Inchie: Sat 16th Sept 2023 Took Another Tumble

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While Carer Chris was getting Inchy back up on his feet, he said, “I’m going to do another rhyme about life!” And he did, as you can see. When the morning Carer arrived, there he was at his computer working on the aforementioned ode. When the next Carer called hours later… there he was, still on his computer, working on the aforementioned ode. It’s not as if it is any good, but he continues to dish out this rubbish. Which possibly proves the validity of what the old man wrote?
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
Not as good as last week. But I’m still here despite the new ailments found lurking within… and around. Hehehe!
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
Easy-Peasy, pudding & pie! No idea what that means?
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
Another day of disasters. Well, maybe not disasters, but calamities, maybe. It all started so well, as well. I was feeling well… to start with.  Then the cock-ups started!
I’ll just mention two of them in this intro. Cause they cost me so much time, it’s now gone 20:00hrs, and I’ve just started this blog. Plans went askew, as they usually do! No, I’ve changed my mind; I’ll reveal what I remember of it, more or less how and when they happened in this amazingly popular blog, so as not to keep my mass of followers on tenter-hooks. It’s not fair to either of them. It’ll be a little sparse… that’s another thing, poor on and off all day. I’ll make a start; the Carer is due soon…

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Up and at them this morning. (I hasten to add, this morning, well moment, only!)  I dislodged the nocturnal pouch from the day bag. When getting up, the balance was a bit dodgy, and I ended up plopping back down into the £300, second-hand bought, c1968, nauseously beige-coloured, not-working, rusty, rickety, crumb-holder of a tatty recliner. A bloody experience. Poor blood flowed out, and as I got up again to do the balance exercises before trying to walk, I on the Ottoman. I’m not sure which hurt me more. Hehe! 
Off I poddled, very carefully to the wet room to Germoloid and wash my end. Picked up , & off to the wetroom. After washing and medicating Harolds’ wounds, putting olive oil in the ears, and then I sprayed some Brut over myself, I got the fresh dressing gown on.
You wouldn’t believe how painfully I accidentally shoulder-charged the door frame when leaving. Naturally, this started both , joined in then. I was a bit of a confused wreck for a few minutes! Nothing new there, mind you.
After a sit-down, drink of spring water, and a couple of the delectable Le Petit Beurre biscuits, I decided I must get on with things, and not feel sorry for myself. (As if!)
I found this photo on the right when I got onto the computer.
Must have been yesterday when I took this one, unknowingly. Then realised I’d not done the waste bags and safety checks. So, I did.
Made up[ the bag from three bins and put them near the door.
Then to the kitchen and took a picture through the window, hence the flash reflection. You can tell I’m a professional photographer, can’t you? Hehehe!

Checked in the kitchen, taps were okay, the oven was not left on and the fridge & freezer doors were shut–too.

Back on the computer. Sorted the photos from the SD card for yesterday’s blog updating, and was doing a reasonable job of it, if you don’t mind me saying so.
Then, an interruption for the use of the .

Another half-hour was lost! The mess, and I had to change into new Protection Pants due to my not being quick enough to get there to avoid a little seepage!
So more cost with having to re-Germoloid and Germolene my more delicate parts again. I was slowly sinking into a depression. But forced myself out of it, and into the kitchen with the aim of making a brew of tea.
But arrived. Got the eye drops done, and we had a little natter while she issued the medications for me.
I took her blood pressure. She’s one of the best BPs I’ve ever seen.
Hello, back to the .
What a mess again!
However, I did get there in time – only just, fair enough. But I was pretty pleased with my dexterity in getting there…
Not so with my dropping the toilet roll onto the WC; I’m getting wee’d off with doing this so often lately. The blame is on my , and after reading about the symptoms yesterday on the web, .
I’m losing my grip or hold on things so much more often this week. The right hand and fingers are getting stiffer and even less sensitive to touch. The digits often freeze on me. That’s how I dropped the mug of tea a week ago. Which managed to avoid the whole of the kitchen floor as it landed directly on my poor little .

I then got carried away when spending three hours, just doing today’s Ode! Even worse, I got involved in researching suitable words for other rhymes. Again, it’s messing about with my brain. I’m certain she’s getting more masterful at it.
Carer Joanne arrived, and we had a little chinwag. mutual moans and laughs. At last, I remembered to pay her for the eye pads she’d fetched me last week to use for the .
Bless her cotton socks.

