Inchcock Today – Thursday 14th November 2019: An aporia-ridden Day, Hey-Ho!

1 Nov 14

2019 Tnov 14

Thursday 14th November 2019

Croatian: Četvrtak, 14 Studenog 2019. Godine

0Nov 14

23:00hrs: After so many interruptions trying to get to sleep last night, I gave-up altogether, I needed another wee-wee anyway. The GPEWWB (Grey-Plastic-Emergency-Wee-Wee-Bucket) I had moved into readiness position by the £300, second-hand, c1968, rickety, rusty, recliner. It was well-filled, and I added to it. This time with an ELRWS (Extra-Long-Reluctant-Weak-Sprinkly) wee-wee. The container needed emptying and sanitising, so I grabbed the four-pronged walking stick and off to the kitchen I hobbled, with Arthur Itis not so bad in the knees, yet. I’m mastering (that may be too strong a word?) this multiple-footed, stand-upable stick now.

4Thu02 I took the bin in the wet room, sorted and refreshed it, then myself, and went to the kitchen. Where I was pleased with this photographicalisation on the left, that I took. I chose the Night-Landscape option on the choices dial. Rather a moody-outcome that pleased me somewhat. I saved it in 64-bit. Smug-Mode-Engaged!

3Wed07WD 60.20.0 As I got the medications out, I noticed the newly yesterday evening short-delivered prescriptions. Then, that last night’s dose was still in the blister pack – so a good start! But I’m well-pleased that I sent the email informing the Carrington Pharmacy about the problem last night. It’ll save a job, or me forgetting to do it today! True!

4Thu03I only took one Warfarin with the morning doses. Had a good swig of the cough Linctus. 

Next, I got the mushrooms in the saucepan, not heated, just marinating with some Soy sauce and Philippanese Sukang Puti (Pinakamasarap) vinegar. The strongest available! Whether the 4Thu04mushroom fungi will sink or take any of the flavours in, I’ll find out tonight. When I add them with some Nutoory tomatoes, which I got ready for slicing later as well. I’m getting very experimentationalistical with food in my old age! I hope this seasoning doesn’t prompt any postprandial problems from the rear or front-end, with the roast vegetable risotto it’s all going into. Haha!

The irritating humming droning noise is still out there all around the building. It’s being joined at this moment, by a pinging sounds occasionally? Grr! I hope some part of the building isn’t beginning to break up?

WD 60.20.0 I made a brew and got on the computer. Visited the WordPress Reader, then in the updating of the Wednesday blog. Stopping often a cross between a cough and a sneeze, and each time thought the insides of my chest would pop-out. Having so many weak unwilling mini-wee-wees, that I got the GPEWWB out again near the desk! Not much being passed, but so often, the bucket is filling up already! Hard to concentrate having to stop for a wee-wee, albeit tiny, and a cough-sneeze that needs the physical removal of the phlegm! A little recondite to explain, but ‘Pissed-offedness-Status’ was adopted! Possibly made worse by my irresistible thirst for tea, that is getting even stronger! Help!

Many hours later, I got the post finalised. Phew! Sent it off to WordPress and on Emails.

I had a touch of xerophthalmia, so sprayed some Visualise water on the eyes. I suspect it is due to the long hours watching the computer screen, perhaps? Hey-Ho!

WD 60.20.0 Each time I got up for a wee-wee, to make a cuppa or to check on something that was worrying me (Yes, it’s another of my nebbish, being nervous, pessimistic, unpropitious state of mind days), the knees seemed to get more painful? Did I leave the light on in the wet room? Have I turned off the hot water tap? Did I turn on or off the stove? What day is it? These and more worries just have to checked-out. This type of disadvantageously direful dilemma that the Stroke seems to be with me forever. However, the need for the Porcelain Throne attendance pulled me out of the self-pity syndrome. And I was off to the wet room.

4Thu05WD 60.20.0 Another dirty-great-dollop of an evacuation. Bleeding from the front (Little Inchy) and rear (Hemorrhoid Harold). But nowhere near as messy this time. You see? There is often a silver-lining if you look in-depth, long and hard enough! It helps if you are wearing the wrong glasses! Haha!

WD 60.20.0 The legs (pins), really getting back to their usual pale but yellowy-coloured skin, warped fluid-retaining mangy state. And again displaying the blood papsules, veinal growths, lumps, spots, weals, scars, bruises, welts, contusions, blemishes, dapples, and maculations. With Thrombophlebitis, and assorted new Clopidogrel inspired grooves and ridges. As for the knees, they were stiffer than ever now!

WDP 11hLHowever, regardless of the bleeding and the poor state of the pins, this was not necessarily a bad thing. It took me out of the depression I was slowly falling into, by a strange sort of satisfaction, contentment, that the recent good luck I’d been having, was fading, and the acknowledged, accepted, accustomed state of perpetual-pain and discomfort had returned. I can take this condition, but me having luck and being fortunate is foreign to me. Thus, as I left the room, a smile crept over my face, and then tripped over the four-pronged walking stick. I had to laugh!

