Inchcockski – Tues 5th Nov 19: Soaked to the skin, Farcical Physio session, and got soaked again going home! Stayed awake to snap the fireworks, but I’m not too hopeful! Asda, cancelled my order?

1 Nov 05

2019 Tnov 05

Tuesday 5th November 2019

Swahili: Jumanne Tarehe 5 Novemba 2019

0Nov 05

WD 0.30.0b 23:00hrs: Having nodded off early last night, even for me, I stirred into imitation life, with a sore throat, runny nose, a raving thirst, and wind coming out of most of my bodily orifices! Yes, I’ve caught a cold.

I lay there on the Xyrophobia-suffering, house-breaking, Brother-in-Law Pete damaged, while he was flat sitting when I was in the Stroke Ward, and he fitted new CCTC cameras and searched for my valuables, which he found and took, (I still haven’t got them back yet six-months later). The £300, second-hand, near-dilapidated, gungy-beige coloured, c1968, sometimes working-but not today, uncomfortable, rickety, rinky-dinked, rattling, rusty, resurrected, reconditioned, recalcitrant, recidivating and rotting-away recliner, pondering. Should I go to the After-Stroke Physio Session or not today? After hemming and hawing, this remains irresultative. Uncertain, undecided, and undetermined. I certainly don’t have any energy or desire to attend and be ridiculed and embarrassed by wearing the PPs and struggling with the pain of the exercises… Mmm? At the same time, I am the only one of the few patients, that has attended every meeting up to now. But it was so cold in that church hall last week… And they took the piss, silently, but I picked up on it, about my wearing the PP’s as they showed through the trousers… The of Arthur Itis Knees are giving me some stick, and I’ve not even got up on my feet yet, Oh, sod it. I’ll decide later.

I gingerly evacuated the recliner, caught my balance, grabbed the stick, and set off to the kitchen. Got the kettle on, and jiggled the handwashing done last night, and got them on the airers.

2Tue01I made a good-strong brew of the Thompson tea and took the medications.

Began on the computer to do the updating of the Monday post. The fingertips were a bit bothersome with losing sensitivity when touching anything hard, which meant it took a long time to get done, five hours! However, the internet signal was doing alright for me, up to now. I sent it off to WordPress and then went on the Reader Section.

2Tue02aThe Porcelain Throne was needed, and I got to the wet room in plenty of time for once. Not so messy this time at all, but lots of it again, and a bit of bleeding afterwards. However, Little Inchy was not leaking or bleeding, that was good! I changed PP’s and had a close look at the plates-of-meat, after their treatment yesterday. Now I have got to remember to go back in two weeks, to book the next appointment. I’ll put it in the Google Calendar now… All done! I’ll make a Morrison order methinks for next week, while I think of it, and I have time to now, with getting up so ridiculously early again. My EQ tells me to expect tsuris today. So maybe it would be best not to go to the Physio session? Anyway, I’ll get the order made up. All done!

2Tue04WD 0.30.0b A brew and some flakes, now I’ll get the ablutions done. An amazingly good session this morning. Erm, only two things dropped. Oh, yes! The razor (6), and the soap (3)… oh, and the toothbrush (3). 

It got a  bit repetitive, I must say! Humph!

2Tue05WDP 08R02aI got myself ready for the walk in the rain and dark to catch the bus. I piled three rubbish bags on the trolley, and put some cleaned jars for the glass recycling bin. Down and out to Robert’s (Caretaker) area. And despite my best efforts to take a viewable picture of the bin, with only my three sauce bottles, and every other one an alcoholic beverage of some sort. And again, I spotted an empty Absyinth bottle when the flash-flashed, so as to speak. This was the best of several tries, I’ll have to consult Tim Price about this. I’ll beg him to share his expert photographicalisational skills. Many photographs were taken in the dark this morning, and really came put dark, but not all of them. I’m a tad confused as to what I was doing wrong. I was using the Canon camera, as well!

The first photo from outside Woodthorpe Court, on Chestnut Walk. Second, a shop of when I pushed the three-wheeler-guide through a puddle, to clean the wheels before I got on the bus. Oh, I am a good boy! The last one of a Nottingham City Homes -repair van shooting up the hill to the flats, which caught me out! It was about five past seven in the morning, so, either they had an emergency to go to, or they may have left their fags or Guinness in a flat yesterday, maybe? Hahaha! I’m a witty boy, too! (Well, perhaps not!)

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The bus arrived, and had to overpay again! With Xyrophobia-suffering, house-breaking, Brother-in-Law Pete half-inching my loose change, and the notes and collectables as well, by the way. Thanks, Peter! The driver did his best to have me on the floor, but I managed to get into a side-saddle seat, alright. As the bus filled up, I was so proud of my dodging any injuries from the Nottinghamian hoards that got on the bus. I decided cunningly, that once in the city I’ll call at Tesco first for bread and Flaky-Pastry fingers. Then out of the shopping centre into Milton Street and down to the Poundland shop, that should be open by then. Before hobbling to the St Andrew’s with Castle Gate URC Church. The rain made me move a little quicker than I would have liked.