I had this inane idea, of picturing the pot and me attempting to release the contents of the day pouch, which actually came out a bit decent, I thought. (Right)
And what a one…
My right hand fingers froze as I was about to close the release valve. The pee shot all over my legs, feet and the carpet, not to mention the 1966 second-hand Hopewell’s G-Plan cabinet!
I faffed about trying to spray the disinfectant on the paper towels and tread them down, then remove them to the bin, and repeated the process. The third time, the towels were breaking up, and I could not use the picker-upperer this time.
So I got more fresh towels and.. wait for it… Bent down to gather the residue in them.
Of course, I should have known better. The Fall Team Lady, Sarah, told me not to bend down from now on. But when I keep constantly dropping and knocking stuff over, I don’t really have a choice? The urine must be cleaned up and the smell obliterated… But I’m sorry, I tried it now…
As I leant down with the fresh towelling, a visit from had me toppling forward, hitting my face on the cabinet and scraping against it on my way down slowly to the floor!
I’d a few little scratches on the chin; two teeth had been loosened, and were bleeding. was upset with me landing on her knee. This started of the bothersome , then joined in. Getting back up was its usual struggle. But at no time did I consider using the alarm wristlet.

The whole day crumbled after this one. Although, when arrived, he helped me… well, he cleaned it up all on his own for me. A nice lad.
 He asked if I needed him to ring the ambulance or Doctor’s. I think the neuropathy shakes and shudders made me look worse than I felt. I was lucky for once, I think; at least the bag didn’t burst open on me and make things even worse. When taking the medications, the right-hand fingers played dead again. I all but dropped the bottle of soda I was drinking from to get the tablets down. I took his BP, and here are the recent results from the Carers tests. They are a healthy lot. Haha!

I shall now, at 00:20hrs, invest some time in getting something to eat, at last.

I hope to be back in the morning,
And doing a lot less moaning,
I hope not to be groaning,
Suppose I’ll be mentally fidgeting?
If I can make time, do some vacuuming?
The computer needs fragmenting,
My teeth and jaw are stinging…
My back is really aching,
I am unfortunately anticipating…
a struggle with the ablutioning,
Trotsky Terence, Porcelain Throning…
I hope Little Inchie stops bleeding.
And I’ll try to stop burping!

INCHY: Monday 11th September 2023

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
Thanks to Liberty-Global Virgin Media for letting me down so often yet again. Not so often, actually, but in total, I had no internet for over 4-hours! Cocked up all my plans.
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
Where can I start? What few words will satisfactorily cover today’s disastrous, frustrating, farcical, pathetic, depressing, failure-filled, up for 26hrs of trying to catch up… Oh yes, they’ll do!

What a difference in yesterday’s & today’s nocturnal colouring of the wee-wee! 

I see this as a danger sign that they threatened and been warned that, a permanent catheter would be put in, shortly? It’s been a long time now since I’ve been taking Finasteride prostate-reducing tablets. It must be 3 months by then? Remember when I first had the catheter fitted? All the blood in the bags. I found this photograph on file from December 22.

It took them from my getting into hospital when the deep red blood started to flow. After three visits to the QMC hospital, I was kept in again. During this, over two days, the catheter was put in and taken out, then back in, then out, at least eight times. Oh, the pain! I got to learn the sounds of other patients having theirs out and in again; because it was the same sort of Arrgh!, that I was making each time. Humph!

Then I was transferred to the City Hospital. Where the frequency over three days of the agonising tube going in repeatedly, was twice as often as at the QMC!

