Memories of Nottingham Slab Square

Above is how the Slab Square looked, even before my time.

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I’d like to offer this ‘different’ blog topic today. Most of the following photos, all connected to the Slab Square, chronologically (I hope), they show the changes made since 1929, when they started pulling down the old Exchange Building, to be replaced by the new look concrete Lions, and the Little John bell, that booms out every quarter of an hour. Sometimes when I’m in Sherwood, even I can hear it, and that’s two miles away! With the hearing aids in, naturally.


I wonder if they would let folks on the roof nowadays? Hehe!

Nottingham City Council House was officially opened by the Prince of Wales on 22nd May 1929. My Dad was there, as he frequently told me; stuck in traffic, held up by the police to let the Princes cars through, trying to deliver his load of British Railway Parcels to a shop on South Parade.

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♫ Memories Are Made of This… ♫

I wasn’t there, Dad wouldn’t let me go. (Hahaha!)

I was only an ankle snapper then.

I remember this fair. I was working at Tesco at the time, and had to from the Radford Road store to the Maid Marion Way one to take some cash… or it might be the other way around? Either way, I got a jolley good rollicking of manager Derek Down when I got back late on the motorbike, due to someone opening the fair and the roads being blocked off, as I recall. Humph!

Ah, my romantic period, this was. Not that I had a lot of success!

Look at those taxis on the right, South Parade. All Morris Oxfords or Austin Cambridges, very rarely any other model of car. The fair showing on the meter would start at 6d (2½p). Happy times, although the shared physical jerks were at a premium around this time! Bit of a blue period.

Got arrested at the football match at the City Ground. Thrown in a gigantic black maria, and let out at the end of the match.

Doing a bit better with gals now… Hehehe! Met Grizelda and had four weeks of rampant, beautiful, gorgeous, constant… I nearly got carried away there!

First time I’ve been late for work in my life. Not surprising!

Tsk! Young, middle-aged, mature ladies, lying around with hardly any clothes on! Showing things that old men like wot I am shouldn’t be looking at… Oh dearie me! I was so embarrassed… And my missing the bus home three times meant I was forced to sit there in ogling mode, for four hours! Ahem!

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So, there it is then.

If you want old buildings, a punch-up, be mugged, get arrested, or a face-full of cheap imitation Russian-supplied Parva-spray, the best place to visit, is Nottingham!

Bit, I must warn you, public toilets are thin on the ground here.

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Robin Hood, Robin with his band of men…

Inchcock Today – Friday 6th October 2017

Friday 6th October 2017

0245hrs: Stirred and somewhat annoyed at not being able to recall any of the dozens of dreams that somehow, I knew I’d been having?

Again the mind started being troublous to my sanity. As it wandered off on its own route, pondering on the unanswerables and valueless meandering in search of the missing clue to a blithe existence. It soon fell back into its standard regular timid diffidence mode, the moment I stubbed my toe against the Ottoman as I extracted the overweight body out of the £300 second-hand recliner. Grumph!

Into the kitchen, did the Health Checks.

I’ll not mention the weight. Ahem!

Medications were taken. Twinges from Arthur Itis in the knees and Hippy Hilda was far from happy, too. But, not complaining, for Hernia Harry, Duodenal Donald, Harold’s Haemorrhoids and Reflux Roger were all being kind to me.

I pondered on how to get to the Nottingham Goose Fair to take the photographs later in the day. I think a nice slow walk there should be done in an hour-and-a-half or so. Then an hour or so of my walking about and I can get a bus back into Sherwood and hope to catch an L9 electric-bus up the hill to the flats. Or, maybe get a tram to Nottingham and L9 bus from there? Decision making is not my most compelling attribute. Huh! I’ll have to excogitate my plans to see if they will work timewise.

Went out on the balcony to take this photographicalisation of 0530hrs morning view.

Computer turned on and yesterdays diary finished off and posted.

Perused the Emails and WordPress readings.

