Inchcock Today: Intruder Yobboes In The Flat! Sunday 17th April 2022


The door chime rang out, but not for the usual length of time? I thought I must have dreamt it, going into and out of wakefulness. A minute later, the chime rang again! I got up and went to the door and looked through the spy-hole – the motion detector light in the lobby was lit! I remembered the note about youths gaining access to the flats through a fire escape door and going around the block, pressing door buzzers and bells, and trying doors! I think it must have been them! Now I was nervous, so sleep was out of the question.

And later, the buzzer went again; I put the light on and heard the door closing noisily! Shit! 

I checked, and the lobby light was on again, so someone had been there. I suspect the youths rampaging again, and this time they were coming into the flat with no doubt nefarious criminal intentions. But with me putting the light on so quickly, it must have surprised them. I heard a voice saying what sounded like ‘Scram! and shadows from the lobby light as they shot off.

I shall have to report this to Warden Deana in the morning… oh, it is morning now. When the wardens arrive at about 09:00hrs.

I am a fool! It is the weekend now. There are no wardens on duty Saturdays and Sundays or evenings. I’ll have to find the Nottingham City Homes control room number and let them know.

I’m a little apprehensive and twitchy now. I bet the scumballs will be back again tonight? Clapthunder! 

As I lay there fretting, I passed wind and made a mess in the Protection Pants to make things worse! Good job that I’ve got plenty in stock. Cause this happened again later! Trotsky Terence was in charge.

The evacuation started and ended before I got down onto the plastic seat! Virtually liquid. What few shreds of solids were a khaki colour, with yellow liquid. The stomach ached and was rumbling throughout. What had I eaten that could have caused this?

I washed, shaved, the teeth were done, olive oiled the ears, Germoloided Harold’s Haemorrhoids, and put the eye drops in (some of the drops actually getting into the eyes!). New PP’s adorned. Changed into the day clothes, and I put the kettle on. Took a Galpharm capsule and a Co-codamol for the tummy pains.

Later on Sunday, I worked on this blog then, the Morning Carer arrived and sorted the medications for me.

I tried to find the number to report the incidents to Nottingham City Homes, but the number was only for Mon to Friday. I mentioned this worry, on the Winwood Heights Facebook page, hoping there may be another number to use. No answer, but it’s only 10:30hrs yet.

Then thought, I’ll report it on the non-emergency police number 101. A fat lot of good that was!

I was getting into a right state, mentally. I rang the 111 NHS number by mistake!

I carefully dialled the 101 digits: The first recorder voice I could hear clearly and got my hopes up. I had to press for Derby or Nottingham Police, which I did. I got a female squeaky to my ears to understand the recorded message.

Farcical! I’d no chance of understanding what was said. So, I had to give up on that, too! People with hearing, sight, and dementia problems are lost in the ether of evolutional methods of contacting anyone for help.

Much as I don’t feel safe locking the door, just in case of another stroke or bad tumble… I do not want the yobs getting into the flat again… Do I lock the door or not?

Not one of my better day endings!

13 thoughts on “Inchcock Today: Intruder Yobboes In The Flat! Sunday 17th April 2022

  1. Scary stuff, Gerry. I would hope the access point would be beefed up to thwart miscreants from slipping in. If not, perhaps setting bear traps in the hallways would help. Just joking, of course. You might accidentally catch a bear and the RSPCA would be on your case.

  2. What a disgusting lot of vandals to bring their lousy game to your door, and on a day when recourse to authorities is not timely. A conundrum of no small measure, deciding to lock the door and thereby to block help or to leave it unguarded and become a welcoming sign for the louts of nowt.
    Hoping that the imps find an outlet for the foolishness that does not involve you in any of the nonsense.
    Idiotic buzzer-bashing boys.

    • Merci Mon Ami. No BBB’s last night. I locked the door, but didn’t feel happy about it. Unlocked it as soon as I got up… well no… after I’d ablutioned and showered.
      For some reason, this mornings mug of tea, tasted excellent, even betterer than normal?

      • The BBBs need to do much community service when and if they are apprehended. Hoping that only visitors of high quality and excellent demeanor visit your door.
        A blessing when mugs of tea taste betterer than normal. Even bettererererer when you need a grand taste of tea the most.

      • Well said, thanks, mate!
        I’m getting a key box fitted, Billum. Then I can lock the door without worrying. Richard says they are number coded… fancy giving me number to remember, Har-har! Then he said, with a dour look on his face “You do know how much they cost, do yer?” He thinks they charge for the box and installation, then the monitoring of the code and key??? Ah, well.
        I shall pray to SM before getting my head down tonight, he’s getting very stroppy with me lately. Cheers!

  3. It is time for a panic button you where around your neck. Also, a camera like a ring camera I see all the time in videos. It records everything you have at your door and makes a copy to prove or disprove you suspicions. If nobody is on watch, lock your door. If necessary tohelp ypu it could be broken down!I would make a report at least on the web page or facebook. Lock your door and move something in front that will make a clatter if it is disturbed. Love you Inchie and I promise you are safe. Keep locked and notify police amd warden.

    • Thanks my caring Angel. 💜
      I’ve put it on Facebook, on the Winwood Heights Residents page. Warden Deana commented, telling me to press the wristlet alarm if they come again, and they can contact Security and or Police. Why didn’t I think of that that obvious ploy, Lisa? I blame Vascular Dementia Doreen. Hehe!
      When May took poorly, it took the fire brigade and paramedics two hours to get in, and were just about in. (Weekend again) Then the warden (or someone) arrived with the spare key. May said they changed hte system after that, for key holding. The door locks are high security. When I had the stroke, well afterwards, the ambulance man said if the door had been locked, I probably would’t still be here if it had taken that long to get in to tend to me. So, I do have some good luck, Lisa my Petal ♥
      I appreciate Billum and your caring so much. X

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