham Masses watch a Mallard, Bought too much food again… Tsk!


Friday 13th July 2018

Corsican: Venerdì 13 Ghjugnu 2018

0325hrs: I woke, at least I thought I had, with my world seemingly in half-reality and fantasy, in a pool of sweat that was most uncomfortable and disconcerting. Eventually, the brain gleaned that I was not drowning in my own diaphoresis. It took me a while to get the grey-cells to accept this and realise that I was not in a cavern of fire with dragons squirting hot water at me, with arrows being shot at me. Allowing me to concentrate on the sudden demand for the Porcelain Throne usage that had arrived.

5Fri006Getting out of the £300 second-hand recliner was more difficult and painful than usual. Detaching the sweaty body from the wet cover and chair, Arthur Itis and Crampy Craig both in a bad mood, but I did get fumblingly to the wet room. Where again, like yesterday morning, I was glad that I kept a book in there. This reading allowed a partial distraction from the agony of the arduous, testing, and reluctant evacuation process. At least Belinda Blotches was not so itchy, the inflammation had died down, and stinging far less than yesterday.

This long forced expulsion left me feeling a tad fearful, as afterwards much blood flowed from Harold’s haemorrhoids again, like yesterday morning. Although unfortunate, it was no worse really than Thursday mornings session, I suppose. It did leave me feeling uncomfortable, but mitigated by the welcome improvement in Belinda’s Blotches.

Cleaned up and off to the kitchen to do the Health Checks.


5Fri001The sphygmomanometer readings looked fair enough. And the weight had gone down a bit too. Sweated out, I expect. Tsk!

Whoosie3W01 When I was getting out the medication pod trays, I realised that I had missed last nights dosages. Lummox!

Whoosie3W01 I  just took the night doses of Warfarin, magnesium and codeine, along with the morning pills. I put the 5Fri005arest in the Return to Chemist box. Well, I did, but after a grubble around and search to find it, that cost me about fifteen minutes. Schlump!

The view out of the beautiful new kitchen window was taken. The part open window, I placed my hand through when I took the picture, to give an idea of the fantastic view and size of the filth marks.

I got the computer on and updated yesterdays diary, and got it posted off. Checked the emails in case I had got any notification of the results of the Warfarin INR blood test. None in there, though.

Made a start on this blog next. Then went on the WordPress Reader. Some great posts were on there today.

Ablutions tended to. Medicationalisationing followed. Belinda’s Blotches treated with Savlon antiseptic cream, the Fred’s Fungal Lesion with Daktarin… No, Daktacort, then Harold’s Haemorrhoids with Germoloid Cream.

Readied and took the black bags to the chute, then back to the apartment and faffled around getting ready to go on my mission to the optician and get the Hoisen pork ribs and fresh Garden Peas.

Down in the lift and saw these signs on the resident’s notice board as I got out.


5Fri006bThe illuminated Community Information board suggested there were light rain showers. But we didn’t get any rain.

I noticed it was Friday 13th. I thought I inform those not in the know that the fear of Friday the 13th is called paraskavedekatriaphobia. Don’t think I came across this word accidentally, I’ve always none of its existence. Lie Mode Adopted, Hehe!

A quick related Fun Quiz:

Q) In Paris, a man with a job known as a quatorzieme sits in his place of work for the evening. Sometimes he is called on to do something, but most evenings he is not. What does he do?

A) He is a professional guest. His job is to be the 14th person at a function or dinner whereas he would join if the total number of guests totalled 13, which is considered by some people to be unlucky.

Through the lobby and out over the road and up the gravel hill path and along the Woodthorpe Grange Park footpath, to Mansfield Road. Many dogs were taking their owners for a walk this morning, I love watching them. One big friendly dog sought me out. I think he wanted a sniff inside my bag to see anything edible was available. Hehe! Bless his cotton socks; he let me fuss him.

As I passed my favourite part of the pathway, I attempted to do a panoramic shot from underneath the trees.


For some reason, it came put far brighter than it actually was. I also noticed that when I took this shot, no dogs were in sight?

I pressed on and got to the optician shop in Sherwood.


I made inquiries of how much a pair of normal and one of reading glasses would cost. The explanation baffled me, such was the politician-like verbal qualities and attributes of the lady. 

