Inchcock – Wed 21 Nov 2018: A truly frustrating, furious-making, Whoopsiedangleplop, Accifauxpa and depression fermenting horrible day! Oy-Yoy-Yoy!


My passata jar lies amongst the alcoholics bottles. Jealous? Me? Yes!


Wednesday 21st November 2018

Croatian: Srijeda, 21. Studenog 2018

00:00hrs, I’d been awake and active since 21:25hrs, when I woke up thinking it was about 03:00hrs. When I say active, that may be overstating things a tad. Fair enough, the over grab-handle ridden, obese, pudgy torso with the dangling legs was operating, slowly, but working. The brain was another thing altogether. This morning, it was teasing me something awful; Verisimilitude was needed to sort out the facts from fiction coming out of m brain box. It seemed to refuse me access to the memory for a short time too and was seemingly having power cuts when I started, later on, to update the Tuesday Diary.

WD0.60.0 By the time I had risen to my feet, Duodenal Donald and Reflux Roger both kicked-off at the same time. I made for the medicine drawer in the kitchen, to take the morning doses with an extra Omeprazole, codeine phosphate and a great-guzzle of the weak, insipid antacid medicine. Got the Health Checks done.


3Wed001At least the results for this session had gone way done. And the sphygmomanometer worked first time as well!

I made a brew taking care not to make it as tasty as I usually like it and added more milk than usual. So as not to make the pains from Reflux Roger and notably Duodenal Donald any worse than they are.

I didn’t enjoy it much.

I got on with updating and finishing off the Tuesday post. Sent it off.

The tea had gone cold of course, so I made another mug. Started on creating this post, and the call to the Porcelain Throne arrived. Off to the wet room.

WD0.60.0 A somewhat lengthy session this time. I read a few pages of the Clarkson Biography and counted just three dead and one live Evil Ironclad Boll-Weevil black biting beetles on the floor. After cleaning myself up, I was gobsmacked to see another two Weevils, both live running near the shower drain? Tsk!

Duodenal Donald was giving me more grief than ever now. I dunked some Scottish Shorties in the tea, hoping to line the stomach a bit. It got a little easier an hour or so later.

I went on WordPress reader. Then the Facebooking updating photo albums.

I decided that I must sort out the spare room, or at least make a start on it. After a couple of hours, I’d got different area boxes and bags sorted and stacked up, ready for more in-depth arranging. I even made a bit of space where I could actually see the carpeting!

Off to the Porcelain Throne, washed, made a brew, and back into the spare room – despite Back-Pain-Branda, Arthur Itis, Duodenal Donald, and Anne Gyna collectively complaining and giving me grief!

WD0.60.0 Oy-Yoy-Yoy! A stack of stuff had fallen, knocking down the other stack of things and landing on the pile of bags, splitting open both the boxes and the black-bags! How frustrating, furious-making and depression fermenting! The damned place looks worse than before I started! I was in no mood to do anymore, morose in the extreme!

WD0.60.0 Down to do the laundry – but, both dryers were in use, Humph! Returned to the flat feeling somewhat wee’d-off, doomed, jinxed, damned, cursed, ill-fated, ill-omened and the most luckless pensioner in the world. Which is silly of course, but at that time… So sorry for myself, and in pain, mentally and physically! I engaged downheartedness, despondency and dispiritedness Modes synchronously!

I took some pictures from the kitchen window while I was doing the Health Checks. Usually, something as simple as taking a good photograph can cheer me up, but not this time, my dolorous mood remained!


3Wed04aI lost all interest in anything. (Found out later I’d missed the medication doses as well. Humph!

I pondered on what to have for my nosh. The way I was feeling and mood I was in, there was not much interest in cooking or eating, but I thought I better had.

A simple to make meal; a tin of tomatoes with some ready cooked smoked streaky bacon was put in a saucepan on alow light (I thought at the time) Into the main room and got the TV on. I fell asleep. Woke 20-minutes or so later… I could smell burning!

WD0.60.0 Luckily, the fire alarm did not go off. I  tipped out any moveable beans and bits of burnt bacon I could, scraped out and scrapped the burnt food, and soaked the pan in the bowl with bleach, washing up liquid and soda. My Fed-up-with-life mode moved into Defcon Two! Hehe! I got another tin of beans in the other pan, and the last bits of the bacon added, and on the hob warming up once more. Of course, I dare not leave the kitchen again. So stood stirring as the meal slowly heated up.

3Wed05a - CopyGot the continental brown bread, the lemon dessert and a bottle of lemon and lime spring water, and back to the £300 second-hand recliner with the tray, to gobble it all up.

Had things been going better, I would have perhaps given this nosh a rating of 9/10. But the Whoopsiedangleplops and Accifauxpas had lowered my spirits and interest, enthusiasm for life to its lowest level in many a month. Self-pitying old schlemiel! I ate it all, though, including all the bread!

WD0.60.0 To worsen my misery, when I put the tray and things in the washing-up bowl, I found two live Evil Ironclad Boll-Weevil Black Biting Beetles on the draining board! Fed-up or what?

3Wed05The evening sky was worth a picture taking of it, I thought.

I got down in the £300 second-hand recliner and put the TV on again.

I slipped into Sweet-Morphious in seconds. I feared the problems may keep me awake with the brain musing and feeling confused. As is the grey-cells want, and way.

WD0.60.0 I woke with a start, confused as to why? Then I spotted the light flashing on the telephone landline. I really had a struggle on to get out of the £300 second-hand recliner as quick as I could manage; dropping the TV remote, pen and pad and tablet box from my overly-sized stomach, and knocking over the bottle of spring water, then stubbing my toe… But I got there before it stopped. I hazily answered the phone; it was Brother-in-Law Pete. Half-asleep and in a bit of a mental pickle, I’m blown if I can now remember all of what was said… no, hang on, street art in Sherwood… Nottingham Post must take a look at their site… that’s it, all I can recall. In fact, the next day, I found ‘Nott’m Post, look at’ on the notepad?

I got back down in the recliner, I think I pondered on the busy Thursday calendar, then back into the land of Nod! 

A day that I’d like to forget! Humph!

Inchcock Today – Wednesday 29th August 2018: Visitors today: Sister Jane and Pete. Hobbled to the Tropical Garden! Great Day!


Wednesday 29th August 2018

Czech: Středa 29 Srpna 2018

3Wed01 0110hrs: Woke with the PPs in a sanguineous state.

WDPAb I reached for the kitchen towel to use to stem and clean things and nearly grabbed a sheet with one of the Evil Boll Weevil Ironclad black biting beetles clinging to it, to clean me up with. Hehehe!

So, the Evil Boll Weevil Ironclad black biting beetles are moving into the last unencroached-upon room in the apartment. Now, nowhere is safe from immigrants from the holes made during the installation of the new unwanted window frames! ♫ Dang, dang dang dang! ♫!

Aug18kI got out of the £300 second-hand recliner, after a battle to get the mechanism working, and took the kitchen roll to the sink. Where I banged it on the drainer to shake off the Weevil, but it stayed firmly attached. I had to flick it off with my fingernail – it fell into the sink, I poured neat bleach over it – then it walked out of the bleach and scampered down the drain-hole!

Duodenal Donald kicked off as I collated the nibbles for Sister Jane and Brother in law Pete when they visit later today.

Did the Health Checks and took the medications.


Full house with the lower readings this morning, each and every one was below yesterday’s recorded figures. I think I must be fading? Haha!

WDPAb Humph! Anne Gyna was joining in with Duodenal Donald. I’m now in an irritable mood with myself. Tsk!

WDPAb I’m so glad I thought to put the mini-vacuum on charge last night. Flat as a pancake now. I imagine that by my putting the wrong charger in the socket, may have contributed to this scenario a tad. Klutz!

My EQ told me that things were not going to go well today. No specifics, just a guarantee of anything from Whoopsiedangleplops to disasters could be expected. (Anne Gyna and Duodenal Duncan playing up at the same time, is definitely a bad start). Now, the head is spinning, and Dizzy Dennis is starting to make himself known. Oh dear! Brewing Ailments, that’s all I need, already!

I made a start on finalising the Tuesday Inchcock and got it posted off. Then started this blog off.

An almost instant demand for the Porcelain Throne arrived.

WDPAb Out of chair, stubbed toe on the Ottoman then banged my arm on the door frame, and only just got there in time. But, the evacuation stopped half-way. Huh! Still, it gave me time to read a couple of pages of the book.

I’d hoped that this activity would have eased Duodenal Donald, but No! Made him worse if anything? Cleaned-up, and medicated the rear end. At least Dizzy Dennis has stopped interfering with me.

3Wed02The Evil Boll Weevil Ironclad black biting beetles had turned out while I was on the Throne.

WDPAb I got down on the floor with the camera to take a picture of the Bug Killer carton, and several of the damned things actually ran towards me!

WDPAb Getting myself back up again, started hippy Hilda off! I can’t win, can I?

3Wed03Washed and into the kitchen.

An Evil Boll Weevil Ironclad black biting beetle was on its back on top of a can of food.

I wasn’t sure if it was in distress or laughing away at me!

WDPAb I began to make a brew of the Earl Grey tea, and the tea-bag 3Wed04aripped open when I pulled the wrong end of the string attachment.

I thought I’d empty the contents onto a kitchen towel, to show us all, the ingredients they add to the tea, to give it its distinctive flavour. According to the box, it contains: Black tea, natural bergamot flavour – Cornflowers – Thé Nair and Bleuets, which I looked up, these are blueberries? Which are on my Cardiac Clinics list of forbidden foods! I don’t think just a diddy mug now and then will be detrimental.

I’ve been buying special treats for Sister Jane and Pete a while now. I gathered them together in readiness for their arrival.


Every item is a luxury. Hehe!