4Thu06I decided to add some of the Natoora, South Korean (Large bank account needing) mushrooms to the normal Irish ones that were already marinating in the pan. A multi-cultural nosh in the offing today. Irish and South Korean mushrooms, cooking in a Hong Kong made saucepan, while the Berkshire Italian style baked roast vegetable risotto, with Taiwan rice cooks in the Spanish-made oven. Sicilian Tiger Plum tomatoes to be added. With Philippines Sukang Puti (Pinakamasarap) vinegar, and Chinese light Soy sauce. Oh, I do hope it turns out okay! I hope to be cooking some rice in the rice-cooker soon.

Hello, the time’s shot by, better get the ablutions done, and visit Jenny. Back in a while, crocodile… I am a fool!

WDP 11hLThe ablutions went well. A few dropsies were all I had to put up with, well, a lot of dropsies really. Haha! However, no cut gums, no bleeding from shaving, Little Inchy nor Harold’s Haemorrhoids. The battle with the sock was painless (Almost!), and both sock fittings worked the first time, too! No lumps of finger trapped, 

I got the mushrooms on the lowest setting on the stove ring. Then set off, with some PPs on the three-wheeler for Jenny. I rang her bell and left them on the floor outside the door in a carrier bag.

4Thu07Got in the lift and down to the ground floor, and along the link-passage into the Winwood Court. Doing a bit of chesty-coughing en route. The tickle is back! I took a snap through the window, of the new unused as yet, al-fresco seating area. One day when the warm sun appears, I shall go out, sit on a bench, get the crossword book out, and fall asleep. Hopefully! Haha!

4Thu08I got to the Winwood foyer and went up the lift to the rooftop lounge/rest area. As the elevator door opened, I was greeted by one of the Dulux dogs that someone had put on a coffee table. It looked so real for a second or two. Haha!

4Thu09I wandered around and took a picture through the window, of the Woodthorpe Grange Park. By gum, the wind and rain were so vicious out there. The trees were bending and blowing in the vicious gusts of wind.

4Thu10I opened the automatic push-pad doors and took a photo of Woodthorpe Court, while partially under-cover beneath the eave of the opening.

It looked pretty bleak, misty, wet and depressing!

4Thu11Then I made a snap of the new rooftop veranda, with the chained-down tables and chairs. This secured them from getting blown away in the high winds. It was not done to prevent people from nicking them! He-He! No wonder with this weather, that there was no one out there. But then, there has never been anyone out there on my visits, yet!

4Thu12WD 60.20.0 I did venture out into the rain briefly, to take a shot of the blocked rooftop drains. They’ve been like this since they were built in the first place. I had a nosey around all the windows when I came back in. I wonder how many fallen leaves 4Thu13there were out there at the back of the court? Millions there must have been?

When I got in the lift to go down, I tried to catch my reflection with a thumbs-up sign in the panelling and plastic, but it didn’t work. Hey-Ho!

I called at the Oberstfureresses holding-cell office and handed some of the Red Bull Sicilian tomatoes for them to try. They were no impressed. On the way down the link corridor, Angela and Frank came in the opposite direction, and we had a mini-gossip and shared the nibbles.

WD 60.20.0 I got to the Woodthorpe lift foyer, Gawd, it’s cold in there after coming out from Winwood Court!

Up to the flat, and collected the box of recyclables. I took it balanced on the three-wheeler, down to the caretaker’s room. The lads were having a break and told me to leave the box where it was, and they’ll take it out to the bin for me, bless em! We had a natter and laugh, shared the nibbles, and I started off back to the apartment. In the lift lobby, Christine and Welsh William arrived at the same time, and we had a chinwag on the way up.

Back in the flat. Another ELRWS wee-wee was taken. Washed up and made a brew. I got a call confirming the nurse’s attendance in the morning. Oh, dear! I thought it was for next Friday, not this one!

I called xyrophobia-suffering Brother-in-Law Pete, to cancel his and Jane’s visit. We had a good natter that I enjoyed. The weather is not going be any better anyway, according to the forecast.


4Thu14I took to his shot of the house opposite the flats that are being upgraded, new roof, an extension built etc. to show Brother-in-Law Pete. He was in the building game for a few years. Until he won the lottery and got left a fortune by an unknown relative, and retired when he turned forty. Don’t suppose I’ll get my money and valuables back now for a while.

I got with TFZer Facebook updating for an hour or so. I turned everything off and made a start on the nosh. The ready-made risotto meal in the oven. Kept stirring the mushrooms, and after 15 minutes in the kiln, I took out the tray, and added the tomatoes and both types of mushrooms, and back into the stove for a further ten-minutes on hot. Kept an eye on the meal, all the time, stirring it once. While doing this bit of cooking, I had to take three LRWS (Long-Reluctant-Weak-Sprinkly) wee-wees!