Getting an appointment was fun. I could go in later today at 1600hrs and have a test done. I explained about my being an early morning person who fades rather fast late in the day. They could do me on Tuesday at 1530hrs. Too late! Wednesday at 1545hrs. Too late. Thursday next at 0945hrs… her face showed hope here; until I explained to her about the only socialising, I get being an hour a week, at 1000hrs each Thursday. I got the impression they wish I had not called at all. Hehe!

They booked me in for Friday 20th July at 1000hrs. She said they would send me a reminder. I offered my thanks.

Next into Wilko’s and bought liquid soapflakes (Its great to wash with, and comes in handy to soak the facecloths in between use), A digital timer To replace the one that has gone missing and cannot be found after two days trying, What a Shnook I am! Toilet block and a bottle of disinfectant.

Thanked them and made my way to the bus stop. Caught one to town and dropped off on Mansfield Road near the Victoria Centre.

As I walked down the road, I could see several people looking upwards near the Irish Pub. I could see nothing of interest, and wondered if Candid Camera had made a come-back. Eventually, a chap came up to me and asked what was going on, I told him I didn’t know either! Haha!


Eventually, I heard someone telling someone else what the altercation was about. A mallard was on the flat roof of the building. To me, it looked like the bird was looking down at us and thinking; Why are all these Homo Sapiens Neanderthalensis stood around looking up at me?

Whoosie3W01 As I left to walk through the Victoria Mall to the Aldi store, the crowd that had gathered was about twenty-strong. In the store, they had just the one packet of the Hoisin pork Ribs left, and that was in a bin of Clearance Specials… Yes, they were not getting any more in stock again. Somehow, I stopped the tears from flowing. Haha! I came out of the store with two heavy bags of purchases all the same. The last and damaged pack Hoisin ribs, Two bottles of Am5Fri011erican Style Root Beer, apples, Oven Bottom Muffins, Ice cream Cones strawberry, Mature cheese, Glowhite cleaner, Dettol lemon spray, boneless beef ribs, and a pack of BBQ spare ribs on Special Offer.

As I left, I saw the Victoria Centre Flats high in the skyline. I remembered reading that they cost from £440 a month to rent, good value.

5Fri011aThe plates-of-meat were stinging something rotten now with the weight of the bags.

I made my way to Clumber Street and went into the Sports Direct Store to have a look see if they had any of the long sleeved thick tea shirts in stock.

After an awfully long time searching, I came across some, and they were on special offer too.

5Fri012Unfortunately, the shirts were located about ten foot up on the wall, with other clothing on display. Another hunt to find a member of staff so they could get them down for me took a good while as well. But the gal was pleasant enough to get two for me, using her long pole. And she offered a not unpleasant grunt in my general direction when I thanked her.

Paid my dues and out onto Clumber Street 5Fri009again.

I noticed a lot Chines or Japanese in the crowds today.

I assumed they were on holiday. Not surprising to me, as we have a student level of 34% Chinese students in our colleges in Nottinghamshire.

The most impressive thing about this, was their wondrous smiles as they plodded merrily around the City Centre. Sadly, I noticed that they were getting some bitter stares from some of the Nottinghamians.

5Fri013Not very sunny at times today, but it feels cooler, that’s nice.

In the Slab Square where they are erecting amusement rides, I spotted them checking out this new ride, without any people on it yet.

The whatever it is that if holding the cage, tightened as frightening speed, and then drops at the same rate if not faster, then it jerks back 5Fri014up again. While doing this the occupants in the two chairs in a metal ball, can enjoy it spinning around at the same time! I must let Sister Jane and Pete know about this, bet they’d love a go on it!

Some of the food stalls were already open on the periphery of the site.

They were not cheap, and not being shown any interest in by any Nottinghamian shoplifters yet, either.

I made my way to the bus stop, but found I had just missed the L9 bus, either had another hour to wait or to catch the 40 bus, that drops us off further away from the flats, on Mapperley Rise, and there is the job of getting across the road on the sharp and steep bends. I caught the number 40 bus.