I must remember to add the freezer and fridge stuff just before they leave. (Glad to report that I remembered too! – Self-congratulatory Mode Adopted!)

I got up to here on creating this blog, and then went on Facebooking to add the photos to some albums.

Anne Gyna is easing off a bit. Duodenal Donald isn’t easing off. Shame!

4Thu10WDPAb Got the ablutions and medicationalisticals tended to. I kept stopping to annihilate the odd Evil Boll Weevil Ironclad black biting Beetle. Well, the odd ones that weren’t too quick for me. Haha!

I had a bash at anticepticalisationing and moping the nooks and crannies in the kitchen. I stirred a right load of the Evil Boll Weevil Ironclad black biting beetles, under a cabinet, that is nowhere near any food? Bagged a few, but couldn’t get to the camera in time. By the time I’d been down and back up a few times, Hernia Henrietta and Hippy Hilda convinced me to stop doing the cleaning.

Made a small mug of tea.

Thought I’d go down to the Nottingham City Homes, Winwood Flats, Unterscharführeress Wardens Temporary HQ, Willmott-Dixon workers breakfast and tea-break room, Sarcasm & Insult distribution area, Tenants Socialisation Shed, Telling Inchcock off Zone, Things like crockery and pottery to be stolen from, and residents Porta-Kabin, to wait for them. They will be coming on the bus.

They are millionaires, mostly through funds being left them by relatives they didn’t know they’d had, and Pete’s fiddles at work and shoplifting, but they still don’t like to waste Aug18Lmoney on using one of their cars, when they can use their Free Bus Passes. Hehehe! Couldn’t resist it, Jane and Pete, sorry, the truth had to come out [Only joking]!

WDPAb Dang and botherations! They fooled me again! The intercom rang out, and it was them at the door.
They had cunningly came in their Rolls-Royce instead of the bus. Just as well really, or they 3Wed05awould not have carried their nibbles and treats home on the bus.

The best thing about their early arrival by an hour was, it gave us time to have a hobble in the park later, to the Tropical House. Which I enjoyed so much!

I formed a plan of action to surprise them as they got out of the elevator, in the lobby. I 3Wed06nipped out and hid around a corner, and placed the camera towards to the lift lobby… Hehehe!

Jane and Pete were totally unimpressed.

Greetings were swapped, and a marathon nattering session commenced.

Good innit!

3Wed07I was handed a Birthday card, that really was a well thought-out plan on their behalf.

It had attached to the front, my favourite Twinings Assam tea bags! Nice one Jane, I fank you!

They had slipped a few thousand pounds in £50’s in the card, to treat me. I didn’t know that Monopoly was made in a British version. Hahahaha! Only joking, sorry Jane. (I’ll be in trouble now! Oh dear, I do get carried away!)

3Wed08By the time had chinwagged about this and that and reminisced a bit – I asked if they fancied going to the Woodthorpe Grange Park Tropical House. I was delighted when they granted me permission to go with them. Harf, Harf!

We set off out and went around the back of the flats onto the Park.

Where Pete took the first photograph of our 3Wed09little outing.

Me, in front of the Woodthorpe Court block.

I took a photograph of Jane and Pete as we entered the trees on route to the Tropical House.

Jane looks a little startled and doubtful, I’ll get a telling off for putting this one on the blog, I think? Oh dearie me! And Pete putting on his tough James Bond look. Haha!

You can see, he still suffers from Xyrophobia. Go on, look it up, Haha!

Photographs of the most enjoyable hobble I’ve had in years:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

3Wed15We got back to the apartment, with me feeling ebullient, if a little weary, as the fatigue was setting in again. But the ailments apart from Duodenal Donald were noticeable by their absence.

Jane cheered me up by handing me my Birthday present.

Can you guess what it was? Hehehe!

A cuppa and natter. Then we bade our farewells and off home, they trotted.

So glad they came and cheered me up. Cheers to Jane and Pete.

3Wed16Tired as I felt after they had departed, hunger developed.

So I made a simple easy to make little nosh. Which despite its minimal size, went down well.

A taste Rating of 8.8/10.

How I felt at the moment, it proved to be just enough as well.

Contented I got washed, did the Health Checks, took the belated medications.

Then had a wee-wee.

3Wed18Settled to watch some of the Hetty Wainthroppe DVD. Tired as I felt, I think the excitement of the visit remained, and this prevented me from dropping off to sleep as I usually would have.

The regular plan in this situation was adopted. I put the TV on, assured that I would nod-off when the first commercial break came on. 

It worked a treat!

TTFN each.

Inchcock Today – Weekend 11th/12th August 2018: Ups & Downs, yer know!


Saturday 11th August 2018

Scots Gaelic: Disathairne 11 Lùnastal 2018

04:55hrs: I must have been dreaming about the Ironclad black biting mini-beetles, for I had an idea about a funny story and graphic design to create about them to post to WordPress.

6Sat02Almost without thoughts of anything else, I was up and out of the £300 second-hand rickety a treat recliner, had a wee-wee, made a brew and did the morning Health Checks and took the medications.

My mind on the idea for the comments for the Ironclad black biting mini-beetles post bubbling away in my head. I used the graphic later as the header for this page.


Off to the Porcelain Throne. Another short, sudden but messy evacuation. Washed-up and got the computer on. Made the graphic for the Beetle post on CorelDraw.

Started this diary off to here, and then began to make the Ironclad WordPress post, this took me a long time. Got it finished and went to update the Friday Diary. Time is fast moving this morning, I didn’t get the post sent off, WordPress reader perused, and comment answered until 100:00hrs!

6Sat06I popped into the kitchen to get small potatoes in the crock-pot on a low setting with some onion salt in them.

Then I put the mushrooms in the saucepan of water, seasoned with some origami.

I don’t know if it goes well with mushrooms, but I’ll find out later. Hehe!


As I was putting the knife and spoons in the bowl to soak, Huh!

Another dang Ironclad black biting not so little this time beetle, was on the cloth that was in the sink soaking from earlier, in bleach and washing up liquid!?!? Was he having a bath?

When I got him on some kitchen towel, I squashed him, had a look, and he started to run away. Amazing! Their shells, whatever you call it, really are tough!

Spent a decent time on the TFZer Facebook page. Then started working on the second graphic (slow work!) for the next series.

A lovely lady on WordPress advised me on some beetle killer to trial. So I ordered some from Amazon straight away. Thank you very much, Tracey!

Back to CorelDraw to try and get another TFZer graphic made up. It was so late by the time I got this finished, but I posted it off.


6Sat27I got the meal served up.

Lamb Moussaka. I added some extra cheese and tomatoes, mushrooms and the mini-sized potatoes; done in the crock-pot, then into the oven sprayed with butter oil.

Mmm! Tasty! But I was concerned about my eating the Aubergine (Eggplant [Solanum melongena] as the Cardiac Recovery Team tell me that I should not eat it because of the high level of Vitamin K in it.

WDPBL02b I do love the flavour of the eggplants though, and felt there would not be much of the Aubergine in the tray. I was wrong, there was tons of it! I did have a feast though, not a scrap of food left on the plate by the time I’d had my fill. Talk about a treat! Double-Mmm! My EQ told me as was devouring it, I may have to pay for this silly decision. (Huh, was it right, see below on Sunday’s sufferings. Hehe!).

No sooner had I put down the tray, feeling warm and well-fed – Off to the Porcelain Throne. All good though, no bleeding but the contents of the evacuation were a little loose still. A couple of the Ironclad black biting mini-beetles kept me company.

Did the Health Checks and took the medications.

Got down in the recliner to settle and watch some TV. Which I did for about three hours, in five minutes awake – five minutes nodded off session. Humph!




Sunday 12th August 2018

Welsh: Sul 12 Awst 2018

WDP02C I laid awake for hours, tossing and turning. The brain was devilishly giving me no peace whatsoever. For what seemed an eternity, I moved not a physical muscle, but the mind was hyperactive, and this did me no good in the calmness department – but can I remember any detail of what teased and tormented my grey-cells? No! It jumped from one topic to another like one of Stalin’s Organs firing away. I seem to forget the issue I was currently musing and fretting over before the next one came into the frame to puzzle and burden me.

0425hrs: The brain activity soon changed to one of not wanting to know? Or, at least, not desiring to be bothered any longer. Most disturbing!

WDP02C When I moved to start the process of disentangling my blubbery body from the £300 second-hand recliner, the ailments kicked off like never before. Dizzy Dennis, Shaking Shaun and Duodenal Donald gave some bother. All were coming on at the same time, too.

I knew it was going to be bad today health and mental wise, I didn’t need the EQ to tell me, but it still did.

Once I was up and about, Duodenal Donald was in a right bad mood with me, Dizzy Dennis persisted, and Shaking Shaun offered me only intermittent periods.

Got the Health Checks done.


The hemadynamometer worked first time this morning. About the only thing on the positive side. Tsk! Duodenal Donald was really enjoying his painful-manoeuvres up and down, then deep inside the rib-cage. Humph!

WDP02C I put the kettle on, and a rumble from the innards convinced me to visit the Porcelain Throne. I didn’t read the book on this occasion, cause several of the Ironclad black biting mini-beetles were hovering around on the floor. So I was watching them, in case they should decide to mount up on my bare feet and have a nibble at me. Shame I left the camera in the kitchen, Huh!

A messy evacuation again, with some of the chewed aubergine from last nights nosh, evident. Possibly a reason for my feeling unwell, vague and dizzy? Duodenal Donald too, perhaps?

7Sun4I washed and returned to the kitchen to make a medium sized mug of Assam tea.

I used the last tea bag in the screw-top pot. 

So I nipped into the spare room to get a new box of the very good Twining’s Strong Assam Tea bags.

Cleaned then filled the screw-top storage pot with a new supply of tea bags.