4Thu21aGot the nosh served up, and it was a real delight to the taste-buds. Flavour-Rated at 8.8/10. Admitted it looked a right mess, but I ate it from the tray in the bowl-dish and saved a bit on washing up! Haha! 

I washed up and got another ‘Hustle’ DVD, series five to view. Most comforting in a way, when the nodding-off, waking and rewinding the DVD to where I fell asleep to try and watch it again repeat-circle began. I was a bit concerned that the coughing, wheezing and sneezing might disturb the neighbours, but a good swig of the Linctus and things calmed down. I did stay awake long enough to give up trying to watch the ‘Hustle’ episodes and changed to watching the TV. The adverts were on at the time, and… Zzzz! Heavenly!

WDP 11gLWD 60.20.0 Woke up a couple of hours later for yet another wee-wee, blimey, it was a long, painful reluctant one! Argh! Would be an apt word to use. Hehehe!  I stayed up, then.

May all who have read this true-clap-trap, be granted enormous, generous proportions of prosperity, providence, profit and fiscal plenteousness, and receive, benevolence, empathy and appreciation from all others today! Bless yers!

Inchcock Today: Tuesday 25th December 2018: An aches and pain-ridden, natterless day. Depressed, sorry for myself… Hey-Ho!



Tuesday 25th December 2018

Croatian: Utorak, 25. prosinca 2018. godine

WD 29.1.61 00:25hrs. I opened my eyes, at first concentrating on my obvious need for the Porcelain Throne to be utilised with some urgency… but the immediate need was lost as soon as I tried to move the arms and they ached and hurt? Then as I went through the torso, I discovered that the legs, neck, hands, back, wrists, fingers, shoulders, knees… almost everywhere was smarting, aching, stiff or sore.

As I dismounted the £300 second-hand rusty recliner and got up on my feet, (Not easy when one is carrying such excess weight around the midriff, I can tell you. Tsk!). The moment I tried to walk, the left knee and ankle gave off the same pains and disquieting feelings as they did last week, in the shopping centre when I took a tumble as they gave-way. I recall the Security Guard asking me if I had been drinking! Humph! Sorry, back to this morning, I was I have to admit, a little worried about the knee and ankle. Surely, they are not linked directly together, are they?

WD 29.1.61 I got to the wet room, but I was a little late getting there. ‘Mega-Embarrassment Mode Engaged’ I don’t want to go into the details, but the cleaning and medicating after the evacuation took me a long time. Just as well nothing urgent on today.

2Tue02fWD 29.1.61 As I was leaving the wet room, I spotted a couple of EIBWBBBs (Evil Ironclad Boll-Weevil black biting beetles) on the floor. Both kaputt. I followed Doug’s advice (Thanks, Doug!) and photographed them against something to judge the size of them against for the next picture. I used a 20p coin and kept it in the wet room to use again.

They were not as large as those yesterday, I don’t think anyway.

2Tue06I got the computer on and checked the Emails. A couple of WP comments and one from the Doctors Surgery about the Warfarin INR blood test results.

WD 29.1.61 It was too late for me not to take the ‘0’, as I had already had 2 on the previous dose listing last night. So, the level must be high, as the dosages had been reduced. Which means I will have to take care not to have any cuts or bruising. At the bottom of the Email, it said: Date of your next dose is 27.12.2018 at 11 a.m. I assume they meant my next appointment is on that date? So, the level has to be high, if they are calling me back in two days for another one. I began to wonder if this can have anything to do with my waking up with such painful,  aching joint and limbs?

At least Janis offered me a Merry Christmas, even if she did confuse me a bit. Hehe, bless her.

Heck, the wrists and knees are not getting any easier yet. But the shakes and shivering have stopped now. I’ll take an extra Codeine Phosphate when I imbibe the medications and get the Health Checks done.

I made up a humorous Thoughts of the day Ode blog about my ailments and posted it off. The words flowed freely and easily for this poem of Woe.

Then I got on with finishing off the updating of the Monday post and got that on WordPress as well. But, due to the message below, this took me ages to get finished! Humph! But it did get a lot less slow later on.


WD 29.1.61 Huh, I then realised I had not done the Health Checks, so I did.


2Tue04I am now more convinced than ever that something had gone wrong with the old, now thrown away thermometer. For since using this new one, the results have been higher, as you can tell on the chart above.

Good job Tim Price let me know about how low the old readings were with the old one! Thanks, Tim.

Both knees and ankles were still feeling stiff and painful. The left ones more so than the right ones. I have the feeling that the joints just might let me down again?

2Tue07While in the kitchen, I prepped the minced lamb and got it in the crock-pot.

I added some lamb gravy granules in the water and some mint sauce with a tiny drop of balsamic vinegar. I gave it all good stir and put it on auto setting.

Some canned borlotti beans to add later, and chop up some tomatoes to use as well.

2Tue0907:20hrs. The earlier crystal-clear view was getting a bit misty now.

