Inchcock Today – Saturday 8th August 2020: Hectic enigmatic day. With late Memory Blanks!

TFZer Pattie, at the Cool-It-Cabin retreat.

Saturday 8th August 2020

Croatian: Subota, 8 Kolovoza 2020. Godine

02:15hrs: Woke up, wrestled my Bunyanesque-bellied body from the wrought iron c1968 recliner, and made use of the EOGPB (Emergency-Overnight-Grey-Plastic Bucket). A UDYP (Urgent-Deep-Yellow-and-Painful), colourful wee-wee indeed, was taken. Uncustomarily, no Pre or Post Micturition-Dribbling this morning! Which was most welcome! I took the grey bucket to be emptied, cleaned and sanitised, then I lollygagged my way the kitchenette, to get the kettle on, for a brew of Thompsons Punjana tea.

Then the realisation that I had just hobbled from recliner to wet room, then to the kitchen, dawned – without walking into or banging against anything! A reserved, not expecting too-much, a temporary, provisionary, Smug-Mode was engaged!

Took the medications but struggled to separate the Furesomide from the Codeine 60g and the Bisoprolol (In my case used: To counter blood pressure, help prevent further heart attacks, strokes and ease pains from Anne Gyna). So you can see why I asked the chemist to leave out the Furesomide, (taken on an as-and-when-needed basis) from the other two look alike pills, from the pop-pots?

But, thanks to Carrington Pharmacy, 343-345 Mansfield Rd, Carrington, Nottingham NG5 2DA, Telephone number: 0115 960 5453, just up from the Lidl store, have again let me down, and I couldn’t identify which was which tablet! So, ended up taking an unneeded water-tablet so as not to miss taking the beta-blocker.

Is anyone at all bothered at the Pharmacy? Do they care? Does the Doctor do anything when you tell her of this problem? No, is the answer to each question. The chemist did change the first month; after I had to get the INR blood nurse to ring them and explain the situation for me. Now they have gone back into their old, usual ‘Sod Inchcock, let’s kill him’ Mode again!

(Dracula Depression) I got carried away a smidge there, sorry! (I blame my ailments, Covid-19, and Tony Blair) Hehe!

Where was I? Ah, yes! I got the kettle on and took a couple of photographs of the early morning view from the hated, letting rain in, thick-framed, light & view-blocking, life-risking to clean, new kitchen windows.

I photographed these two in the Aperture-Priority setting. Not bad at all, I thought. Considering that I had just started a Shuddering-Shoulder-Shirley session as I was about to take the shots. Talk about bad timing! But she failed to destroy my efforts! Hehehe!

Did the Health Checks. BP not too bad at all, I reckon. The temperature showed up as 84° Fahrenheit, I hope, Haha!

Brewed the mug of Thompsons Punjana, and off to get the computer going. I did a graphic or two, then made up the template. And then got on with updating the Friday blog. Finished it and emailed the link, then went on the WordPress reader.

The above was in-between five wee-wees, each needed cleaning and medicating after each one – the flaming PMD (Post Micturition-Dribbling) again. A big thank-you to Carrington Pharmacy, 343-345 Mansfield Rd, Carrington, Nottingham NG5 2DA, Telephone number: 0115 960 5453, just up the road from the Lidl store, for their care and consideration in failing to split the pills, thus forcing me to take all three, which included the unneeded water tablet! Just thought I’d mention it, like!

Off to make another brew, an Extra Strong Assam this time. The clouds looked worthy of a little nephelognosy time—the first one I took in Aperture priority, the second in Landscape mode.

I went on the Facebooking catch-up. Then Pinterested some snaps. Then went of CorelDraw to make up some graphics… passed wind, and decided it would be best if I made my way to the Porcelain Throne instead. Hehehe Hastily

Expuslivications! Trouble in the innards again! Rock-solid, no movement whatsoever, yet a sort of gurgling, bubbling noise emitted from within! Oh, ‘ecky thump! I got back to CorelDrawing, with a sense of doom.

Long Memory Blanks:

I found this photo on the SD card, but could I remember making the meal or eating it? No! I was sprawled uncomfortably, with the aching body-mass mostly on the recliner, the pots washed, the kitchen tired a bit, and a mug of tea made and gone cold, but no memories of doing or any of these things? It was beginning to get dark.

The brain just didn’t seem to bother or worry about these events? I think I got down and fell asleep for a while.

I must have got up at some time, cause in the morning, I found the photo’s on the right. It bothered me a bit, I think, not the foggiest memory of taking them, or at what time.

I know I had to keep getting up for a wee-wee and got little actual sleep in total. Thanks again, the Carrington Pharmacy, 343-345 Mansfield Rd, Carrington, Nottingham NG5 2DA, Telephone number: 0115 960 5453, just up from the Lidl store, have again let me down, and I couldn’t identify which was which tablet! So, ended up taking an unneeded water-tablet, so as not to miss taking the beta-blocker.

These odd-moments of haziness and loss of memory, often happen when I am forced to take an unwanted Furesomide. 

Not that it matters to them, of course! With the Corona Virus problems, giving them hassle and problems, perhaps they should close down before they kill too many customers off, and start a Halal abattoir? Much better suited to their uncaring nature.

I also found this photo of a rather bloodless looking right leg. But the answer to why or when I took this, remains in the ether. The limbs looked okay to me? (Got a film-noir effect there?)