IroncladBWDP02C Went to put the now empty teabag box in the recycling bag, and saw the two Ironclad black biting mini-beetles were in the box!

Got ’em!

The sad thing is they are now residing in the Hallway, Wet-room, and kitchen. Will they be moving into the only other room soon?

7Sun05Took the medications at last, then got the computer on.

WDP02C Liberty-Virgin Media Internet went down once more! Weekend again, Tsk! Grrr!

I’m getting wee’d-off with this situation every Saturday and or Sunday. Luckily it seems to be going down regularly, but up until now, only for a few minutes at a time duration.


I spotted this article below when I was looking up for details of the problem.


Not that this mornings lack of concentration took too much in, but ‘The first truly converged pan-European champion of competition’ is spin and or gobbledygook, surely?

I tackled the starting of this days diary on Inchcock Today. Got this far, and went for a break to ease the confusion and weariness I was feeling, and make a large mug of English Breakfast Tea.

Duodenal Donald still upset with me, and Dizzy Dennis was showing up occasionally. Shaking Shaun had eased off a lot, only the odd attack now and getting longer between them. But, Anne Gyna has joined the medical melee now. I knew this was coming. Huh!

I decided, after viewing the balcony and kitchen window ledge, I’d take some photographs, trying to use the panorama mode on the Lumix. One okay the other failed but did come out wider though. Here they are, the panoramic one of the outside kitchen ledge. A month ago it was shiny, new and bright white.


The balcony base, after being prepared for the new balcony-pod to be installed.


Not pretty sights are they.

An inspiration came to me. I’ll get the laundry room duties done straight away. Partly to get some exercise, but mainly to take my mind off of Duodenal Donald and Anne Gyna’s niggling hurts. Got the laundry bag (it was all prepared with everything in it), and put the camera in the jacket pocket. I almost forgot to put some trousers on, Hehe! Damn it, another dizzy spell as I was taking the black bag to the chute. But, by the time I got back to collect the laundry stuff, all was okay again. Worra day!

7Sun11In the lift, I noticed that someone had been out and about this morning.

My Sherlock Holmes leanings you know, seeing the raindrops on the elevator floor. I’m good yer know. Haha!

Later, when I put this photo on this blog, I spotted something a bit concerning in it. Can you see anything or is it just me? Maybe it is 7Sun13not what I thought it was.

The Nottingham City Homes electronic display I found minutes later was spot on with the rain showers.

After cleaning off the smears of something grey that had run down the front of the washer, I got the washing machine going, and nipped outside, with the specific intention of taking a photo of the flats kitchen windows to see how many had not had the cellophane removed yet. Half-way over the road, I chickened out and got myself back inside out of the rain.

7Sun10Back up to the apartment.

Cheering up a bit now, Anne Gyna easing off a lot.

The infamous Liberty-Virgin Media Internet box now all of its lights on. (I wish I had all of mine on! Hehehe!)

Updated this blog.

Ang01gThe half-an-hour (I’d put the wash on economy mode) soon passed and off I went down again.

I got down to the lobby and moved the washing to the dryer and set it going.

I went outside to photograph the windows, as the rain had lessened considerably. Although sufficient enough to dampen my attire. Hehe!

It looks like just eight kitchen windows not done yet.


A cat made a right noise, making me jump a bit, as he shot put from the bin area, with something in its mouth that looked like a white plastic bag with a tennis ball in it?

Once again up to the flat to continue updating this post.

No Shaking Shaun just now, fingers crossed!

7Sun17I did notice a sign from Jenny on the board near to the elevators. Looking after us all, again.

I set onto updating this post again.

The intercom rang – Hello I thought, Sunday and someone calling to see me? I could understand only one word the bloke said to me on the phone – ‘parcel’. So, I pressed him in on the buttons, and thought, blimey that must be the Beetle-Bait thingy that I ordered from Amazon yesterday, perhaps. That was quick!

The driver came up, with two parcels for me, decent chap. I knew I had only ordered a Hetty Wainthrope DVD and the beetle killer.


WDP02C They had sent the DVD, along with a Lemon Manner Wafers. Which I did not think I’d ordered. I remember looking at them, yes, but thought they were far too expensive. I suppose I’d made a cock-up again. Klutz!

7Sun18Did a bit more on this post, and it was time to go down yet once more in the elevator to the laundry room.

WDP02C Another odd-sock situation! Shmeggege!

Cleaned the filter and drum of the dryer.

Up to the flat and had a wee-wee, a short-sharp-painful one again. The Dizzy Dennis had a go at me as I went to put the clothes away and restock the bag with pods, freshener and paper towels.

Suddenly I’m feeling a bit not well again. Not poorly, just out of focus, concentration and will-power. Tsk! I knew it was going to be a distressed day.

Went on Facebook to catch up with the TFZ site, and…


I decided to make a fresh mug of tea and tried again.

Got on and put some photographs in the albums and put a couple of comments on the TFZ site…



Prepared the fodder to go in the oven, and tried again on Facebook. (Thank You Virgin on the ridiculous Multimedia Jokers!

Did the Health Checks and medication taking.

7Sun38Canned pork knuckle, savoury sliced potatoes, silverskin onions, tomatoes, pickled gherkins and brown-bottom-bottom-oven baked, muffins.

Not very nice tasting, the muffins. But the rest of the meal was decent.

A Flavour-Rating of 8/10 overall.

No sooner had I got down to settle than Duodenal Donald started his inexorable, unmollifiable, unswerving offerings of pain stabbing, that got to me more than it usually does.

Not been a good weekend at all.

Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts… Oh, Sod-it!


Inchcock Today Monday 30th July 2018: Decent Monday


Monday 30 July 2018

F -Albanian

0335hrs: I’d only had a couple of hours sleep, yet I woke with a start – and instantly decided to get the laundry duties done immediately.

No waiting for the brain to engage with the limbs, no fretting about anything and no ailments playing up either! An esoterica moment for me, this was.

1Mon001Out of the £300 second-hand recliner with ease, and off for a wee-wee.

The passing was a painful short one that produced a much different coloured waste product.

Dressed and seemingly in an auto-daze, I’d collated the requirements for the washing and was out and going down in the lift to the 1Mon01laundry room.

When I arrived at the machines, there was Roy from the 14th floor, doing his washing.

The lad could not sleep either, so he too decided his laundry should be done. This meant I could not get a washer to use. So, we had a laugh twixt us, and I gave up and returned to the flat.

Another wee-wee, then got the Health Checks done.


1Mon02The resulting figures looked alright to me.

Took the medications and then updated the weekly Excel record for last week and this morning.

I could hear the strong winds outside blowing. No raining, but the skyline looked a little bleak and dreary so we might get some later methinks.

1Mon01aHad yet another wee-wee. Mmm?

A little cooler temperature today, remaining in the Red zone, though. The humidity remains higher but within range.

I set about updating and finishing off the Sunday post. This took me about three hours or so. Then posted it off and began this diary page.

1Mon01bWent to make another brew of extra-strong English Breakfast tea.

Had one more wee-wee.

The winds seemed to be slackening off.

Looked at the WordPress comments and replied to it.

Then went on the WP reader page.

Ablutions tended too. No shaving cuts, stubbings of toes or other ailment harassments. This can’t last… can it? Hehe!

I washed the four emptied sauce bottles and put them in the bag to take down and drop off when I go out. Made up the black bag to go as well.

Had a final wee-wee, made sure I’d got my list of four things I need to buy put in my jacket pocket. Then set out. Went to the rubbish chute and put the black bag down.

WDPBL Went back into the flat to collect my hearing aids. Nebekh!

Out again and got down and out of the foyer, and placed the jars in recycling bin.

Still no rain as such, but the weather kept threatening it.

As I looked up at the front of Woodthorpe Courts, it looked a right mess where the desperate for fresh air and a view of outdoors elderly tenants, had torn off the protective cellophane window coverings.

I am not one of these tenants. Smug Mode-Adopted!


1Mon05Access to the old peoples wonderfully well looked after, bird poo covered, attractive and much loved sitting bench seat, was available today, I observed.

I had to go along the road and through between a van and car to get to it, mind.

But with the footpath currently still closed off and full of holes in the ground, open trenches and barriers, it was the only way to get to this Nottingham City Council street furniture on Chestnut Walk.

The woodworms, spiders, the rotting display of a pungent but colourful selection of putrid bird-poo and gnats decided me against even thinking of sitting on it. Haha!

I pressed on, meeting Doreen and we chatted as we made our way to the Nottingham City Homes, Winwood Heights, Unterscharführeress Wardens Temporary HQ, Willmott-Dixon workers breakfast and tea-break room, Sarcasm & Insult distribution area, Tenants Socialisation Shed, Telling Inchcock off Zone, Things like crockery and pottery to be stolen from, and somewhere to rest while waiting for the bus, shed.

There were a few tenants inside, including May, Pete and Roy. A nice nattering session was had. We joined the other residents out at the bus stop.

1Mon06The was soon full of festive fun-loving folks. Who all got off at Sherwood

This left me was the only passenger on the vehicle. But it soon filled up again en route to Arnold.

Where I alighted and went straight to the Asda (Walmart) shop.

I rushed around searching for my selected products. But finding the Hoisin Sauce and the BBQ Rice Crackers took me far too long. I feared I would miss the L9 bus back to the flats. Then the checkouts all had long queues, so I went to the self-serve area. Where I had difficulties in working out why it kept telling I had not placed a pack of the seasoned potatoes in the bagging area. Yey, the light above remained on a green? I really didn’t want to waste time by disturbing the three members of staff having a chat right next to me.

Somehow I got it all done and rushed as fast as I could out to the bus stop. There was the L9 at the shelter.

