Idiotic-Inchcy – Saturday 13th March 2021 Diary

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Saturday 13th March 2021

Croatian: Subota, 13 Ožujka 2021

00:00hrs: Considering the truly low and depressed mood I found myself in last night, as I stirred into semi-life, I was suddenly aware that the gloom and doom tormenting my brain was gone, disappeared, no longer there! I found this rather flummoxing.

I was baffled as to why? Nothing had changed from yesterday. Had I been dreaming, and that may have had some effect in cheering me up? Was it the bang on the head when I took my tumble that brought it on in the first place? Hello, I’d better get up; I don’t want to encourage any Thought Storms! I need a wee-wee anyway.

I freed my overweight, flobby-stomached body from the £300, second-hand, c1968 recliner with absolute ease – until I got the weight on the knees! Argh! Cathy Cartilage on the right knee, and Arthur Itis on the left one, were both so painful and in a bad mood with me this morning. The few hurtful paces to the NWWB (Nocturnal-Wee-Wee Bucket) indicated that this will be a less-than-easy hobbling about Saturday.

I fumbled about to get Little Inchie out and realised as I did so, the NWWB was over half full? Why does this happen so often? I must have made many trips to release this much wee-wee overnight? Yet I cannot recall getting up at all to do so? The pain I must have got from Arthur and Cathy getting out of the recliner so often, I’d have thought I would have been made me aware of what I was doing? My mind was soon cleared of this question, as the embarrassment of a somewhat significant amount of PMD (Pre-Micturition-Dribbling) escaped into the half down PPs. By bottom-lip protruded, and after finishing, I took the bucket to the wet room for emptying and sanitising and got a clean-up and got a new pair of PPs on.

It’s time and incidents like this that really bring it home to one; the body is doing its own thing, the brain’s logicality loses its way, the memory is fading fast and now avoiding most of its retention powers. The bones, joints, and ticker etc., are crumbling without mercy. Still, yer doesn’t like to complain, does yer!

I got the kettle on to make a brew of Thompsons Punjana, and it sounded like someone had just turned the volume up on the ‘World-Wide-Hum’; Gawd, it was loud! And the heaters were not working again? Worra, life! But I imagine that there are many people in the complex in this position, not that it cures anything, but, at least, I am still aware of my senility is en route. I worry for the future, though. Blooming cold in here again! Weekend, of course, so no one to help me out with getting the heaters also going correctly.

Had another wee-wee of the IRPT (Indefatigably-Relentless-Painful-Trickling) mode.

I took the morning medications, then got the Health Checks done. The temperature was alright this morning; it seems to be getting steadier now. Of course, I shouldn’t have said that; it was silly of me! 36.7°c – 98.06°f. It was in the green, so it should be acceptable.

The Boot’s sphygmomanometer readings were decent, methinks. SYS 150, DIA 71, and the Pulse was at 84 bpm. As I was taking this, a headache came on suddenly, sharp to the right side of the head – then a minute later, it was gone?

Microsoft Office allowed me access to Excel to update the Health Checks listing figures.

Do you see that? Three, in-the-green temperatures on the trot there! Much better than earlier in the week.

I had another wee-wee, surprisingly, of the WUNT (Weak-Unwilling-Negligible-Trickling) style. Then made a start on the updating of the Friday Diary. Sorted the photographs out first, then got the scripting done. The ailments of concern were just two; Nicodemus’s Neurotransmitters letting me down a few tines, and of course the SSS (Shuddering-Shoulder-Shirley) in support, but a lot less bothersome than she was yesterday. I perseverated and got it finished but had to have four wee-wees during the three hours of writing and correcting—all of the SPL (Steady-Persistent-Lengthy). I’m getting variety today, at least. Haha!

As I put the kettle on in the cold, shiver-giving kitchen (Heater still not working), I had to nip off to the wet room to utilise the Porcelain Throne. What going on here! Constipation Konrad seems to be fighting back? Heck of a job to get things moving, and it was gooey yet solid? The toilet rolls will have to be ordered today; if I can get a slot for an A.M. delivery. A good clean up, and pleasingly, the evacuated produce was cleared with just two flushes!