Pete, from the flats, got on further along and we had a farcical chinwag as we are both hearing-challenged. We alighted and, I was shocked to see Pete cross the road on the bend, but he got over alright. I walked up a bit and used the central refuge. I actually 5Fri015caught up with Pete on Chestnut Way, but he got a second wind and somehow shot off again.

As I gave up the chase and watched him – it all came together when he belted into the white Nottingham City Homes, Winwood Heights, Stabsgefreiteress Wardens Temporary HQ, WC, Willmott-Dixon workers breakfast and tea-break room, Sarcasm & Insult distribution area, Tenants Socialisation Area, Telling Inchcock off 5Fri016Zone, Crockery and pottery to be stolen from, and ‘Residents WC”! Hahaha!

I observed that the builders had moved the covered copper piping to behind some temporary fencing where they have closed the footpath while laying cables underground.

How more of the old folk have not been killed or injured is a testimony to the Willmott Dixon safety campaign.

The heat was showing on the thermometer when I got inside, 93°f.

I stripped down to my PPs. And sorted out the purchases.


I decided on having the beef ribs with seasoned baked bean and vegetarian mini sausages. Got the beans and sausage in the pan and beef in the oven.

Opened a bottle of the Root Beer to guzzle while I was on the computer updating this page. First time I’ve tried this drink. Not too bad.

Made up a Morrison order for next week and remembered to put the optician’s appointment on the Google Calendar.

5Fri35Whoosie3W01 The nosh was prepared, and what a lousy job I made of cooking and seasoning it!

The taste came out as a sort of hybrid where the flavour of each ingredient challenged the others for the title of the most horrible tasting!

Cosmotellurian, in as far as the beans tasted terrific, everything else was either lousy flavoured or uneatable, like the sour tasting so-called beef! Klutz!

Herbert was having a busy day up above. Clang, Tap, knocking and banging away, off and on. But of course, I am not complaining, just mentioning it. No point in my risking getting another telling-off and sneered at from the Nottingham City Homes Mangement for my quoting the truth about the noises from above. As the Obergruppenfurheress Management, told me; “He is doing nothing wrong, just following his hobby of model making, and I’ll have to put up with it!” I don’t want to lose my home, because some else is noisy. Oh heck, I forgot there that I was told not to put any conversations I have with any Nottingham City Homes Management, employees, representative or agent on my blog. Sorry about that, I’ll cross it out.

Sleep, once again, did not want to come. Tsk!

Inchcock Today – Thursday 12th July 2018: Social Half-Hour attended.


Thursday 12th July 2018

Bulgarian: Четвъртък, 12 юли 2018 г.

0420hrs: I stirred into life, somewhat reluctantly for some unknown reason or other. Within seconds of pondering over this fact, the innards informed me, it would be best if I made my way like the clappers to the Porcelain Throne, or risk an Accifauxpa of embarrassing consequences.

WDPBL02 Which turned out to be a malicious false alarm. When I arrived, scratching at Belinda’s Blotches and Rashes en route, and sat down; the evacuation started as if it was going to be another loose, messy one… then something abruptly and effectively plugged the movement solid. I found myself painfully forcing the proceedings over the next five minutes or so. Much blood needed clearing and cleaning up after the motion had eventually been completed. Oh, Gadzooks, yes! Embarrassingly, the bowl, lid, my legs and rear-end, and splashes on the floor, all required attention with the antisepticalisational clean-up!

WDPBL02 Getting my cumbrous but cuddly body back into an upright perpendicular position was not easy. Comedic, yes, painful yes. But a hell of a challenging task. Hehe!

4Thu04While in the wet room, I tended to the ablutions earlier than usual, to be ready for the Morrison delivery when it arrives.

A stand-up wash, teggies, and teeth were done.

Medicationalising Brenda’s Blotches and Rashes I did next.

Although still itching, the blotches were a lot less painful and were far less vivid than yesterday. I decided against using that horrible messy ointment this time, and dried up after washing and applied some Savlon cream all over, that seemed to ease things almost straight away. But with how things have been going with this ailment, I’ve found that things can change very quickly.

4Thu05I felt much more comfortable after the treatment.

I had to put some clothes on of course before the Morrison man comes with the groceries I’ve ordered.

I just hope that they do not irritate things and start off the swelling and colouring up, itching and pain again.