2Tue08aI took a snap of the giant electronic advertising board as I crossed the road after getting off of the bus. This turned out to be another of the extremely dark for some reason pictures? It baffled me, why? I walked the length of the mall to the other end, and into Tesco. No rush, I had plenty of time, so I went on a bargain or treat hunt! Which took some time. I came put with: Treats for Christmas (I just hope the bomb works for Brother-in-Law Pete!) Hahahaha, only joking, honest! Milk Roll bread, pack of puff-pastry fingers, and some biscuits for the gang at the After-Stroke Physio Torture, I mean session.

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WD 0.30.0b I had a mini-funny-turn as I left the checkout. But it was not a prolix or sustained one, though, and I was back on the hobble within minutes – out into the wet, drenched Milton Street. I’m a bit of a pluviophile, but the wind and cold with the precipitation took the edge off of my enjoyment. Especially with trying to control the guide and the umbrella! Made my way to Parliament Street Poundland store.

I got some nibbles for the break at the physio, some orange chocolate digestives for myself, some cough and cold medicine/linctus for children, that might help ease my sore throat. I paid at the self serve-tills, and stood outside under the cover and took some photographs of Parliament Street to the left and right.

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4Thu08eOff to the church hall, and found there were eight stroke-survivors there already, and the nurse and Obergruppenfurheress team leader. I handed the nibbles on the counter in the kitchen area.

The gang didn’t seem to keen when I asked a few of them of they were doing alright. Precious answered me though, lovely woman, who later I was paired with again, for the exercises along with the Nigerian lady who is still struggling with the language. Still, smiles and laughs helped the three of us to communicate. Doing the bending of the knees exercise’s were excruciating, not that anyone other than I was interested. Haha! Precious and the other gal and I, still managed a few giggles.

WDP09LWD 0.30.0b When we moved on from the stepping up routine to the sit and stand one, I wanted to tell the nurse I could not cope with it, but foolishly persevered, until I fell over missed the chair, fell over and took the trolley guide down with me. They were anxious and concerned for me… they ask me, “How did you do that?” – I told them I didn’t know, and the nurse told me to leave this exercise out and just sit there until you move on to the next one!” I sat there until I moved on to the next one! Oy Vey!

When the to me silly gentle music and a voice speaking so low I cannot hear them session started, I moved away, which did not go down too well. I was sorry, but a voice (even if I could listen to it), telling me to think of a beach, and the water and sunshine, dangle your feet in the… You get the idea? It does not calm me down, I was already calm, despite my clattering to the floor and being soaking wet. Hehe!

We had drinkies, and the nibbles were handed out. This week they were soon wolfed-down and pleased me muchly. In the games of bowls, the two gals who were partnered with me earlier won a game each, Smashing! I made sure the others joined my clapping and congratulating them. It cheered them both up a little, and I felt great!

Unfortunately, once again, we finished the session, just as the L9 bus would be leaving Queen Street. So I had another hour to wait for the next one. I said my farewells, got wet and a hundred yards or so down the road, and returned for the carrier bag of fodder I’d left in the hall. What a Yutz I am!

I hobbled down to the slab square. I took photographs from left to the right.

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WD 0.30.0b Then I went into the book shop on Long Row – a fatal move. I spotted a 1950’s book on the cars of the time. Of course, I bought it! Tsk!


2Tue18I made my way to Queen Street and decided to catch the 40 bus. It was only a few minutes before the L9 was due, but this bus gets close to the flats in about ten-minutes quicker than the L9 does. Mind you, I then have to tackle crossing the road on the steep hill and sharp bend, but still, I enjoyed getting soaked again, waiting for a gap in the traffic! Oh, dearie me!

2Tue26I got down Chestnut Walk eventually, the. And took this picture of Winwood Heights in the rain.

WD 0.30.0b Then I dropped the umbrella after taking the photo, and it could not have landed more perfectly, right on my corn! Argh!

2Tue27As I limped on towards home. I had to get off of the pavement, to avoid getting some of the thousands of leaves on the wheels of the trolley guide. Then having to spend ages in the rain cleaning it up to get it free of detritus enough to go inside the flats.

WD 0.30.0b So, I walked in the roadway, through an unseen puddle! And ended up with squelching sounds coming from the socks and shoes!

At this stage, my confidence and willpower were being tested to the full! And I was losing! Hahaha!

2Tue28I got to in through the Winwood Court lobby and walked along the link-passage into Woodthorpe Court. By gum, it was cold in the Woodthorpe Court lift lobby! Where the lads were working still, on the Fire Sprinkler installation, as you can see in the picture here.

2Tue30Up in the lift, and into the flat. The thirst was still at its height, and I got the kettle on to have a mug of Thompson tea and took the evening medications.

I pondered about what to do next. The Asda delivery is due, but not until 1830 > 2030hrs.

I didn’t need any wee-wees (A little worrying that!) I decided to have milk roll sarnies, ham and tomatoes, and maybe a few chips? But not until the fodder had been delivered.