Next, a visit to a Specialist in Sherwood Hospital. Eight outpatient visits to the City Hospital Urology, to be told they are not sure what caused it in the first place. The last time I met any Doctor about the problem, was at the Private Hospital. That turned out to be an eight-minute talk, and I was told he was going to advise my GP to start me on Finasteride but must take it for two months, which hopefully, potentially may reduce the size of my Prostate and allow the flow of voluntary urine flow to begin again. Nurses arrived to put the new type of catheter cruelly in Little Inchie Hehehe! Four months later, of my taking Finasteride, the nurses returned and took out the catheter, calling back two days later, and they checked with the scanner how much urine was in the bladder after I rid as much as I could to the WC. One of the nurses said the bladder was still a third full. So, back in went the catheter again!
Supposedly for another two months, of Finasteride taking. That was four months ago. I’ve had the Catheter contraption taken out and straight back in twice more times, but no sign of me being allowed to try to manually wee-wee again?
I lost the plot there, didn’t I?  It’s the getting darker urine in the bag that’s got me going. They didn’t know or didn’t tell me, apart from ‘Some Infection’, the cause of this nearly a year ago started blood from the bladder.
Back to today… Well, yesterday, it was already 04:00hrs, and this is as far as I’ve got with this blog; waffling does not help, and boy, am I tired. Have to cut corners, Sorry. (But I ended up bogging, spitting and passing wind all night long, blogging instead)

After taking the nocturnal pouch from the day bag, I tackled the waste bin assembly.
Placed them near the door.

I took a snap of the extremely blue views from the kitchenette window.

Then the ablutions were tackled. Not a good session. Stubbed a toe, and spilt the washing bowl all over the floor, picking up after standing in it to clean the feet. The teeth were bleeding, just two cuts shaving. The feet, or rather toes, seemed to be getting larger areas of apparent bloodlessness?.

Another change in the Evacuated Produce in the WC. Can’t understand this. I mentioned these variations to the Doctor, but, either she wasn’t interested, didn’t hear me, or, I meant to mention it but forgot to? Spent ages cleaning up.
Hristina, my sweet DVT, INR phlebotomist nurse, arrived to take some more blood ♥♥♥. Lovely to see her. The INR level, was at 2.9 last time, so I may not see her again next week. Boo!
As the internet went down again, Carer Richard arrived. He looked and sounded a little better this week, I’m glad to report. Nice chap.
As he left, the Ocado order arrived.


The driver carried the bags through to the kitchen for me. Thanked him, and offered him a nibble or drink in thanks, but he declined.
I’d got Tonic Water, instead of Soda Water, but that’s no bother. Lavender Dettol for washing the tenderer areas washing. The seaweed arrived. Ans some biscuits made by LU to try, which I did, but they were not to my liking, too hard and sweet for me and the few teggies I’ve got left. Tsk! I gave them to the next carer, as he tried one and liked it. The batter scraps arrived, too, I intended to have some of these later. The fresh Kenyan peas were a treat to have as well! Aha, a soft biscuit, I see! Jolly good for me!
I didn’t get the bananas, but have one left. I think I may have ordered some from Asda?
After working on and off on the blog for some fours… The Mammoth Blackout, from you know who…
IT WAS OFF FOR 4.5hrs!
I spent a long time trying to sort it before I started watching the time. .Nothing seemed to work. Wi-Fi swapping and that didn’t help either. Reset, reboot, I closed down everything completely, and that failed.
All shut off again, restarted the crap Liberty-Global Virgin Media box, gave it a reboot and sat waiting.
Another do-no-good idea. At one point, the service did return, but lasted only a few seconds; this repeated several times. Most frustrating. I had to give up and reset the box again, leaving restarting while I got an early nosh sorted out.
Made a mess cooking this meal, a right one! I actually wrote the timing down after I worked out what was needed in order. The potatoes were left over in the crock pot from last night… well the early hours of this morning, I was having them cold. Only the pretend fish, peas and fish batter to heat up in the oven for just two minutes. I’m looking forward to these; I’ve not had any for months. The fish in the air-fryer needed 20 minutes, the peas a few minutes to just heat up in the saucepan, tomatoes soy sticks tomatoes and beetroot no cooking needed. When I laid out the plate, there seemed to be a gap?
I got the cooking utensils, washed up straight away. Then got seated and tucked into the meal. I was about 90% of the way through eating it… and suddenly remembered I’d left the batter bits in the oven! I foolishly rushed to the kitchen, and grabbed the bits tipping them on the nearly finished meal tray.
Of course, they were burnt to buggery! What a Plonka! No internet, burnt meal what next? Although you can’t see it in the picture on the right, it was belting down with rain. Not that that bothered me. I was just hoping to get the computer internet working again. The two Carers who called were amazed to me not on the computer!.
Interesting shot here on the left. Why I snapped my fingers? No doubt I hadn’t meant to, surely? Hehehe!
I took a shot of the sky while waiting for the damned, blasted Liberty-Global Oligarchs box to reset yet again. A highly Pareidoliaiable Picture this one!.
(Incidentally, it is now 05:50hrs on Tuesday) .
Carer Benjamin called earlier on the last visit of the day. I took this photo then but only just got around to getting it from the SD card. I sent him a copy by email.