I regretted opening the newly installed view and light-blocking, steamed up wet windows to take this photo. It was far colder than I thought. My spectacles steamed up and wet dripped inside off of the excessively thick plastic window frames and fell in onto the ledge where the bread was, and I had to throw away the bread. Well, the cobs I bought yesterday. A good job I bought the continental sliced bread though. I can have a good dunk of that in the lamb and bean stew later. Hehe!

WD 29.1.61 Hello, another trip to the Porcelain Throne. All good this time.

Did the midday Health Checks, not feeling too good now. The stiffness and aches are worse than earlier now. Humph! Still, I mustn’t moan, Dizzy Dennis and Shaking Shaun have both taken my leave.

Suddenly tiredness dawned. All I could do was to switch off the computer and get myself down in the recliner.

Four hours (or so) and many nod-offs later, I sprang awake confused. Got off to the Porcelain Throne, rinsed and got the nosh sorted while I could.

2useWD 29.1.61 A grand headache came on, and some vicious sneezing as I served up the most pathetic tasting meal I’ve made in years!

The lamb was so fatty, (but still, so am I, Hehehe!) The cob had gone hard and dry, but the oven chips were great! Tsk!

I left most it, well, I ate the chips.

I found myself in a right state as I washed the pots, battling to stay awake and ♫Aching All Over♫ still.

Last Health Checks were done, and I remembered not to take any Warfarin as per the confusing instructions.

Certainly not one of my best Christmas days. Hey-Ho!

Inchcock Today – Monday 26th February 2018: Snow good today. Hehehe!

Monday 26th February 2018

Frisian: Tiisdei 27 Febrewaris 2018

0230hrs: Woke up coughing, and gave off a sneeze that Mount Vesuvius would have been proud of. Hehehe! I lay a while, Harold’s Hemorrhoids, the Fungal Lesion and Duodenal Donald all giving me some hassle. I bet they get worse when it comes to my moving. Tsk! On the bright side, Hippy Hilda, Reflux Roger. Hernia Harry and Anne Gyna were taking a break.

As I extricated my limbs from the £300 second-hand recliner and the could feel the blood flowing from both front and rear problem areas the moment I moved my ambulocetus-like wobbly body. Straight to the Porcelain Throne room to investigate.

Gawed, it was dang cold in there, shivering and shaking, I’ll be glad when the windows get put in the flat, to block the draughts and the cladding is put up. I put the wall heater on (At least this will please the power company) and removed the jammies and Protection Pants. Utilised the Throne. The session was not bad. The bleeding from Little Inchy and Harold’s Haemorrhoids was not as free-flowing as I had feared, and was relatively easy to clean up. The sharp stinging pains from the piles were the primary ailment to worry about.

No HT cream left! I imagined with me doing an excessive amount of sitting down and not getting outside for exercise over the weekend, is the cause of this dilemma. My sore throat seemed less so as well.

Cleaned everything up.

Another ‘catching me off guard’ sneeze as I left the wet room, must have been heard many floors away, it certainly brought on a headache and started the piles hurting! Oh dear! If I wore false teeth, I’m sure they would have flown out! Haha! I went to the kitchen.

Got the kettle on, and did the Health Checks and got the medications taken. The sys was the lowest its ever been?

I pondered at this stage; Should I go out or not today?

The forecast is showers of rain and sleet possible, a max of 1°c forecast. Am I up to it yet, with this cold and unwell? I decided that I would go out.

I felt that if I didn’t, after days of enforced imprisonment (Hehe!), I need to get out and take some photographicalisations. Anyway, I need to get some HT cream and TCP, to counter Haemorrhoid Harold and the sore throat. Maybe a little walk into Sherwood? I was undecided where to go, but sure (As I could be, not saying a lot I know) that I must get out. The new coat is snug-as-a-bug, and the imitation fur hat could be used. Got the brolly. I hoped I had not made the wrong decision. After all, I do feel a bit easier this morning, the throat has eased off a bit? I know I’m known for my dilly-dallying, tentativeness, ambivalence and indecisiveness. Oh, and lack of confidence in making choices.

Got Excel opened and made last weeks Health Check listing.

Made a start on this diary, then updated yesterdays and got it finished and sent off.

Found a few pictures to use in making graphics for header tops. Had several wee-wees during this work. Oh dearie me!

Made a mug of tea, and had a little while on YouTube.

0715hrs: Herbert started his knocking about early today. Took the hearing aids out, hope there isn’t any alarms sounding.

The ablutions were tended to. After which I made sure that I was well wrapped-up to counter the icy looking snow outside.

I met Olive as I was taking the sorted black bags to the refuse chute. So lovely to see her looking so well and carrying her usual attractive air of being in charge, superior and radiant. Not many lasses would dress so well to do their laundry. Apart from perhaps Jenny, who also manages to look radiant always, whatever she is doing. So does Cindy. I’m sorry I mentioned this.

Dropped the bags off and returned to the flat to do a check that I’d got everything needed, and not left anything on or off that are necessary to be the opposite. Lost that a bit there, sorry. Lights, stove, windows, taps (faucets), hearing aids, mobile and camera in the jacket pocket, fridge and freezer doors closed… I would have consulted my list I made for this task but could not find it.