I had a wash-up and had another wee-wee, this time of the PSS (Persistent, Short, Sharp) mode. Another washing of the dandies, and back to the computer.

I Pinterested some snaps, Emailed the link, and went on Facebooking catch-up. Spent a long time on that. Two WordPress comments had come in, which I replied to. Then I visited the WordPress Reader Section. I had another wee-wee of the PSS (Persistent, Short, Sharp) mode… I think we can assume that every half-hour or so throughout the day, I needed and took a wee-wee; it’ll save me a lot of typing. Tsk! Then:

I went onto the Sainsbury site to see what slots were attainable. I got a slot for Tuesday 16th @ 8>9a.m. Do you know, I made a mistake and ordered some Fresh Cream French Horns.

Brekkers sorted out. And from here on, it is hit and misses, memory-wise, very patchy. Sorry.

Suddenly, I wasn’t feeling so good, perplexed, and tired out.

I had a weariness-attack, and I just turned off the computer and sat down on the recliner for many hours, watching some banal crap on the TV, but I couldn’t understand why. Doing nothing but grow fat by nibbling biscuits, crisps, ice-cream as well, I think?

The need for the Porcelain Throne then forced me to get up. I ached all over, was coughing and sneezing and felt under the weather, and confused. For some reason, I found out in the morning, I’d not cleaned up the wet room, Eurgh!

I actually made some more fodder! (I found this photo on the SD card). But can I remember making or eating it? No!

But I did find most of it in the bin later on in the night.

Along with this photo, taken through the balcony dividing glass? Not sure what, if anything, went on after that.

Mind you, Sunday morning, I did discover this snap on the camera-card. Also, that the fodder things were left loose in the sink bowel?

I’m sure that I sat down again, incapable of logical thought, and once more, spent hours just sat there, looking at the turned-off TV and fighting-off Thought-Storm-Thaddeus, but only half-heartedly. I think I was so down; I actually just accepted the self-criticisms, fears, worries etc., as a natural leveller, and a prevailing punishment, and part of my growing mental decrepitude.

The thought of having another banal Sunday to get through tomorrow was soul-destroying.

The resistant sleep did come eventually.

Inchcock Today- Sat 10 Nov 2018: Evil boll weevil ironclad biting beetles/weevils cunning counter attack – Virgin Media slow… as was I, in mind and body. Tsk!


These Willmott-Dixon lads know how to get a job done… Hehehe!

Saturday 10th November 2018

Catalan: Dissabte 10 de Novembre de 2018

2335hrs: I woke most unenthusiastically, reluctantly, and begrudgingly. For some reason, I felt I needed more sleep, rest, recuperation. Resentful that I had been cheated out of my sleep again. For I still felt tuckered out. I determinedly closed my eyes, and I snapped at the quilt and pulled it over my scarily ever-growing paunch. Intent on denying any expergefactor-like interference.

WD 22.1.46 This manoeuvre proved to be a bad choice. Unbenowst to me (Well, I’d forgotten about it!), I had earlier left the DVD remote control and an open tube of Phorpain Gel laying on the quilt when I must have fallen asleep, or maybe in a nocturnal eidolon? The remote hit me on the head and the medical gel self-dispensed itself down my neck and chest. So I gave it a good rubbing in. Hehe!

Within seconds of settling again, the call to the Porcelain Throne arrived. Amazing, for three mornings now I have been free of these waking-up-time summonses to the Throne… today, the first time I didn’t want to rise out of the £300 second-hand recliner, I get the call! Sulk-Mode-Deployed and bottom-lip pouting engaged!

6Sat04I removed my body from the recliner and made my way to the wet room. The evacuation went alright.

I spotted only one live Evil Ironclad Boll-Weevil black biting beetle on the floor. A look around in the usual hot-spots was conducted, but no signs of any more of the illegal immigrant aliens were found. “Aha,” I foolishly thought, “am I winning the battle at last?”

6Sat03WD 22.1.46 I investigated in the spare room next.