Not that I can get much sleep, cause the Carer is calling in 2-2.5 hours. But I can go on no further. Busy day tomorrow, I’ve got to have a battle with the internet again, I may cry!
The Asda delivery is due. The DVT and FAlls Team Sarah… ‘Might’ be calling, and the spare room needs clearing. I still need help with arranging the flu jab at the chemist. I may be back… or not!
Overnight shot of the open balcony doors and the TV I watched when you know who’s internet went on strike again! I viewed a ‘Something Inside Me’ programme and took a few photos as I did so.
I put these on Tuesday’s blog, and got two hours sleep, then started to do that.

Mentally Shattered – But EQ was here, telling me things were going to get much worse. He was right!

Inchy: Sunday 3rd September 2023 – Sight, hearing & sleep, seeked!

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

The left cataracted eye is looking like I’ve taken a right hook from somebody! Mind you, looking again, so does the right one? But only the left one is painful. Although the left one was expected to be like this, I learnt of the right one only having one cataract that needed doing, and the left one had a cortical, and two nuclear cataracts done. Marching on… left, left, left, right left… Hehehe!  I’m still getting confused with so many eye medications to be done. How the Carer’s keep up with it I don’t know. I’ve written down the roster needed: AM on waking up: Blepharitis Gel, left eye only. Five minutes later, the 4-Times a day.
 First Carer call: drops, for times a day, to be inserted by the Carers. The gel is AM & PM only. Then , this is to be applied by me, four times a day. The Dry Eye pads are to be used three times a day, applied by me. Instruction was supplied on how to do this properly. The Blepharitis liquid is applied on a pad and can be used morning and evening ‘If required’ in case of any pains, signs of bruising or red-eye appear. Well, they have all appeared!
Basically, I haven’t much idea what I’m doing!.
No doubt about it, when I caught the eye early in the morning, it hurt, and the redness started to appear! Left eye only then. However in the afternoon, as I was doing the pad cleansing job, had a go at me, and I caught the eye again! Then it got such a nuisance, that I had to abandon the blogging for a long time until things eased off and more vision was available. Humph!
Then, muggings here got into word-finding files.
So, cannot see, cannot hear, cannot get any sleep, and am generally desperate to make time…
Not much time for blog-creating again.
Onward… Not much today, Sorry.


Nocturnal Urinationings

Balcony photo.
Kitchen photo.

Looks like the ankles might be swelling up again?

No progress on the house being done up?

Afternoon sky.

Evening… well, early morning nosh.
Tons of No-Butter Butter on milk roll slices.
Imitation franks. Red & yellow tomatoes,
Oven chips overcooked, as I like them!
Sea salt & distilled vinegar. A Jacobs orange biscuit
and pot of raspberry jelly!
Flavour Rating: 9.3/10!

Another ‘Not-Sure-What’s-Happening-Day’ over!

Inchie: Friday 18th August 2023 – Constant Cognitive Impairment Iris Incidents

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

My Frustration & Hatred Is Growing!

Excellent 3 for the urine night pouch colouring!

Feet after the little wander around in town yesterday.

Laundry bag return awaited.

I’m not sure why…
I took two photos of the waste bags?

A blurry early morning shot of the car park.

Then two other bad shots of the view ahead.

Got up around 03:30hrs, and the use of the did not arrive until gone 07:00hrs. dominated. Took some cleaning up!

Looks like a ghostly seat! I hung the towel over the shower chair and turned on the heater to dry it off. Cunning!
I remembered doing this an hour or two later, and I went to turn off the wet room emersion heater.

The Meridian Domestic lady did not arrive. Hope she was on holiday and not poorly. So I hoovered the hallway. Unfortunately, I my toe on the trolley walker wheel, right against the . This may have had other lesser men cringing and wingeing, but not me. I just laughed it off!