I set about updating this blog. The fingers, arm, shoulder, and right leg were not wicked at all? I worked away like a good un, for about five hours, then at long last, I needed a wee-wee. A disappointing VWYSAO (Very-Weak-Yet-Spraying-All-Over), but very little actually flowed?

I heard some banging and knocking, and went to see if the Fire Sprinkler lads were in the lobby, but it was some carpet fitters doing Josie’s new floor covering. I nipped out with a mini-bottle of Gordon’s Gin for her. She asked me if I was trying to get her drunk. I replied, “Oh, yes!” Hahaha!

2Tue29I had a look-out from the crumbling balcony, to see if any fireworks were going off to photograph yet, but there were none in sight.

I imagine they will be on show later on. But will I stay awake long enough?

WD 0.30.0b Half an hour later, it was getting very murky out there, but no signs of any Guy Fawkes festivities yet. I took a shutter-priority and Night view picture of roughly the same area. Oh, heck, they did come out disappointingly!


2Tue42The intercom would not let me view the entrance door at all! But it did show No missed calls and Do Not Disturb option not chosen. So, had the Asda delivery arrived, I think I should have heard or seen the light come on?

As the Asda-Walmart delivery was awaited, I took some shots of the fireworks.


The last one of the above is only of the moon: I missed the rockets going up. Huh!

I made the sarnies and bagged them and back into the fridge for after the Asda-Walmart delivery arrives. I put the TV on with subtitles and watched it in silence, not wanting to miss hearing the food coming. Hours later, I was wondering if they had delivered to the wrong flat?

WDPright05a2Tue43WD 0.30.0b So, I checked on the Emails, to find this on there from Asda! I was gutted!

All the staying up late and depriving myself of sleep again! Mind you, other retailers have done this to me before, with no real reason. Tesco (2), Morrison (1) Iceland (3), and this is the second time that Asda-Walmart has let me down. I can get melancholy, cynical, distrustful, curmudgeonly, suicidal, and mardy, you know! He-he!

2Tue44Pee’d off with things now! I got the sarnies put did the chips and piled other stuff on the plate. Until I saw this photo, I wasn’t sure what I had attempted to eat.

WD 0.30.0b I was feeling irritated and belligerent! But as for eating, this did not happen, I fell asleep, wakinWDP 13eRg four hours later, finding that I had tipped the whole meal into the waste bin, all the fodder, fork and spoon included! I was struggling to breathe, the sore throat and cough started off… More to follow on tomorrows revealing episode of, The Nottingham Lads True Tales of Woe. Unless I snuff it, but that’s only to be expected!


Inchcock Today – Frid 12 July: Most hurtful day for months. Power cut supplied via the sprinkler fitters, for seven hours! Pissed-offedness all day!

2019 July 12

2019 July 11

Friday 12th July 2019

Scots Gaelic: Dihaoine 12 Luchar 2019

01:30hrs: I woke up with a start, and in surprisingly good spirits, beyond one’s expectations, considering my physical and mental health situation. This worried me somewhat. Naturally, this was most unnatural for me. Hehe!

I was out of the £300, second-hand, c1968, grotty and fading grungy-beige coloured, rickety-recliner, in no time, and with no seriously hard pains or troubles (Summat else to fret about, this is all so incredible to me! Haha!)

WD b 0.0.255 The EGPWWB (Emergency Grey Plastic Wee-Wee Bucket) was utilised. But the welcome SSWWs (Short-Sharp-Wee-Wees) of yesterday, was replaced with a terribly-trying and painful ELDOPWW (Extra-long-Drawn-Out-Persistent-Wee-Wee). By the time it was over, it felt like the time gained in my getting up so early had all been lost!

Pain 01RWDA b 0.0.255 As I hobbled over to get the slippers on, one of possibly, my equal-best-ever toe-stubbings was suffered, against the large Ottoman! The pain and residual stinging were so chronic for a while. I was so pleased (And Surprised at my will-power!) and that I kept my wailing and cursing in a silent mode. Well, I think I did!

5Fri01I made a brew and finished off the hand-washing I’d left soaking in the bowl.

I noticed later, the moon seemed to be red and low, in the night sky.  So, I opened the unwanted light & view blocking kitchen window, with the glass to clean that is unreachable, and took this terrible photo. It was drizzling a bit outside.

Pain 01RWDA b 0.0.255 As I started the computer to update the Thursday post, the summoning from the innards for the Porcelain Throne to be visited, was answered. I really believed that the last couple of evacuations I’d taken were the most painful ever – I was wrong! This one must have come close to the claim, though! This massive, colossal evacuation must have been one of the biggest-ever! It needed several flushing! As for the discomfort… Arrgh! Things were getting back to my regular unhappy happenings now, after the over-optimistic start to the day. Hehehe!

Back to the computerisationing. The fingers and hands, in fact, apart from the dancing leg, all the other right limbs were not playing up at all! Even the Virgin Media was going well (I beg that I don’t regret saying this later!). Only three wee-wees were needed over the hours it took to do the post. Every one now of the RWPSWW (Reluctant-Weak-Painful-Spraying-Wee-Wee) style. Which was fair-enough for me; at least I could tell when things had stopped, cause the pain eased off. Haha!