WDPBL I put myself through a real pain barrier (The poor old plates-of-meat were giving me agony!) to get there before it drove away. I got to about four feet away from the door, and the driver pulled off! The tachat!

I walked, well, limped to a High Street request stop and caught the first bus that would drop me off on Mansfield Road in Sherwood. I wasn’t long coming, and because the L9 takes a more circulative route, I got to Sherwood in time to catch the L9 that I had missed in Arnold. Can’t simple life be messy? Haha!

1Mon07Got on the L9, which had many other residents on board, and up to the flats.

I managed to take this photograph on the right as the bus turned off of Winchester Road into Chestnut Walk and the Winwood complex.

The weather had suddenly changed, the sunshine gone, hidden in the dark clouds 1Mon07bamassing.

Woodthorpe Court was beginning to look a bit more like it should, by the time all the jobs get done.

How many of us old uns will live long enough to see this miracle mature, is not sure yet, of course! Hehe!

1Mon07cWhen the traffic got thinner on the ground, we passengers and tenants were allowed to walk down the middle of the road, back to Woodthorpe Court.

As you can see, the other people again left me in their wake as they sped off away from me to get home.

1Mon07dMany of them were older than I am. But I could not keep up with the clan. Shame innit!

I gave up chasing after them and took these photographs.

A dodgy path to have to walk today. Building material, delivery lorries and vans, parked cars and loads of holes and trenches to be aware of and get through.

I imagine that just like me, the need for a wee-wee had been spurring them on, perhaps? Hahaha!

The had all gone up when I arrived at the foyer. Up in the lift back to the number 72, and had a wee-wee.

Got the fodder put away. I’d not bought much today. BBQ rice cakes, Scottish Shorties biscuits, Asda BBW cooking sauce, Hoisin sauce and seasoned potato slices for tomorrows dinner.

Did the Health Checks and the medicationing was done.

Started to update this post.

Got the peas podded and in the pan.

Went on the TFZer Facebook to add today’s photographs.

Then I had to get on with creating some more diary-top graphics on CorelDraw and PhotoPaint. All I did was select some graphic ideas to use later, tiredness looming again. Tsk!

1Mon23Nosh served up.

I’m afraid the pod peas had to be thrown away. They have changed to different colours, and I had green, grey and brown ones in the saucepan. No idea what went wrong, perhaps they were late season peas, or had I put something in the pan without realising? Urgh!

The beef pasties, cheesy potato mash and tomatoes were okay.

I was accompanied by Herbert above clattering and banging while I tried to watch some TV programme.

I managed to nod-off and slept through to 0330hrs.

Inchcock Today: Sunday 29th July 2018


Sunday 29th July 2018

Amharic: እሑድ 29 ሐምሌ 2018

0522hrs: I sprung into life… well stirred a little, and was feeling a lot better in myself than yesterday. Although residue from Dizzy Dennis and Shaking Shaun’s attacks yesterday lingered.

7Sun01The innards were rumbling. But no activity yet.

A morale-knocking view this morning.

It had been raining in the night. Not that there had sufficient quantity enough to clear any of the debris, bird-poo, and crap on the new balcony windows or the broken and cracked base, that is awaiting the balcony pod to be attached.

Plenty of wee-wees needed over the first hour.

I got the Health Checks tended to, and the medications were taken. I was pleased to see that I had not missed taking any tablets during my previous 12-hours of memory blanks.


7Sun4The weight had gone up, not surprisingly, with my lack of physical activity.

The monitoring thingamabob showed that the Humidity had dropped a lot. I must look up what this means – I’ll do it now!

Ah, I’ve found out the machine is called a hygrometer. It informed me:

What Should My Relative Humidity Be?: Every homeowner should own a hygrometer that measures temperature and relative humidity (RH). The ideal relative humidity for health and comfort is about 40–50%. In the winter months, it may have to be lower than 40% RH 7Sun03to avoid condensation on the windows. Many readers also report high internal humidity levels following the installation of cavity wall insulation, which appears to trap moisture in the cavity – despite the fact that industry claims that this can’t happen.

Also, the temperature in the kitchen was at its lowest level for months now, at 79°f – 25°c.

7Sun02As I hobbled around making a mug of tasty-strong tea, the Dizzies eased off a lot. But the plates-of-meat, expressly the right foot, was giving me some gip.

The club toe looked to be a little less misshaped this morning, though.

Despite the innards rumbling, there were no signs of the Porcelain Throne being needed yet.

I decided I would have a walk up to the Aldi store later this morning and get some tomatoes, oven-bottom-muffins and spring water. If they have any in stock.

I got the Saturday post finished and posted off. Not that it was a very long one, the memory blanks made sure of that. Huh!

Then made a start on this one. Got some Incock Today page headers made up.

Ablutions tended to. Jolly-good shave and shower, teggies were done, then the medicationalisationings completed.

Made up three black bags for the rubbish chute. Got dressed and took the sacks out with me and dropped the black ones down the chute, and got in the lift with the recycling bag. Well, I say I got into the elevator, I did eventually.

WCplasterA The number one elevator was out of service. And it’s been 7Sun07working ever since it last broke down on Wednesday, too. Sarcasm Mode Adopted here, Hehe!

The other working lift was on floor 4 when I pressed the call button: It went up to the 14th floor, then down to the ground lobby. Then up to the 14th floor, then down to my 12th level at last!

7Sun07aOut through metal-maze to the caretaker’s door and left the recycling bag with the others there.

The wind had got up a lot, and the much-needed rain was a falling.

I got the brolly out of my bag ready for use.

I was glad there were none of the Willmott-Dixon or their subcontractors working today.

7Sun08For there was no space to get onto the footpath without the usual using the roadway. And that was covered in puddles of muddy rainwater from the trenches and holes the lads were in the middle of preparing for the water and power cables to go in to supply the new tenant’s flats in the Extra-Care-Block they were working on. Still, it creates a bit of interest.

I felt a bit sorry for the lads coming back on Monday to work in those trenches, many of them had already started to fill up with the 7Sun09rain.

I was feeling a lot better in myself now. Dizzy Dennis, Duodenal Donald, and Shaking Steven were all giving me a breather now, as I set off of the Hobble-up-the-Hill to Mapperley Tops and the Lidl Store.

The beautiful smell emanating from the petrichor that comes with the fresh rain falling 7Sun10on dry bark and grass is one of the best aroma’s I’ve ever had the pleasure to smell. Bootiful! Except, perhaps cheesy baked potatoes? Hehe!

I walked deliberately slower than I usually do until I got beyond the trees at the end of Chestnut Walk so that I could enjoy the weathers scent.

By the time I got started on the hill, I had begun limping even slower, as Anne Gyna began to give me grief. But this is only to be expected on the 8/1 steep top Mapperley Rise stretch, up to the Plains Road.

As soon as I got on the level bit of pavement, Anne Gyna eased off for me. So kind of her!

Now, I was in good form and got along to the store with much more speed and singing away to myself. The Young Ones, In thoughts of you and humming the Shadows Stars Fell on Stockton and Wonderful Land are some I recall warbling. Haha!

I even resisted the impatient and nasty Nottinghamian Sunday shoppers antics from getting to me. One bloke literally shoved me out of the way while I was looking at the tomatoes on offer. At the checkout, the bloke behind me in the queue, trod on my right foot, because I was too slow in getting the bags packed and out of his way. Mind you, he did mutter a “Sorry youth!” to me.

I came out £12.70 less well off and with, Smoked streaky bacon, Spring Water, orange juice, fresh pod peas, spreadable butter and some more Glowwhite ultra. To use n the laundry when washing the white towels. Two Fruit fools and a lemon yoghourt, muffins, tomatoes, apples and small potatoes.

7Sun12I was still in good spirits as I left the store.

WCplasterA Even when I was being greeted by some more torrential rain to walk home in, this didn’t destroy my improved state of mind, and I poddled along the top and right down onto Mapperley Rise.

The scene was sufficiently impressive for me to stop under some bushes and take this photo.

WCplasterA I’m glad I did now because the umbrella blew way as I was taking the picture. If I had been walking, it might have blown away in the strong winds and never be seen again. Hehehe! As it was, it hit the fence nearby and bounced back hitting me on the shoulder and made it easy for me to retrieve it.

7Sun13AS I turned down Chestnut Walk, I stopped again to take a photograph of all of the three blocks. But the trees hid the new build extra-care building in between the two taller Courts.

The walk back to Woodthorpe Court was relatively less risky today, with there being no building plant or lorries working today.

7Sun14I limped along with the feet, especially the trodden on the right one, hurting something horrible!

I walked by the Footpath Closed sign on the footpath and considered making another one, to add to it. Something like: “Please do not damage vehicles, tractors, escaping tenants in their cars or Willmott-Dixon lorries when then they knock you over while you are forced to walk in the roadway or fall down the open trenches. Haha!

Got in without seeing any residents or tenants whatsoever, just like when I left earlier.

7Sun15Straight for a wee-wee and did the Health Checks.

Then got the fodder purchased put away and started the meal preparation.

Got some bargains again today.

I got the belly pork slices and cut them into smaller pieces.

Then put some peri-peri BBQ sauce on them individually.

I had some Hickory Smoked Maple cooking sauce to use after. It takes ten-minutes it says for the sauce to cook. So, I’ll have to guess when the pork has ten-minute left to roast, and add it then.

I got on with updating this blog. Then went on TFZer Facebooking to add today’s piccies.

7Sun38Nosh prepared and served up – by gum it took me some time, sorting and cleaning up afterwards.

Apart from the much under-cooked beetroot, the rest of the meal was just so tasty! A Flavour Rating of 9.2/10 was given.

So, I can recommend using the Peri-peri BBQ and Hickory sauce together on belly pork done in the oven.

The usual fatigue and Sod-it Mode arrived.