Read the Nottingham Email from the Evening Post, and found the police had chased a gang of five youths in a stolen Corsa, had to stop the pursuit because it became too dangerous. Later they found it had crashed and burst into flames, 200 yards from the old house. Of course, no one was arrested or even seen.

I did an order for Christmas, while I could get a delivery spot from Morrisons. Then did one for next week.

Ablutions were done and readied me for the trip to get the photographs from Nottingham Goose Fair.

A good crowd at the bus stop. But no one spoke to me, despite my efforts to get a conversation going, apart from Welsh Bill.

Into town and .caught a tram, dropping off at Asda (Walmart) to get some fish, Stilton Mini-cheddars and Wine vinegar.

This, because I realised that the Goose Fair will not be open yet. I’d arrived too early. Still, it means I should be able to get around more safely to take the pictures.

I got some Smoked Haddock with butter boil-in-the-bag type and wine vinegar.

Out of the store and up to the Fairground.

Later, I did a post with all of the photographs I took.

Had a painful hobble around.

So many food outlets, stall, vans etc. compared to last year.

Only a very few other visitors at this early hour, most of the stalls had not started setting up yet.

Other than the food ones, that is.

With weary feet, delicate innards and feeling a little dispirited, I caught a tram back into town.

The vehicle was cram-packed with Nottinghamians, and I had to stand, but it was only a short journey.

Dropped off in town and took some photographs of the Slab Square.

The shiny but unwarm sun causing problems with my photographic skills with its brightness.

The pigeons were taking a shower in the fountains.

The people around all looked like I felt, depressed, frustrated and sour!

I wonder if there is a new illness that is causing this mass dissatisfaction amongst the Nottingham folks?

I strolled up Market Street and into Trinity Square, with its rows of various eateries on either side as I walked miserably down between them towards Milton Street on my way to visit the Poundland Shop. An excellent choice of places to spend your money on eating here. Greek, Italian, West Indian, Fish & Chips, BBQ, Sub-way, French, Polish, Pub-Grub etc.

In Poundland, I got a large bottle of antiseptic disinfectant. I’ve a feeling I might need this, what with the signs of innards trouble brewing up intestinally.

Out onto Milton Street and down to Upper Parliament Street. I took a long zoomed in photo of the end of Clinton Street.

Hidden behind the crowds near the boarded up door in the closed down shop on the corner, were four chaps who seemed to be playing the same tune over and over on the instruments as they were the other day. Badly! I’d hate to be having to work in premises nearby with that unwelcome jarring, grating cacophony belting away all day long.

Got to the bus stop on Queen Street, and nearly got clobbered by this Nottingham Pavement Cyclist as she tore down the hill.

Not many folks got on the bus en route.

I was not in a good state as I walked back to the flats. Felt right low for some reason. The INR level so high I might not get the teeth done, rumbling innards, toothache, Hippy Hilda, Anne Gyna, noisy git above my apartment and Dizzy Dennis visits should not have caused this catatonic, almost dysphoric state of mind because I am used to living with them.

So why so depressed?

Got into the flat to find a note had been posted through the letterbox.

The builders need access to remove the lock to the balcony area and secure area?

This caused my already low spirits to sink further. The date you see, 13th October… the time of my long awaited (If the INR level is in the range that is) visit to the Dentist to get the teeth sorted! Why do these essential things always come at the weekend when I can do nothing (Other than forget about them by the Monday) about them!

I fell deeper into self-pity mode and frustration.

All I could force myself to be interested in now was getting something to eat and the head down.

Did the health checks and took the medications. As I was doing this, Trotsky Terence forced me into the throne room. A messy session, I knew this was coming. Tsk!

Cleaned up and got on with preparing the meal.

The spuds I’d left cooking in the crock-pot were all ready. All I had to do was open a can of garden peas and the Smoked Kippers in vegetable sauce. Yet this seemed a mammoth task to me?

Although an excellent looking plate of fodder, I didn’t eat it all. A rarity!

Took this snap of the evening sky. But I’m afraid I could not appreciate it as much as I usually might have. Feeling so down! And irritated with me for being so.