Imitation Finland-like hat on, (Very warm! – not big enough, but it’ll do for me in this weather) Fingerless gloves. Times like this that I feel lucky to be wearing the Protection Pants, they do keep one warm, Ha-ha!

I was surprised to see the snow had fallen, but from inside it looked terrific.

I took a photo of the car park below and one of the houses opposite.

Well wrapped up and out into the icy-cold to the Warden’s shed.

No taking of any pictures on the route, because manoeuvring along the snow and ice made hobbling-safely my main aim to concentrate on. Got into the hut without any Whoopsiedangleplops of any kind.

This gave Welsh Bill the opportunity to show his sarcasm and wit.

A rather dryly spoken; “Hello Russia!” from Bill followed with a loud roar that made the others laugh, the instant he saw my stupid looking but, oh so warm hat. I like William’s humour. He looked even better than he did on Friday, so his recovery seemed to be ongoing, I’m glad to say. We were joined by a few others, all coming in to shelter against the bitter cold. The smokers braved the weather outside so they could have a drag. Bill went out to join them but came back in seconds later, shivering and saying it was too cold to go out there just for a puff.

The buses, City and Bestwood bound ones arrived, and I joined the others at the end of the queue. I had a little natter with Cindy, she was going on a visit to see her son. As she got off, I wished her a happy time.

The first thing that caught my ‘camera-eye’ was the pigeons on the ledges and tops of the Victoria Centre (Mall). Reminiscent of Hitchcock’s ‘The birds’, I thought Hehe!

I took this shot and then popped into the Wilko store in search of the medications to counter my persistent sore throat.

By the time I’d gone potty shopping and had got to the checkout and faced a bill for £27.80, I wondered what the heck I had done! Looking at the receipt I realised amongst the washing accoutrement stuff, I’d bought Ginkgo tablets £1.20, Germoloids, a tiny little tube for £3.50, Nasal decongestant £1.50, TCP liquid £3.50, blood cleaner £4.89 and realised why the cost was so high! Tsk! Shopaholic or what! I need help! Haha!

I called in the Poundland store to see if they had any pork pies in, knowing they would not have.

Came out and saw the new gigantic sign across the road.

There was no missing it.

Walked down Clumber Street, taking this picture of the affable, breezy, devil-may-care, easygoing, laid-back, polite, caring, gentle Nottinghamians as they cheerily made their way to the next store to shoplift from, or in search of their next mugging victim or to trip over a rough sleeper begging.

The kids would be playing the new game popular nowadays; Spot-a-Policeman.

I carried on to High Street and walked through the Council House Shopping Arcade. You can see all the mass of shoppers and closed units how popular it is. This delightful old area is not used much by Nottinghamians now. Good job the shops have doors on the outside too.

I exited and made my way through the Slab Square, and foolishly to the other pound shop to see if they had any Pork Farms pies in stock. But no, their fridges, like the ones at the other store, have been filled with bottles of pop for sale. The thought of the end of Pork Farms Pork Pies brought down my spirits. Also, I spend more than intended there as well. I got some wholemeal rolls, chocolate brazils, chocolate almonds and caramelised biscuits in a pack containing seven packets of two.

For some reason, although I had not walked much, the plate-of-meat started to sing. I decided to make my way back as the snow began to fall again.

To Queen Street via the slab square once more, not a police officer in sight, there were a few street sleepers in the doorways of closed retail premises, some people with pit bulls and tattoos and a Big Issue seller who deserved the hand out I gave him for his persistence in the bad weather.

At this stage, it being tomorrow morning while I’m updating this twollop, Virgin went down again! Grrr, Third Time!

Walking up Queen Street to the L9 bus stop and popped my head and camera over the railings so I could offer you this picture of some Nottingham Street Art.

The Council claim that Nottingham is the Queen of the Midlands, you know. It makes one wonder.

As I arrived at the shelter, the snow got severe, but only for a couple of minutes. Luckily I took the opportunity to make these shots. In the last one, the L9 bus was arriving, and I had to rush a bit to catch it. Tsk!

As the bus made its way along Upper Parliament Street, I wedged the camera against the window and took some shots as we progressed along.

Cindy from the flats got on at a later stop.

Glad to report that she’d had a grand time visiting her family, and offered me a tale about her 2-year-old granddaughter that made me laugh out loud.

This cheered me up a bit again.

Back at the flats and I took a picture of the sky as the bus turned right into Chestnut Walk.

I thought it came out rather good considering.

Oh, dear, problems with Branson’s Virgin Internet yet again.

Getting fed-up with this now!


This is photographicalisation from the bus window. To the stop and off of the bus and to the apartments in haste, due to the requirements for a wee-wee becoming urgent!

Made it, cleaned up, but a little late. Changed PPs and did the Health Checks.

Went to get the noshing sorted and cooking.

I was surprised at there was more snow in the City Centre than up here on the hill. I’d have expected things to be the opposite way around?