4Thu02Went to the kitchen to make a brew of the Assam tea and get the Health Checks completed.

WDPBL02 Just look at the horrible outcome of my mashing a brew on the right!

Whatever I did when I made the small mug of tea, I hope never to do again.

4Thu001I dished it and made another one a little while later.

WDPBL02The sphygmomanometer took a few attempts to get it to work, this time. But the results all looked pretty good to me.

I turned off the machine before I took a photo or recorded the results. Stored it back in the cupboard. Took it out and did another test with it. Tsk!


4Thu03In the front room, the Nottingham City Homes provided machine indicated I had a humidity of 51 (Whatever that means, but it was in the green area).

The temperature was well into the red at 31°c – 87.8°f. It felt sweaty and intrusively hot in the flat.

No sunshine yet this morning.

4Thu060638hrs, I began the updating of yesterdays post, and the Morrison Man arrived.

WDPBL02 I seem to recall when I made up this order, should I get the Morrison own label cheese curls that I do like a lot, or should I try the Smiths Cheese Quavers that were on offer at 3 for 3×6 packs (Yellow packs in the photograph). I think I made a faux-pas and ordered both. I’ve now got 3×6 packs of Quavers and 2×6 packs of Cheese Curls. Should last me a while anyway. Tsk!

The bread for the Wardens and the beetroot wraps for Jenny’s Saturday nibbles came as well.

They had some missing items, Morrison own label: 2x cooked beef slices and Lemon & Lime Spring Water. At least they did not send substitutes in place this time. If they had, I’d have probably got raw chicken legs and Champagne. Hehehe!

Sorted out the Social nibbles. Raffle prizes and giveaways, got them in the bag ready for later to take with me. To the Nottingham City Homes, Winwood Heights, Stabsgefreiteress Wardens Temporary HQ, WC, Willmott-Dixon workers breakfast and tea-break room, Sarcasm & Insult distribution area, Tenants Socialisationing Area, telling Inchcock off Zone, Crockery and pottery to be stolen from, and residents room, for the Social Hour.

Then finished off and got the Wednesday post sent off.

Started on this diary, got the photographs prepared, etc.

4Thu07I made up the recycling bag and black bags. I took them all to the chute so I could photograph how small the new slide-in top actually is for you.

The supplied orange recycling bag I placed on the edge of the chute. No intention of trying to squash it in, of course, merely to show the difference in size. These bags used to go down the old chute – see what I mean about the new 4Thu08much smaller one?

You can see the actual size of the new chutes, as I placed my arthritic, cramp-ridden left hand against the tiny black bag of rubbish before I tipped it down.

I had time to make up the next Morrison order… no, come to think of it, I don’t have time. Got ready and off to the Social Hour.

4Thu09Out of the flat and to the elevator, taking the orange bag of recyclable trash.

WDPBL02 Ten, back to the dwelling to fetch the hearing-aids I realised I’d forgot to take with me. What a Shmendrik!

Placed the bag in the big bin outside the caretaker’s door.

Photographicalised the top half of Woodthorpe Court. Looks like they are starting to apply some paint now. Well, undercoat I think.

The new extra care unit being built is coming on leaps and bounds.

As I made my way down Chesnut Walk, I could see some of the residents at the bus stop.

Came up to the cabling near the Nottingham City Homes, Winwood Heights, Oberstgruppenführer Wardens Temporary HQ, WC, Willmott-Dixon workers breakfast and tea-break room, Sarcasm & Insult distribution area, Tenants Socialisationing Area, telling Inchcock off Zone, Crockery and pottery to be stolen from, and residents room, for the Social Hour.

(Bottom Photo) At first, I thought they had supplied a blow-up padding pool for us. Hahaha! Best if they don’t leave it where it is long, it’ll get knicked for sure!

Got in and greeted everyone, not that there were many residents in today. Had a chinwag with Jenny. Put the prize on the trolley, brought two raffle tickets and gave them away. Walked around to hand out the nibbles that Jenny had saved for me from the last visit, getting a few words and laughs in. Sat with Lynne, Pete, Bill Willian on Sundays and BJ arrived to join us.