Many hours later, I got the post all finished and sent it off to WordPress. Then I realised I had not taken the morning medications yet. What a fertummelt old fool I am!

5Fri005Off into the kitchen, even having the nous and sense to stop half-way, and returned for the walking stick. (Smug-pleased-with-oneself-Mode-Adopted!).

As I opened the unwanted light & view blocking new window to take a shot of below, I took a blind shot. This being due to my fear of using the stepladder and coming off of it again manifestly, perspicuously, and colliding with the floor, and ending up with back pain and a bruise on my bonce! When I leant out to take the picture, the smell was a delight to my nostrils. It was obviously the petrichor of the late evening downp5Fri004our, that had dried up or was drying up quickly, judging by the marks in Chestnut Way, and raindrops on the unwanted, nasty, wide, overhanging, black-painted, photographers-nightmare window ledge.

The clouds looked nice but were later covered in a light mist or fog, as was the distant views.

5Fri003aI put the olive oil in the ears, and drops in the eyes, the cream on Harold’s Haemorrhoids. Then got the medication out from the blister-pack, and made a tasty strong brew of the Glengettie Assam tea, and took them with me to the computer, Alway a dodgy, risky thing to do, with the walking stick hanging over an arm as I do it!). I observed that one tablet was of a proportionately larger size than the others. So, I assumed that it was one of the regular ones, but made by a cheaper supplier that the chemist had used. I don’t blame him, either! But it can confuse old senility-approaching people… like me! I took the tablets and pressed on with starting this blog, and yet again…

Virgin blue

I stopped doing the blog and made up a Morrison order for next week.

 The door chimes rang out. It was the engineer who’d come to fit the new communication portal on the wall.

5Fri006LieBlue Of course, I hadn’t forgot about him coming at all! But my greeting him with just the dressing gown and slippers on, did not go unnoticed. (Ahem!) I proffered cringing apologise’ and left him to the job. I got a ripe look in return, that correctly said; “The senile old fool!” I can’t say that I blame him, either!

5Fri08aWDA b 0.0.255 I shot into the wet room for a hurried wash and shave. I knew of the two cuts I made on the chin and lip in my haste, and when I got dressed and out, the man informed me of blood running down from my neck. Tsk!

He moved the clothing off of the hooks in the hall and got on with fitting the console. He soon had the job done and commenced to speedily bamboozle me the instructions on how to use the communicator. A good job he left me several A4 leaflets on it. He said he would go down and try out the system.

 As he left, the Fire Sprinkler fitter team arrived. They were plainly an expert, well-trained, demolition crew. After a while; Amidst the door slamming, drilling, knocking and general audial mayhem, I started to make up the Nottingham City Centre Hobble Photographicalisations. But I didn’t get it finished…

WD b 0.0.255 Total power loss!

I was in a picklement. Hoping I might save some of the Coreldraw work, when and if the power returns, no Emergency Wrislet, no landline telephone etc. Nobody explained or said anything to me. I had no idea what had happened. Other than the belief that the team had made a faux pa of some sort, and none of them knew what the problem was, what they had cocked-up, or how to get the electricity back on. They had blokes of sorts of shades coming and going, but no information for me. It happened at 09:25hrs. At 09:49hrs, a chap came in asking for a key to the electricity-box in the outer hallway. I explained that the one I had, an electrician waltzed off with it. Then his colleagues called him back outside. I followed, and there were six blokes around the opened box.

WD b 0.0.255 Losing the Coreldraw and possibly WordPress work already done, brought on feelings of being deprived, anxiety, snubbed, ignored, disappointed, heartbroken, dismayed, nefastousness, wretchedly miserable, displeased, disgruntled, and pissed-off – the only 5Fri007flat out of about 224, that this has happened to. Humph! Unlucky! What!

WD b 0.0.255 I sillily went to put the kettle on! Oy Vay, what a right Shlimazel!

WD b 0.0.255 I tried to think things through if there is no reconnection possible. I made some sarnies up, wrapped them and… wait for it; put them in the fridge to keep them fresh! What a right Bozzo and Shmegegge! With having no wrist or panic alarm working, I thought I’d better mention it to Obersturmführeress and Catwalk Model, Warden Julie soon.

5Fri005The noise of the drilling recommenced. Battery drills? No, they were using Josie’s electricity from next door! Cheek!

WD b 0.0.255 A right mess had accrued in the inner hallway, wrappings, flex, etc.! Loud wails of frustration as heard, but I thought better of going to have a look at the workmen.

The door slamming returned, they had wedged mine open, though. In fact, both fire-doors were stuck open!

5Fri007a10:30hrs. Suddenly it all went quiet! I went and took a peep. I picked up some bits of plastic and screws; I didn’t want to get them in the hoover, not that I can charge it up anyway, though. The Peed-offedness is growing worse!