It had nearly all cleared at the flats, but the ice was forming on the windows already, enough to make me worry about tomorrow.

I heated the beef and potato hot-pot and added a beef pastie slice to the tray ten minutes later, hoping they would both be cooked at the same time.

Not too bad a result. Very tasty, not perfect by any means, but a worthy 8/10 rating was given to this effort.

Got the last Health Checks done and medications taken. The Germoloid cream made me jump a bit. Hehehe!

Changed into night attire and settled down to watch some New Tricks on DVD. I soon drifted off, though, very early on.

I suppose I must have needed it.

Inchcock Today Tue 25 Nov 15: Laundry laughter – Then Disaster

Tuesday 24th November 2015

Woke around 0225 hrs, sneezing started again, temp in kitchen now down to 54ºf. Despite heat coming out of the storage heater in there.

No dream memories.

To the WC and found Little Inchy sticky, sore and sorry for himself. Cleaned him up again.

With falling to sleep so early last night I’d got no end of kip in, yet still felt so tired?

Laptop on and finished yesterdays dairy off.

P1020511Sorted some more medication pots and added them to those in the drawer for later, to make room  for the new packets bottle and tubes if they are ready when I check with the chemist.

The tummy rumbled and off to the porcelain again – this time things were different, I reckon I am now 2-3lb lighter after that visit! Core… Hehe!

 Back to the laptop with me cuppa and took me medications.

BJ should be calling later to lift me to the launderette. Made sure I’d got me bus-pass for afterwards, coinage, detergent etc in me bag or pockets.

Emailed, Facebooking and then titivated the kitchen a bit.

Had a wash and shave, took the rubbish to the chute and BJ rang, he’s on his way.

Met him outside and we were off to the launderette. Mandy was in good form today.

I felt a lot better now, but BJ was not in good form. That’s sister Jane, BJ and me all all with the same complaints, although being greedy I have a few extra. Hehe!

I nipped to the chemist and the prescriptions were ready.

Got the togs in the drier and went to take a photo of BJ and Mandy and what a clot, I’d left me camera card in the laptop again! Huh!

Popped into Lidl and got Frikadellens, pork pie and a vegetarian slice – a certain sign that I’m feeling better now.

BJ ran me to Asda with him and another sure sign – that he was not well showed as he cursed signalled and generally insulted so many other drivers en route… Ah well.

Got some more bits from Asda. Some green beans, carrots,cheese rolls and Sopocka – oh… and some Fresh cream French Horns fell in me bag again… Ahem!

BJ ran me back to the flats and I made me way up the lift home – nice word that!

WC’d then opened me bag of medications and rotated the stuff into me drawer.

P1020512       P1020514

Emptied the washing into the airing cupboard and hung some up on the clothes racks and… found a bag of washing that I should have taken with the others… oh I did feel a fool!

Got a phone call from Taxi driver demanding I let him in? Obviously another wrong number dialled.

Made a cuppa and cleaned the sink, for some reason it had gotted marked badly?

Deana the coordinator for the flats called to test my health alarm – letters had been delivered, one from Fraser Brown the solicitors AGAIN they want me to go in with ID documents – I went in last week (third visit) to tell the lady on reception that I do not have a current Driving licence as it has been returned to me poor health and being unfit to drive – and I have never owned a passport. The lady rang someone in the offices and they rang back to say me National Insurance number on a legal document would suffice – I found I had me last wage packet from when I was made redundant with me – she called someone again to confirm this would be sufficient and she made a photo copy – I asked her like I did the previous week, have you got everything needed now tp proceed with the sale and she like the previous week told me they had everything to proceed with the sale now. Now it’s all stopped again!

Today I get this letter from them!?!?!?!?!? ~ Swines!

Remember the name. Fraser Brown (They were recommended by the Nottingham Building Society too!) and be warned in case you come across the nincompoops yourself!


Nosh after burning me finger, just before dropping it on the floor!

Deana rang them but no answer, it was on answer-phone, she left a message asking them to ring her back. God I’m frustrated and pee’d off again now!

Made me nosh.

I’m getting bitter and twisted too ain’t I?

Summary of Woes today:

  • BJ unhappy unwell.
  • Ate too much.
  • Missed a bag of laundry off.
  • Lied to by my solicitors.
  • Let down over help with storage heating.
  • Nasty phone call from Taxi driver.
  • Burnt finger taking nosh out of oven.
  • Dropped nosh on floor.
  • No answer to calls to Steve Age UK.
  • Cough starting again.
  • Little Inchy bleeding again.
  • Feeling depressed and frustrated.

All in all – Pee’d off with life going wrong!


Inchcock Today, Sneezing Away! Mon 23 Nov 2015

Monday 23rd November 2015

Woke around 0315 hrs, sneezed myself awake and shivering! I didn’t think you could sneeze in yer sleep – I do now?