On the unwanted light and view destroying new window ledge, well-stained now, with all the Rentokil, Sanmex and Raid bug killer spraying, I found some dead weevils near their possible entry and escape route holes in the wall sealing from when the windows were installed.

6Sat02While in there, I picked a new bag of the PPs to move into the wet room for later use.

WD 22.1.46 I found several largish Weevil corpses underneath, and one live one. The thing that came to mind as soon as I saw them was how much it looked like they were creating a pattern on a music sheet on the box tape? No? Ah, well!

Gave a bug-killer spray around, then to the kitchen. Taking a wee-wee in between. Washed the hands with antiseptic disinfectant.

Got the Health Checks done.


6Sat01The sphygmomanometer took a couple of tries before it worked.

Looks like the readings are going back up again. Oy Vey! Although the Pulse was okay.

Took the medications.

Back to the wet room for yet another short-sharp wee-wee!

6Sat07I had a look out if the unwanted new kitchen window with its light and view-blocking thick plastic surrounds and wide sticking out ledge outside that stops one looking down without sticking the camera at arm’s length… got carried away there, sorry… Apparently, the rain had been pouring while I was asleep. Which wasn’t for long enough. I felt like I’ve not had any kip, I was so weary. Poor old thing. Hahaha!

6Sat06I made another brew, hoping to get it drank this time. Got the computer going to get this Diary started off.

WD 22.1.46 Can you see the intruder on my well-worn keyboard in this picture?

The Weevil seemed to be shoving or pulling whatever it is behind him or her?

6Sat09Will I ever be free, of these annoying, uninvited, came in when the windows were installed Evil ironclad Boll-Weevil black biting beetles?

‘Bottom-Lip Extruding’ and ‘Feeling Sorry for Myself’ Modes adopted!

Off for another wee-wee. Tsk! I had a rinse and on to the computer.

The Liberty-Global-Virgin Media Internet was very slow again. Although it got a bit better later.


I got on with this blog, up to here. When it dawned on me, I have not finished yesterdays diary yet!

So I got onto it straight away. Finished it off and posted it to WordPress.

Went on the TFZer Facebooking for an hour or three. Then did some graphicalisationing of Diary page top graphic funnies to use later.

6Sat24Got the nosh prepared, feeling more and more drained as I did so. (Poor old thing!)

I ate it slowly, masticating the fodder, as well as I could with the few teeth I have left

I got the pots into the washing-up bowl to soak.

Had a wee-wee and wash, then did the Health Checks. Still high Sys and Dia, Tsk!)

Settled into the £300 second-hand recliner, and lay here thinking things through, but seemed to have nodded off within minutes again.

Inchcock – Friday 21st April 2017


Friday 21st April 2017

Javanese: Ana 21 April 2017

0420hrs: No idea at all what the dreams were about, just knew I’d had them.

Awakened to get out of the £300 second-hand recliner and felt the warm wet sensation from the lower regions, saw the blood and made my way to the porcelain thrown. Titivated things up, clothes into a bucket soaking, and plonked me mass back on the throne for a while in a deep nonconforming medley of horrible thoughts and self-recrimination. No answers, no conclusions, I cleaned the room up and went to the kitchen to make a mug of tea and take the medications. I was going to do the Health Checks, but my moroseness made me forget to do them.

Opened the window and made a brew, took the medications and lost myself again in pointless, futile thoughts of improving things in my tumultuous mind.

Put away the flat clothes airer from yesterday, and out the towel on the bendy one in the hallway.

Got the computer on to finish yesterday’s post, very hard to find the words. Started this one off, and remembered to do the Health Checks. So I did.


Made another mug of tea and did some WordPress reading for an hour or two, then posted yesterday’s diary off.

No interest in going out at all seems like I’m content to hibernate… Got to shake this off before Monday when I go for the INR blood test. Good job I’ve opened the windows and used the air spray. Hehe!

001Went on Facebook.

Did a graphic for the TFZer gals, with Thomas flying across the room. Hope they like it.

Duodenal Donald has started giving me a lot of pain. Took a painkiller and a swig of antacid – but they are not working yet. Made another mug of tea and started a complicated graphic that will take ages from scratch, in the hopes of entertaining and be making people smile and perhaps just as importantly, try to replace the feeling of recrimination that is so heavy, for a while at least.