I cleaned the emptied glass jars and bottles and took them down to the recycling bin. A chap nipped in front of me to put his wine and spirits bottle in. I said: “Alcoholics first, mate!” He saw the funny side and laughed! I went back up, with thoughts of having a shower in my demented brain. I was losing it here! I fond two blokes investigating the electricity box. One told me they were expecting an SSE and British Gas engineers to arrive. I need them both because of the convoluted mixture of suppliers in use! Hmm!

5Fri08bA different bloke came and cleaned up the outer hallway using Josie’s electricity. I got a Brain Clough book out to read.

10:50hrs, The banging of doors started again. Then the shouting mixed in with mumbling?

WD b 0.0.255 I was getting more depressed now. No computer, no TV, no radio, no intercom, no DVD; And all the computer work to do when help finally arrives. Grr!

Then, as I settled to read the book, I spotted two of the missing items from last week. Both were under the 1963 falling to pieces, second-hand Hopewell’s G-Plan, cabinet. A pod pea, and an air spray cap. Hehehe!


I put the book down after a few chapters of the book and went to the Nottingham City Homes, Winwood Heights, Hauptbereitschaftsleiteress Warden’s Temporary HQ. Sarcasm & Insult distribution area. Tenants Socialisationistical Meeting Shed. Telling Inchcock off Zone. Where things like crockery and pottery get stolen from, Rumourmongering Clinic, and somewhere to rest while waiting for the bus, Portakabin. I was lucky enough to catch Julie and told her about my problem. No answer or advice, just acknowledgement. So I hobbled back to the flat, no doubt she will get in touch with the relevant department and let me know.

WD b 0.0.255 It really is rebarbative, this situation. I can’t go out to get any food for Josie’s nosh tomorrow. It’s already well gone my head-down time. I want to get the diary updated, which will mean it’ll be hours beyond mt sleep-time. And will I get up early enough tomorrow, to go and get some potatoes from Sherwood? Double Humph!

Julie called at the flat and told me an electrician from Nottingham City Homes will be calling and will sort the problem out for me.

14:25hrs: A man called from Great Western Electricity? Another arrived as I was talking to the first one. I could tell them nothing. All the sprinkler men had made another mess and gone again. I suggested he calls at the hut.

5Fri08aI tried to clean up the hallway with the battery Black & Decker vacuum, but it died a death.

I studied the leaflets about the new intercom and entrance panel screen. But being such an irritated and now tired state as well, the advice and pictures were not being absorbed well at all.

5Fri08I went to the panel for an assessment of sorts. Oh, dearie me!

WD b 0.0.255 I found three missed calls on the screen! I had feared this might happen. I could not hear the tone ringing. The requests may have come in when the Sprinker lads were banging door or drilling, but there is no way of knowing!

5Fri007cJust what I didn’t need; another leaflet, this time telling me about work on the water supply, for three separate days! I am to leave the plug out of the toilet sink. Hah! Does no-one listen? I keep telling people about the sink not draining, and how it costs me a fortune in drain unblocker fluid every week as it is! And it overflowed last week!

WD b 0.0.255 I am absolutely getting to the end of my tether with all the work going on. We’ve had how long now? Over two years? It’s aided me having the Stroke. Thrown the IRN level all to pot. I’ve tripped over a mat outside a flat, and they have removed mine and others on Health & Safety grounds. Fell off of the stepladder repeatedly. The new light and view-blocking windows I cannot reach to clean, even if I was fit enough: Started Duodenal Donald and Anne Gyna off. I get on the wrong buses repeatedly. Diagnosed with Axonotmesis, Peripheral Neuralgia and Diabetic Polyneuropathy. Gone partly crippled and bonkers. Contracted Lethologica and Mental Dysmorphic Disorder, have to wear ankle support straps, use a stick or trolley guide! I am the only flat to get the Evil-Boll-Weevils invasion. Now, the sole flat that the Fire Sprinkler crew have cut the power to for about eight-hours and left a right mess for me to clean up. Forever losing and dropping things. Life is currently persistent in doing my physical and mental health no favours! Humph!

14:30hrs. An electrician arrived from Nottingham City Homes and set about sorting the problems.

Then the Sprinkler men returned, a little door banging, mess making, cover cutting and drilling followed. Then a chap said, they were going to clean up as they had finished now and would be on their way. This gave me a little heart -they were going to clean up!

Here’s what I had to clean up. The inside and outer hallways.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Shortly, true to his word, the power was back on. I got the kettle on and updating this post.

Which took me a couple of more hours to get up to here.

Virgin blue

5Fri016Pee’d-off, even more frustrated, tired and knackered, I got then nosh ready.

I was way too tired and irritated at life and its Inchcock-bound Whoopsiedangleplops and disasters, to fully appreciate the fodder but was glad I made up the sarnies earlier. Those French fries were terrible, so foul – then it dawned on me…

WD b 0.0.255 The cock-up by the Fire Sprinkler crew, knocking the damned apartment’s power going off for so long, has kiboshed all the food in the freezer! I’ll have to dish it, and replacements bought – how, I don’t know, physically it will take me days with the little trolley carrying space, and finding the time. Of course its weekend again, another no-help or advise available situation.