I watched more TV in a night without nodding off than I have done ever, I think. Sleep, although I felt in need of it, just did not come easily.

A lousy dream filled night when it did arrive. Humph!

Goose Fair visit Friday 6th October 2017 – Photographicalisations

Looking back, this visit was not a good idea. Old Inchcock was not in the best of health, spirits or condition. But the fool really wanted to get some photographs of the Goose Fair to put on his blog.

So he set off and caught a bus into town and a tram out to the Fairground on the Forest Recreation Ground. Of course, the idiot didn’t realise that he’s gone too early, and the fair would not be open yet, some stallholders and ride owners were not in attendance, however!

So he poddled to the Asda Store and got off the tram to get some fish to kill some time.

When he had walked back to the Forest the place was still not open. So he took a hobble around with his trusty camera at the ready, anyway.

Entering, he saw that the food outlets near the entrance were all there getting things ready to overcharge the Nottingham populace when they had returned from collecting their dole money and shoplifting.

The old Horses ride seemed ready for the Nottinghamians to arrive. I liked the running board on it, all ready to trip someone up.

There were three similar rides to this he noticed on his limp around. Six giant teacups to be spun around in?

He was very interested in these old working lorries. But annoyed that the bright cold sun was making it difficult for the old-codger to get decent photographicalisations.

He managed to take this one of the ready to go Big Wheel, turned and nearly tripped over a power cable laid across the ground.

The old galoot was impressed with this ride. He thought back to his younger days and the sad fact that he never owned a train set. The twit was already in a depressed mood with this noisy neighbours clanging and banging for the flat above his, the toothache and today, Anne Gyna giving him some lousy stick, now the clot has started looking back on his life! The Fool!

On the back row of food stalls, he noticed that despite an excellent mix of foods being cooked on the various outlets, he could not identify the origin of any of them? A wide choice on offer, though. West Indian, Chinese, Burgers, Hot Peas, Seafood, Sweets, Polish, Slushes, Ice-creams and so many BBQ ones.

His favourite food one was the BBQ Smoker Train with the oven where the engine should have been. He remembered this one from last year when he made a graphic of the photo he took then. He thought he would try to do another one this year. Funny how he can remember that when his can’t remember what he had for a nosh and forgot to take last nights medications?

As he left to catch the tram into the City and a bus to his living cube in the sky, exhaustion overcame the coffin-dodger, his innards started to rumble and grumble, wind escaped from his rear quarters, and Dizzy Dennis visited him.

The oldfangled fellow felt fatigued but glad he had got these photographs taken today for his beloved (But only by him) blog.

As he travelled in the fully ladened tram, having to stand cause it was full, he thought… “Oh… did I put me sim-card in the camera?”

Sad innit?

Inchcock Today Fri 7 Oct 16: Hobble to Goose Fair to get some photographicalisationing done – Mistake that turned out to be, Humph!


Friday 7th October 2016

Laid there for a while, trying to recollect the details of the dreams, but only rough outlines were there. Nothing concrete. 0400hrs: Rose out of the £300 second-hand recliner chair and out or a WRHD.

To the kitchen to make a cuppa and take the medications.

Updated the dairies, popped on the scales, realised I needed to get some exercise in, so decided to go to have the walk around the Nottingham Goose Fair later today. Take some piccies for my TFZer cyber pals.

Opened the curtains to find it was raining and very windy outside. This raised the question, should I go out hobbling in this weather?

At 0545hrs, some bad person from the twelfth floor dropped something down the rubbish chute – Tsk! It didn’t bother me, partly due to me partial deafness and me being up anyway, but I thought it was not nice for anyone still sleeping to be woken up at this time in the morning!

Finished the diaries and started this one off. Did a bit more work on the new Graphics for TFZers.

Did the ablutions and carbolicalisationing of my nether regions.