Feel so drained, but had to gerrup to go to the bathroom, in which I recalled some of the dreams I’d had, of course no pen in the bathroom so by the time I got, me business done and painfully cleaned up the dried clotted mess little Inchy was in, most of the recollections of the dream had gone into the ether. Remember a bit though.

Dream: I was back in the skyscraper buildings with battles going on all around as far as the eye could see, propeller driven fighter bombers similar to a De Havilland bombing, but with unknown markings, artillery fire, tanks soldiers... I don’t think I’ve had repeat dreams before, similar yes. In the bomb damaged and ravaged room I was in, I think Artillery sighting from, was part of an underground train?

Overall I was feeling a bit better this morning, not good, but better. I thought about what I had on today as I made a cuppa. Must have a bath this morning and good shave, cause last night I didn’t have either, I was so tired again.

Doctors 1000hrs for me INR Warfarin blood level tests, put the record card in me coat pocket and checked the bus-pass was there too while I thought of it. Seems an age since I’ve been out of the flat. Clinic at 1215hrs, and wondered as I now had some bread that has gone stale due to me not eating, if I could manage (weather permitting) to get to feed the ducks on the canal later? Oh, must get some bread as well.

The shakes seem to have gone, that’s another good thing this morning.

Laptop on and finished yesterdays diary.

Made another cuppa and took me medications.

Got me thick cardigan and ear-flap hat ready so as to wrap up nice and warm on me trip out. Thermal jumper, then a fleece, then me multi-pocketed sleeveless jacket, then me waterproof coat on top, and me ear-flapped hat of course.

Started this diary off and did the graphics, hard to concentrate again for some reason.

Flippin’ ‘eck, I just sneezed and I think I might have woke up me neighbours from several floors up and down! Hehe! Nearly fell out of me chair!

Started doing graphic in Coreldraw and got in a pickle with it. For some reason it had stopped me exporting and the layers moved on their own?

Gave up!

Did find a funny that appealed to me though, hope you like it folks:


Got the big bag and put me laundry into it ready for the morning when BJ lifts me to launderette. Did this now in case I fell asleep later when I got in like. Tsk!

Had a bath but didn’t get a good soak, too risky. Cleaned and medicated the needy parts of me anatomy: Knees, hands, rear-end and Little Inchy.

The odd sneeze, but they were getting less frequent now. Took the rubbish to the chute and got well clobbered up, ventured out to set off on me way into town and the clinic and possibly the canal if I have time to feed the ducks.

I called into the community shed and Deana and Obergruppenfurher Julie were both in. Told them about the temperature only being 55º F, and asked if someone could possibly call and explain properly how these storage heaters work for me please. Deana called someone then told me that someone was calling on Wednesday so make sure I was in all day.

01W01This meant I was a tad late setting off so I decided I’d need to catch a bus instead of walking all the way to the GP for me INR Warfarin level test.

Unfortunately, I stopped en route to take a photograph of the Allotments down the hill.

Walked on down Winchester Street hill 01W01amanaging to just miss the bus.

Plodded on up the hill.

On the way another of the infamous Nottingham Pavement Cyclists belted passed me from behind making me jump a bit.

I had me camera in me had from earlier 01W01bso managed to catch the little varmint on film.

It’s not as if it was busy with traffic was it?

If they are too scared to use the road, they shouldn’t be on a bike should they?

01W01cOver the hill and down into Carrington and into the GP surgery. Booked in and got me crossword book out.

The nurse called me and soon had me blood taken.

Out and waited for the specialist nurse to call me to have a look at me rear-end situation. After much prodding poking and digging she said things are the same and she was going to give it another few weeks before deciding if the strangulation procedure was needed. I left some nibbles for the gals when I gave them me request for some extra Codeine Phosphates.

0101acOut and aught the bus into town dropping off at Victoria Centre shopping mall, where some of the new buildings were now revealed ready to open later.

This one a new American noshery it seems, called Coast to Coast.

Possibly it’ll be another one where 0101abyou’ll need a mortgage to get a cup of coffee from?

Walked into the slab square where the Christmas stalls and rides were now trading, the Ice Rink was nearly ready to open.

As I walked down King Street a crowd of folk had gathered with what looked 0101alike stewards watching over them, then I spotted the Fire tender beyond them when I took the photo.

Transpired there had been a Fire Alarm somewhere in the Council House, where a wedding was taking place.

As I made me way to the clinic the Groom was returning to the registry 0101agoffice carrying his new bride with him!

Up to Angel Row and into the waiting area.

Presented me card and was ushered straight in? Never had that before!

This time I had new faces investigating me lesion on Little Inchy.

Much later when all the “Oohs and arghs” and hidden giggles suffered they said continue with the same cream. I told them I had none left – the tall woman said “Oh, we haven’t either… we’ll order some, it must be kept in the fridge you know this one? Told me to all back Friday when it should have arrived.

Feeling a bit sore from the prodding pulling and poking, I walked back to the slab-square. Decided the ducks will have to wait for their treats, due to me discomfort in me lower regions.

0101ad 0101ae

0101afThe stalls, food outlets and rides were all up and running now, but not many of the folk were showing much interest yet.