Made an early fine feast of sliced baked potatoes, soy imitation sausages, beetroot & tomatoes, red & yellows. Naturally, no sooner had sat down to watch the TV with the meal tray on my knees, and my taste buds tingling!
14:35hrs: The opticians rang. Can I bring some old spectacle frames in to use in the varifocal spectacles? The one the Carer took for me is too old to get a lens made to fit it?
Back to the meal…
14:48: The Doctor rang to say the Blepha decision will be emailed to me later. Humph!
Back to the meal…
15:00hrs: DVT Anticoagulation rang; the DV vein draining has been cancelled. They will make me another appointment.
Back to the meal…
The potatoes were barely lukewarm by then. How does this happen to me so often? Whatever time I get around to eating, someone will call, or the phone will burst into life.
Still, the nosh deserved an 8.4/10 rating!

Took this slightly better shot of the Chestnut Way car park in front of the flats when I washed the pots up.

I decided to watch some TV again. Huh! Turned it on again, and some sad adverts greeted me.
Kids have to live using underground water.
I noticed my new glasses on top of the cabinet and realised how lucky I am really, compared to some. Then…

The TV went off. A message something about; check your external and internal ariels? It came back on later again.

Oh, getting dark?
Five minutes later…
Another five minutes.

Did the eye treatment. used, then when it had dried, the Gel.

After 18:00hr Carer Benjamin called, and we found we were missing some tablets. I was in a pickle about it, cause it was Atorvastatin, and I had a weirdly strange feeling that Richard mentioned something on Monday to me about it coming later when he kindly fetched the prescriptions for me… but of course with , I’m just not sure. So, none tonight. Benjamin said he would have a look around down in the office for me in case they were in there. Thanked him, and he said he was doing the late call; if the tablets are in the Meridian office, he’d bring them up with him.

I got back on the computer, to find that...

Late Carer Carer arrived. He brought up the missing tablets and issued them with the Peptac; no painkillers were needed. Then attached the night pouch to He also responded to my request for him to hang up the laundry, which was only dressing gowns; bless him.

Turned off this computer, and I got settled in the £300 second-hand shop bought, c1966, moth-eaten, cringingly-beige-coloured, grotty, bedraggled, dilapidated, crumb-containing from my nocturnal nibblings, bug-ridden itch-inspiring, not working recliner in search of sleep. I put the TV on, cause that usually helps me to nod off, when the commercial adverts come on… but only when there is something on I wanted to watch. Hehe!

Evening, All!

Inchie: Friday 16th June 2023 Eye-drops sorted for me!

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

I woke up around 06:00hrs. And immediately went into a deep “Testing-Testing… what can get done today,’ mode! A discussion with Alto-Inchie ensued.
Something like this, I think, it was a short one…
 : What can I do about finding out about the eye drops?

: Wot, yer on abarght now?
Regarding the new drops, I felt sure the nurse said to take the old ones for two weeks, then take new ones… they got them delivered post-haste, but the instruction says nowt other than take them for two weeks… no, months! The Carer said they are to be taken at the same times as the old ones, on the same day… Clear as mud to me!
Well, I can’t find out which to do…
If I take them and shouldn’t be taking the Othma, they might have to be taken last before the next operation.
I’d better try the District Nurses’ place; they might know. I can’t get through to the EENT at the hospital.
Well, go on then! Wots stopping yer?
Well, it’s too early to get through, yet. I tried yesterday and could not hear a word the lady was saying; so I’ll have to beg the Carer to ring them for me.
Sod-all yer can do then, Inchie. Gawd, yer is pathetic!
I don’t deny it!
I’ll come back when yer not in Whimp-Mode! TTFN.

I escaped the clutches of the c1966 charity shop bought, second-hand, wincingly grotty, beige coloured, not mechanically working, crumb-covered from the nocturnal nibblings, itch-making, uncomfortable, virus breeding, easy-to-fall-out-of, recliner… to remove the night pouch, with difficulty and a degree of confusion and concern; from the contraption.
The flow had stopped flowing, and the day bag was a much deeper colour than the night bag. I was backing up, and not allowing me to pee involuntarily. As would be expected, but still a surprise to me.
Emptied the night ppouch then the day bag, and what a difference in colour!
Carer Chris later identified the two mixed together as a level four on the NHS chart. I think the tubing must have gotten trapped or twisted in the night. It looked okay this morning, and after a bit of jiggling and tube-squeezing, it flowed all right.