Popped in to see Olive. She was in excellent, good nick again today. After several telling offs, (Well two), she gave me her rubbish bags to drop into the chute and kissed me goodbye. This brought an old song to my mind…

♫ “Wish me luck as you wave me goodbye
Cheerio, here I go, on my way
Wish me luck as you wave me goodbye
Not a tear, but a cheer, make it gay
Give me a smile I can keep all the while
In my heart, while I’m away
‘Till we meet once again, you and I
Wish me luck as you wave me goodbye” ♫

This is, the rather tiring and painful route I then took, to get to the Nottingham Goose Fair, calling into the GP surgery en route.

5fri01a5fri02Set out along Chestnut Walk to the end and right down onto Winchester Hill.

It was threatening to rain again, but the wind was not high as had been forecast. As yet.

As I walked down the hill, a young lady passed me, and I noticed her hair colouring.

5fri03I spied the roof on the National Laundry buildings on the hill. Now V

A bit dodgy looking I thoughts, and this took me back to thinking about the problems with the roof on the old house, and difficulties I had with Cowboy Builders trying to get it sorted out.

I felt so happy suddenly, knowing all 5fri04that is behind me now at last.

As I sang aloud Frank Ifield’s “She Taught Me How to Yodel”.

A young lady overtook me on the pavement and smile at me, then burst out laughing as she carried on!

I have to say; I liked her hair colouring a lot.

I pressed on to Sherwood, then Carrington and called in the surgery to confirm the date and time for my next INR blood test. She verified Tuesday 11th October for my Pneumonia Jab, Tuesday 18th for a for the Reflux Tests, Wednesday 19th for the Trental blood checks and Monday 24th for the next INR test. Glad I went in and asked now! Hehe!

Carried on through Carrington and 5fri06right into Gregory Boulevard passed the island with the Giant Goose on it as is usual and over the zebra crossing.

Along the Boulevard towards the actual Goose Fair Site

Still early yet, not many folks about at 5fri05all.

Spotted this part full bottle of full-fat milk on a tree stump at the side of the road.

As I took a look at it, a Pavement Cyclist nearly had me over; the git brushed against my left arm making me jump a bit. Humph! He was too quick to me photographed, and I’d just 5fri07put the camera away from taking the milk shot.

As I neared the fair, I took this zoomed photographicalisation of it.

Almost barren of visitors?

I turned left at the junction and walked up into the grounds.


5fri08aTook some photographs of food stalls to put on the TFZ site later.

On the way out of the grounds, another Pavement Cyclist almost had me over – got him this time cause I had my camera in my hand taking the food retailers shots.

The git!

5fri09The feet and knees were pretty bad as I climbed the hill and down, the up again into the City Centre.

Noticed this Murder of Crows nearby, and as I could see as I got close to them, it became apparent why they had gathered. One of them had stolen some pitta bread, and they all now wanted a piece.

5fri10I got into town and called at the Poundland Shop and had a look for bargains, as I had a while before the L9 bus was due.

Found some Thermal Socks at two pairs for a quid.

Had a stroll, well, a rather painful limp really, around.

6sat08I noticed that Clinton Street was in its usual cram-packed with shoplifter…, no, I am shoppers condition.

Made my way back to the L9 bus terminus and awaited its arrival.

Thought it might rain for a moment, but it passed.

Caught the bus and when we had gone about 3 miles, the roads were all soaked, so somewhere had the rain then.

Met some tenants at the bus stop when I arrived home, only time the littlest gossip as I was in need of a desperate WRWW and to get into me slippers! Hehe!

Which I did ASAP after getting in. Got the vegetables warming and potatoes simmering. The lamb hotpot ready to go in the oven later.

Sorted the photographs I’d taken and got them on the laptop. Updated this for an hour or so, then got the lamb into the oven.

Anne Gyna was easing off a bit now. Had some tomato juice with the medications then onto Facebook for a while.

Started doing Facebooking and the fire alarm went off. So I’m off to investigate.

Nothing found anywhere, no Emergency services arrived. Am I going potty and hearing things? (More than usual that is, hehe!)

The aches and pains were making me suffer for me marathon hobble. Tsk!

p1120043Took the medications.

Got the fodder served up.

A tasty effort tonight. The last lamb hotpot, Crock-pot vegetables, mushrooms, carrots, swede, garden peas and leeks, two boiled potatoes.