I’m more bent-out-of-shape and forlorn, woebegone and Angry with life than ever! It’s been four horribly horrendously hurtful-to-live days now, and I’m getting more irritable, cantankerous, short-fused, huffy and exasperated than ever.

I wonder if I can claim against the Sprinkler company? Loss of the food, Stopping my getting out for fresh fodder, causing undue-suffering, my lack of sleep, damaging the wall, radiator paint, and me! Hehe! I’ll try my best to catch up with the Nottingham City Homes Hauptbereitschaftsleiteress Housing Patch Manager and Razzle Magazine Model, Angela Gould, and ask for her advice on this.

5Fri017I left most of the nosh.

I had to get up for a failed wee-wee and washed the tray and plate etc.

I took this photo as the night neared 21:00hrs, six hours later than my usual head-down time.

I was too weary for any recrimination and accusation to be mused over.

What a miserable, frustrating, hope-robbing, enthusiasm destroying, and crap day!

Yours faithfully; from a pathetically, persecuted, unlucky, had enough, depressed, pee’d-off, and shattered, Inchcock. Tsk!

Plastering Done to the Balcony Windows – What an absolute Mess, shambles and heartbreaking pickle they left me in. Sob!


Tuesday 3rd April 2018

I would like to thank Nottingham City Homes, Willmott-Brown and their Sub-Contractors for arriving out of the blue this morning, just as I was leaving to catch the bus.

The chappy-man-plasterer asked if he could do the plastering on the Balcony Window now, as he had had cancellations.

So, I said yes. Left the door unlocked and toddled off.

Here is what I came back to find.

Duodenal Duncan is now giving me more hassle than it has ever done!

I spent hours trying to clean up the mess, but it would not have it. It remains being spread about from one room to another every time I walk anywhere.

No one is interested! Apart from me, that is. But I am feeling too poorly to even swear about it!




I am not happy and feeling so fed-up, I don’t think I could feel anymore Fed-upable!

Inconcinnity, depression and intolerance are growing within me!

It has to be said!

Inchcock Today Wed 25 Nov 15: Huh!

Wednesday 25th November 2015

Woke at 0220 hrs, depressed and feeling sorry for missen over yesterdays Woes and cock-ups.

The house sale being put on hold once again is really frustrating, as twice the solicitors who have put the stop on, have informed me that all they need to progress has been received, my going down twice to talk with them and getting soaking wet in the process, and as I say being assured they have all they need now to progress – this third stoppage and their demanding a valid passport and or driving licence with photo – and my not having either – yet I explained this to the woman at reception in the offices on my last visit and she phoned someone and got a call back, then she told me if I supplied my NI number on an official document that would suffice. I had a wage slip, the last one where I got my redundancy pay and she photocopied it – I AGAIN asked her if she had everything needed to progress now, she assured me they had AGAIN.

Then getting the letter yesterday telling me everything had stalled because I had not supplied a valid passport or driving licence and must get in touch with them urgently.

Then I told Deana the flats coordinator who had called to check my health-alert wristband, and she rang them (The comically called Solicitors FraserBrown) for me and got an answer-phone. It’s very frustrating – no, bloody frustrating!

I could do with someone with a bit more umph than I, going with me for a fourth (Or is it fifth now?) time and trying to sort out once and for all what’s what here!

Now, I await an answer from Steve Age UK – not much chance of that I fear for some reason. Or the so-called solicitors getting back in touch with Deana and Deana getting in touch with me… and a plan of action designed… or summat!?!

Made a cuppa, but I’m feeling morose and bitter.

I called Steve UK no answer – left a message asking him for advice. (Fool that I am, I actually expect I might get some, but not yet…)

Laptop on finished Tuesday’s diary. Then started this off, but with little enthusiasm. I feel so depressed again now, convinced I cannot win whatever I do and am doomed to failure frustration and desperate measures. Sorry, but that is how I feel.

Desperately need progress, good news and or a bit of good fortune here if I am not going to lose it.

Steve Age UK is so busy with other clients so to speak. At least he’s helped me get out of the old place and avoid the yobs, but into all this bother with the selling of the house. Deana is trying for me, but the solicitors FraserBrown of Friar Lane Nottingham that the Nottingham Building Society engaged for me to use are just not being helpful at all, each time I tell them I have not got a valid passport or driving licence… then they assure me they have everything needed when I asked the specific question of the receptionist and am assured I get on a high, only to be brought down again with another letter like the one yesterday demanding what they have already demanded to progress with the sale, and down I go again. Help of some sort must be available, I’m not sure I can cope with so many let-downs, oh sod-it.

Now today, I have to wait in, just in case someone calls to explain the storage heaters to me. Not that I have any interest in doing anything anyway, other than involved with the damned solicitors and getting the sale of the house moving again… See, I’m back on this subject again. This is doing me health no good, although I don’t seem bothered about that, it suddenly has little value or worth to me now – I might ring someone up for real help with me mind going warped? But who?

I made another cuppa and took me medications, plenty of them around, can they be the answer? Hehe!