Took a snap of my ankles, but it turned out to be a terrible photographic effort. I swapped the night sunglasses for the 8-year-old day, cracked lens ones.

Off to the wet room, to urgently utilise the . Then get the full works done of the session tackled. With the aim of beating last week’s record-breaking 1hr-35 minutes time! I was determined to… I just don’t understand why? I should have known what was going to happen with me trying to rush things. .

❶ The first bloody session was the shaving! I think a new record had been cut – eight small knicks, distributed around the chin, cheek, neck and earholes.
❷ Cut gums and teeth bleeding tooth cleaning.
No idea how I managed it, cause I was using nothing sharp, the somehow the back was bleeding after I’d Phorpained it?
Both legs and ankles had specks of blood. But more amazing to me was the were all spouting water out?
❺ During the towelling on, I caught the tubing on , and this left Little Inchies .
However… carrying the water from the kitchen to the waited for 3 months for repair broken not filling itself WC Water Tank, went staggeringly well! But her pain-giving mode must have been set on delayed-action-mode, cause she was giving my agony later in the day.
To really depress me, the session took me 2hrs-10mins by the time I came out of the wet room. Sorry that I looked at the clock now!

Carer Chris arrived, too early for me to ask him to ring the District Nurse HQ to ask for advice on the ear-drop situation. He issued the Maxitrol drops and the morning medications, saying he’d try later on his next call, Bless him. He took the waste bags with him when I remembered to ask him for once, I wish I’d not remembered to ask now.

Another hard job, getting the slippers back on. Took another picture. In doing so, I spotted that the flexible tube that holds the connector to the night bag, was not there? I imagine it must have been in the waste bag now, that Chris had taken with him. So, it will be either a new day bag that will need fitting, or knicking a flexible tube from a new bag; and putting that on this bag.

I finally made a start on the completion of the Thursday blog.
But not for long. About ten minutes later, the Oligarchs Liberty-Global Virgin Media went down. Most aggravating! It came back on of its own accord in toughly eight minutes. Stayed on for twenty minutes, and off again!
I diverted to creating some things in CorelDraw. Half an hour, the smoke & mirrors money manipulator, Liberty-Global, came back online.

Carer Chris returned. Tablets, Phorpained the back for me, and Peptac was given. The lad then rang the District Nurse to ask about the eye-drop staking dates. He was told we have to ring the doctor, which he did for me.
Who told him that the Ophtha drops were only for pain relief when and as needed. Oh yes, thought I?

The lad left, and me asking him if he can try to call the EENT department at the QMC, who gave me the eardrops last visit. Chris said he would try, but maybe they would have closed by then. We can only try again!

Legerdemain, illusionist, and Hocus-Pocus experts who own Virgin Media, Liberty-Global, struck again with another failure of their pretend service going down yet again. This time I had to lose work again. Everything off, including the ensorcellment-ensuring Virgin Media box, and reset it. Eventually, it came back on.
Well done, Mr £26 million salaried Liberty-Globals Fries. Jealous? Me? No! .

Will I ever have another good, problem-free day? .

Well, well, as Victor Meldrew on the TV said: “I Don’t Believe it!
But, of course, I do believe it. The regularity of the illusionist’s failure at Liberty Global; their failure…and I believe intended failure to correct any problems, and cunningly now inviting me via email, to move to another supplier… I kid you not. Here is it:

Hence confirming my prediction of last week! Other suppliers?
They have shares in or own at least 12 other internet companies in Europe and the UK.
This is the ulterior motive proved!
If we give as lousy service as we can, treat the idiot customers like shit. Overcharge them, ensure there are multiple signal losses every single day, and confuse the hell out of them with our double-talk, financial-escamotage, illusionism and not give a toss… What comes next, Oligarchs?

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Carer Chris called again. And he called the EENT as I requested him to – Gobsmacking, he got through to a human voice within a minute! I could not hear, of course: but he said that after the call; (So much for the Doctor)


The two-month issue of the two eyedrops was to be taken together with a minimum time between as indicated.
The old Maxitrol is to continue with four applications a day for two months. As before, over the same period…
The new Ophtha will be three times a day for two months.
The Ophtha is not to be taken until 5 minutes after using the Maxitrol. Also, after application, the patient is to gently use his index finger, to gently massage the eye from the corner nearest the nose for a minimum of three minutes.
With both drops, you should wipe away any spillages from the eye that goes onto the skin.