Followed by a lemon drizzle, a banana and an apple. Perfect!

Almost fell asleep eating it, I was so worn out and aching all over. But I’d had a good days exercise and enjoyed doing the photographs.

Tried to watch some TV, but it was a ridiculous attempt, nodded off so many times I got confused as to what time and day it was when kept waking up. Hehehe!

Inchcock Today: Saturday 4th October 2014


Saturday 4th October 2014

Woke up 0245hrs, or rather sprang awake really.


Then wondered why I had come out of me sleep so suddenly.

I just had to have a look around the flea-pit to see if I’d had intruders to settle my mind. Stubbed me toe on the way and swore a bit.

Took a peep outside, all I could see were two intoxicated personages walking down the middle of the road in sight.


Tried to get some more kip again.

Woke again at 0425hrs.

Put some Clotromozole cream on the ‘Inch’, it wasn’t bleeding too much this morning (Yet?).


Tried to get some more kip again but gave up after a while.

0535hrs: Came down, but pots in soak, started laptop made cuppa and took medications.

Must remember to sort out how to tackle me trip to see me sister later today to arrive about 1300hrs as they requested and I gave them as my ETA. Because today is the big day for the Goose Fair mob and football fans travelling.

Updated this tosh and perused Facebook for a while.

aaaa3I was sat sitting ‘here on me laptop… not sitting on the laptop, but sitting using the laptop if yer see worra mean, I wus actually sitting on me stool at the laptop wot I was using like, the laptop not the stool, although I was using the stool as well was I not?… er… what was I gonna post?…
Oh yes… the sky outside (Well it would be wouldn’t it) turned into a red hue like I’ve never seen before.
So I went out and took a photo of it. Odd innit?

Odd innit?

Spent a while doing a bit of blogging preparation and Facebooking.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThen went up and had a wash un shave and titivated myself.

Got the goodies packed up for Jan and Pete, made sure (Sureish that is) I’d got everything I needed with me, and set off on me walk into town – then saw the rain, but continued onward cause that’s the type of chap I am… Stupid!

The cut-though to Mansfield Road looked more like a stream, but I pressed on.

06St04All went okay until I got to the hill up passed the Goose Fair pedestrian entrance and the cemetery.

The drains in the road further up had obviously been blocked be all the falling leave and a min torrent was pouring down the hill – naturally a bus came up and created its own mini-tidal wave that kindly filled me bag on the right with rainwater, and left me with a wet right trouser leg!

I believe I might have said something like “Well blow me down fancy that?”

The left knee was not as bad as it has been this morning, and I couldn’t tell if ‘Inchy’ was bleeding or not due to the bus-soaked wet trousers as I squelched limping along. I actually laughed about it. Further proof of my mental status’ deterioration I think.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAGot into town and caught the bus out to West Bridgford (Oh I do love me free bus-pass) and the rain eased off a tad, and by the time I dismounted the bus, it had stopped altogether.

A lady on a mobility scooter threatened fleetingly as she pulled out in front of me, but I cunningly avoided a collision that she knew nothing about.

I hobbled to the house of Jane and Pete, sending a text message that I was due in ten minutes and to get the kettle on sharpish.

06St05When I arrived, a cuppa was being poured our fer me – smashing!

I told em the tale of me meals at home and the bleeding Inch, then woke them up to hear their tales of the week.

Pete sorted out me new camera holder and shown me how it worked. A 4-9-4 3general natter followed and Pete took a photo with me new camera, then showed me how to delete it.

Jane wanted me to take some photo’s of her new plants in the garden – that she got with he prize money from cleverly winning a crossword competition.

4-9-4 4I took the first picture with the new camera (I’ve named Suzanne), and the others with the old one (Grizelda).

Pete was busy working upstairs by now and Jane pointed out to me that the bus was due in ten minutes, so I said my farewells and limped to the bus stop.

Caught the bus to town and called in the Chinese shop to get some cheesey-seaweed. (Gone up now to £1.89 from £1.69 – Tut!)