No point in writing when I feel like this really, I’m only going to moan and moan and feel sorry fer missen

0350 hrs now. I’ll write more when some good, or at east neutral news arrives.

Got an email from Deana the coordinator saying she asked the FraserBrown woman who is supposedly dealing me house sale if a bus pass would suffice as picture ID? She didn’t know (Fraser Brown strike again?) but would ring back.

That was yesterday, Deana told me via email reply that she’s still waiting to hear from FraserBrown so called solicitors of Friar Lane in Nottingham.

I had a good bath and shave – only one cut today, I’m getting better… well the hands are shaking less despite me being uptight.

Did a mammoth sneeze when coming out of the warm bathroom into the cold hallway – one of hearing aids I’d just put back in popped out!

Even I managed to laughed at this Whoopsiedangleplop… then again when I struggled to get up after bending down to retrieve it. Haha! Can’t have this laughing in case FraserBrown the imitation solicitors get to hear of it. (Oh I’m getting sarky now!)

Checked the thermometer in the kitchen, and it’s up to 58ºf.

For some reason I thought about the mystery disappearance of me Dixon of Dock Green DVD and had another look around for it – humph!

The mail arrived, two for Margaret the previous tenant, two for the Dynamic Nottingham Pensioner… me.

The INR Warfarin blood level results and new doses. INR is down to 1.7 and the doses increased.

The other one was from Nottingham City Homes re the visit I’d stayed indoors all day for someone who was calling today to advise me on how the storage heaters are controlled properly – to inform me that someone would be calling on Wed 9th December between 12.30 > 1630 hrs to advise me on how the storage heaters are controlled properly. Tsk! No problem I’ll have croaked out with pneumonia by then! Hehe!

Fell asleep and when I woke up an hour or two later, I decided, feeling down a bot still, I’d cheer missen up and watch me Life on Mars DVD, not watched it for years now.

I tried to get the slot thingy in the TV to accept the DVD – only two buttons on the DVD slot, pressed the in different combinations and eventually the missing Dixon of Dock Green DVD came slowly out of it!

P1020516I put it in the box with the other DVD and inserted the Mars DVD – eventually getting it going after much guesswork with the remote control thingamajig.

Got the DVD going and fell sleep again. could I get it (the DVD) out of the TV again? I imagine this is what happened with the Dixon DVD earlier?

I couldn’t see any eject button on the remote? Toshiba are tosh! Played again with the buttons, got into a TV mode I knew nowt about – turned it off and on again, more buttons tried and the DVD still remains in the slot?

Made a cuppa and then checked emails to find another one from Deana.


More professional confidence boosting message from the farcical solicitors FraserBrown Incompetents, and no apology!

They’ve certainly mucked me about, lied to me and given me many nervous and worrying sessions. I just hope that this time they do not change their minds again… The Sneezlegobbling nerve testing gits!

No wonder me ulcer’s started off again. Can I sue them do you think? No, then they would start doing their job properly if they had to defend themselves. Swines! They seem to be hanging out the sale of me house for some reason?

I put the TV into TV mode and watched some police programms… well, that was the plan. Fell asleep, doing an awful lot of this nowadays.

Woke early hours.

Must remember to increase me Warfarin tablets in the pots I’ve done up in advance tomorrow.

Hello, the stomach’s rumbling again.

Nodded off again…

Inchcock Today: Mon 2nd Feb 2015 – Confused

0101Monday 2nd February 2015

Lousy night again – it seemed every of the few minutes I managed to get any kip was dream filled but I can’t recall any of them.

Felt rather confused when I awoke to visit the porcelain and had a wobbly (Dizzy spell) then realised I could hear the wind outside… and I have the Iceland delivery then I want to go to see about the camera-pens and go to the Nottingham Hospice shop with some bits… my mind was racing with nothing really. Bit worrying at the time, calmed down now.

Laptop on, medications taken with water and set about doing the posts for the WordPress, Inchcock diary and to LOMM site.

Even got a wobbly when on the laptop then… Tsk!

Did some graphics and Facebooking.

Got ready to go for a bus-ride using me free pensioners bus-pass of course, instead of a walk into town in case the dizzies return later.

Caught the bus into town and had a hobble around the shops for a good while. Took some photos of interest.

I called into Jessops camera shop to get a new SD-card… why? Because I realised I’d took me camera and had not got the card in it… Tsk!

The chappy-fella put init the camera for me and I was off walking all over Nottingham taking photo’s of bling, buildings, trams, cyclists on the pavement, Nottinghamian citizens crossing the traffic lights on red etc.

Really enjoyed doing them, and no dizzy-spells either – good stuff.

Then I hobbled to the Menkind shop and found they had some Camer-watches on sale at £50. One for later after spending on me SD card, I took a photo of one with me old camera.

After walking around for a while I called in to get me Lion bars and they had sold out! Swines!

Hobbled up through Square and took some photo’s of the pigeons and two CPO’s holding hands?!?!