To the accompaniment of Herbert John above’s clatter, tap banging, I had a wee-wee, got the pots washed and got the headphones on to start to watch some, what I thought would be interesting programmes on the telly. 

I watched two episodes of an Australian series called Bondi Beach Vet. I got all emotional.  13th December 2015: An eleven-month-old family puppy had been stabbed in his eyes by burglars. The unfortunate thing was not in a good state at all but remained calm and whimpering throughout the treatment.

Juice, an 11-month-old Staffordshire bull terrier, suffered awful injuries in the savage attack at a house in Bella Vista, Sydney, Australia. The vet discovered that the scum burglars who did this atrosity had pushed the screwdriver right through the eyeball of ‘Juice’. This friendly dog had to have his eyeball removed and eyelid stiched closed. Tears flowed (From me). His human family were obviously shattered.

After the operation which they filmed, they put Juice in a cage overnight. I didn’t think I could feel so much anger, pity and shame all at the same time.

They showed Juice in the morning being visited by his family, now they had to wait to find out if any brain damage had been caused by the B”*^$£*’s who did this, when they shoved the weapon in so hard, it went through into the animals brain outer casing.

The tears turned to ones of joy later, when they showed Juice playing with his owners’ at home, after recovering and getting back to his old self and coping so well, with his one eye. Soft bugger, me!


Later they showed a three-month-old kitten coming into the surgery. The none-responsive little kitty had got herself entangled in a dining room chair for hours, damaging herself in a panic trying to free herself. The vet thought brain damage might have caused the little mite who failed to respond to anything. I had to turn to another channel.

I did pop back to the channel later though and found the kitten was back at home recovering, and the said beginning to act more like the mischievous pet she was before.

TTFN each.

Inchcock Today – Saturday 28th July 2018: Dizzy Dennis, Shaking Shaun and Missing Memory Periods. Oh, dearie me! Poor Old Thing


Saturday 28th July 2018

Armenian: Շաբաթ 28 Հուլիս 2018 թ

0530hrs: What an expergefaction this morning! Confusing and it went on for ages:

  • I woke and lay there trying my best to recall the dreams I’d had. I think they involved my past employment, but nothing concrete remembered.
  • When I came to extract myself from the £300 second-hand recliner, the oh-so guilty signs of Nocturnal nibbling and drinking were evident.
  • The need for the Porcelain Throne arrived swiftly and what a mess that was! Gooey! Needed an awful lot of cleaning up and medicationalisationing after the evacuation.

6Sat05I washed and cleaned up and returned to the recliner room.

I took this photograph through the filthy unopenable bird-poo covered new window.

Looking down, it seemed we had had some rain last night, but not a lot.

The sky did look a tad threatening of more to come.

WDPBL02a: Flipping heck, had I been nocturnal nibbling and drinking or what! On the other chair was the tray from last nights meal, containing the empty plate and cutlery, and added after eating, a pork pie wrapper with half of it consumed, empty 6Sat06cheese curl wrappers, and get this, folks, no less than four empty spring water bottles and an orange juice can!

I cleared them all up, washed the things and got the recyclable can and bottles into a white bag.

It then dawned on me how cold it felt this Saturday morning.

6Sat03I looked at the monitoring thingamajig, and it indicated that the temperature was the same as yesterday morning. But blimey, it feels nippy!

I nipped for a wee-wee (For the sake of saving space, let’s assume that I did this every half hour or so, please), then took the medications, once again adding a Dia-Limit Capsule to the morning doses.

6Sat08I tried to take a shot of the rain now falling.

There was a strong wind out there blowing against the air-stifling, view-blocking, filthy plastic covers on the outside of the already dirty windows in the kitchen.

Then, I went into the balcony bird-poo covered window. To try and take a picture of the bottom field to show that the grass on it was already starting to go green again in spots. Nature really is marvellous!

I noticed when I put the picture on here that I had caught the reflection of my hairy legs and rotund torso in the photo. Hehehe! Good job I had just replaced my PP’s with clean ones. Haha! Almost ghostly do you think? If I’d tried to get this image, I wouldn’t have known where to start.

I updated the Friday diary and got it finished and sent off. Then I got the Health Checks done.


6Sat09The rain stopped.

On the bashed about balcony base, it had soon started to dry out.

I wondered how much the screws, bolts, and hinges left on the base might be worth. Hehe!

It was not feeling any warmer yet though, the wind kept falling and getting up again, the sun came out around 0845hrs. The distant clouds did look a bit grey.

6Sat10I made a large mug of tea using one Twinings best Strong Breakfast Tea bag, and an Asda (Walmart) weak flavoured cheapo one, with just a splash of milk. It tasted grand!

I got on the computer again to start this diary off.

I suppose I should nip to Sherwood this morning to get some of the liquid soap flakes I forgot to get yesterday.

Went on the WordPress Reader Section. Did some comment reading, well the one I received anyway.

Must get the ablutions and medicalisationing done now. Then get out to fetch the Liquid soap-flakes.

Back in a bit.

Health Checks were done.

6Sat11Got an early nosh prepared and eaten. I enjoyed this meal and gave it a Flavour Rating of 9.55/10, the highest for a long while.

I thought I’d go to the wet room to do the ablutions.

WDPBL02a I didn’t get as far as the wet room. En route, I was suddenly overcome with lethargy, lassitude, and languor. Not poorly as such.

Then Dizzy Dennie and Shaking Shaun started to kick-off, and that little combination did for any life in me, for the rest of the day. The blank-spots were more numerous that things I can remember from here on.

I think Sister Jane or someone rang.

I found in the morning that I had taken the last medications and done another Health Check – by seeing the scribbled updated Health Check Rota on the notepad and the Saturday pots of tablets were empty.

Not a very enjoyable or active rest of the day for the Nottingham Lad.

Again, no sleep came. I seemed to recover somewhat after midnight, but along with this, the grey-cells became overactive. Everything that came into line for consideration caused anxious, dithery, jittery, nervous and perturbed mind activities. Oddly enough, no wee-wee’s were taken. (Until after I’d got in a few hours kip and woke up!) Hehe!

This contradictory, unfathomable day, seemed to go like a week!

Inchcock Today – Friday 27th July 2018: Early morning Whoopsiedangleplops, decent day, then evening agony. Tsk!


Friday 27th July 2018

Azerbaijani: Cümə 27 Iyul 2018

0430hrs: Woke up and waited for the brain to join my activated torso and limbs. It took a while longer to engage this morning, but some clarity showed its face when things gelled. Well, I say transparency, perhaps a more appertain phrase would have been an opaque translucency, which confused the grey cells at first.

I got up out of the £300 second-hand recliner and made my way for a wee-wee, which turned out to be almost a life-saver.

WH02: As I was getting to the wet room door, things started to evacuate of their own accord from the rear end – Again, how I got on the Porcelain Throne in time, I don’t know, but I managed it.

WH02: Unfortunately stubbing my toe and banging the left kneecap on the porcelain bowl in my panic, and then cut the back of the same knee on the sharp corner that the plastic corner-protector I’d knocked off on my hurridly getting myself down on the seat, had been located. Nebekh!

Cleaned up and went off to put a Dia-Limit capsule to take with the morning medications. Only two left now, I must get out and purchase some later on.

Got the Health Checks done.


5Fri001All the reading had gone up a tad.

Perhaps the kerfuffle with the Porcelain Throne evacuation and knocks and bangs just encountered were the reasons for these increases. Possibly a good sign?

WH02: Oh, heck! I went to take the medications and discovered I had missed taking yesterdays morning doses. They were still in the Thursday section of the weekly dosage tray. Schlemiel! At least with offered up a possible reason for the (At the time, confusing) dizzies and shakes I suffered last night? Tsk!

5Fri002I’d let the tea get cold, so made another brew.

Then, I got the pod peas podded into the crock-pot basin, covered with water and added some demerara sugar to them.

Back for another wee-wee. (Beginning to wear at me all this urinalisationing you know. Haha!)

The forecast I looked up on the web, is for some thunder and lightning. Found this site giving advice on What to Expect, for the proletariat scum, shoplifters, muggers, druggies and the more senile, older ones of us.


Well, such expert advice is much appreciated. Humph!

Better get with this blogging updating before the Virgin Internet goes down and the lights start flashing, like last time we had a storm here. (Long time ago now!)

Must get to the opticians with the frames, buy some liquid-soap flakes and Dia-limit capsules too. Before the storm forecasted starting time. I suppose living up here in the sky closer to the lightning might mean more chance of being hit, or should that be less?

Bet the lads won’t be up on the hoists working outside today. Well, it the storm is as bad as predicted, I hope they will not be working high-up.

WH02 0510hrs: Turned on the computer, to find that Liberty-Virgin internet was down again! Fancy That, what chance of it working when the storm arrives… come to think of it, if it is as bad as they think it will be, I’ll turn off and unplug everything methinks?

After the failed rigmarole, folderol and ado of getting the Virgin Internet service (Hahaha! ‘Service’ I said – Hehehe…) back on, I think it just returned of its own accord, I got on with updating this post.

Then to finish off the Thursday blog.

Made this TFZer graphic for the folks on site. Please let ’em like it!


I can hear and see that the workers are out on their platforms. 

Getting late now, I’ll go and get the ablutions tended to, then go out to get… I’ve forgotten what I was going out for now… A good job I wrote it down earlier to look at, innit. Tsk! Liquid soap flakes and Dia-limit capsules. I’ll write that down on my notepad and put it in my pocket now, while I remember to.


Back in a while.

WH02 Bertie, the Ironclad Mini-biting Beetle, kept me company while I did the ablutions, bless him. By Gawd, he’s quick!

Sorted and took the rubbish bags to the waste chute as I left for the bus down to Sherwood to get to the dentists and get Dia-Limit capsules, Spring Water and get the spectacles repaired.