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWalked through the City Centre where they had some show on about old folk, but I was the only old folk there.

I struggled up King Street, managing to avoid the skateboarders and Big issue sellers alright.

Then over the road to the bus stop for a Carrington bus.

Limped off and walked back to the flea-pit, yobboes lurking at the far end of the street.

Got in and thought although it was late for me and I was tired, I’d try out how to get the photo’s from the new camera to me laptop so I could send them to Jane and Pete.

Whatta mistake to maka…

I’d loader all the photographs into Coreldraw to resize up nicely like… halfway through Coreldraw did it again – onlt saved em in black and white…

So, turned all me programmes off, removed all the Coreldraw files, restarted the laptop, re-installed the Coreldraw9 programme.

Restarted the laptop as it told me to.

And it worked again in colour.

By now I was well tired and frustrated… again.

Eventually managed to update this Diary of Woe. A weary lad…

Inchcock’s Diary: Friday 3rd October 14


Incorporating Photograph visit of Inchcock to Nottingham’s Goose Fair on Opening Day – today

Up at 0450hrs tending to me throbbing 05F03bloodied and very sore ‘Inch’. I was 05F04tempted to put bandage on, but 05F05remembered Dr Vindla’s advice not to.


Tried to recollect dream I’d been having, but couldn’t drag it out of my brain while I clean him up applied the Clotromozole cream and filled the laundry basket again.

Got an email yesterday from me Sister and Brother in law giving me permission to visit them on Saturday but only after 1200hrs. They are also so busy, I bet they wondered how they ever managed when they were working.

Came down around 0600hrs, started laptop, made a cuppa and took me medications post haste.

(It’s stopped bleeding now)

Updated this diary.

When the new BT Infitity finally loaded after several minutes being given the option of closing or waiting 05F06for it to load notifications, I eventually got on the web! (Huh!)

Spent many happy hours doing graphics and facebooking.

Went up to cleanse shave and beautify myself and get me togs on for me walk to the Nottingham Hospice Charity Shop in Sherwood. And oh dearie me… the blood from the ‘Inch’ had soaked through me undies trousers and into me dressing-gown!

Kitchen towels to the fore, and extra Clotromozole cream applied – gently, very ever so gently!

It took yonks to get it to stop again. I thought about going somewhere medical about it, but when it did stop, I chickened out.

Worried me a bit that, cause me Warfarin INR 05F07level must be pretty high for me to have stopped in on me own like.

On my walk to the Charity shop I thought it would be a good idea (Being as I’d remembered me camera) to go afterwards to the Goose Fair that was just starting on the Forest afterwards.

So I did. I managed to just miss three buses that were at the bus-stop and I couldn’t get there quick enough to catch one.

I dropped off at the wrong bus-stop, to early. So I hobbled up to the Goose Fair site, and went in the East entrance off of Mansfield Road.

05F08The smells from the multitude of take away stalls hit me first, then a woman with double push chair hit me second; right on arthritic left knee too!

The uneven ground played havoc with me feet and knees.

The few kids that were there seemed to be enjoying themselves.

05F09I couldn’t stop checking me Inch for leaks, spoilt me walk really.

I’ll put these photographs onto me Nottingham Goose Fair album on me Facebook page later. Might use the one about the new ride on Troll Free Zone, might give em a laugh.. or not.

Wandered through the stalls and rides 05F09b(painfully cause of the uneven ground) and decided enough was enough, and left onto Gregory Boulevard.

Noticing the security staff sat gossiping and on their ipods or something like that.

The first rubbish bin I came to on the Boulevard was in a right state already, Tsk.

I limped literally back to Carrington, and then nipped bravely into the Lidl store to get some bread and bananas. That brought back the thoughts of how my ‘Inch’ was doing, but I could feel no moisture.

I’ll definitely have to see Dr Vindla. Mind you, I’ve got an appointment on Monday, I must try to find out what time cause for some reason I didn’t put it on me diary.

Hey-ho, microwave sausage sandwiched for me tonight.

I do live well yer know…

TTFN all.