Facebook froze on me, had to restart.

Several hours later I’d got them done.



Still feeling so down with myself, Duodenal Donald and Anne Gyna playing up and hard to concentrate properly.

Had a look at YouTube for a while, in between drinking tea.

1322hrs: Got a call from someone, couldn’t understand all that they said but wanted me to test the wrist alarm, cause they had a fault come through to their end. I did. All okay.

Feeling so down now, can’t concentrate on anything, Stomach churning, Anne Gyna and Duodenal Donald getting hard to bear. I sent off an email to the surgery to ask for an appointment.

Got a reply withing ten minutes. The first one available is on Thursday 27th April at 0850hrs. Put in on the calendar. Long time to wait, but still, With a Dr De Selver, as Dr Vindla is still off. (Seven weeks now, hope she is alright.)

Threw myself into cleaning up… well a bit anyway, cause the pain was too much, so I settled in the chair and prayed for sleep, but of course, the rambling worried, guilty mind would not let me.

Tried to concentrate on graphicationalisationing again. Gave up.

Took the evening medications and a bit of Facebooking and communicationalisationing with Lynton Cox, bless is cotton socks.

6Sat01Got the fodder sorted.I did add a few chestnuts after taking the picture, though.

I did add a few chestnuts after taking the picture, though.

Just feeling so depressed and in such pain, I was not hungry much.

Did the last of the today’s BP, pulse, temp Health Checks.

The temp and pulse were a little bit up?


Don’t think anything here to worry about, I’m doing enough of that over the joke cock-up.


Inchcock Today: Sun 26th Feb 2017:

Sunday 26th February 2017

Esperanto: Dimanĉo 26 februaro 2017


Up at 0300hrs, some good news for once in the wet-room. Little Inchy not bleeding or sore either. Duodenal Daniel giving me a nice rest, even Anne Gyna was in a calm mood. Arthur Itis his usual self. Just this sniffling and sneezing at the moment. So no complaints medication-wise.


Got the health checks done, the (2nd) Dia reading was worryingly high at 101, but later on, the second check showed it was back down again?

Can anyone please tell me how to Format Excel to get the total of cells C9 H9 & M9 divided by three? I wanted to get the average reading for the week for Dia, Sys, Pulse & Temperature, but seem unable to find a way, and when I look up advice on the net there are may symbols and things I don’t understand.

Doing well with these lately despite the Whoopsiedangleplops. Hehe!

cropped-7sun03a.jpgTook the medications and sorted out the week’s dosage pots.

001I don’t think I got anything mixed up this week… but, we’ll find out later. Haha!

Got on with finishing and doing some more graphicalisationing for the TFZer site.

This one was my favourite, took a few hours, but I do enjoy doing them if they like them.

Finished another two, and will post them on Facebook later.

Hope they all like em, I love it when they do.

When it began to get light this morning, I nipped into the kitchen to make another cup of nice strong Thompson’s tea and saw how pretty but foreboding the cloud formations were and I took a photo to the left and right through the window.


Whats look at first glance like a bird in the first one, turned out when I zoomed in, to be a gnat or midge close to the glass! Hehehe!

Got on with updating this diary after I’d finished yesterday’s one.

Sister Jane rang. Got told off. Hehe!

Did some searching for the notes of jobs I made yesterday. No luck at all, huh!

Spent more time doing Facebook and CorelDrawing. During which the trots returned with a vengeance, so the porcelain is in heavy use, not productive use, but heavy use. Hehe! Humph! Rang Olive, to say I dare not go round to see her for fear of passing on the bug, which had come on a bit quick? Oh, ‘eck!

My flipping luck continues dunnit: I put the highly priced Quorn Vegetable lasagne in the oven, to find that the plastic tray has a tiny hole in it – another mess and burnt finger cleaning it up – Argh! Had to rescue what I could and put it in a foil tray, added some cheese slices on top and back into the oven… then I went back to the porcelain on another false alarm!