Well, we did ask for the instructions! And we got them. Haha!

I’m getting fed up with this crap!
UTTER CRAP. but they know it!

The late Carer was DM. A lovely gal. Got a grasp of the new procedure eventually. It’s so complicated. No Ophtha on the last call. We spent a while working out the procedure needed. I explained about the day bag not getting much urine, and my stomach was even bigger than usual. Thus, I forgot to ask for the night bag to be attached. Then again, if no urine is getting through?

Got some food made because Liberty Global have done in my resistance to their dirty deeds! I’ll get some food and catch up here in the morning! (00:10hrs)

Faces, animals in the clouds.


The most looked forward to meal of the year.
Flavour-Rating: 6.5/10.
Not as good as I had hoped, but still!

Night Pouch Attaching: I faffed about and got the night bag onto ; the urine began to flow, but very slowly indeed. Then even though I was guzzling the soda water, it stopped suddenly. I was pleased in the morning that more had got through, but the tube and day bag was chocker-blockers with urine waiting for transit? Haha!

Sleep? Yes! I got two hours in!

Evening, all…
No, Morning, all!

Inchie: Thursday 15th June 2023: Eye Drop Dilemma!

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –– – – –
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
A few shocks today – none of them solvable. Need help badly.
£958 has gone from my bank account. Despite Kara, and Carolynne, trying to get me back onto the online account and arrange paper statements, things remain the same. Chris went with me bank meeting and did most of the talking for me, but still no progress.
Then the eye drop medications arrived, but I don’t know if they should both go in on the same day for 8 weeks or one of 4, then the other for 4 weeks? I tried to contact the Surgery, but it was multiple choice options, and I never got through to a human. This morning’s carer said she’d try to help, but it will take time. I am a little nervous about what to do about this. If anyone has the time, I’ll ask if they can call the EENT for me, so I can relax the tension I’m feeling about it,
Puddled seems a suitable word to use.
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

I got a good three hours sleep in. Waking without any jumps or jerks around 07:00hrs. Took off the night pouch, and needed the Porcelain Throne almost straight away. So, off to the wet room. Not so messy this morning; also, Back-Pain Brenda didn’t play up so much as I hauled the water to the waited 3-months-for NCH maintenance crew to get the water tank filling and the cold water tap to run again, for me.
I thought I take snaps of the ankle and feet. Although the first one on the right here was interfered with because they were in a bit of a mess again this morning. Shaking Shaun and Shuddering Shoulder Shirley were competing for the title of worst current ailment. Hehehe! Took another one. They didn’t look too bad in the photograph; it could be my eyes were playing me up. They are definitely worse than last week. Tried to get a close-up when I got back in the main room. They still looked calmer on the picture and screen than direct from my eyes. I also noticed how cold the bottom of the feet was… they’ll be a reason for this, mark my words.  No idea what!

Got the waste bags sorted, and a new one started in the kitchenette.
I got onto the computer to get the snaps uploaded and doctored if needed.
Then made a start on finishing the Wednesday blog off. As I began, chimed out, and Carer Richard came in. Had a bit of a mind-blank here. I remember greeting him, vaguely talking about the new eye drops, and saying cheerio to the lad, but in between was and is a mystery.
Getting a lot of these lately. Why, I ask? No answer, of course, nobody else here. Well, fancy that, and pickled walnuts for supper… WHAT A SURPRISE! ?
The right eye was beginning to itch a lot, as it did yesterday, but there were the odd few minutes when it stopped, but it always started again.
The wee-weeing from the catheter was not very strong, so I upped drinking the soda water to encourage it a bit.

I went for the daily mug of tea while waiting for the oligarchical $26 million a year salaried Mike Fries company of number-crunchers to try to get the signal back on their pathetically run company they spent billions of $’s buying, only to destroy its reputation… there has to be some ulterior motive in this, which I don’t know. But rest assured, it will be financially advantageous, if dubious.