My knees were doing well today. Just as well, cause Little Inchy was giving me some stick after being examined in-depth. Hehe!.

I was soon on the L9 bus, timing was right for once to catch it.

Again somehow although I nodded of three or four times on the journey back, I woke in time to get off at the right bus-stop – but felt drained.

The rest of the day was wasted – nodding off, Cuppa, medications, WC, nodding off, WC, bite to eat, nodding off… you get the idea, I was kaput! Humph!

Sat 15 Aug 2015: Inchcock Today – Dispirited!

Saturday 15th August 2015


0150hrs: Woke, a feeling of something wrong, missing or amiss pervaded… Ah, it was ’cause I had got me head down in front room on the softer carpet like, and the beat of the fridge-freezer was missing!

01topa2Coughing a bit now – getting soaked in the rain yesterday didn’t help.

I perused the condition of the room, noticed I’d left me paperwork part-sorted from yesterday lying out in order so I could remember where I’d got to with them – of course none of it made any sense to me now?

Called to the WC, and not a good visit at all this morning at all: Coughing away I investigated ‘Little Inchy’, he needed cleaning up again and some more Betamethosone treatment – and the haemorrhoids were bleeding like ridiculously! The Reflux valve was sticking out of me chest like a mole-hill, never known it as bad. At least Anne Gyna wasn’t bothering me much and the ulcer was calm, Arthur Itis of course ever-present, especially in the fingers again today – it’s taking me ages to type this with all the correcting I’m having to do. Huh!

Aug 15I did manage to finish the graphic for Les Johnson for his excellent book Erskine Quint – Timeless Insanity. I must say it’s the best fiction adventure book I’ve ever read – bonkers but captivating.

I had hoped to get to some charity shops to see if I could find a desk for me computer and a bed – but then remembered the chair is being delivered some time today from the Sue Ryder charity shop. So that’s me stuck in until it arrives.

Had to redo me medicating of ‘Little Inchy’ again. That and the reflux valve and me coughing were all a bit concerning, but still, I’ve done well to get this far so far… I think…

Made a cuppaDSCF0294 and took me medications.

After a search for me hearing-aids and putting them in – I could hear a noise, no idea which way or where it was coming from – or what it was for that matter?

I listened for a few minutes to try to identify it, couldn’t tell if it was whining deep voices or not, seemed to be mechanical at times as well… so annoying I took out me hearing-aids.

The back pains started again as soon as I tried to pick up some swept up bits of carpet trimmings. Felt a bit low now.

The chaps arrived with the chair from the charity shop and put it inside for me.

Got fed-up with myself and seeing all the mess everywhere, and decided to have a trip into town to get out a bitDSCF0295.

Took this photograph leaning out of the kitchen window – and it tool a lot of pain and struggle to open the window too.

Blackberry pickers and dog walkers with confused dogs now they have cut the field back.

Walked up and through Woodthorpe Park and down into Sherwood and had a look in the charity shops to see if they had any desks or beds for sale, but no luck.

DSCF0296Back up to the bus-stop and utilised me pensioners free-bus-pass into town.

Called in Tesco and got some tomatoes, then walked through Victoria Centre (Mall) and over the walk-over taking this photo.

Not many folk about for a Saturday.

Down the stairs the other end and walked along to the bus-stop for the Arnold buses and caught one dropping off in Carrington and calling at the old place which had not been burgled I’m glad to say.

Gathered some stuff to take back to the flat in two big bags.

Feeling a bit like I was on auto-pilot at this stage and somewhat confused as to what and why I was doing this. Mind racing, stomach churning, Arthur Itis giving me some stick too now.

Left the mess at the house and caught the bus back to the mess in the flat… Tsk!

DSCF0297Dropped off in Sherwood and walked to the top and back to the flat through Woodthorpe Park again.

Feeling sorry for missen again I think as I struggled up the walkway with the bags.

I somehow noticed an odd coloured lady bird crawling over the leaves at me DSCF0298feet, and tried to take a photograph of it for the Facebook site.

This is the lamentable result.

I suppose I ought to just accept that me and the little camera ain’t up to taking such close-up shots. I put it on max zoom and bent down to take the shoe… and it took me through some pain getting back up again. As I straightened up and began to walk on with me bags, Anne Gyna started giving me some gip.

DSCF0299Back in the flat and feeling low still, hunger pangs made me get me nosh early.

Salad and a half it was.

Potatoes, last of the mushroom pate’ and mini sausages, tomatoes, strong cheddar, beetroot and cabbage and lettuce. Caramelised red onion relish and bread thins to-boot.

XmasNoshUnfortunately I ate the lot, and then some biscuits afterwards too!

Did some graphicalisationing for a few hours.

Coughing and sneezing.

Weariness overcame me again.

No choice other than to get me head down in the front room. Kept waking up with coughing or the back pain… and Little Inchy bleeding again.

Worrying and fretting each time about the mess I was in.

Not in good spirits at all.