6sat07The meal came out alright, though.

The cheese was nicely burnt a bit and Quorn Lasagne was very nice indeed.

I even managed to use the apple slicer without cutting myself.

Took ages and ages to get to sleep, far too long for me to get caught up on any, but still.

Sunday 27th November 2016: Inchcock Today: Poor old fool is in lonely-low spirits again, Tsk!


Sunday 27th November 2016

Latin: Sunday 27 December MMXVI

Woke late for me, 0355hrs, annoyed at not remembering any of the dreams yet again. When I tackled the job of getting out of the shuddering £300 second-hand recliner, I was well pleased with Arthur Itis and Anne Gyna, even the legs and feet were being nice to me. It was the other sides of my problems that got to me. The unwarranted depression. Not for me the strikhedonia I crave so much, just fretting about everything and even feeling lonely? I couldn’t even carry out my wish for tarantism in case it set Arthur Itis and Anne Gyna off. Hehe! Adding further to the well of self-pity surrounding me this morning.

The dizzies that affected me last night had all cleared up and no signs of the pains behind the eyes either – Gawd, I should be happy and pleased this morning – but am I?

I did the ditty and graphic at the top of this dairy, determined to pull myself out of this well of almost overwhelming urges to fret and worry, even wallowing in self-pity. Pathetically, sad!

Only one little dizzy affected me when I responded to the WRHD session demand. None since and that one was only a few seconds long and not a bad one at all.

Computer, on and updated the diaries.

Got the veg going in the Crock-Pot: Mushrooms, carrots and leeks, to use in making the Risotto later.

Facebooking then watched some YouTube.

Many hours later, I forced myself off of the computer with the newly acquired headache, and then did the ablutions. A lavender soap session today.

7sun01aSet off on a little hobble to Aldi on Mapperley tops. Went the same way out and back this morning.

The shortest route, but the steepest.

I took the empty jars with me to drop into the bottle bank as I passed it on the way out. Unfortunately, I forgot to drop them off and carried them all the way to the store and back to the flat so I could try to remember to take them another day. Humph!

7sun02At the end of Chestnut Walk, I took this photograph on the wild bit of land half way up Winchester Street Hill.

I can’t recall why I took it.

Pressed on up the hill and onto Woodborough Road to the Aldi store.

Got a large Yorkshire pudding, some nibbles… but forgot to get the milk.

7sun03Back and down Winchester Street Hill again.

The cloud formations looked beautiful from here.

The street on the left is where many years ago, the bakery was that supplied my shop with products, this brought back some happy and sad memories to mind.


Further down the hill, I crossed the road junction, where I had my Whoopsiedangleplop tumble last Sunday.

I had a look, but could not see any holes or lumps where I could have tripped over in the tarmac?

But I seemed to have managed to. Hehe!

Back to the flats, WRHD session, medications were taken and got the dinner cooking. I spent a lot longer preparing this one, which involved a lot more cleaning up afterwards.

7sun05But the result was worth it all for once. Not done too good recently with the fodderisationing.

Enjoyed this effort a lot. Cubed potatoes, chicken legs, delicious gravy, Crock- Pot carrots, leeks and mushrooms, swede all served in the Giant Yorkshire Pudding.

Mandarins in Orange jelly to follow.

Got the TV on and proceeded to nod-off, dream, wake, nod-off, dream wake… on and on for hours like this. Vaguely recall the dreams all being of something different, but what about?

Another call for a WRHD session. Made a drink and returned in my jammies to the £300 second-hand recliner and settled once again. I was off within seconds, this time for hours.

Sun 12/4/15 Inchcock: Worra Gloomy day…

Sunday 12th April 2015

0703aWoke up 0630hrs full of memories of the dreams I’d remembered and by the time I’d got missen on the porcelain in response to an urgent call to duty – I’d lost everything that I’d had in me memory of the dreams from 30 seconds earlier.

Gawd, it’s so annoying that! Tut!

Coughing and sneezing this morning, runny nose too.

Took a photo of the ominous looking sky as limped gently down the stairs to make me cuppa and a pot of porridge and take me medications for breakfast.