Carer Kara arrived. She was in a hurry but gave me a minute to explain about the worry over the eye drops, bless her. Said she’d try to get something sorted, but it takes a long time; thank you, Kara. ♥

, I got a text message from the bank. There has been over £900 taken to pay for something. This worries me a lot. Was it the electricity bill?

Window cleaner Joe arrived next. Done in no time, gave him my last tenner.

And then, as I was hobbling to get another bottle of water…acci-whoop! As ! I crawled back into the other room to use the c1966. charity shop bought, second-hand, wincingly grotty, beige coloured, not working, crumb-covered from the nocturnal nibblings, itch-making, uncomfortable, virus breeding, easy-to-fall-out-of, recliner as leverage to get back up on my feet again…
, I had a good against the swivel chair’s legs. After a few mild curses were uttered… well, not mild really; I misjudged the distance the bottle of water was away from me, down it went. watering my beet and the carpet! Expletives ensued, many of them.
The feet had taken a battering with the stubbing and struggling back up. Now unintentionally doused with soda water. One hell of a job to get them cleaned and dried off. I checked on the water papules on both legs; all were dry this time, with not a leak in sight.
The intercom rang; it was the new medication drops arriving.
The NHS man handed them to me, and as I was closing the door – I have a sense, feeling, that I don’t need to tell you this, and you have guessed? Yes… another ! I took an extra painkiller later.
Now I am really confused!
Got the medications out of the bag, and was puzzled and flummoxed to see two more droppers of the one I’d been using. I thought They said I was getting two new types. This brought into question; Did Did I mishear when they said two weeks of one, then two weeks of the other? Should I be putting them both in one eye for just two weeks, or a month? I mentioned my problems to the evening Carer, with hopes of getting some advice or help with the problems, that are important to me, futilely.   I’m stone baffled.

The instructions, Kara saw that the dosages were now 4 times a day for the Maxitrol, and 3 times a day for a month for the Optha drops. (2×80 doses). I can’t see to read them, though; problem upon problem adding up all the time now. I fear my spirits are getting dampened. All of the difficulties not being tackled are adding up.
I have not got the resources, skills, or capabilities to solve anything nowadays. Depression is gathering momentum, and no one cares or can help. It’s enough to make one think of giving in. Not that anyone is interested any more… I’m getting less interested and frustrated too. And, there is always a problem, new problems every day. Not to mention I want to know why it is hot and humid today, but the soles, toes, and ends of my feet are so flipping cold! Hehehe! Got to try and see the funny side, or have you?

I made a graph to use for the drops, that is, if they are for the same eye and both need to be used. I’ll try to ring them again in the morning; if I can find the number. If I can hear what they say, and do not get it wrong or forget what they tell me. It would be unquestionably best if I could get someone to do it for me. I bet that Kara may have already rang them for me by tomorrow. Bless her cotton socks. Then I need help with bank issues, that have to be sorted. They have Kara as my legalised communicator, so no one else will be listened to. I mentioned this to Chris, who went with me to the bank the other Thursday, tonight, and he confirmed that is what the bank man had said.

Yes, them obliarchalistical money manipulators don’t help me find any peace, either, do they? They seem to me, to be a number-crunching, hoodwinking Artful-Dodger type, flimflam and hokum, legerdemain, prestidigitation, experts. Possibly world leaders in chicanery and doublespeak. Jealousy, of course!

Back in the morning… hopefully!

Took these shots while in the kitchen.
To the left, and to the right.

These mystery snaps, I’ve no idea about.
Can you help me?

The bottom of my feet are still really cold to the touch.
But the inflammation is going down on the ankles.

Turning off now, going to make a meal. I fancy some spuds, garden peas and the last of the mini-vegan sausages. So, that’s what I’ll have. But I didn’t.
I had a tin of Chunky Winter Vegetables, added the soy sausages, a dollop of beetroot Borscht, some garden peas, and some small potatoes. Oh, and a drop of liquid smoke. Got it prepped and cooked, served up, and as I was taking it into the other room…

Carer got the night pouch on, and, after a little Inchie moaning about the bank and eyedrops confusion, left me to the meal.

It was fantastic! Flavour Rating 802/10!

Sweet Morpheus was reluctant again.
I couldn’t get to… oh, what’s the word?
SLEEP, that’s it. Such a rarity nowadays!