BJ will ring me on Saturday just before he calls to collect me and take me to the Papplewick Pumping Station In-Steam Day. Should be a good chance for some photographicalisationing.

After more enjoyable nattering, I said cheerio to all, and caught the bus up to Mapperley Tops, to get some of Pork Ribs in Hoisin sauce. But they had none in, and a member of staff told me they had definitely stopped stocking them now. I nearly cried!

I paid the lad on the till for the stuff that I’d purchased, which was: 2 bottles of flavoured water. Some Chinese flavoured Pork Shoulder slices (For tonight’s nosh). A pack of American Style Streaky Bacon with Maple syrup, (Produce of Poland). Three little-tiny bags of small potatoes. Frikadellens. Ice cream in wafers. Piccolo tomatoes, and two fresh cream jam doughnuts for my dessert tonight.

4Thu10A fair bit of weight in the bags, that I had packed hurriedly so as not to keep others waiting at the check-out; I stopped to redistribute the burden to carry.

This was when I noticed the sign for the building next door. I wondered if they, could help me? Haha!

The plates-of-meat were soon stinging as I made my with some urgency (Wee-wee needed!), and at speed, I didn’t think I was capable of anymore.

Along Plains Road and right down Mapperley Rise, onto Winchester Street and to Chestnut Walk. The Willmott Dixon lads seemed very busy.

WDPBL02 As I changed course towards the Nottingham City Homes, Winwood Heights, Wardens Temporary HQ, WC, Willmott-Dixon workers breakfast and tea-break room, Sarcasm & Insult distribution area, Tenants Socialisationing Area, telling Inchcock off Zone, Crockery and pottery to be stolen from, and residents room, for the Social Hour shed and took a photograph of the entry door. Which when I got around to downloading to the computer later – had done a disappearing trick, off into the ether! Oy Vey!

I called in the hut for a wee-wee, and hand the Wardens some ice-cream wafers. But, the cupboard was bare, unembellished by humankind. (Well, there was me, but my qualifying for being called human, might be questionable! Haha!)

I pressed on, met Ray near the flats, and we had a little chinwag and laugh.

4Thu13Up to the apartment, greeted by the intense blast of pure heat when I opened the door.

I reckon it was showing around 104°f on the thermometer!

I stripped off, and then got the fodder stored away

Started on updating this blog. Sister Jane rang me, she was making chilli-burgers for her and Pete’s middle-meal. Sounded nice the way she told me what was going into it. I lost, or she lost the signal.

4Thu12I tried to ring back, and the mobile informed me the battery was Critically Low. I’d only charged it up on Friday, and hadn’t used it until today?

The talk of food prompted me to get the oven ready warming up for the pork, and the potatoes and peas in the saucepan, seasoned with oregano and basil with sea salt.

Pressed on doing the diary up to here.

Went on Facebook to get caught up on the TFZer site.

4Thu21Getting tired now, time to get the nosh sorted.

WDPBL02 Of all of the ingredients on this plate of fodder, only the potatoes were enjoyed. The pork slices seemed like shoe leather with bits of fat in it! Although the seasoning was tasty.

All in all, overall and all together – Crap! Hehe!
I begrudgingly rated this nosh a taste score of 4.5/10, sad innit? Tsk!

WDPBL02 You may have noticed there were four pieces of pork in the pan in the top food picture? There are only two made it to the plate. I dropped the tray taking it out of the oven, (Thank you Craig Cramps). Two slices of pork escaped the tray, onto the kitchen floor, the two on the plate did not. Klutz!

Did the washing up. Then the Health Checks. Medicated areas in need of treating. 

I flopped down in the chair and turned on the TV, Noisy Herbert above was giving it some clanging, banging and knocking.

Mind you, it was more entertaining than the programmes on the TV! Hehe! (But of course, I am not complaining, just mentioning it. No point in my risking Nottingham City Homes upset for me saying about their favourite, superior, influential tenant making a noise. As 2016-06-14 11.27.05the Management, told me; “He is doing nothing wrong, just following his hobby of model making.” “You’ll have to put up with it!” (I don’t want to lose my home, primarily by doing nothing wrong.)

Despite Herbert’s tinkering away on and off… I got off to sleep earlier than of late, thankfully.

TTFN each.