0702meatsWhen I took out the milk from the fridge I noticed the cooked meats I’d bought yesterday and just looking at the packs brought the flavour of them to me throat. Without doubt two of the most flavourful and tasty cooked meats on the market methinks.

The Sopocka is a delicate sweet flavoured low fat meat that goes so well in a salad.

0701weedThe Krakowska is summat to get your teeth into, mixed meats chewy and tasty too. Bit fatty here and there, but the taste stays with you all day after you’ve enjoyed eating this – the only drawback is the Reflux Valve isn’t too keen on me eating it, so I only eat it rarely nowadays.

Neither can be called cheap but they are so yummy!

Chinese cheese seaweed goes very nice with the Sopocka in a salad.

Back to me diary, got carried away there… sorry.

Laptop on and after rebooting due to Serif draw freezing I managed to get the header fininshed for yesterdays post and sent it off.

Started this diary and Coreldraw froze – I’m getting a bit down about this – surely someone can do something it can’t be beyond the realms of having expectations to want a laptop that Coreldraw9 and Serif Draw x6 can work properly on. I’m getting closer to the end, and taking more and more time to do me graphics – then have to limit what I do. Grrr!

Feeling a bit lonely now… no idea why, nowts changed. Funny that innit? Does this happen to you?

0703StAndSorting though me photographs and graphics in an effort to delete some to save storage space and came across this photograph that I took yeterday and forgot to put in the diary, of St Andrews Church on Mansfield Road.

I took it through the bus window as it travelled over the lights, kind of nice I thought?

Windy again this morning, the drafts coming under the door and up me legs and arms. Brrr!

I’ve used Google Photos storage in conjunction with Picasa – sometimes it rearranges the photos back in different folders – most annoying, but they are there and it’s a free service.

Osb01Found an old graphic here about out wonderful political leaders wot I dun ages ago – with the elections coming up I thought post it again. I’ve posted it on Facebook as well.

Thought of a funny idea about me Electionion Card, so I am about to open Coreldraw9 and see if I can doctor it.


LyndabutlerJill dressR

MerWWI’m back – spent a few hours doing graphics for me blog and Facebook – Graphic prog’s did not crash (Yet) but they came close.

When I got these finished I was weary and hungry so made missen a potatoe based nosh to nosh like, with BBW chicken wings.

IMG_0004Saute potatoes in extra virgin olive oil, microwave chips and some tiny BBQ chicken wings – oh I just said that didn’t I – Tut!)

Watched a New Tricks DVD – and nodded off for half an hour.

Doing some Facebooking now.

The wind’s still a-blowin’ outside.

Damnatiions! had two dizzies on the stairs – crickey they’re doubling up on me now! Hehehe…

Took me evening medications.

Must remember to fetch me medications in the morning.

Inchcock: His Depression in Rhyme

Inchcock’s Depression

Feeling sorry for himself can be addictive,

A solitary Life can still be conflictive,

Dislike of himself can be so vindictive.

Insults when he passes involuntary lively emissions of wind,

Essential that he has to remain thick-skinned,

They can be lethally pungent & musical like woodwind,

They make him feel guilty, as if he has sinned!

His angina he names Anne Gyna in fun,

His haemorrhoids feel at times like a blow-gun,

His dodgy reflux valve can stupefy and stun,

His WC visits on waking must be begun.

Arthur Itis ever present for the home-bound nomad,

But this does make the Nottingham lad a tad sad,

His repaired ticker still goes, making him glad,

But his relationship memories are so bad.

His lack of social skills are the worst ever seen,

He left school uneducated at the age of fourteen,

Got himself a job as a goffer and he was very keen,

Until he fell off the back of the lorry, rupturing his spleen.

Many woes and accidents were inflicted over the years,

So pain and frustration for Inchy hold no fears,

He take the insults and vilifications that he hears,

And the mocking, stares and incredulous insults he bears.

Easily he falls out with himself, on a daily basis too,

Happy memories can make him feel despairing and blue,

Yet self-destruction he seems intent to pursue,

He knows his failings and accepts them, although few.

What makes the old chap depressed and irascible?