No signs of any rain or storms as I got out of the lobby on to Chestnut Walk.

I espied the caretaker, leaning on a barrier. I bade him good morning (when will I learn not to bother). His being in his standard position on his mobile phone was the most likely 5Fri006breason I got no response.

The lads were making the best of the sunshine while imbibing their cans of extra-strong lager and roll-up cigarettes were there again on the bench. Jealous? Me? Well, maybe a little bit. Hehe!


I took a photograph of the upgrading work taking place on the new Extra-Care unit being built, to block out the view and light from the old flats either side of the new unit being erected.

Sunny and warm again, I made my way towards the Nottingham City Homes, Winwood Heights,  Obersturmbannführeress Wardens Temporary HQ, Willmott-Dixon workers breakfast, and tea-break room, Sarcasm & Insult distribution area. Tenants Socialisation Shed, Telling Inchcock off Zone, Things like porcelain and pottery get to be stolen from, and somewhere to rest while waiting for the bus, hut.

I had a chinwag with some of my fellow and fellowess tenant while waiting for the bus. I enjoyed them.


On the ride down into Sherwood, we had a few laughs between us.

Still no signs of any coming thunderstorm yet.

I went to the Wilko store, where I forgot to get some liquid-soapflakes! Humph, Nebekh! But I did get the Dia-Limit capsules, extra strong Bacofoil, and some spring water. Paid the lady and departed £15 lighter.

I popped up the hill to the Opticians and asked the lady if I could leave my broken spectacles with her for repair. The gal said she would take a look at them straight away. Bless her cotton socks.

She returned ten minutes later, with the spectacles all mended and cleaned up again. She checked on the new glasses ordered and being waited for, telling me they should have been here by now, and she’ll check with them later. I thanked her.

I strolled further up the hill, and the moment I arrived near the bus stop, a number 40 pulled up. What good fortune. Now I don’t have to walk all the way back up the hill, and I got on to ride the few stops to the top of Winchester Street.

Caroline, the lady from the Private Care Home on Chestnut Walk, we got off at the same time. We had an amble up together chinwagging away merrily. Bade her farewell as she went to her own home, and made my way along to the flats. My having to use the road to hobble on, of course, the pavement was still blocked off.

5Fri009Got inside and to the lift.

The electronic sign on the wall was still not indicating any weather information.

When the lift arrived, and the doors opened, the squealing noises caught me out and made me jump a bit.

Got up to the flat and had a wee-wee, also took a Dia-Limit capsule.

5Fri011Put the bits away that I’d bought. Some bargains amongst that lot I thought.

And, as well as and besides, I got the glasses mended for free!

Did the Health Checks and a bottle of spring water from the fridge, to drink while on the computer updating this blog.

5Fri0191445hrs: Got the nosh prepared.

Part boiled the potato cubes, added some bacon bits and garlic, olive oil, rosemary and black pepper. Put some potato waffle letters in the tray with the potatoes, placing TFZ on top. Hehe! Added some Peri-Peri BBQ marinade sauce. And got it in the oven. The peas are simmering now.

Made a Morrison order for next Thursday.

Took a picture when I looked out at the weather, no sign of any storm or rain yet? I could not help but to go on CorelDraw and make a ghostly Dalek and added it.

Hahaha! Any suggested titles for it, please?


5Fri35Got the meal served up on the tin-plate. The TFZ in the potato letters might tickle the funny bone of members of the Troll Free Zone, I hope.

It took a lot of hassle to get this one done, and amazingly it came out alright.

A Flavour-Score of 9.55 was given it after I gobbled it all up. Must have been good, for this is the first meal I’ve fully eaten for about a week now. The Peri-Peri BBQ marinade was costly and only a small amount in the bottle, but I might try this again later if the ticker keeps going. Hehe!

6Sat02Put the used tray on the other armchair, and got up to do the pots, but I took a picture through the air blocking and view limiting bird-poo covered new unwanted balcony inner window.

Not that I don’t appreciate the cost, thought and work that is going into upgrading the flats and building the new extra-care block that removes the views and light from so many apartment windows.

Took the medications and did the Health Checks.

No storm or rain has arrived, perhaps it will come later in the night or morning.

WH02 The nerves and fretting started suddenly out of the blue, for no reason that I could see or find.

This meant sleep was out of the question, as the mind went off worrying and failing to create any of the wanted answers to so many of my problems, it even started Duodenal Donald off.

I had a few swigs of the weak ineffective and impotent antacid medicine. I need not have bothered. I took an extra painkiller. All, to no effect pain-wise.

WH02 As for the grey-cells, they were in turmoil. I have no idea what rubbish I had on the TV, but for some reason, I kept it on until well gone midnight. I kept fetching bottles of spring water and cans of pop from the fridge.

Not one of my best nights. Tsk!

Inchcock Today – Wednesday 25th July 2018: Hospital Blood Test, and Two Visitors!


Wednesday 25th July 2018

Belarusian: Серада 25 ліпеня 2018

0330hrs: I woke with a self-gallimatia filled brain, waffling, challenging, fearful of, confused, scared and apprehensive about everything that wandered within range of my paranoia. Ashamed at my own failings. Did I say that?

But, this did not last for long. As the grey-cells formed into an excuse for a semi-logicality-mode, I remembered (Well, I saw the sign I’d left to remind myself about it hanging over the TV screen) that I have to go to the City Hospital for by INR DVT Warfarin blood test today – as the doctors had again failed to make me an appointment with their Nurse. So I can expect another ‘telling-off’ for going to the hospital for the tests – Tsk!

I forced my body mass out of the £300 second-hand recliner with a surprising amount of ease and minimal hassle from any of the ailments. The multiple bruises on the left leg made it a bit delicate and stiff, but as of now, this is the only trouble. Fantastic start to the day.

Got to the kitchen without any toe stubbing or knocking anything over. No Shaking Shaun or Dizzy Dennis hassle, aught, other than the bruises on the left thigh.


The results were about the same as they have been for five checks on the trot now. Sys a smidge low, but nowt to fret over methinks.

3Wed03I took the morning medications.

The machine supplied by Nottingham City Homes that shows the humidity and temperature of the flat were showing perfect for the first one, and too hot for the heat. Nothing new there then. Hehe! No point in mentioning it again, all we get told is “It’s the same for everyone!”

I got on with updating the Tuesday Post.

I got sidetracked when I discovered I needed to suddenly and urgently use the Porcelain Throne. I needed all of my new found legerity to get to the wet room in time, and it was only just in time, that I got in position on the throne. Just avoiding another accifauxpa, by the narrowest of margins. Phew! Messy again, lots of cleaning up needed for the porcelain and me. Tsk!

Back to the computer and finalised and posted the Tuesday diary.

I got up to make a mug of tea, and the bruised areas on the left thigh were stinging. I considered whether I should go later and catch the bus to the hospital to avoid the pain of walking all that way. But I decided against it, hobbling there would let me get some exercise in and this should help to keep the weight from increasing any more, I thought.

Popped onto Facebook.

Ironclad biting beetles found in the kitchen and wet room!

3Wed04aI got the ablutions tended to, black bags, empty sauce bottle washed and recycling bag all collated.

Took the bags to the waste chute and got in the lift and down to the ground floor.

Took a snap of the electronic notice board, and went through the foyer outside.

3Wed05Left the recycling bag at the door and put the bottle in the green bin.

A lovely breeze was blowing, a warm, muggy type of one, but it helped all the same with the heat.

Carried on up the gravel footpath and into the Woodthorpe Grange Park.

3Wed06Spotted some Nottingham Street Artwork that had been created in and on the littler bin near the cut-through passage.

The whiff from it indicated the possibility of uneaten Indian take away, was to be found underneath the rest of the crap in the box.

For a moment the dogs and owners, most pedestrians, the cyclists and playing ankle-snappers, all seemed to disappear as 3Wed07I plodded on down to Mansfield Road.

I stopped under the clumb of trees I usually have a rest at and searched, camera in hand, looking for any birds or wildlife I might see, to take a photographicalisation.

But the branches were free of life, s far as I could tell.

3Wed08Then as I went to move on, I noticed the lady with her rescue greyhound, making her way towards me.

That was so kind of her. She allowed me to fuss the adorable dog for a bit, well, a lot. Hehe!

There is something about this animal that forces me to love the little thing. The woman even got him to pose for his photo.

3Wed09Bless both their cotton socks!

I was cheered further now, after that bit of fuss giving. I pressed on with a renewed vigour, despite the plates-of-meat stinging something awful. Down Magnus Road and as I passed near the traffic island, I noticed the Nottingham Prison towards the end of the road (White building).

3Wed10This brought thoughts of the murder and three stabbings in those walls last week.

Down Edwards Lane and left onto the ring-road.

The lawn tennis courts looked rather sad. (Later a chap told in the blood taking queue, that we are at risk of floods with the coming storms on Friday? Oh, dear, I must look this up 3Wed11when I get home.

I came across a lump of broken off tree-branch on the footpath.

It had a giant beetle on it that shone almost luminescently.

Another alien? Hehe!

3Wed11aWhoosie3W001a I got a hell of a shock as I started to move on after taking the photo I can tell you.

I almost jumped off the ground!

This Nottingham Pavement Cyclist shot by me at the fair rate of knots, and so close to hitting me!

Still, she probably didn’t even know she’d done 3Wed12it.

Whoosie3W001a I leant over the bridge above the rubbish filled, almost to the Nottingham Street Artist standard, river Leen.

As far as I could tell, there was nothing new in the water, no, there was a McDonald’s box that I had not noticed last week. But the display seemed to have been rearranged?