I do remember a realisation that it was gone midnight, and I was still awake. Mostly, having to get up for more wee-wee’s than ever before, and getting annoyed with the chemist who was to blame, and frustrated with each release. I also had to empty and sanitise the EOGPB (Emergency-Overnight-Grey-Plastic Bucket), twice, I reckon.

Yours:  Confused, indecisive, iffy, inept, insecure, irritable, inadequate, insufficiently capable, Inchie!

Inchcock Today – Thursday 8th February 2018

Thursday 8th February 2018

Serbian: Четвртак, 8. фебруар 2018

0215hrs: Woke with a bit of a headache from last nights Whoopsiedangleplop getting into the night attire and clouting the back of my head against the wall as I fell in a heap, and humiliating position with one leg in and one leg out of the jammie bottoms. Hehe!

There’s no doubt about it; I never expected old age to bring me such excitement, or confusion. Or pain. Nor more ailments than I have wrinkles on my arthritic hands and knees. Memory blanks either! But I fret not about these things, for my insanity and bêtise help to mask the truth and facts from me. Heck, did I say that? Good innit? Haha!

I struggled out of the £300 second-hand recliner without much bother at all and made my way to the Porcelain Throne. There were no stubbing of toes or any other incidents en route. However, the session was much messier than of recent visits. I put this down to the amazingly tasty meal I enjoyed last night being perhaps a tad too spicy. A clean-up and off into the kitchen.

I initially opened the window to take this photographicalisation of the foreboding murky sky. But close it again post-haste, as the icy wind blew in. Brrr! Made it through the glass.

Got the kettle on and did the Health Checks, then took the medications.

The readings looked to be perfick to me?

I got the nibble box sorted for the Winwood Social Hour Meeting later.

Computer started and got carried away reading the local newspaper site’s news. Nottingham Castle can now be seen from the Court Building now they have begun to demolish the Broad Marsh car park.

Closed Coffee cafe, shoe shop and restaurant. Two youths stabbed at Burger King on Milton Street. Courts: A rapist jailed. An aggressive street beggar who spent £150 a day on drugs banned from the City Centre. Tram drags kids pram trapped in the doors for one stop. I lost heart in reading any more.

Set about finishing off the Wednesday diary. A big one it was, so much happened yesterday. Then started on creating this one, got up to here, and went on WordPress reader.

0650hrs: Went on Facebooking. Got the raffle prizes sorted and in the bag.

I had a look at YouTube crash videos for a bit. Then tended to the ablutions, got the bag and set off to the Obergruppnefhuress Wardens Hut for the Social Hour. Dropping the waste bags thrown the chute en route, to boot!

Had a natter and a laugh with Gladys who I met on the way out. She was going to catch the bus into town.

Into the hut and asked Jenny if she would be kind enough to ring foot lady Sue for me. Who was not very pleased or happy with me. (Sue) Because as I feared, when the computer went down, and I transferred the calendar details afterwards, I did not look far enough on to see her appointment, thus it did not get put on the new diary. She could not gain entry to the flats because this idiot had gone out! Jenny arranged for her to call on next Friday, the 16th at 0930hrs. Hope I can still get the shoes, socks and slippers on by then. Hehe!

Not many people in attendance today. About 14 I reckon. But those there seemed to enjoy themselves.

I got a phone call on the mobile while chatting to BJ. I could not make out what the woman was saying, but the phone indicated it was from the doctors. Luckily Warden Deana was nearby, and I asked her to take the details. It was the INR Warfarin results. I really must take care not to cut myself – the level was 4.7! Dosages for the week were given and written down for me. 2 tablets each day, apart from today, Saturday and Monday when it is 1½. Next appointment was given, for 1020hrs on Wednesday 14th Feb. I’m so glad this receptionist did me, she is the only one who gives an appointment day and time.

The familiar warm wet feeling from the lower regions was felt and recognised. So I left early to tend to the cleaning up and medicationalisationing.

Having the PPs on, made me brave enough, to stop on the way to the apartment and take a picture of both blocks of flat and the building of the new centre one.

The workmen were hard at it on the Winchester block, starting to prepare the balconies for removal and the new ones to be installed soon.

The Winchester flats show one of the hoist cradles right at the top. It looked like some of the new cladding had been started. I assumed the yellow-gold areas were indicative of this?

I got up and into the flat without seeing any other residents. Got in and to the wet room and cleaned things up and changed PPs.

Made a brew, and got on with adding the two appointments to the written diary and online calendar.

Got the oven on to warm it up for the chips later and put the peas in the saucepan ready.

Started to update this blog. Got to here and;

It had to come. For so long now, I’ve been free of the severe ailments. Dizzy Dennis and Anne Gyna both came on at the same time. Also, the fatigue arrived so much earlier in the day than usual.

I decided to do the Health Checks and take the medication at noon and evening now.

Got the nosh prepared.

It looked good, but I ate very little of it. Just fell tired and a little out-of-sorts.

Drained and suffering a bit with Anne Gyna for some reason, and sore bottom.

I got down in the £300 second-hand recliner and did nowt much at all. I could not sleep, but getting up seemed beyond me. So I accepted things and put the TV on, that usually gets me to nod-off. It took a lot longer than usual, many mini-nod-offs later, one of them worked.

TTFN each.