Impecuniosity, frustrated with life? – Possible,

His ailments, unseemliness or his being gullible?

Or his being incapacitated and full of bull?

Is he really lonely, or is it imagined or an aberration?

Can he cope any longer with his lack of acclamation?

Why does he think he is doomed to cremation?

Never to know any true affection?

Hello… he’s cheered up and showing signs of jubilation?

Ah I see… it’s come back on has his BT internet connection!

Inchy Today: Monday 4th Aug 2014


Up after another nasty nightmare filled night at about 0430hrs.

Morrison’s delivery expT Dvdected this morning twixt 0700 and 0800hrs.

BT internet playing up again.

Made cuppa, took medications.

Searched for the DVD I ordered three weeks ago from HMV, and collected last Friday. ‘The Big Job’. Sid James, Dick Emery, Jim Dale, a good old comedy. Tried to watch it last night, but HMV had left the security thingy on it, so I wanted to put in bag now, so I could return it and get em to remove it. But couldn’t find it – Tsk!

BT internet connection crap, now gone all together (0525hrs)

Got laundry things ready for after delivery of nosh.

BT back on-line 0550 hrs. Nice of em innit?

BT back OFF-LINE 0556 hrs. Reset box again… Gits!

BT back on-line 0600 hrs.

BT back OFF-LINE 0601 hrs.

BT back on-line 0604 hrs.

I lost connection between 0550hrs and 0620 hrs about eight/nine times! Grrrr, had to keep resetting or rebooting. Gave up.

Anyone else on BT, How’s your connection today?

Morrison’s delivered at 0734 hrs. Put the stuff away. (Well, some of it).

0800 hrs, ablutions and got launderette togs ready, so much to take I could hardly carry em.

On the way to the launderette, an amoeba belted passed me on a pushbike un frit me half to death, almost hit me. I called out, and soon learnt he was an experienced driver by the finger sign he gave me as he disappeared into the distance, bless him!

 At the launderette, I had a good laugh with the gal there, and we tried to do a crossword. Cheered me up that did.

Back to the hovel, put togs away (Well, dropped the bags upstairs), and did another search for the DVD – and wallah; I found it. Where you might ask… er… in the bath actually, don’t ask why it was there, I don’t know.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERATook an apple and pack of seaweed and other healthy food to eat on me walk into town. Must remember to take the DVD back to be opened.

Called on me way, to tell… oh I forget her name now, the laundry gal that I’d found the DVD. She did laugh… bless her.

Hobbling into town, halfway up the hill on Mansfield Road near the cemetery, blow me if someone else didn’t belt passed me on a bike on the pavement, nearly knocking me over. I’m getting fed up with these near misses from bikers.

Went into Tesco and got me Krakowska meat. Then limped into the slab square, took a photo of the disgusting children’s fountain and paddling pool. Dumped at the end of it, were beer cans and bottles, cigarette ends, sweet wrappers, crisp packets etc.

Proceeded, (I could have written carried on to, or Then, but I like typing Proceeded) along to the bank to extract some money and get me balance (Oh dear me).

Then took a walk to Aldi, and got some of their excellent Lemon cheesecakes and Porridge pots (what Lidl have stopped selling).

T bikeFeet and knees on bad shape now, so wandered to the bus stop, and caught one back to Beirut… I mean Carrington. As I got off the bus, a bloody motorcyclist this time, nearly hit me, as he drove on the pavement to the chip shop! I bravely took his photo from behind him.

I tottered back to the dump, and made a nice cup of Punjana tea bags. They are very good and strong, and they’re on offer at the moment at Morrison’s too, 49p off.

Started the laptop, and the BT connection was okay, perhaps they think I’m still in town?

1500 hrs BT connection down… Tsk! Back up 1509 hrs.

Started to do graphics for Letters to LOMM 8

Gang of about eight youths swaggering up the centre of the street. Hope they keep moving.

Getting on with graphics.

Yobs lurking outside again, going to go upstairs out of the way.

I’ll post this and try to remember to carry on the next from this time.

Must remember to take me medications up with me.

TTFN all.