A few yards further on, there were several dead bumble-bees. Last week after seeing some of these unfortunate things dead on the street, I meant to check what time of year they die 3Wed12aoff; if indeed, they do. I’ll try to remember when I get home to check this time.

I found this later: Bumblebee nests grow throughout the season and produce new males and queens in autumn. Throughout the life of the nest, a large number of smaller worker bees help the nest to grow by collecting nectar and pollen – these are the bees that you see out and about in summer. These workers only live for a few weeks, and then sadly die. It’s therefore entirely reasonable to see a small number of dead bees in the garden. So long as you still see live bees in the area, then it’s unlikely to be something new that we should be worrying about.

3Wed12aaI got in the hospital and took a ticket and sat down, got the crossword book out and awaited my turn.

I was pleased to assist a chap who was struggling with the ticket machine.

I got one crossword finished with having to check on one answer. Then another without having to peep at all! Smug Mode adopted!

A long wait today, can’t be helped. When my number came on the board, I trotted into the room, gave the lady my paperwork, confirmed name and address, and she set about taking the blood.

Whoosie3W001a As she was doing this, the fire alarm activated. But the blood would not stop bleeding after the test was done! Various people came into the room to remonstrate about why we had left the building. Tsk! The nurse but on to big balls of cotton wool plaster to the arm and told me not to carry the bag with the right arm, and keep an eye on things, and ring three-nines if it starts bleeding and I can’t stop it. I gave her the bag of nibbles and departed.

3Wed12aaWhoosie3W001a Seconds after taking this picture as I left the building, the few people in view turned into a mob of dozens as they all started to flood back into the building.

I assumed the fire brigade had attended and given the all clear.

I had to stand to one side while the crowd of patients, porters and doctors returned inside.

3Wed12bEmpty outside now, apart from a security officer in the car park.

Cars were still driving in, as a fire tender arrived.

By the time I had moved out of the way onto the narrow footpath, two more fire-tenders and a ladder had arrived!

Fortunately, as soon as I arrived at the bus stop, a number 40 came, excellent timing.

3Wed14Only a short journey back to the flats.

When we arrived in Sherwood, everything seemed jammed up traffic wise.

Isn’t it annoying when this happens, and you don’t know why? Hehe!

It took us as long as it did to get there from the hospital, to move down the hill to the traffic lights.

3Wed15Walked up to the apartments from the bus stop, the feet now worse than ever, but I am not complaining at all; No dizzies, shakes, Anne Gyna, Arthur Itis, Duodenal Donald or Reflux Roger bother at all.

I think the workers were on their dinner break, for they were few and far between.

Just thinking how lucky I have been today. Now 3Wed16there’s something that doesn’t often happen!

I know, give it time. Haha!

It reminded one a little of a battlefield as I made my way along Chestnut Walk back to Woodthorpe Court, with ideas of making a brew.

I gave the caretaker a smile and hello. He was in his usual 3Wed17fashion leaning on something and using his mobile phone. Just as well I didn’t expect to get any reaction to my greetings, cause I didn’t get any.

Having successfully manoeuvered my way to the foyer and up the lift, without seeing a soul, I made the mug of tea and checked on the arm. Taking off the sticky-plaster and cotton wool balls, I found not a trace of any blood?

I stripped down to the Protection Pants.

Got the Health Checks done and medications taken.

Started on sorting today’s photographs taken and the updating of this post.

Whoosie3W001a The door chimes rang out, and Warden Deana walked in. I’m glad I didn’t strip down all the way now! Hehehe! She did laugh, bless her! Then did the alarm tests, the fire alarm in the flat and the wrist Health Alarm checks. Both Okay.

Back to updating this blog up to here. Then updated the TFZer page on Facebook.

On to the WordPress Reader section next.

Got the dinner prepped and did the last Health Checks.

3Wed29aGot the meal served up.

Hash Brown Fries, tomatoes, gherkins and the last of the Cumberland mini-sausages.

Settled to watch TV while eating it.

I fell asleep (Blissfull) with the headphones on. Woke up and went to the wet room.

Whoosie3W001a In walked Frank. With the headphones on, I had heard the door chimes. Hehe! So, a second person gets the shock of seeing me in just the PP’s. The chap had bought me some Pork Farm Pork Pies from Jenny. That was so kind of them. I thanked Frank, and he departed, perhaps a little shocked at seeing my stomach dominated mass with scarred dangly legs. Must have been a shock to the lad. Sorry, Frank. Hahaha!

I think the half-hour kip earlier must have been what stopped me getting to sleep again afterwards. Well gone midnight before I managed to get off into the land of Nod!


Inchcock Today – Tuesday 24th July 2018


Tuesday 24th July 2018

Zulu: NgoLwesibili 24 Julayi 2018

0320hrs: Woke up in an abstracted, vague and troubled state. Which all changed within a minute or two. Logicality… no, that’s too strong a word. Semi-awareness dawned in the grey-cells; I remembered I have to fetch the Haemorrhoid Harold cream that was missing in yesterdays prescriptions from the so-called chemist. That the Iceland delivery is expected to arrive twixt 0800hrs > 1000hrs, and that Little Inchies Lesion was bleeding.

2Tue03As I was separating my body-bulk from the £300 second-hand recliner, I noticed the new bruises from where I walked into the open door of the 1964 G-plan cabinet yesterday had changed colour. All the blue-red colouring that was there before had now altered to a dark grey shade with green-brown highlights and black spots? Hehe! Come to think of it. I’ve not seen many of the Iron-Clad biting beetles recently, I wonder if they have laid the eggs under my skin? Hahaha!

Taking the few hobbling paces needed to get to the wet room, the need for the Porcelain Throne usage made itself known. Good timing! The evacuation was once again a messy semi-liquid affair. When the job was done, I cleaned things and myself up and medicated the lesion.

To the kitchen to take the medications and do the Health Checks. Then I took a Dia-Limit capsule with the regular tablets.


2Tue06I got on with finishing the Monday Diary. Eventually, I did so and posted it off.

Made a start on this blog page.

I made a good looking mug of tea, using a PG Assam and an Asda (Walmart) Breakfast tea bag.

2Tue05WDPBL02a: It was horrible tasting! Ah-well. But it looked good. Hehe!

Went on to doing the WordPress Reader perusalisationing.

I  decided to make another brew of tea, again, and get it right if possible this time. Hehe!

2Tue04I took this photographicalisation so you could view the stifling atmosphere I’m living in. The lack of air. The lack of light.

The lack of scenic views, and why life depicts such a depressing existence. Hehe!

Time to get the ablutions tended to.

Naturally, no showering, as it is still too early to make the noise of the equipment. Had a jolly decent stand-up wash and shave. And re-medicated those areas in need of the same. (Blush!)

The Willmott-Dixon subcontractors were busy outside, completing the rendering of the outside walls.

The Iceland delivery arrived. I got the thing stored away, but did not have room in the freezers for the raspberry ice-cream cones. This actually helped me in a way, because I collected the minted flavour ones, which I don’t like, and took them up to Jenny and Franks flat with the Ciabatta loaf I was treating them with, by way of thanking them for their help. Frank was in Jenny out at a meeting, but Frank took them. Bless them.

I made up a bag of recyclable waste, the last two mint cones, and set out with the camera in pocket, down to the caretaker’s door an deposited the bag next to it.

2Tue08Out into Chestnut Walk, where the sunshine was intense and hot. The sky beautiful, with some folks either coming back from or going on holiday I assumed, in the plane above. Not a hint of jealousy, of course. Haha!

I found the location rather busy, and I took some photographs of the mayhem. First, I started by snapping a shot of the front of Woodthorpe Court, and another one zoomed in on the small cradle where the lads were working on prepping the balcony supports for the fitting of the new unwanted, multi-windows to be cleaned, view and light-blocking new pod balconies to be put in.


Then along Chestnut Walk to record the traffic v pedestrian chaos, on my way to the Nottingham City Homes, Winwood Heights, Unterscharführeress Wardens Temporary HQ. Willmott-Dixon workers breakfast and tea-break room. Sarcasm & Insult distribution area. Tenants Socialisation Shed. Telling Inchcock off Zone. Things like crockery and pottery to be stolen from. And, somewhere to rest while waiting for the bus, shed, in the photographs.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

2Tue12Dropped off some cones, and made my way back to the flats.

Had a chat with Wardens Deana and Julie.

Ah, I nearly forgot! I am barred by the Nottingham City Homes Management, from mentioning anything taking place between Nottingham City Homes agents, representatives or employees and myself on this blog. So I’d better not. I don’t want to get myself thrown-out.

2Tue12aThe footpaths were blocked by parked cars, building plant cranes and holes dug in the ground ready for the pipework to be laid. The only option for we old nuisances was to dice with death in the traffic to get back home, fall down one of the trenches or kip-down in the bushes until the traffic cleared. Hehehe!

It looked like the rendering had been completed at the opposite end of where my flat 2Tue15is located. My not being a handyman or knowledgeable about anything that needs building, erecting, planning, water, electricity, putting together, mending, glueing or anything like that.

I may be wrong, of course. It has occasionally been known, well sometimes… er, often or regularly actually. Even more often than not! Okay then, most of the time! Sad innit?

2Tue14Frank came out of a lift as I was wondering why the temperature had disappeared from the electronic sign and asked me what I was doing. I told him taking photos of interest to my foreign TFZer and WordPress contacts.

Frank pointed out this sign on the right, as Jenny had played a big part in helping Willmott Dixon organise the event. So I did.

2Tue16Back in the flat, I pondered on what to have for my meal later. I decided on a meat pie, boiled small potatoes (In the crock-pot) with distilled vinegar and onion salt, freshly podded peas with demerara sugar and sea salt, and maybe tomatoes, pickled gherkins and a few of the mini-Cumberland sausages, maybe, perhaps, possibly.

Did the Health Checks and medications.

