Wednesday 19th October 2022


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A proper short one this time, sorry.
But, it took me that long to get the.
Monday blog updated (15:00hrs) & I
must rush cause I’m out tomorrow for
the Covid booster. TTFN.

Up at 03:30hrs: Worked on yesterday’s ode until 05:30hrs. Then off to the Porcelain Throne. Easier today! I set the alarm off by accident in the dressing stage, didn’t know I’d done it, but I thought I heard a voice in the flat. Had a look around and saw the alarm box flashing. Apologised.

Morning Views

Richard arrived, Yawningly – he was so tired. But, we managed a little natter and laugh, even a moan about things to each other. He was reluctant to take the freebies in thanks, but I sulked, and he took them. Hehe!

Was noisy again.

I literally got lost in everything I tried to do today.

Got a call from a woman. The only words I caught were Virgin Media?

I got some potatoes on with the black bean sauce; I hope it works out alright.

In the amber, nearly the green!




Just getting the meal served up, and Kylie arrived.

She helped me prep the meal. Then got the medications given. Had a laugh and natter, which was nice. Took the bags with her as she left.

Back to the meal, for me.

I soon demolished it!


6 thoughts on “Wednesday 19th October 2022

    • Here, here, Doug! Or should that be hear, hear?
      All went smoothly this time.
      Apart from getting soaked to th skin again; That’s the last three rain-storms that have got me! Hehehe!
      Still, we need the rain.
      Cheers, fuss for Andy from me.

  1. Just read that Liz has broken a record held since 1872: a 44 day government, a winner by a very large margin. Seems like it’s been more like a 44 *month* stretch. Good Lucketh, UKeth!
    Loved that “call from a woman from Virgin Media. A good larf hadeth Billum. 🙂
    A BP Sys of 125 is grand. Whatever you did, do it again, kind Sir!
    What a colossal demolition of a plate o’ nosh. Had you shared it with Kylie? Haha!!
    TTFNski, mon ami.
    For some reason WP keeps forgetting my name and address. Wer weiss warum?

    • Shame the won’t bring Boris back, Billum.
      WP keep asking me to suign in again to go onto the reader – then doesn’t let me?
      Yesterday, hab the bosster jab a 11:00hrs, no pain, bruising or marks. 23:00hrsm WOKE IN AGONY WITH IT? Then Anne Gyhnas kicjed of for the rest of the night (07:30hrs) still giving me grief.
      Carer Jodie came, yawning! Hehe!

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