0102Caught the bus back to Carrington, slipped the pigeons some seed on me walk back to the hovel and kettle on, visit to the WC and upstairs laptop on and got me SD card out to transfer photo’s to Coreldraw9 to use here… message came up that told me the SD Card had to be Formatted before use… so I lost all me photographs wot I’d painstakingly taken all day, apart from the one of the watch-camera – and that came out horrible on the old camera!

Pee’d off then.

Decided after downloading it the search for the old SD-Card began, and within an hour I found it on the stairs behind a bottle of sauce – Don’t ask please!

I put the formatted card in the new camera and couldn’t get it out again – after much angst I had to use a screwdriver to gently encourage it to come out. Huh! Back to the shop tomorrow for advice.

No INR level checks this week, they have given me a fortnight.

Then the search for the new camera started – I knew it must be in the bathroom cause I’d used it minutes before!

At this stage I began to question whether or not Alzheimer’s was approaching a little faster than expected?

After searching upstairs downstairs all rooms (There’s only four), clothes and shopping bags, depression frustration and suicidal tendencies grew stronger… had I lost it all together today?

Not giving up eventually I found it… it had fell behind the toilet porcelain on the floor. Oh dear! Being deaf I never not heard it fall see?

So well annoyed with everything I started this diary, then the light bulb blew!

Fetched the spare bulb, step ladders and returned with them – treading on me reading glasses as came back into the room…

I swore.

Well and truly had enough now!

Changed the bulb without any mishaps, picked up the beyond repair spectacles and made another cuppa and took me medications.

Tomorrow may be a busy day I thought – Laundry, the Clinic, Back to Jessops, to the Opticians… good job the INR level tests were cancelled by the NHS I say, oh and the Dentists, blimey let me check… no that’s on Wednesday 1200hrs.

Sandwiches tonight… if I ever get time to make em that is – got some cheapo smoked ham from Friday wot I got to use up.

Remembered to put the new camera on charge.

Must do some Facebooking now. Too tired to do the planned blog I wanted to.

Huh, what an ‘orrible day!

Inchcock Today: Thursday 23rd October 2014

04 Head

Unfortunately this feeling didn’t last long. So sad. Coreldraw still playing up and Inchy feeling down”

GC scowl

Well depressed Now!

0315hrs: The usual being shocked into waking-up experience again this morning – instantly wide awake accompanied by a feeling that something is wrong?


Thought straight away about what I could try to sort the Coreldraw not working problem out. Nothing new came to mind, depressed I wandered down and put the kettle on. Started the laptop and got the cream form the fridge and ent up to tend to the ‘Inch’. Oh dear… the swelling is still declining but the blood was flowing again! Thank heavens for kitchen towels. Stopped eventually.

Angina playing up and for the first time in ages my ulcer joined in with other complaints! Tsk!

I opened Coreldraw9 in vain hopes, and got the same message, whichever option I clicked, just like yesterday I got the Error message then it told me Coreldraw9 has stopped working. This time I tried clicking abort again – and it started and was usable for a while?

I am now going to close it and try again to see if still works…

“An unexpected Error occurred please restart Coreldraw” message when I tried to close it down?

It closed down on its own accord!

I tried again…

For some reason I can get passed the opening warning sometimes and not others. It will not let me save a page at all?

Double depressed now!

Still fiddling and trying to come up ith a solution – for five hours now with no luck!

Still fiddling and trying to come up with a solution – for five hours now with no luck!

I decided when the radio said it was not going to rain again until early evening, to get the stuff ready for the Nottingham Hospice Charity shop and have a walk into Sherwood with it for em.

I went up cleansed myself well. Had a peep at the Inch to see if it had started to bleed again but no signs thankfully.


I set off hoping I’d not forgotten anything.

IMG_0177A new sign at the Chapel I espied:

Well fancy that… and I thought they were into Formula One racing. Hehehe. Oh I am feeling bitter and pissed off!

Still feeling low I carried on into Sherwood, the sky looked a bit threatening at this stage.

I called into the Continental food shop and got a small loaf of Rye bread. I thought it might cheer me up a bit – a totally forlorn hope of course. Then I realised I’d left all me coins in the bathroom so had to pay her with the tenner I had. Really cheered her up that did.

If looks could kill I’d be a gonna I can tell yer!

Only a new laptop with a graphic programme that works would do that. No chance at the moment. Clivey-boy suggested getting another graphics programme installed. Nice of him but the laptop is an old one running on old windows?

Anyway, I carried on to the Hospice shop and gave em me stuff.

As I was walking back the sky looked a bit lighter, but I didn’t feel any brighter.

IMG_0178Noticed the alcoholic mobility scooter maniac was at the pub again.

Hobbled along taking the scenic route and passed the flat I used to live in before moving to where I am now – Whatta mistake to maka! I was well happy there – but the landlord sold it to another and he wanted more rent than me mortgage was.

See how when things go wrong I start stewing on things? Poor twit.

I got back in the flea-pit.


Started the laptop, got me food out ready for microwaving later, made a cuppa and got me medications ready, then updated this.

Gawd I’m depressed.

Arghh!!!! In’t life ‘orrible at times!