Then I went on CorelDraw to try and get some more TFZer graphics done.

Managed to do three, ran out of time.


Sandie and her new car!

A July02

Massed gang of TFZers – What are they up to?

A July01Lizzi and Lillie at the Castle Market? Hehe!

I hope they like them.

Got the meal on, well pie in the oven and turned up the potatoes cause they won’t be ready in sync if not.

2Tue26The meal turned out 50/50 in the success stakes this time.

I made far too much again and ended up leaving about 50% of it. Although, I did enjoy that that I did eat.

The weariness and fatigue seem to be coming on earlier each day.

Health Checks done, last medications taken.

Settled to watch an old (1960) film on Talking TV channel 81 on Freeview. ‘Dentist in the chair’.  Bob Monkhouse, Kenneth Conner, Peggy Cummins and Ronnie Stevens. I remember watching this at the Grove Cinema many years ago and enjoying it. I’d forgotten how much drivel and over-acting was in it. It prompted my memory to go back to the old Meadows area of Nottingham, the gals, the people, the criminals and the mistakes I’ve made. The pointlessness of what I’d done in my life. I ended up making myself feel dispirited.

2020hrs: Herbert was clattering about again. But of course, I am not complaining, just mentioning it. No point in my risking getting another telling-off and sneered at from the Nottingham City Homes Mangement for my quoting the truth about the noises. As the Obergruppenfurheress Management, told me; He is doing nothing wrong, just following his hobby of model making, and I’ll have to put up with it. I don’t want to lose my home.

Oh heck, I forgot there that I was told not to put any conversations I have with any Nottingham City Homes Management, employees, representative or agent on my blog. Sorry about that, I’ll cross it off.

Pondered on what needed doing in the morning. Must get up in plenty of time to get the updating and posting of this blog done. Get the ablutions done early to enable my getting out on the hobble to the Nottingham City Hospital for the INR Warfarin DVT blood test done. The Doctors surgery failed to make me an appointment again – no wonder my feelings of being ignored are so rampant!) Hello, a touch of the old ‘Feeling sorry for missen’, crept in there, sorry.

For once, a rarity; I fell asleep watching the TV and stayed asleep! Yehaa!.

Inchcock Today – Monday 23rd July 2018: Prescriptions Wrong Again this Month. The Momzers!


Monday 23rd July 2018

 Yiddish: מאָנטיק 23 יולי 2018

0500hrs: Once again, a brain and body awoke in the £300 second-hand recliner; so dissimilar and remodelling compared to the one that went to bed last night. I’m finding it hard to recognise myself in the mornings lately. Hehe!

Anne Gyna, Duodenal Donald and Reflux Roger were both AWOL. More surprisingly, so was Belinda Blotches (Almost cleared up now), No bother (pain) from Hernia Harry or Hippy Hilda.

1Mon001Whoosie3W01A: The Whoopsie derived bruises, acquired last night from my walking naked, apart from my socks, into a left-opened door of the fast decomposing, disintegrating hardwood 1964 G-Plan cabinet, were still a bit tender.

Tne moment I moved to detach my lumbering body-mass from the recliner, I realised that my old friends Haemorrhoid Harold and Inchies fungal lesion were not being so kind to me. A hasty hobbling to the wet-room was needed post haste. Little Inchie had been bleeding, and it had dried (Ouch! Haha!), and Harold 1Mon01had and was bleeding, and Diahorrea Donald was in total control of the evacuation process. Tsk!

Cleaned up, I made my way to the kitchen to get the Health Checks done, and medications were taken.

The hemadynamometer worked first time again.


Got the results recorded and into the front room to update last weeks Excel sheets to take with me to the Doctors. Then realised I was going to the hospital this week, cause the 1Mon01asurgery have not made me an appointment again. Fancy that! Azoy gait es!

Got next weeks dosage pots made up, which reminded me, I must get to the chemist today. I’ll go after FootLady Sue has done my tootsies I Think.

Back to the computer and started this blog going up to here. Then finished off yesterdays diary and sent it off.

0735hrs: Herbert above is tap-tapping a bit. But of course, I am not complaining, just mentioning it. No point in my risking Nottingham City Homes upset for moaning about their favourite tenant making a noise. As the Management, told me; He is doing nothing wrong, just following his hobby of model making. “You’ll have to put up with it!” I don’t want to lose my home. I’d better cross it out.

I’d better get the ablutions done now so I can have everything ready, just in case FootLady Sue arrives early.

Teggies done, shaved, extremities cleaned, then a long shower. Followed with some rather harrowing medicationalisationing of the lesion. Creamed Harold’s Haemorrhoids. Sprayed the torso and legs with antiperspirant. 

To the kitchen to sort the bags out. Heck of a loud, long grinding noise emanated from somewhere. No idea, where, though. Sounded very close.

Whoosie3W01A: Got three black bags made and tied-up. Before they reduced the size of the rubbish chute entry point, it would have taken one bag. Took these out along with a recycling bag. Dropped the black ones down the waster funnel and took the Orange bag down and to the caretaker’s door, where some others had left their filled recycle-bags, and some naughty pensioners had dumped other household items and loose rubbish.

1Mon02All ready for Sue to arrive now. I did a bit more work on the TFZer graphics.

I took the bags down and nipped out to take this picture of Chestnut Walk, outside the foyer doors.

Through the maze of barriers and to the left, you will find the Caretaker’s door.

Didn’t see anyone that I could talk to.

Back up to the apartment and on the computer to update this load of tosh.

1Mon03Ah! One of the smaller hoists came up by the window. I think this might be what the noise was earlier.

The intercom chimed up: it was FootLady Sue arriving.

She set about sorting the tootsies out for me. Nice chinwag.

I made up an Iceland order and then set off on a hobble to the chemists for my prescriptions.

1Mon04Set out to the Chemists. Met some residents in the foyer, Mo, Jenny and Frank. 

Walked to the bus stop with them and I joined a few others already there, and some very welcome laughter and no-pressure chinwagging took place.

The place had come alive now, and with we pensioners, all agreed, that we want to stay alive and uninjured, the three of us should take extra care manoeuvering on the car park or road to get to the bus. Already!

1Mon05Caught the bus down Winchester Street Hill to Mansfield Road.

Went to the bus stop near the old bus depot, and found it had been decorated with some classic Nottingham Street Art.

I became aware that this is the bus stop that some youth was stabbed in, and last year an 88-year-old woman was attacked at 1000hrs in the morning on this spot!

I was soon in Carrington and made my way to the chemist and collected the prescriptions. Then 1Mon06made my way to the Lidl store to be insulted, sneered at and looked down upon.

Whoosie3W01A: They changed tactics today and caught me out.

Instead of the curled lips and looking at me as if I was dog-poo on their shoes, they just ignored me entirely. Cunning move on their part. Haha!

I paid the £9.16 for the tomatoes, still lemon & lime water, mint chocolate ice-cream cones, mini-Cumberland sausages, two bread mini-rolls and a packet of battered, seasoned potato slices. Caught the bus back into Sherwood and got to the bus stop at the top of the hill.

1Mon07A couple of Woodthorpe residents were waiting there.

One, the lovely lady sat here in this picture with her white sun-bonnet on her head. She lives on the first floor and seems to be a pleasant natured lady. But she was telling me of her medical problems – they put my pathetic ailments to shame. Bless her!

She is the lady who shared her views and thoughts on the new kitchen windows with me the other week. We are both so soundly disappointed in losing the light and perspective, as well as having so many extra windows to clean when the new balconies are fitted.

Ended up with Roy, Dot and lady in the hat and me, walking together from the bus to the Woodthorpe Court, myself. They were a little 1Mon07ctoo nippy for me to hear what they were saying to each other in front of me, but the good thing is they were laughing. The bags with the weight of the shopping and prescriptions had weighed me down I think.

Up and back in the flat, the overbearing heat of late did not hit like it did yesterday when I opened the door. But it felt far hotter out and about this morning. Indeed the thermometer showed the heat had dropped a good bit.

1Mon07bI got the bag from the chemist out on the counter.

And without dropping any as well. (Smug mode Adopted here! Hahaha!).

I got them out of the flimsy paper bag and spread them out so I could determine if any were missing this month, like last month and the month before. That Chemist is going off me I think? Hehe!

I was utterly unmiffed or surprised when I realised that one of the products was missing, not there and absent.

Whoosie3W01A: There was no Anusol Cream for my Harold Haemorrhoid problem.

I thought at first that I had shown great stoicism at this happening befalling me.

Then I wondered if stoicism was the right word – I’ll have to look it up later. Tsk!

I packed the boxes and bottles into there allotted places.

This means another trip has to be made to the damned chemist to make things right – just like last month and the one before – Another Durkhfal!

Whoosie3W01A: I trapped my finger in the drawer as I closed it shut after storing away the medications. I think I may have said something along the lines of “Well fancy that!” at the time.

I was determined not to allow myself to become tristifical over this being let down again for the third time, by the pharmacist.

Put the fodder away and made a start on updating this post.

Got the nosh started, seasoned sliced potatoes in the oven. Sliced the tomatoes on the plastic plate.

Did the health checks and took the evening medications.

1Mon23Considering that I had used the buses today and not got a decent hobble in at all, I was feeling well-tired-out.

I got the nosh sorted and served up.

A much-improved effort this time. A deserved 8/10 for Flavour Rating. The mini Cumberland sausages were tasty. Only the tomatoes let the meal down, they were a bit bland. The onion salt was used to spice them up a little. The mature cheddar cheese, excellent! The sliced seasoned potatoes were alright.

I planned the TV viewing, cause I felt confident that the sleep that has resisted me for several nights now would play-up again. The now customary nodding-off and waking-up again continued, with me being confused a few times and thinking it was time to get up. Humph!